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Buck's Family

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1993—Hershey, Pennsylvania


Buck was only one when Maddie realized she was going to have to take care of him. She somewhat understood; Daniel had just passed away. It was hard on all of them. She understood her parents needed time, that they’ll be able to get back into it soon enough.


She hoped they’d be back soon, she didn’t really know how to take care of a baby by herself.

1999—Hershey, Pennsylvania


Buck was seven when he realized that his parents didn’t really treat him like they treated Maddie. Sure he had noticed it when he was younger but he never really got why? Sure maybe he was a little more reckless than her. Sure maybe he like breaking the rules a little more—he just wanted them to pay attention to him—but that doesn’t answer his question as to why they treat him completely different.


He can kind of understand the slaps to his face sometimes, or the spankings. But he never saw Maddie get slapped or spanked, sure she was never around when he got slapped or spanked, but still. Not to be rude to his sister but he knows of a couple of times she accidentally broke the rules, but it’s fine he was just the ‘wild child’ of the family. 


He liked having the attention anyways.

2001—Hershey, Pennsylvania


Buck was nine when Maddie left him. After she left he truly realized how much she took care of him. He hadn’t realized before that she was his main source to get a meal from, or to take care of his injuries, or to help him fall asleep at night when he had nightmares. He didn’t realize how much support she gave him all the time, encouraging him to do things he was too scared to do, like make friends.


But he never blamed her for leaving. Sure maybe he didn’t see his dad slap or spank her or see his mom blatantly ignore her, but they were still horrible to Maddie. They would sometimes blame her when he got hurt, and they would make her take care of him all the time, he understood that that mustn’t have been easy on a child.


So no, he didn’t blame Maddie for leaving, he was just envious. 


Even after she left though, and he wrote her notes, he would never tell her that the slaps had turned into a belt on his back. Or that the ignoring when he said something turned into complete neglect and he would have to go out to get his own meals and cook it himself.

2004—Hershey, Pennsylvania


Buck was twelve when he started to notice something about himself. At first, he didn’t really think much of it. He’s obviously had crushes on one or two girls before so how was this any different?


How was he supposed to know that having one of those crushes on a boy was a bad thing?


He got his answer when a couple moved into the neighborhood and his mom had baked cookies for them, only to come back home with the same cookies she left with and a disgusted look on her face. 


Faggots, Phillip! ” Were the first words out of her mouth when she walked through the door. He hadn’t known what the word meant at the time, but a week later when he looked out of his window he saw the two ladies take their things and leave.




“Hey, dad,” If Buck had a question he would always go to his dad, his mom had never answered any of his questions let alone look at him. And his dad always gave him straightforward answers. 


“Yes, Evan?” He didn’t even turn his head to acknowledge Buck but that was alright. “Why did those ladies move out awhile ago?” At this Phillip took a glance towards Buck, looking him up and down with a grimace. “They were unwanted here, why do you ask?” “What was wrong with them?”


Phillip started to get a little red in the face, he’s been doing that ever since Buck had the chance to annoy him. “They were disgusting fags, you better never turn out like them or you’re out of this house.” He gave no further explanation and turned back to his newspaper. 


“How could I be like them though? I’m a boy.” He giggled a little despite his father’s face. Phillip turned to Buck, making sure he was paying attention to him when said, “Never date a boy or you’ll burn in Hell Evan.” That shut Buck up and he scurried up stares, not liking the atmosphere his dad created.

2007—Hershey, Pennsylvania


Buck was fifteen when he lost his virginity. To a girl of course because his father would’ve beaten the shit out of him otherwise.


He had thought it was enjoyable at the time, but he got kind of a sick feeling after he left. He didn’t really care all that much for the sick feeling though. So he had ended up sleeping with a lot more girls, the majority of the time they were older than him but he didn’t really care.

2008—Hershey, Pennsylvania


Buck was sixteen and the beatings never did stop from his dad, and they only seemed to be getting closer and closer together as time went on. He also never stopped sleeping with all those girls. He never stopped having that sick feeling after all of them either.

