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Johnny watched Jaehyun duck around Yuta’s arm and wrap around him from behind. Mark took a sip of his beer from the lumpy frat house couch and shrugged. “Yeah, they do this all the time.”

Yuta let out a pitchy shriek and thrashed. He tried to loop an ankle behind Jaehyun’s knee, but Jaehyun swung Yuta one-eighty degrees and knocked him off balance. Yuta stumbled and went for a toe stomp.

“Hey!” Jaehyun yanked his foot out of the way and then muscled Yuta onto the rug face first.

Yuta grunted and tried to get up onto his knees, which only pushed his ass back into Jaehyun’s hips. Johnny pursed his lips like he always did when perfectly good wrestling turned into a sex position.

Yuta didn’t miss the innuendo either. He glanced over his shoulder with a smirk. “Jesus, bro, buy me a drink first.”

“Uuugh!” said Mark, but Jaehyun’s dimples didn’t flicker at all. He looped an arm through Yuta’s, which had been about to get away, and yanked it tight behind his back.

“Jaehyun’s super good at wrestling. He always wins,” Mark commented, and took another sip of his beer.

“He’s not that good.” Johnny grinned when Jaehyun’s eyes flashed up to him. “He’s just stronger, but his technique sucks.”

“He doesn’t always win,” Yuta grunted from underneath Jaehyun, grinning even though Jaehyun was trying to give him rug burn on his face. “I beat him sometimes and then he goes and sulks.”

“That’s not even true. I just challenge again until I win.” Jaehyun hooked an ankle around Yuta’s knee and yanked it out from under him, and Yuta crashed the rest of the way to the floor.

“AH my dick!” Yuta tapped frantically on Jaehyun’s hip. Jaehyun finally released him and got up onto his hands and knees so Yuta could have some space. Underneath him, Yuta rolled onto his side and curled up with his long hair in his face and his clothes all rumpled. Johnny had never been one to argue that wrestling wasn’t homoerotic, and once again Yuta was on the same page. He smirked and reached up to touch Jaehyun’s cheek, who swatted his hand away.

“Aw, babe, no cuddles after?” Yuta panted.

Jaehyun ignored him. “It’s not like we’re using technique here. We’re just play fighting,” he said to Johnny and swatted Yuta’s hand away again.

“Yeah, I can tell.” Johnny grabbed Mark’s beer out of his hand and took a swig.

“Okay Mr. ‘I wrestled in high school.’”

Johnny shrugged and offered Mark his beer, who sighed and grumbled “keep it.”

“I’m just saying, you can out-muscle Yuta all you want, but you wouldn’t last a second against anybody with actual technique.”

“Oh yeah?” Jaehyun stood up and slapped his hands against his thighs. “Square up, bro, let’s see how rusty you are.”

Johnny shoved Mark’s beer back into his hands and toed off his sneakers. There was plenty of room on the rug, no need to worry about smashing furniture, and it made for a relatively soft landing. Yuta rolled sluggishly out of the way and sat up to watch as Johnny planted his feet and squatted into an easy stance and waited for Jaehyun to rush him like a dumbass. He did, just as predicted, arms reaching to do some kind of bear hug. Easy shit. Johnny hooked Jaehyun’s opposite ankle and slammed him backwards down onto the rug, and was up again before Jaehyun even realized he lost.

“WHOOOOA!” Mark screeched and stood up, splashing beer on his shirt. Yuta yelped and scrambled back against the cabinet.

“Holy shit,” Jaehyun croaked from the floor. He rolled onto his stomach, coughing. Johnny had forgotten how fun that was.

“See? Come on, now you’re ready. Let’s try again.”

Jaehyun staggered upright, still grinning, looking a little dazed, and squared up again. This time, Johnny even let him lock up, like a real big boy wrestler, let him get a good grip on Johnny’s arms and maybe even feel like he had some control, until Johnny pivoted into a hip-toss and sent Jaehyun sprawling head over heels onto the carpet.

Mark screamed even louder the second time. “YO YOU FUCKING FLIPPED HIM!” Johnny stepped back, grinning, watching Jaehyun roll around and blink at the ceiling. He had just turned to Yuta to gloat when Jaehyun launched himself up again and caught Johnny around the middle, wrestling him backwards. Johnny used the momentum to flip them over again. Jaehyun yelped as his back hit the rug. And since this little play fighting thing had started with Jaehyun and Yuta watching too much MMA and pro wrestling, Johnny rolled them again and wrapped his legs around Jaehyun’s neck and shoulders. He wasn’t very good at submission holds, but Jaehyun wasn’t much of a challenge. He had him trapped in no time, tight enough to make him start to black out, and anybody who knew what they were doing would tap, but Jaehyun kept struggling.

