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Destination: Bone-Zone

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• Incest. No form of fontcest or selfcest will be included in this book.

• Pedophilia. This is self explanatory, everybody in this fic will be of age.

• Gore. Listen, I ain't gonna shame you if that's your thing, but I can't write it for shit. I am terrible at writing intense scenes like that.


• Dubious consent. I'm hesitant to write anything flat out non-con, but if we get to that point there will be a warning in the beginning notes (and probably the title of the chapter).

• Threesomes/Foursomes. If you want the reader to get boned down by two or three characters it will NOT be counted as fontcest/selfcest, as those characters will be specifically focused on the reader and not each other.

• Orgies. Hey man, I can't guarantee it'll be great quality, but I'm all for that.

• When making a request, if you want the reader to be a specific gender/have specific genitalia/have a specific backstory, please clarify in your request!! If not, I will default the reader to they/them pronouns with no specification of sexual organs.

Anything else included in the tags is fair game - I might turn down a request for one reason or another but I won't be mean about it, so you might as well take a shot and ask.