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Day with KJ.

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(Over at Kate and Reagan's place. Kate and Reagan are walking around their apartment getting things ready for everyone before KJ wakes up as their getting things ready Mark walks up to the door and knocks on it

then he waits for them to answer as he's waiting he looks around as his phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is. Seeing the number he mutes it and then puts away as he puts the phone away he looks over

and sees one of his friends walk up to him.)

Mark: Oh no it's Sarah.

(She smacks him getting him to laugh at her.)

Sarah: You're mean.
Mark: Gee why have i heard that before.
Sarah: Hey don't make me sick Kate on you.
Mark: That's not much of a threat.
Sarah: Okay fine. I'll Reagan on you.
Mark: Still not much of a threat.
Sarah: Fine I'll sick your girlfriend on you.
Mark: My girlfriend is in a band and they don't scare me.
Sarah: Tell it them.

(He looks over at them.)

Mark: Hey Cal.
Calamity: Hey. What's going on?
Mark: Sarah said you're hot.

(She looks at him as he starts laughing.)

Sarah: Okay. I'm going to kill you.

(He starts laughing as she goes after him as she's chasing him he hides around the corner as she turns it he spins her around and puts her over his shoulder and runs off down the hallway with her on his shoulder

which gets Calamity and Beca to start laughing as he gets back to them he puts her back down and she starts beating on him getting him to laugh as he grabs her and hugs her getting her to smile at him as

Reagan opens the door and they walk into the apartment as they walk in she closes the door as she closes it Mark looks at her.)

Mark: You are right?
Reagan: Yeah.
Mark: You sure?
Reagan: Yeah. I'm are right. Are you?
Mark: I just ran up and down the hallway with Sarah on my shoulder.

(She starts laughing at him.)

Reagan: I bet she wasn't to happy with that.
Mark: She wasn't. But she's fun to pick on so.
Reagan: Just comes to show you two are really good friends.
Mark: Yeah.

(He walks off as Reagan laughs at him. And quickly sees his face light up when he sees KJ.)

Mark: Hey i see a cutie pie.

(She looks at him and smiles as Kate hands her over to him.)

KJ: Ga.
Mark: Is that so?
KJ: Ga.

(They laugh at her as he kisses her head then pulls away from it as he looks at Sarah and smiles at her.)

KJ: Ga.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Really?
KJ: Yeah.
Mark: I'm telling.
KJ: No.
Mark: No.
KJ: Ga.

(He starts laughing at her.)

Mark: She can't figure out if she's going from Ga to No.
KJ: No.

(They start laughing at her as he kisses her head again then pulls away from it as he sits her down in her high chair. Once she's seated he puts the tray down and locks it into place once it's locked in he kisses her

head then pulls away from it as she smiles at him.)

Reagan: You missed it Mark.
Mark: What's up?
Reagan: Just before you got here she was in her crib yelling out for me.
Mark: Oh was she.
Reagan: Yeah.
Mark: Well you're just full of all kinds of energy aren't ya.

(She laughs at him as he sits down and they starting and talking as their talking Mark makes a joke about the USO tour again which gets both Calamity and Beca to look at him.)

Sarah: I'm sorry what.
Mark: When the Bellas first met Evermoist. Or well when they first heard the name. Beca looked at one of her groupmates asked if Chicago said their name was Evermoist.
Sarah: Okay.
Mark: Cynthia looked at her and Yeah why.
Sarah: Oh no.
Mark: Yeah. Beca's answer was. Oh i thought their name was Everhotties.

(They start laughing then calm down. Then they continue on with eating as their eating their food Mark gets KJ in the side getting her to lean over and starts laughing at him. After eating Kate went and gave KJ a

bath so that they could go out and spend the day with her as she was giving her bath KJ started splashing Kate which got her to laugh at her.)

Kate: You're a brat. Why you such a brat?

(She points at Kate who starts laughing at her. Once she's done with the bath Kate dries her off and starts getting her ready for the day once she's dressed Kate tries putting her shoes on but she keeps kicking her

little legs out getting her to laugh and then she finally called out for Reagan who walked into the room.)