“You gotta tap, dude.” He let Jaehyun have a little air, since he was turning very red in the face, but that was a mistake, because Jaehyun thought that meant he could muscle his way out. Johnny tightened back up. “This is the way holds work, dumbass. You have to fight to make sure I don’t lock it in because once I do, it’s over. I’ve got the hold dude, you have to tap or you’re going to pass out.”

He could feel Jaehyun’s muscles straining against his thighs and squeezed just a little tighter. Jaehyun gurgled and finally tapped.

“HOLY SHIT!” Mark screeched. Thankfully, he’d put the beer down.

Now that the wrestling was over, Johnny had a weird moment watching Jaehyun slump across his hips, hot breath panting against his lower stomach, right at his waistband. He usually never did this without a cup on, and Jaehyun’s collarbones were kind of squishing his junk.

“You good dude?” He was surprised when Jaehyun sat up smiling with his cheeks flushed red.

“Dang, okay.” He rested back on his heels and tried to brush his hair back into place.

“That was hot,” Yuta crawled forward and ruffled up Jaehyun’s hair, just when it was beginning to look decent again.

“Yeah, John’s kind of a bad ass,” Jaehyun yanked Yuta down into a headlock and fixed his hair again. “I’d tell you to fight him, but if he kicked my butt, he’ll break yours in half.”

“If I wanted Johnny to break my ass in half, there would be better ways to do it,” Yuta grumbled from Jaehyun’s armpit as he tried to struggle free.

“Ugh, nah dude, fratcest,” Mark giggled, and took a big gulp of the beer and had to wipe a stray drip off his chin. “But like, remind me never to piss Johnny off, fuck.”

“You didn’t spill beer on my shoes, did you?”

Mark’s eyes doubled in size. He peaked over the couch to check on Johnny’s Nikes, and then jumped up and ran for his backpack without another word.

“Hey get back here!” Johnny chased after him to the sounds of Yuta and Jaehyun scuffling on the rug behind.



Jaehyun was standing on the quad, chatting up some girls with that approachable take-me-home-to-mom smile on his face, dimples flashing in the sunlight. He had a frisby in his hand and he looked totally relaxed. Yuta yanked his hair back into a sloppy ponytail. One of the girls caught his eye as he snuck closer, but he put a finger to his lips. She smiled and looked back to Jaehyun like she hadn’t seen anything.

With the element of surprise secured, Yuta rushed forward and caught Jaehyun right in the middle of a sentence. He heard the words “can’t wait for rush this sp—” and then Yuta careened into his back, kicked his knees out from under him, and twisted sideways to send them both toppling to the grass with Yuta on top.

“Fuck!” Jaehyun struggled. There were girls to impress after all. Yuta wished he knew some of Johnny’s holds that Jaehyun couldn’t muscle out of, because it was all he could do to keep his arms around Jaehyun’s shoulders while he tried to break free with every ounce of gym rat power he had in his wiggly body. But Yuta had gravity on his side, and managed to squish Jaehyun’s extra warm body down into the grass pretty well, and to keep Jaehyun from rolling them over. Yuta didn’t care that much about losing, but he did like winning. Especially when he was able to control Jaehyun’s full power pushing out against him. It was an awesome head rush.

The girls laughed and watched. “He got you, Jung,” said one.

Jaehyun found a weak spot in Yuta’s grip and began to push against it. Yuta fastened his teeth around Jaehyun’s bicep and bit hard.

“OW! Dude, come on!”

Yuta fixed the weak spot while Jaehyun shook his thick shoulder out of Yuta’s jaws.

It was bad to lose in front of girls, of course, but it was even worse to lose for too long. Jaehyun must have realized this. After a few short moments, he stilled and heaved a sigh. “Okay, okay. You win.”

“Fuck yes.” Yuta turned the wrestle into an aggressive snuggle.

“He’s excited because he never wins,” Jaehyun made sure to explain to all the women present as he sat up, Yuta still clinging to his back like a koala. He could feel Jaehyun’s chest expanding and contracting as he panted for breath. “Isn’t that right, Yuta?”

“I win like fifteen percent of the time.”

“Only when you fight dirty.”

“Does puppy fighting even have rules?” said one of the girls, petit and blond and criminally cute. Yuta smirked up at her and bit the shell of Jaehyun’s ear.

“AH! Bro, what the fuck!”

“You can act all mad but your dimples are showing.” He poked Jaehyun’s cheek. He was still smiling, but there was a gleam in his eye that meant Yuta could expect several vicious tackles in the near future until Jaehyun felt like he got his honor back.

“Do you guys do that a lot?” The other girl was taller, with straight brown hair, also holding a frisbee. She was very pretty too.

Yuta nodded. “It’s really fun, you guys should try it.”

Blond girl raised her eyebrows. “Even when you always lose?”

