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Stress of an Approaching Possible War

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Stiles was only sixteen when he was told he was going to marry a man who would take the throne. He was only a boy who grew up with the other magic users in a tiny camp in nature where he felt like he belonged and now he was taken into a castle. 

He had no idea what was happening as he stood there trembling, his hands shaking and he brought them together in an attempt to make them stop as he watched Peter Hale walk towards them, another man beside him who could kill a man with a single look. 

“Claudia, you’re here, wasn’t sure if you were going to hold your end of the deal,” Peter immediately started going on and Stiles frowned as he watched his mother glare at the man. 

“Your family promised me this would never happen.” 

“And my family is now dead,” Peter snapped as he growled at her and Claudia only tensed. 

“And whose fault is that? I told Queen Talia that sending us away was a mistake but she was too prideful to admit she was doing the wrong thing. My clan of magic users had to flee your kingdom if they wanted to keep their lives.” 

Now, Stiles wasn’t a stupid boy. He was taught about the history between the Hales and how they turned their back on the magic users. When he was small it didn’t seem relevant for him to listen to his mother as she tried to teach him the history but maybe he should have when he was younger. 

“Claudia, don’t be so naïve to think that the magic users didn’t have their hand in the banishment themselves.” 

“There will always be ones who use magic for the wrong purposes Hale, just like there are bad people and yet I don’t see you telling all humans to leave.” 

“Yes and we are trying to now mend the relationship between us once more.” 

“Now that your sister is dead?” Claudia snapped back and she was unforgiving as Peter flinched back before she kept going, “What makes you think I will trust you all again? Especially with my only child.” 

“You look confused young one, has your mother failed to teach you your history?”  

Stiles jumped a little as he glanced over towards an older woman, he didn’t know who she was but she was beautiful. Her brown eyes shined in the sunlight and he felt severely underdressed in his commoner clothing compared to the Hales who were dressed in the finer of clothes. 

“Do not speak to him!” 

“Claudia please,” 

“No!” She screamed as the room trembled under the frustrations of her magic and Stiles didn’t hesitate as he grabbed her shoulder, his eyes must have shown her how worried he was before she let out a breath. 

The history was that the Hales were great born leaders that have kept their kingdom safe for manys years, they have always worked closely with mages, listened to their advice closely. The mages protected them and helped serve them the best way they could and it had been fine for years. Until magic started to die out, less and less people were showing the potential of being able to wield magic and the mages were starting to get worried. Relationships between the magic users and the non were getting tense until one day it snapped and they started a war between them, the distrust growing into hate and a magic user had grown bold enough to try and assassinate Queen Talia while she was pregnant with her youngest. 

Then later on tried to kill the baby Princess Cora and several attacks on Prince Derek and Princess Laura and Talia had enough and banished all magic users from her streets. 

At the time Claudia was Talia’s and Andrew’s mage, she was young and tried to keep their relationship from turning sour. They blamed her for not being able to protect their children despite the mage being with child at that time and couldn’t risk using her magic unless she wanted to kill the baby in her womb. Words were thrown at the time, insults and threats until Talia told Claudia to get rid of the child to protect her own because that was her job. 

Claudia refused and fled the castle to safety where she could carry her child and give birth. Or that was the version Stiles heard, he wasn’t sure what version the Hales thought of what really happened. 

Stiles wondered if he would actually get to meet his father because his mother certainly never spoke about him and he knew his father had to be somewhere in the castle. 

“I see you still have your temper then my dear,” Peter finally spoke and Claudia finally lost her will to fight as another man walked into the room and Stiles was curious as Peter sighed. 

“What is your name, boy?” 

“I said you don’t get to talk to him,” His mother weakly said and Stiles watched as Peter only gave her a look before he turned back to him. 


“Your real name.” 

Stiles hesitated even more. He wasn’t even sure if he wanted this man to know his real name, he would only mess it up as everyone else does except his mother. 

“Leave him alone Peter, you should learn some manners. My name is Laura and if you want to go by Stiles then you will go by that name here.” 

“Okay, well then, who am I marrying and why was I unaware of this happening until my mother dragged me here?” Stiles asked determinedly, he felt like he had to be confident in this or he would be eaten by the wolves with the way they were all staring at him as if he was weak. He was far from it, he wanted them to know that. 

“You haven’t even told the boy?” Peter asked and Claudia only collapsed in a chair in defeat. 

“Because it isn’t going to happen clearly, you didn’t even send word to us. Just a letter to say my son will marry your nephew,” She bit out and Stiles stared at his mother. 

What was actually happening? 

“Peter! Seriously?” Laura scolded as she turned towards her uncle and Peter actually looked a bit sheepish as he shifted and scratched the back of his neck. 

