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Messy talks

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“Virgil you aren't helping at all.”


Duh, of course I wouldn't. I'm Anxiety, why did you think coming to me was a good idea?”


“So you could tell me how bad he is and I would finally have a reason to dislike him!”


Roman walks back and forth across Virgil's room, fuming displeased. 


Ugh.. I would have, but you have it really really bad for him and it's not like he murdered anyone.”


The side shrugs, scrolling on his phone before the prince walks over and takes the phone out of his hands. 


“And you want me to just cope with it?”


“Yeah, pretty much.”


Roman scoffs, putting the electronic thing on the table, speaking frantically. 


“Virgil I am on my last thread of sanity, if he says even a word to me I'll scream that I love him into his face.”


“Good, maybe then you both stop being annoying dramatic bastards.”


Anxiety bites back at him to be met with an astounded face of Creativity, glaring into his soul. 


“Excuse me?”


“You are excused. For god's sake, go talk to Patton or Logan. I'm sure they'll be better then me in dealing with emotions.”


“But Patton won't be able to keep the secret while Logan doesn't even get much about crushes in the first place!” Roman reasons with him, getting louder. 


“Well, what am I supposed to do about it? I ain't Cupid, princey. You have to royal-up and deal with this alone. The best way by doing so is to just say it into his face or perish like me in despair forever.”


“I choose to perish.” The side responds angrily, at this point stopping to hold back his frustration. 


“Better buckle up then because neither of the sides will be that blind and oblivious, to not notice you staring for the fifth time this week at Janus.”


“I did not stare!”


“Yes you did and you still do! Roman, you've got it for him so freaking bad I'm sure Logan even sees it. You stopped calling him Deceit, you turn up the temperature in the room whenever he walks in and you genuinely started listening to his opinions! Crap, you have a routine of singing ‘Helpless’ from Hamilton whenever you cook or prepare something in the kitchen. How could someone not notice?”


Virgil now stands up, pointing an accusing finger at Roman and talking until he lets out a defeated groan. 


“..As far as I know Janus still hasn't figured it out.”


“Alright, point taken, but other than him, everyone at least has a tiny itsy bitsy hint that something's going on and it surely won't be long when they figure out what it is.”


“I hate the fact that you're absolutely right.”


“Trust me, it happens very rarely.”


“I'm a smitten blabbering prince with a crush on my sworn enemy.”


Roman sums up their conversation with a single sentence, exhaustion seeping into his body. 




“I'm done for, aren't I?”






“Fuck indeed.” Virgil comments back, unable to formulate some kind of supporting dialogue. 


“.. It won't just go away, will it?”


“No.. I'm sorry I can't help you. ”


“It's fine. I'll just.. I might just take a break from everything. Y'know, go to my Imagination and spend some time there to.. process I suppose.”


“What should I tell the others?”


“The usual. Out on a adventure.” The creative side heads carefully towards the door, heart throbbing. 


“You really need to talk about this with someone more qualified.”


“Like you're any better.”


“At least I don't spend half of the night scribbling poems and crying.”


“...You're right. I know I'm being pathetic.”


Anxiety shoots up from his place, realizing what he'd just done, but he's too late. 


“Wait Roman- I didn't mean to-”


“It's okay. Everyone gets fed up with me at some point. Sleep well Virgil.”




The prince leaves, the door shutting loudly behind him. 


“Dammit. You ruined everything again Anxiety.” The side curled up into a ball, his hands shaking more by the minutes. He pressed them into his ears, cutting out any sounds coming from outside. 

He was alone because for once he couldn't keep his mouth shut when needed. He was a bad friend. Roman came for advice to him. Him! Not Logan, not Patton nor Remus. 


The prince chose him and he had failed. 



His stubbornness crumbled and he sank out of his room into someone who he'd knew would be able to help. 


“Hi Virg- Oh sweetheart, what happened?”


Patton notices him quickly and catches him, trembling all over. He can't get out a single word out of his mouth other than sobs and those hot tears sliding down his cheeks, feel as if they burned into his skin. 


“I- Roman-- I couldn't help ‘im.” 


He manages to get out while the other side hugs him gently, one of his hands drawing circles on his back and the other playing with his hair. 


“Shh, it's alright dear. You did your best Virgil. I'm sure he'll be fine, okay? Let's take care of you first.”




“No but's! We'll check on him later together. Promise.”


The wave of comfort and relief surges trough him and he makes a silent promise to himself. 

He'd fix it. He'll be a better friend for Roman. Because he deserves better than that. 

He deserves so much, but is rewarded with so little. 


In another place at the same time the heavy-hearted prince is walking trough the hall towards his twin's room, swaying lightly. It's silent everywhere and the only sound accompanying him are his footsteps. 


“Remus? You there?”


He whispers, peeking into the side's room only to be met with it empty. 


“Of course, he's out in the Imagination somewhere. Just my luck.”


He bangs his head into the door, groaning. He stares at it feeling his eyes water slowly, his hair not doing a much better job but getting into his view and looking like a nest. His breath staggers and he sinks down, his forehead still leaning against the wood. 


A prince looking like he came out of a tragic, shitty rom-com where the main character, always a woman unfortunately, gets heartbroken or outright rejected. 


“Roman? Can you hear me? You need to take a breath.”


He tries to swallow his saliva to respond but he only chokes, realizing how tight his throat is. He shakes his head fervently, now holding onto the other side for dear life. 


“Hey, hey, it's alright. Just follow after me okay?”


Another shake of his head and the feeling of suffocation continues for a millisecond before everything turns- Turns into a safe space. 


There is a pair of two arms holding him from each side, a hand stroking his cheek and a fourth and fifth one keeping him from collapsing onto the floor. 


“Please darling, I know you can do it.”


Roman chokes now twice, yet this time the oxygen finally goes in and he starts taking proper breaths, still a bit too shallow, but it's progress. 


“Roman? Please nod your head if you can hear me.”


He nods, taking in the sweet scent of oranges, mint and something close to cinnamon. His vision sharpens and he's able to take a look at the side comforting him at the moment. 


“J..- Janus?”


“You're doing great princey. Look you didn't even need my help that much, you've done this on your own.”


“Liar.” The adult teases him after fully calming down his breathing. Deceit just shakes his head at him, not getting the light tone. 


“Not this time. Not always.”


“I'm sorry about ruining your cloak and gloves.”


“It's alright, it can be washed. I'm sorry for making you cry.”


“You didn't make me cry.”


“Roman.. I've heard your conversation with Virgil.”


Oh. Oh-”


“Wait, no no! It's okay, I-”


“No it's not, it's going to be awkward and you're gonna avoid me, and be all tense!”




“You'll just hide behind Patton again and leave me.”




The prince freezes in place, his face suddenly burning up. He buries his face into the side's chest, ignoring the burning shame in his stomach. He doesn't know why it makes such an impact on him, but it does. It does so much and it's embarrassing as hell. 


“Look at me. Please. ”


Roman hesitantly looks up at him to be met with the gentlest smile he's ever seen, heterochromatic eyes glancing at him with so much love and understanding he needs to blink several times to make sure it's not a hallucination. 


“The feeling's mutual. Or if it makes it easier for you, the feelings totally one-sided.”


Janus grins at him and Roman presses a kiss onto his cheek only to respond after it with a deadpan expression. 


“You're a bastard.”


“The one you're in love with, I'm afraid.”


The prince is about to deny it, but he does not. Instead he presses their foreheads together, a small genuine smile forming on his cherry lips. 


“The one and only.”