He shrugged. “I’m not that competitive. And I don’t always loose.” He wasn’t sure how to explain the visceral adrenaline rush of tussling with your homies without sounding weird. “Just try it, you’ll see.”

A third girl with pigtails, even more adorable than the blond one, came out of nowhere with a loud shriek and grabbed the blond one in a hug, who also shrieked, and they kind of spun in a circle and fell over into a giggling heap on the ground.

“I’m Yves,” said the tall girl. “That’s Chuu and Gowon.”

Pigtails girl sat up and put her hands in a circle in front of her face, and then pretended to bite down on the top and turned it into a heart shape. Yuta had seen girls do that around campus. It was cute.

“Nice to meet’chuuuu!” She trilled with a big grin and Yuta felt himself clutching Jaehyun harder as he started having heart palpitations.

“It’s the Chuu heart,” Yves explained. “Chuu invented it.”

“That was pretty fun,” Gowon giggled as she struggled back up to her feet.

“I feel tough and powerful!” Chuu pretended to flex and made playful growly noise that was more of an adorable rumbly hum.

“I’m Yuta,” Yuta insisted, because it was very important that she know that.

“I’m Chuu!” She waved both hands at him.

“Can we stand up?” Jaehyun asked, and Yuta reluctantly uncurled himself from around Jaehyun. Rookie mistake. He was only half way to his feet when Jaehyun knocked him onto his back again. Yuta struggled but Jaehyun had him wrapped up and pinned on his side in a moment, and Yuta accepted that he couldn’t move and went limp. Jaehyun’s breath huffed against all the hardware in his left ear, so Yuta knew if he turned his head…

“Hey babe,” he purred, with Jaehyun’s breath puffing against his lips now. They were so close that Yuta had started going cross eyed trying to look at him.

Jaehyun climbed off really fast, but he didn’t stop grinning. “That’s better.”

“Really guys? In public?” Johnny wandered over and intentionally tripped on Yuta’s body where he was still lying in the grass. “Oh! Shit, scuse me…” He kicked him in the side twice and then stepped on his stomach and his ribs with his massive heavy feet. “Fuck, oops— I’m so sorry.”

“You wanna join, Johnny?” Jaehyun slapped his shoulder and bounced from foot to foot. “Come on, let’s go.”

“I didn’t come here to wrassle, bro, I came to play frisbee.” He picked Jaehyun’s discarded frisbee up off the grass as Yuta climbed defensively to his feet, clutching his side.

“You’ve already lost once today, Jaehyun, do you really want to challenge Johnny again?” The girls were giggling amongst themselves about something, and Yuta began looking for ways to get their attention back.

“Jaehyun is jealous of my mad wrestling skills,” Johnny said, “but I don’t like to use violence, you know?”

“Can you do that choke hold thing with the…” Yuta mimed looping his elbow around somebody’s throat.

“Yeah dude, that’s easy.”

“Do it to Jaehyun.”

“Aw, but I only use my mad skills for self-defense.” He tossed Chuu the frisby. She tossed it back.

“So show the ladies some self-defense.”

Johnny dropped the frisbee. “Okay so if you wanna choke out Jaehyun,”

“What??” Jaehyun planted his feet and put cautious punchy hands up in defense as Johnny approached him. The girls paid attention.

“You wanna kind of get behind him if you can. Throw a punch, dude.”

“Uh…” Jaehyun blinked at him, looking flustered, and then threw a half-assed right hook at Johnny’s face. Johnny used both hands to deflect Jaehyun’s fist between them and stepped around it towards Jaehyun’s opposite side. “See how I’m kind of behind his shoulder now? Now put your hand on his shoulder and slide it under his chin.” He slid a flat hand fast as lighting around Jaehyun’s collar until his neck landed in the crook of Johnny’s elbow. Jaehyun stumbled. “Now grab your bicep.”

“Ah,” said Jaehyun, and gripped Johnny’s arm.

“Then you wanna put your free hand on the back of his head to keep him from head-butting you and to put on pressure, and then drag him backwards.” He backed up and Jaehyun stumbled with him, face turning red. Johnny let him go. “If he was smart, he would tap, but he’s a dumbass, so.”

“Cool,” Chuu chirped, and tried to choke out Gowon, but it was more of a forearm against the windpipe hold than a choke hold.

“Put her throat in your elbow. You’re trying to cut off the blood flow in her arteries.” Johnny illustrated by tapping both sides of his neck under the corners of his jaw. “Careful, if you do it right, she’ll pass out in, like, five seconds.” He choked out Jaehyun again to show her. Yuta watched Jaehyun’s eyelashes flutter as Johnny dragged him backwards. “And if somebody gets you in a hold, just go for the nuts.” *

“Chuu doesn’t have nuts!” Gowon squeaked, turning purple.