“It was the only way I thought would actually get your attention.” 

“Well it worked so can we get this over and done with?” 

Stiles blinked as he turned to stare at the other male who was standing by the back, his arms crossed. He had been silent the entire time, just watching as all of this went down without any emotion crossing his handsome features.  He wasn’t sure who the man was and how he was important to this and Stiles found he was annoyed with how he couldn’t care less about everything that was happening. 

“Very well, Stiles, meet Derek my nephew. You will be getting married to him.” 

“No he will not,” Claudia growled and Stiles eyes only widened while Derek glared at him as if he was the worst thing that has ever happened to him. 

“We want to bring magic users back Claudia, I thought you would agree with this.” 

“Not with the way you went about this Peter, I trusted your sister and she broke that. She wanted me to kill my only child, Stiles, my son.” 

Peter winced as Laura widened her eyes, looked like she didn’t know that and Derek just kept that stupid mask on that didn’t reveal any emotions. 

“How about we have a proper conversation, one where the proper people are involved?” Laura sputtered out in shock and Stiles noticed just how much of a disaster this was. 

“We can’t Laura, we are on a time limit here,” Peter argued and Claudia only huffed out loudly. 

“What could be the possible time limit that is so damn important I have to give my only son to you traitors?” 

“Because I don’t want my nephew to marry Katherine Argent!” 

The room was silent after Peter’s outburst, except for heavy pants from the man himself and when Stiles glanced over to his mother he could see the fear in her eyes. Laura was too busy staring at the ground while Derek was glaring at the wall. 

The Argents, they were brutal rulers of their own kingdom, slaves who had collars where the owners would pull them by chains as if they were pets, who had a vendetta against anyone with magic. If Stiles remembered correctly, the Argents were the ones to start the silent war between the non and magic users that nobody acknowledged but was still very much happening. They had been trying to take over the land and Stiles knew it wouldn’t be long until there was a full on war that would take years to end. 

It would be devastating to everyone, even the ones that wanted nothing to do with the war. 

“Are you mad? How did you find yourself in this situation?” Claudia demanded and Peter only seemed defeated at her demanding questions. 

“I had no choice Claudia, our people are struggling with me having to suddenly take the throne with Talia and Andrew’s deaths. Gerard is a brutal man and I couldn’t have ourselves in a sudden war with him.” 

“But marrying me off to your nephew will only cause it,” Stiles pointed out and Peter shook his head softly. 

“It wouldn’t because I haven’t given him an answer. If I can marry Derek to someone else he won’t be in the hands of the blasted Argents.” 

“Kate is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but she is just as evil as her father,” Laura informed him and Stiles winced. He should have probably seen that coming. 

“No, she isn’t,” Derek snapped and Stiles blinked in confusion. 

“As you can see, Kate has already gotten inside Derek’s head,” Peter said in annoyance and Derek only seemed to get more upset with his uncle’s words. 

“You do realize I will just run away to be with her?” 

“No you won’t because she only wants you for our kingdom you idiot!” Peter yelled and Stiles could see that this entire thing was a mess. He just wanted to go back to his home in the woods and to go back to sleep and pretend this all was a horrible nightmare. 

“I think you all are idiots.” 

Stiles whipped around towards the door to see a young female standing there, her dress a fine dark purple as her dark hair was pinned back with a dagger. It made her look fierce yet elegant and Stiles could only guess that this was Cora. The youngest daughter. 

“Cora, how long have you been listening?” Laura demanded and Cora only rolled her eyes in her teenage ways before she walked into the room with a confidence that Stiles was envious of. Stiles was not elegant, he was all awkward limbs and clumsiness. 

“Long enough, I do apologize for you having to be dragged into our family drama.” 

Claudia only nodded her head and he could tell his mother was impressed. 

“Don’t see why Laura can’t take the throne though, she is the oldest here,” Cora hinted and Peter only scoffed. 

“You know why, Gerard will only think we will be a joke if we let that happen.” 

“I like to think Laura is very capable to do it,” Stiles commented and he saw the approval in both of the princesses' eyes and Derek even seemed a little hopeful with his comment. 

“What? So we allow Derek to be an idiot for running off to someone who will only hurt him and let him betray our family?” Peter asked him and Stiles choked. 

“W-what? No! I mean- that is not what I meant!” 

“That is ridiculous and if Derek did he is a child and doesn’t deserve the Hale name,” Cora hissed towards her brother and Derek only glared. 

“That isn’t our problem, my son and I are now leaving.” 

“No you are not,” Peter argued and Stiles wondered if they were all children with the way they all were fighting. 

“I like to state that I do not want to marry someone who is a fool,” Stiles blurted as if his opinion had any say in the matter but everyone more or less ignored him. 