Reagan: What's going on?
Kate: She's being a brat.
Reagan: Must mean she really is your daughter.

(Kate looks at her as she laughs at her face.)

Kate: Now wait a minute.
Reagan: It's been a minute.
Kate: You're mean.
Reagan: I know. But you love me anyway.
Kate: Sometimes.
Reagan: Oh. Wow i see how it is.
Kate: You're so pretty.
Reagan: I know.

(She kisses her then pulls away from her.)

Kate: I had too.
Reagan: Yeah.

(She walks off as Kate laughs at her face.)

Kate: And you.

(She laughs at her as Kate finishes getting KJ ready for the day.)

An hour later.

(Out the beach Mark and all of their friends and family are there with them enjoying their time with KJ whose enjoying being out in the water with both Mark and Luke who can't help but laugh at KJ as she continues

to kick at him.)

Luke: Hey hey. Kate your daughter is kicking me.

(Kate looks at him and laughs.)

Kate: Oh grow up Luke.
Luke: I am grown up.

(Just then Ryan sneeks up on him and pushes him into the water as he goes over he lands into the ocean and then turns to look at Ryan.)

Luke: Wilder I'm going to get you for that.
Ryan: You could but you'd have to catch me first.

(He gets up and goes after her as she runs off as they run off both Kate and Reagan start laughing at them. Then Mark looks over at Oliver who had just shown up with Moira and Thea. Seeing them Mark laughs at


Mark: KJ!

(She looks up at him.)

Mark: Whose that?

(She looks over at her and smiles at her.)

KJ: Gandma.
Moira: Hey sweetie pie.

(Mark helps her walk over to her as she gets there Moira picks her up and kisses her head then pulls away from it as she holds her. And Mark walks over to Sarah whose sitting off on her own.)

Mark: You are right?
Sarah: Yeah. A fun day at the beach who would of thought.
Mark: Why didn't you bring your kids.
Sarah: I did. Their over there helping Luke chase down Ryan.

(He looks over at Ryan and Luke and starts laughing.)

Mark: Run Ryan run.

(They start laughing again then calm down.)

Mark: How's?

(He points to her mouth.)

Sarah: It's okay. It's still really hard to talk every now and then. But it's okay.
Mark: As long as you're not letting it keep you from having fun.
Sarah: I'm really not. And seeing that cute little girl helps out a lot.
Mark: Yeah doesn't matter what kind of mood you're in one little smile from her and you quickly feel better.
Sarah: Yeah. I look at my son and i pretty much feel better until my mouth starts hurting again.
Mark: I get it. Your kids any help?
Sarah: No.

(They start laughing or well he does as she stops once her mouth starts hurting.)

Mark: Sorry.
Sarah: It's fine. I'm just looking forward to being to laugh without my mouth hurting.
Mark: I can't even began to imagine the pain you're going through.
Sarah: Yeah i know. I hurt.

(She falls back onto the sand and puts her arm over her eyes which gets him to laugh at her then he sees one of her kids running up to the and gets up as he gets to them he grabs him up and jokingly throws him

onto Sarah getting her to laugh and gives him the finger.)

Mark: Now that's not very nice.
Sarah: You threw my son at me.
Mark: He wanted to kiss your cheek and make it feel batter.
BJ: Yeah.

(Mark moves him up and he kisses Sarah's cheek getting her to smile at him and he lies down on top of her as she wraps her arms around him getting Mark to smile at them then he walks over to KJ and picks her

up she looks at him and pokes his cheeks getting him to laugh at her.)

Mark: You're a cutie.

(She laughs at him as he looks over at Kate and Reagan then walks over to them as he gets there he sits KJ down onto Kate's stomach and she looks up at him.)

Mark: Your daughter wanted to lie on you.

(Kate laughs at him as she sits up and grabs KJ and hangs onto her as she's holding her Mark smiles at them. Over by Sarah and he laughs at them. Later that day over at the park Kate and Reagan are there with KJ

spending a little family time together so they both thought they would go to the park and have a picnic but was supposed to be just a family thing quickly turned into something with everyone which of course

made them laugh but they were okay with it and they continued on with their day as their day continued Mark told Sarah something that made her laugh as she continued to laugh she looked at KJ who was

toddling off as she's wondering off someone walked up behind her and grabbed her from behind and picked her up feeling herself being picked up she looked back at her and smiled at her.)