“Shit, you’re right. Guess you’re out of luck then. I dunno, I’m no expert.”

Yuta was kind of hoping Jaehyun would go for Johnny’s nuts, but he didn’t.

“Or you could do this one.” Johnny released Jaehyun only to twist one of Jaehyun’s arms behind his back. Jaehyun shouted and winced. “This is one that bouncers do a lot. Or this one.” There was a flurry of unexplained motion and Jaehyun ended up on the ground with Johnny’s knee on his chest. Jaehyun made a noise that sounded an awful lot like a whimper. “For when Jaehyun gets too drunk and tries to wrestle Yuta at the club.”

Yuta kept waiting for the angry furrowed eyebrows and clenched jaw that Jaehyun always got when Yuta got the upper hand, but Jaehyun looked almost relaxed aside from the wide eyes and the panting. He even cracked a smile at Johnny’s joke. Yuta wandered a little closer.

“You sure you weren’t secretly in a gang or something in high school? That shit didn’t look like wrestling.”

Johnny shrugged and got off Jaehyun’s chest before Yuta got close enough to see Jaehyun’s face from a better angle. “Some of the guys on the wrestling team would stay after practice and mess around with some MMA stuff.”

Jaehyun rolled over and climbed to his feet, grinning. “Dang, dude. You gotta teach me that one.”

Yuta shook his head. “Don’t you dare teach him that. He’s just going to use it on me.”

“What? No way.” Jaehyun said innocently, and his hand darted out and grabbed Yuta’s shoulder so he could try out Johnny’s choke hold on him. Yuta tried his best to duck out of the way, but Jaehyun’s hand slid under Yuta’s chin and then his arm felt like an iron bar around his neck. He immediately felt pressure start to build behind his eyes like he’d been hanging upside down for too long. He would have tapped out immediately if it wasn’t for Jaehyun’s excited little laugh in his ear.

Yuta was not afraid to go for the nuts. He also didn’t really want to damage his bro’s family jewels, so it was less of a defensive maneuver and more of a full on grope as the edges of his vision started getting dark and fuzzy. Luckily, it worked. Jaehyun arms flew off him like they were spring-loaded, and Yuta gasped and doubled over. He felt Jaehyun loop both of his arms through Yuta’s and pull them tight against his back. It was a familiar hold. Restrictive, but not impossible to get out of, and not painful.

“If you stretch a little further and grab his arms, it becomes a stronger hold,” said Johnny, and Yuta shouted as his arms got yanked tighter. He could feel Jaehyun’s hands lock onto his arms and the hold turned painful. He stumbled and Jaehyun let them both fall to their knees. Yuta would have told him to stop, but the position had his back bowed, and the more he bent forward, the tighter Jaehyun’s hips pressed against his butt, which was weird, but it was a perfect opportunity to test Yuta’s theory.

He let himself whine and put up a half-assed but believable struggle, and he could have sworn that right at the perfect moment, when Yuta’s arms trembled against the hold and his most pathetic whimper left his mouth, something between Jaehyun’s hips twitched against Yuta’s ass. Jaehyun’s fingers squeezed into his arms hard enough that Yuta could feel short fingernails digging into his skin.

“If you were a real wrestler, you could turn that into a pin.”

“Huh?” said Jaehyun, sounding dazed, and Yuta let out a very real cry of pain. The twitch happened again. Kinky ass motherfucker.

“Get off,” he croaked, and after a second Jaehyun released him. Yuta sagged to the grass clutching his shoulders.

“Dude, you good?” Jaehyun rolled him over, and Yuta did his best to look like a pretty wounded deer with his watering eyes and flushed cheeks. He searched Jaehyun’s face through a veil of hair that had fallen out of his ponytail, and found Jaehyun’s eyes looking dark and glassy, his pupils blown wide. Yuta fought very hard not to smirk.

“Johnny, you should show Jaehyun how you would turn that into a pin.”

Somehow, Jaehyun didn’t seem to realize that Yuta was onto his kinky ass. “Ah, c’mon dude,” he groaned dramatically, but didn’t fight at all as Johnny shoved Jaehyun onto the grass next to Yuta and looped his arms into the same hold. Jaehyun grunted and winced, but Johnny was a professional and didn’t hurt him like a dirty sadistic asshole.

Johnny didn’t explain, he just got Jaehyun in the hold and then rolled him over. Jaehyun let out a loud wheeze as Johnny twisted around and got Jaehyun’s shoulders flat against the grass. His and Johnny’s arms underneath Jaehyun’s back kept Jaehyun’s hips propped up in the air. Yuta carefully watched his crotch in case something twitched again, but they were shifting around too much, and Yuta couldn’t tell if there was anything going on underneath his loose gym shorts. Yuta attempted a dramatic three count, smacking his hand against the grass like a WWE ref, but the first one rattled his sore shoulder and he groaned and curled up clutching it on the grass.