“I am not a fool,” Derek hissed at him and Stiles rolled his eyes and waved him off. 

“You just don’t want Noah to find out you are here,” Peter accused and Stiles froze as Claudia squeaked in anger. 

Was that the name of his father? Who was Noah? Why didn't his mother want him to know? 

“Noah, is that my father?” Stiles asked and Peter smirked in victory as his mother glared at him. 


“Yes it is,” Peter drawled in smugness. The bastard knew he had won the argument. 

“I want to meet my father.” 


“I am not letting this go, mother. How about this Peter, or your majesty or whatever title you go by I don’t care,” Stiles rambled and he heard Cora snicker, “I stay for a bit to meet my father and I can get to know Derek to see if he is a lost cause or not.” 

“Has anyone told you that you are rude?” Derek asked and Stiles only gave him a disappointed look. 

“Has anyone told you that you should not talk unless being spoken to, I am not the one who wants to run off to the enemy because of pretty words and a set of breasts.” 

Derek only looked furious as Laura laughed and even Peter looked amused. He could tell his mother was seething and she was going to so scream at him later but Stiles had to have this. 


“Mieczyslaw you and I are going to have a conversation later!” His mother hissed at him and Stiles glared back at her. 

“Yes, we are.” 

“And I thought we were the only ones with family drama,” Cora said in amusement before she chuckled, “I guess not.” 

Peter cackled as Claudia stormed out of the room and Stiles was thrilled to know he was going to actually meet his father. His mother refused to talk about him and this was his chance. Derek only growled before he was stomping out of the room as well and that was that Stiles supposed. This was going to be interesting. 


“This will be your room sir,” The young maid gently told him and Stiles smiled kindly at her before he entered the room. He was amazed as he took in his surroundings, the bed was huge, looking elegant with it’s piles of blankets and pillows. He was half tempted to jump onto the bed as the doors closed behind him, signalling that the young maid had left him on his own. 

The room was so big, he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do with all this space as he placed his bag onto the table. He didn’t have much time to really wonder about it before his mother stormed into the room and he knew this was going to be interesting. 


“I try to be patient with you Mieczyslaw, I know you have always been curious about your own father but for you to disrespect me like that in front of Peter who is the king-” 

“Yes mother, he is the king of the land that we live on. Apologies for telling him to piss off.” 

“That is enough with the sarcasm Mischief.” 

Stiles only groaned, “Mom, I apologize for being rude and disrespectful to you, but I will never apologize for taking an opportunity that has been handed to me.” 

“And the way you acted towards Derek-” 

“I thought you didn’t want me to marry him,” Stiles interrupted and his mother glared at him and he knew when enough was enough. So he backed down and let his mother rant. 

“He is still a prince Mieczyslaw! He will be taking the throne and he will be leading his kingdom.” 

“Straight into doom.” 

Claudia huffed in laughter and Stiles knew that his mother agreed with him but would never admit it out loud. Despite having Talia Hale hurting her the way she did, she was still loyal even if she denied it. 

“I suppose Derek will need someone to get his head out of his arse huh?” Claudia sighed and Stiles shrugged his shoulders. 

“I will do my duty if I need to mother, you always told me there will be times I will have to do something I won’t like but-” 

“It would be for the best,” Claudia finished for him softly before she just smiled sadly. 

Stiles sighed, a small smile on his lips before his mother hugged him tightly. He knew how much his mother loved him, how protective she was over her only child. His mother was stubborn and was a force to be reckoned with and he loved that about her. He also knew that if Derek or any of the Hales dared to lay a hand of harm on him she would burn down this kingdom, so there was that.

“I know you are upset mom, but just let me at least say hi to him, I won’t even tell him I am his son. I just want to say hi,” Stiles whispered and his mother sighed in defeat as she took a step back, caressing his cheek with her right hand. 

“Alright, he isn’t a bad man Stiles, there was a reason why I fell in love with him. I just don’t want you to get attached and then have the Hales turn on us again. The first time leaving him nearly killed me, I know I won’t survive the second time.” 

Suddenly it made sense to him why his mother was so against this. Why she was so scared and he could never blame her for that. 

“I love you mom.” 

“Oh Mieczysław, I love you too,” His mother whispered softly. 

Stiles was nervous, he was going to meet his father, had to marry a man that had his heart set on someone else and tried to make sure a war didn’t happen. He wasn’t sure how the hell he was going to pull this off or if he could. 

First things first, he was going to at least try and talk to Derek without being rude, he had to show the older male he wasn’t an enemy. Get rid of whatever trickery Kate has put into his mind and go from there. 

Since when did his life get so complicated?