Calamity: Where you going?
KJ: There.

(She turns towards the water and laughs.)

Calamity: Didn't get your feel of the water?
KJ: No.
Calamity: No.
KJ: Yeah no.

(She pokes her noise getting her to laugh as they walk back over to everyone.)

Calamity: Hey Reagan i found a run away one year old.

(She looks over at her and laughs as she takes her from Calamity.)

Reagan: Kate Beth Kane.

(She laughs at her as Reagan kisses her head then pulls away from it and feels where her hand is seeing it she looks at her daughter.)

Reagan: Really KJ?
KJ: Mine.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Calamity: Hey babe.
Beca: Yeah.
Calamity: Their daughter is a little handsy.
Beca: What?

(She points at Reagan's boob and Beca's trying to keep from laughing.)

Beca: Well at least we know she's Kate's child.

(Kate looks at her as they start laughing then calm down.)

Veracity: Yeah i have a feeling that's what their child will more and likely end up doing.
Mark: What? Grabbing Beca's boob?
Veracity: Or Reagan's.
Mark: Well at least we know the kids have taste.

(They start laughing then calm down as they continue on with their day as they continue on with spending time with each other KJ goes back and forth between Kate and Reagan and then grabbing someones boob

which always gets someone to laugh at her.)

Kate: Oh my god.
Mary: Yup she's really Kate's child.
Kate: I wasn't that bad growing up.

(Veracity snickers.)

Kate: You're not helping Vera.
Veracity: I'm sorry. But you were very much like KJ growing up.
Kate: Was not.
Veracity: Not according to dad.

(She looks at her as they start laughing then calm down. Through out the rest of the afternoon as everyone continues to spend time together KJ continues to spend time with her aunts her uncles and her grand

parent. After spending all day with everyone Kate Reagan and KJ went home for the rest of the day and night as they got home Reagan walked KJ off towards her room to go and put her to bed after such a long day

Reagan knew she was tired and took her to go and lie her down after lying KJ down she kissed her head then pulled away from it as she turned and walked out of the room as she walked out she closed the door

and walked off towards her's and Kate's room whose lying down on the bed as she sees her there she smiles at her as she closes the door and walks over to her as she gets there she lies down next to her and Kate

looks at her.)

Kate: You are right?
Reagan: Not really.
Kate: What's wrong?
Reagan: It was a long and very fun day.
Kate: It was.
Reagan: You are right?
Kate: Yeah I'm fine. It's just at just a year old and she's a freaken handful.
Reagan: Well you're the one who wanted her.
Kate: I'm sorry I'm not the only one who wanted KJ. Thank you.

(She gets Reagan in the side getting her to laugh as she's laughing Kate continues to pick at her. Then she stops as she gets on top of her.)

Reagan: You're an ass.
Kate: Yes i am. But you love me anyway.
Reagan: Yes i do.

(She leans in and kisses her getting her to smile in it. As their kissing Kate deepens it as their deepened kiss continues the door to their room opens and KJ walks in getting them to pull away from each other.)

Kate: She has bad timing.

(Reagan starts laughing as KJ gets up onto the bed as Kate rolls off of Reagan and lies back onto the bed and she lies down between her parents. As she lies down they both get under the covers with her and lie

back once their all under the covers both Kate and Reagan turn off the light as KJ moves closer to Kate and wraps her little arm around her waste and falls asleep as close to her other mother as she can get Kate

looks at her and then looks at Reagan who smiles at her and Kate wraps her arm around her then they all fall asleep for the rest of the night as their sleeping KJ keeps herself as close to Kate as she can get which

of course makes her smile in her sleep as both Kate and KJ are sleeping Reagan wakes up and looks at both of her girls sleeping as their sleeping she can't help but smile at them and wonder what's next for her

and Kate.