“Oh no!” Johnny shouted from somewhere underneath Jaehyun. “The heel wrestler has injured the ref! Will it cost our hero, Johnny, the match? What a crook!”

Jaehyun tried to lift his shoulders, but Johnny put more pressure under his back and Jaehyun had to fight even more of his bodyweight to get a shoulder up. Yuta tapped the ground much more carefully and only used his arm from the elbow down. To make up for it, he went very fast. “Onetwothree,” he said, and Jaehyun barked in offense. He and Johnny untangled.

Yuta glanced over to see what the girls had thought of that, and was surprised to find them chatting amongst themselves again. One of their older frat brothers had told Yuta that chicks loved homoerotic displays, and since that guy got more pussy than John Cena and Zeus combined, Yuta had believed him. Maybe he was missing something. It was okay though, because he’d gotten some useful info on Jaehyun in the process.

“I’m going to the gym to find some ice,” he groaned. “You’ll pay for this later, Jaehyun.”

“Yeah right,” Jaehyun muttered, also sulking in the direction of the disinterested girls. “Not if I make you pay first.”

Yuta wandered off sort of towards the athletics building but more towards the café that had Mountain Dew in the soda machine and plotted his next move.



On Saturday night, Yuta went shot for shot with Jaehyun in the kitchen, and then they wandered into the dining-turned-beer-pong room to join the crowd watching Sehun and Jongin get their asses handed to them as usual.

“You wanna play next?” There was a deep flush on Jaehyun’s pasty cheeks and a heaviness to his eyelids that made Yuta realize they had both maybe had too much to drink. Things did feel a little tippy.

“Bro, can you even walk straight right now? You would miss every cup. Hell no, I’m not playing with you.”

Jaehyun barked in offence and put down his beer so he could shove Yuta into the ugly blue wall behind him. It didn’t really hurt, but Yuta made a dramatic oof noise and watched Jaehyun carefully through his bangs to see if he liked that. He totally did. One corner of his mouth quirked up, and just as Yuta pushed himself off the wall, he stalked forward and shoved again. Still not painful. Yuta wondered if Jaehyun had ever been that kid that thought it was funny to keep helping someone up only to push them back down every time, but that didn’t seem like him. He seemed more like the type to keep extra band aids in his lunchbox in case anybody got a booboo.

“I aim better when I’m drunk,” Jaehyun said, and shoved again.

“Ooh, that’s not what your hookups tell me.”

Jaehyun snorted, and the next shove was a little harder. Yuta moaned in fake pain for Jaehyun’s benefit when his back hit the wall, but it was possible that it really did hurt and he was just too drunk to notice. He pushed off the wall and let Jaehyun shove him again. Jaehyun licked his lips. “The other team will be drunk too, we should play.”


“No, you’re clearly wasted. We’d get slaughtered.”


“We would not, I’m not that drunk.”

Shove. Yuta kept pushing himself off the wall just so Jaehyun could shove him back into it again. “Yes you are, you’re slurring.”

“You’re just as drunk as I am!” Shove. So far it had been hands against the shoulders kind of shoves, but the next one was Jaehyun’s palm flat against his chest, and when he hit the wall he felt it rattle through his rib cage and up into his skull.

“No, you’re a lightweight.”


“I am not! You’re just making shit up!”

Shove. Yuta gasped a little bit. That one hurt.

“I thought you didn’t care about losing,” Jaehyun growled and shoved again. Yuta’s hair had fallen over one of his eyes, but fixing it seemed like last priority.

“I don’t care about losing to you.”

Shove. Yuta grunted as one of his shoulder blades throbbed after the impact.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Shove. Yuta didn’t bother answering. Jaehyun’s eyes had lost their heavy-lidded tipsiness. They were wide and intent, pupils blown. Yuta pushed himself more aggressively off the wall so Jaehyun would have farther to slam him back like a little contest of wills. The shoves were hard enough to ache now. His back throbbed as Jaehyun slammed him again. Yuta grit his teeth and watched Jaehyun bite his lower lip as he shoved. It was a crowded party. Crowded enough that no one noticed their little game in the corner. Or maybe people were too used to them play fighting to think anything of it. At some point somebody had to come over, make some kind of comment, and shake Jaehyun out of it, but until then Yuta watched Jaehyun’s face get hungrier with every shove, watched his eyelashes flutter when Yuta couldn’t hold back a little grunt of pain. So he grunted more, let himself stumble, and Jaehyun gave a shaky sigh and just shoved harder.

