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It was a rainy Sunday afternoon in the Priestly townhouse and Andy was feeling extra moody.

“I know you’re awake, you know.”

Andy had been pretending to be asleep, in order to stay close, for the last three hours. It was so nice just to be close to Miranda. To feel the rise and fall of her chest, to feel safe and comfortable. She expected to be unceremoniously dumped at any moment, or at least when the film ended. The movie had been over for an hour now.

Miranda smiled softly while looking at Andy over the book. She had her glasses resting on the bridge of her nose, the book in one hand, and the other was busy playing with Andy’s hair.

The room was quiet, and the only sound they could hear was Andy’s very long, and if not overdramatic sigh.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? “

“It was quite amusing and I wanted to see for how long would you pretend,” Miranda chuckled.

“Mmh.. Not fair, “Andy shifted, nosing Miranda’s neck and groaned.

“Honestly, what did you think, that I would throw you on the ground,” she said and placed a kiss on Andy’s forehead.

“Well..noo..It's just, you are very warm and comfy..”

“And so is Patricia, dear heart.”

“Well, Patricia isn’t here, isn’t she?”

Miranda wasn’t too sure if Andy was just teasing her, or she really did like Patricia better. After all, Patricia was a charming dog, with a pedigree and soft, “comfy” fur, and was quite likable to many. On the other hand, there was drooling and a rather unpleasant scent. Miranda, of course, did not drool and she used various products for skin and hair, that certainly smelled just fine. For that price, it would be a shame if it smelled any less than divine.

“Closer,“ Andy whispered.

“What do you mean “closer”?You are literally laying on top of me!”

“Pleaseee, I need you closer”

“Darling, you are whining”
“I am not!”Andy said, a little bit offended at Miranda's accusation.

“Yes, you certainly are, sweetheart. And you only get whiny when we are having sex, when you are hungry, or on your period.

Andy’s eyes pooled with tears, avoiding to meet with the blue ones. She knew very well that her Miranda would comfort her and take care of her needs and whims during those few days of the month, but the emotions took over, and her tears rolled down the cheek one by one.

“I’m so s-sorry for crying a-again…”

“ None of that, “ Miranda layed a kiss on the side of Andy’s head, and her hands tightened their hold on Andy, not letting her go. “Now look at me. Please “

Andy slowly looked up, and at the same moment felt one tear escaping, until the familiar hand cupped her face and dried the tears Andy was so embarrassed of.

“That’s better,” Miranda said, placing a kiss on her girlfriend’s face, and continued in a serious, but soft tone, she only used around family. “I love you, and I am going to go to the kitchen and make you grilled cheese sandwich, while that chocolate cake in a mug is cooking in the microwave. Choose another movie we could watch until I’m gone, okay?”

Andy sniffled in surprise, “Really?”

“Really. Even that ridiculous movie with Adam Sandler and a walrus, ” Miranda sighed, pretending to be annoyed by her own suggestion.

“ You know, you’re not making it easy for me trying not to cry again, ” Andy chuckled through the still visible tears. “Don’t be long, please.”

“Oh, I won’t . Wouldn’t want to miss Jocko and Adam saying goodbye to each other.”

“You're so mean! They were best friends!”

“Yes, yes, I apologize. Jocko was a great friend and companion.”
“ OMG, this is so good and chocolaty!” Andy moaned, eating a spoonful of the lava cake Miranda made for her. It was Andy’s favorite, especially when she was PMS-ing, or feeling sad and moody-and Miranda knew that. Just like she understood that Andy might sometimes need some reassurance and comfort that Miranda freely provided. And that she preferred orange juice over apple juice, and liked big fuzzy socks to keep her warm, in case Miranda wasn’t there at the moment. “Can you please come closer?”

“I’m glad you like it – I made sure it was extra “chocolaty “ this time. And what is it with you and “closer”? ”

Andy let out another long sigh, while laying down on Miranda, in the same position as before .“I don’t know.. Sometimes I want to cuddle you to death basically, and sometimes, like today, I just wanna snuggle up inside your skin, and it’s simply never close enough!”