2009—Wellsboro, Pennsylvania


Buck was seventeen and Maddie had given him the keys to the jeep. And so he finally ran away.


It was a Friday night and he snuck out the back, running around the front with his duffle bag and jumping in the jeep. He didn’t have a plan really so for the first couple of nights he just slept in the jeep. But he eventually met someone who let him room with him and the other housemates, just as long as he was able to pay rent by the end of the month.


And with all his savings and the new job he just recently got he was able to do it.



Buck was nineteen when he decided he had enough money to travel around America. He went bed hopping a lot and had ended down in Mexico.


He had decided since he was already that far that he would just travel around South America, he had sounded fun at the time.


After a couple of months of scoping out new cities, and being able to speak Spanish a little bit more each day, he had landed himself in Bolivia. He made a friend there, Marshall. Marshall ended up letting him live with him for a while.

2012—Punta Arenas, Chile


Buck was twenty when he met Camila. It was at an outdoor club and she was absolutely stunning, she had a bright floral yellow dress that reached her calves. She had brown sandals and a white floppy hat on with her dark brown curls flowing all around her shoulders. 


She had the brightest smile with the whitest teeth, her dark brown eyes had seemed as though they were sparkling in the afternoon light. He was able to make his move, and she had let him come home with her. If he was being honest, that had probably been the best sex he’s ever had that night.


After that, he was able to go on a couple of dates with her, but they hadn’t had the same energy had decided to stay friends. But after a week or two, they had stopped talking, being too busy with life.

2013—Punta Arenas, Chile


When Buck was twenty-one he realized that he might have made a huge mistake.  


Buck received a call from the police one night, asking him to come down to their station. They hadn’t told him why and he didn’t think he had gotten in any trouble recently so he had gone down as willingly as he had to.


He wasn’t expecting what was waiting for him when he got there. 


Apparently, Camila had recently been in a car accident and died, which he had no idea of, and was kind of sad. But what surprised him was the child in a baby carrier, and the police claimed that he was the biological father and now had custody of the child.


He had obviously wanted proof, the police already having DNA results and the baby’s birth certificate ready. They had given him keys to Camila’s house to grab anything he needed for the baby. He thought that that was horrible, they didn’t even know him and they were letting this random dude that went out with her once or twice go through her home? He didn’t feel like he had the right to do that, but he also had no idea that he’d actually been a father.


So he went to Camila’s house, buckling the baby carrier in his car. When he got there he unbuckled the baby—the carrier, not quite believing that he had custody of a child yet—and he grabbed his abandoned duffle bag in his trunk and left for her apartment. When he got in there he set the baby down and just kind of looked around for a moment. 


He had eventually filled the duffle bag with the rest of the baby diapers, some bottles he found, milk powder, and all the baby’s clothes. He thought that maybe he should take down the baby’s bed and pack that as well, but it was just too much for the night. He decided he’d go to the store the next day and buy a new one. Before he left he also tried to make sure to grab any blankets and toys that the baby would want.




After a couple of months, Buck got a somewhat good hang of taking care of the baby. After coming home from the late-night trip he had taken a look at all the paperwork the police had handed him, when of the papers being the birth certificate and he took a look at the name. Shay. It wasn’t short for anything, and it had been a cute name.


Five months after Buck had gone down to the police station it truly hit him, he was a father. Sure he had the kid for a while but he kind of just put himself on autopilot for a while.


Shit. He was actually a dad.

2015—La Paz, Bolivia


When Buck was twenty-three he had decided he needed a little support after a year. Sure he had eventually found a really good babysitter for when he needed to work. But it just wasn’t enough. He was so stressed and he got barely any sleep ever. And coincidently his friend Marshel had contacted him, telling him he should come by soon.


And that’s exactly what he did, he had moved in again with Marshel and he ended up being a fantastic co-parent.

2016—La Paz, Bolivia


When Shay turns four something really bad had happened. The incident had included a knife and a drunk/drugged-up Marshel. 