No one came over. The grunts turned into little cries of pain. Jaehyun’s shoves seemed almost frantic, and every one of them hurt like hell. Yuta decided it had stopped being worth it. After the next skull-rattling slam, he stopped pushing himself off the wall. In the sudden still, he realized how dizzy he was, like he wouldn’t be able to keep standing without support. Then Jaehyun grabbed his shoulders and pulled him forward himself so he could slam him again. Yuta shouted and reached for Jaehyun’s arms. He was panting, hands gripping so hard they might bruise. He pulled Yuta off the wall and slammed again. Yuta heard himself whimper and Jaehyun might have moaned.

The next time Jaehyun pulled him off the wall, Yuta flung himself forward into Jaehyun’s chest and latched on. Jaehyun tried to wrestle him off. Yuta clung tight with shaking arms. “Stop,” he begged with his face buried in Jaehyun’s neck, and Jaehyun slowly stilled. Yuta was pretty sure he could feel a hard bulge between their hips.

“So like,” Jaehyun panted in his ear, “do you wanna play pong or not?”



One Tuesdays and Thursdays, Yuta usually ran into Jaehyun while the both crossed campus between classes, and this week, as usual, Jaehyun immediately dropped his backpack and rushed him with a big goofy grin on his face. Yuta tried to brace himself but Jaehyun crashed into him and shoved Yuta backwards onto the grass. He panted and giggled into Yuta’s ear as he rolled him around. Yuta used to think it was dog-like enthusiasm that made him excessively forceful, like he didn’t know his own strength, but as the tussle went on, Yuta noticed how his panting got heavier and his hands got rougher, pushing him against the ground whenever he tried to escape, fingers digging into his arms hard enough to make Yuta cry out. He kept pushing and squeezing and shoving long after Yuta had gone limp. It seemed like Jaehyun really just couldn’t get enough.

When it was longer spars at the frat house, where they had plenty of room and time, it was the way Jaehyun wanted to go again and again, and the way his hands fisted into Yuta’s clothes and how his breath stuttered when Yuta cried out. It was the way he glowed for hours when Yuta actually let him keep going for as long as he wanted, and took the strained limbs and the bruised arms and the whiplash just so he could watch Jaehyun lounge on the couch afterwards like he was king of the world, all relaxed and grinning and happy for the rest of the day. It was the way Jaehyun’s grip got impossibly tight when Yuta managed to push them into a more sexual position, or when his moans of pain sounded just suggestive enough.

What Yuta couldn’t figure out was where Johnny fit in. Jaehyun seemed to like that too. He was in the same kind of good mood after Johnny judo-threw him all over the mid-term cookout. He went compliant and lax the one time Johnny stood him back up over and over again so he could twist and flip and slam him into every kind of wrestling takedown he could think of, and then he lay on the ground in front of the TV for hours, practically purring. He even let Yuta play with his hair. It was the way he goaded and begged Johnny to join them every time Johnny walked in on one of their rounds, and the way he got all sulky when Johnny refused even though that was usually what happened. But Yuta didn’t know if he was just having fun, or if he was getting the same kind of thing out of taking beatings as he did from giving them.



Johnny hardly ever saw Jaehyun and Yuta together without them being tangled up like a couple of cupcake phase high school boyfriends with the exception of one of them (always Yuta) being in pain the whole time. Honestly, there was no way the guy wasn’t a masochist with all the abuse he was willing to put up with.

“Do you two ever stop?”

“He likes my body too much,” Yuta squeaked from under Jaehyun’s full weight on the floor of Johnny’s room.

“How did you guys even get in here?”

“You forgot to lock your door again.” Jaehyun furiously fought to drag Yuta’s hand out from under them, and soon pulled it out, complete with Johnny’s best xbox controller, and began to pry it out of Yuta’s hand.

“How long have you two been at this?” They already looked way too sweaty to be lying on Johnny’s nice Ikea rug that his mom bought him.

“We’ve been fighting over this controller between every one v one round of Halo we’ve played, for like, an hour and a half now?”

Jaehyun finally yanked the controller free, and slammed Yuta’s arm down against the carpet. Yuta yelped.

“You want it?” Jaehyun waved it up at Johnny and grinned with his unhinged little smile that he always got when Yuta let him stroke his ego boner for too long.

“Whatever game you two are playing, I don’t think I want anything to do with it.”

Jaehyun squinted at him. “What? You’re the one who actually wrestles.”

He could see Yuta roll his eyes. At least Yuta realized how overtly sexual their constant game of throwing each other around was. Back in the old days, on his high school team, there had been plenty of awkward sexual tension amongst the group of mostly naked hormonal teenage boys rubbing up on each other all the time.

So Johnny didn’t usually like to join in on their little game because they never had the decency to tell him what the real deal was first. Unless Jaehyun legitimately didn’t realize. “You know, I don’t usually like to intrude on whatever’s going on here, but Jaehyun, sometimes you really deserve to get your ass kicked.”

“Don’t get too cocky, I’ll be good enough to kick your ass soon.” He sat up, still straddling Yuta’s lower back, and popped his knuckles threateningly. He was already so worked up, panting and rocking back and forth a little.

“No you won’t. You haven’t gotten any better in two months.” He set his backpack down on his desk and kicked his slides at the closet. Once he lost the jeans, he would be ready to vegetate in front of his TV for the rest of the night. But first he would have to kick out the dumbasses.

“Come on, I won’t let you win this time.”

“One of these days I’m going to stop showing you Judo throws and start showing you boxing.”

Jaehyun finally stood and got all squared up. Yuta crawled his sweaty ass onto Johnny’s nice, clean, queen sized bed, and Johnny put a load of laundry on his list of shit to do, but he didn’t have time to comment because Jaehyun came at him. Johnny put a hand on his neck, hooked the other under his arm, used his bodyweight to drop them both down and sent Jaehyun sprawling across the floor with Johnny still on top.

He let Jaehyun get up and square up again, looking adorably determined, and to be fair, he was doing his best, but he had no defense. Everything he did was just muscle, and Johnny could throw him around like putty into every move he knew. The next one, Johnny wrapped up both his arms and his head with one arm and got one leg with the other hand and tossed Jaehyun onto his back. They barely had enough room for this. Jaehyun’s foot came dangerously close to Johnny’s xbox.

Jaehyun jumped up again, eyes flaming, and got him in a bear hug. Johnny used his momentum against him by twisting them around and slamming Jaehyun against the closet door with a loud rattle. Jaehyun’s hold loosened enough for Johnny to get free and drop him onto the floor again. He grinned when Jaehyun yelped and groaned in pain.

No MMA today. Johnny went for pure wrestling, manhandling Jaehyun around on the floor into pin after pin until both of them were panting. Jaehyun always tried to get up. Johnny never let him. As soon as he tried to climb to his feet, Johnny rolled him up again. He could feel Jaehyun getting tired. He struggled less and less, took longer to scramble to his feet, but that just made it easier for Johnny to take him back to the floor. Jaehyun dragged himself up, panting even harder than Johnny was, and looked up at Johnny through his eyelashes. His hair stuck to his forehead and his cheeks were flushed red. He tried to back away a little, maybe to get ready, and when Johnny lunged forward and grabbed him, he didn’t even have the energy to fight back. He just let Johnny twist him around and slam him onto the floor again. Johnny tried not to think about how the only time he touched people this much anymore was when he had sex.

Jaehyun stopped trying to get up. “G-gimme a minute,” he panted, looking dazed as he crawled towards the bed and dragged himself up. He ended up slumped between Yuta’s knees.

Come to think of it, Yuta had been weirdly quiet the whole time. He usually watched with a big grin on his face and a whole arsenal of stupid commentary. But he wasn’t even smiling as he watched Jaehyun drag himself up in front of him. He watched him with the intensity of a scientist staring through a microscope at a brand new bacteria they might get to name after themselves. Also, in typical Yuta fashion, he didn’t get out of the way as Jaehyun crawled up practically onto his lap.

He probably should have though, because Jaehyun was still always ready to fight Yuta, even while he was in the middle of a cool down. He immediately shoved Yuta down against the bed and grabbed for his wrists.. Yuta yelped, and Johnny saw the perfect opportunity to force Jaehyun to face how sexual this was. He flattened himself on Jaehyun’s back and pushed them all together so that Jaehyun’s hips crushed down between Yuta’s, trapping them in missionary.

Jaehyun struggled, gripping Yuta harder. “Bro, I-I said gimme a minute-” he cut himself off with a little gasp as Yuta turned his face so that his lips brushed Jaehyun’s ear and moaned. Not a my-balls-are-trapped kind of moan, but a full, mid sex pleasure kind of moan. He and Johnny were clearly on the same freak out Jaehyun page, and sure enough, Jaehyun jerked hard between them and let go of Yuta’s wrists.

That was just what Johnny had been waiting for. He twisted one of Jaehyun’s arms into his bouncer hold and pulled his other shoulder back. Jaehyun shouted in pain, freezing, and underneath them Yuta’s eyes widened, and his face spit into a wicked grin. Johnny could feel Jaehyun bracing to fight his way out, but then Yuta’s legs snapped up around both their hips and squeezed tight so nobody could move.

“It’s okay, baby,” he purred, and reached up to pull Jaehyun closer. Johnny let him, and Yuta wrapped an arm around Jaehyun’s neck and spoke right next to his ear. “I know how much this turns you on.”