Buck had only gone out for some eggs, and when he came back his baby had a slit down his right eye, from his forehead to his cheek. He was frozen. He was in so much shock seeing his screaming child in his playpen with blood-soaked everything. He hadn’t even noticed that Marshel wasn’t even there and a knife was left carelessly on the floor next to the toddler.


After taking Shay to the hospital, and having to stay a couple of days, also getting a visit from CPS, Buck had decided to get in contact with Camila’s parents.


Buck had to go back to Chile and on top of that he’s never met them before but was glad that they both seemed pretty friendly and he was glad that his baby was going to live somewhere safe. Camila’s dad was pretty layed back, he was black with a potbelly. He learned that he was born and raised in America but moved to Chile to live with friends when he was twenty-three. That’s when he met his wife, Camila’s mother. Rosalie was born and raised in Chile, she didn’t know a word of English but that was completely fine with Buck because after living in South America for a couple of years he got pretty fluent in Spanish.


He was glad he had met with them because he knew he had made the right decision when he had left Shay with them that night.


After packing all his things back in Bolivia he had decided to travel America again. He did at least try to call Shay every night though.

2018-2020—Los Angeles, California


Buck was twenty-six when he joined the 118. 


He had found his family, found Maddie, gotten crushed by a Firetruck. He got blood clots and then got stuck in a tsunami with his equally favorite child in the whole world. And then he sued the department. And then after a while, everything went back to normal.


During all of that, he had started going to therapy a realized that he had ADHD and had a crush on his best friend.


He slowly started to be okay with realizing he was in love with Eddie. They had both ended up telling each other just as much and Buck pretty much moved in with Eddie. Christopher had started to call him Papa Buck or just his Bucky. 


After a couple of months of dating Eddie Buck told him about Shay, they had a little bit of a falling out for a couple of days but then Eddie came to Buck’s apartment and told him he understood.


Eddie had made Buck realize that maybe he should get in contact with Shay’s grandparents again. And so he did, and he started talking to Shay again, he had gotten so big. And after a while, he even told Christopher about Shay. Buck made sure that Chris and Eddie wouldn’t tell anybody at 118 about Shay though, he was still ashamed of leaving his son high and dry with his grandparents.


But everything was alright for a while.

2021—Los Angeles, California


Buck was twenty-nine when Eddie got shot, and when they both got held as hostages. It was fine though because Eddie survived and he now pretty much lived with them, never really going to his apartment. 


But Buck was also twenty-nine when he got a visit from Rosalie at the station. He hadn’t originally recognized her because he was upstairs eating and he was just listening to an older woman speak to one of his colleagues in a thick Hispanic accent. But then he realized she was asking for him. And so he looked over the edge and was surprised to see Rosalie standing there by herself.


He had immediately run down and Rosalie looked like she was finally able to breathe, and started asking Buck in Spanish if they could talk somewhere private. And so he lead her away somewhere private and she told him how Dean had recently passed away from a heart attack and taking care of Shay was becoming really hard on her.


She told him that Shay was in the car sleeping and had all his belongings packed and that she was going to leave Shay with him. 


He was stunned about what she was telling him but had followed her outside to her car. When he opened the door the little boy had immediately jumped into his arms, both of them had started crying quietly.


When Buck walked back into the station with a nine-year-old child in his arms and a rather largely tufted duffle bag on his arm, Bobby had been standing there. The rest of the team couldn’t hear them but were quickly busy with the bell.


Bobby had allowed Buck to go home for the rest of the day, he had gone to Eddie’s house.


Later that day when Eddie got home and had picked Christopher up and Shay was sleeping in the guest room Buck had explained the situation to him. 




After that day they had made the guest room to Shay’s liking. They also started to teach SHay more and more English because when he got there he had known none.


Buck and Eddie had brought Shay to meet the rest of the 118 to one of Athena’s and Bobby’s cook-outs.


They didn’t tell them everything that had happened but they were all happy for the family.


Buck was finally happy with his family.