Johnny felt his eyes go the size of dinner plates. Maybe they weren’t on the same page. In retrospect, Johnny should have realized that if Yuta was involved, this wasn’t going to stay at an acceptable level of raunchy teasing. Of course he would take it way too fucking far. Jaehyun went completely stiff. He might have been shaking a little. Johnny had no doubt in his mind that he was half hard against Yuta’s ass. His ears were bright red. Johnny was sure he was pretty flushed too just from secondhand embarrassment. If Yuta hadn’t been holding onto him so tight, he would have bailed out of sheer panic the moment this turned from the regular puppy fighting with the guys into a real sex thing. His brain still struggled to switch gears as Yuta’s lips trailed up the shell of Jaehyun’s very very red ear and licked. Johnny could feel his legs tighten around both of them as he rolled his crotch against Jaehyun’s hips.

Jaehyun made a panicked little whimper and fought weakly, but that just made him strain painfully against Johnny’s hold. Even Johnny felt the way he shivered when it hurt. Yuta’s grin grew. “Oh yeah, I felt that.” He smudged wet kisses against Jaehyun’s temple, which was the only thing he could reach with Jaehyun hiding his face in the pillow next to Yuta’s shoulder. “It’s so hot when you get worked up, Jae. I love how much you love it.”

Jesus fucking Christ, Yuta wasn’t messing around. The only reason Johnny hadn’t run for the hills yet was a morbid curiosity to see Jaehyun’s reaction. That and Yuta’s ankles locked behind his back. He was betting on panic denial, which is totally what Johnny would do, but Yuta might just convince him to admit it. And he did, with a low moan, right in Jaehyun’s ear. “You wanna bruise me, Jaehyun? You wanna throw me around and break me down until I cry and beg for mercy?”

Johnny’s jaw dropped as Jaehyun moaned helplessly, his one free hand clenching in the blankets. Yuta finally looked up at past Jaehyun’s shoulder at Johnny and smiled. “Or would you rather have Johnny throw you around until you’re the one begging?” Jaehyun’s hips flexed, grinding sharply against the seat of Yuta’s pants. Johnny seriously considered bolting again. If there was one thing for sure, it was that he abso-fucking-lutely did not mean to sign himself up to fuck his frat brothers.

“’M s-sor—”

“Shh, don’t apologize,” Yuta purred in his ear, eyes still locked with Johnny, who was beginning to press back against Yuta’s hold because this was a level of weird that he had never reached in all his years of high school wrestling. Sexual tension was one thing, but he was pretty sure none of the guys on the team had ever had an actual kink. They would have figured that out pretty quick.

Yuta reached up and touched Johnny’s chin so he could gently guide him closer. Johnny slowly let himself bend forward just because he couldn’t think of a better option that wouldn’t make things more awkward for Jaehyun, and then he found himself kissing Yuta. Wild. At least Yuta was pretty, but he definitely wasn’t a woman. Yuta’s lips were soft and wet and sensual. He was a really good kisser. Johnny didn’t dive any further, because he still had no idea what was going on, but it was nice that Yuta was including him in whatever kinky thing he was doing with Jaehyun in his bed.

When he pulled back, he glanced to the side and found Jaehyun watching them out of the corner of his eye. His eyebrows were pinched in and his jaw was clenched tight, face still deeply pink. He looked just as confused and even more stressed than Johnny.

Johnny swallowed and switched his attention to the guy who looked the least stressed. “So like… Yuta, are you gay or something?”

Yuta shrugged. “Don’t think so. Jaehyun just has a serious fuckin kink and it’s hot.”

Jaehyun’s eyes squeezed shut, and he looked away. Johnny had to feel bad for him. This was kind of a cruel way to have your kinks exposed. Johnny let go of his shoulder so he could move a little, but he wasn’t sure releasing the arm would feel like kink shaming or something.

“Did you know?” Jaehyun asked, voice shaky, and Johnny figured he had to be talking to him since Yuta obviously knew.

“Nope, I had no idea until just now. Did you know you got off on this?”

Jaehyun heaved a shaky sigh and shrugged. “I guess,” he mumbled unhelpfully. He tucked his face back into Yuta’s shoulder. “What now?”

“You have one free hand,” Yuta said, not looking phased at all even though he had just orchestrated the most humiliating moment of this poor man’s life, and possibly convinced two of his straight frat brothers do weird sex shit with absolutely no warning. “Pull my hair.”

Johnny figured that if he was in this position, he would have freaked the fuck out, told everybody to get off him, and run away to hide forever, but Yuta must have known something Johnny didn’t, because Jaehyun hesitated for a second, heaved a couple shaky sighs, and then pushed himself upright so he could look down at Yuta sprawled underneath him. Johnny kept his arm locked behind his back, but he let him move where he wanted. After another couple seconds of hesitation, Jaehyun fell down to an elbow, braced somewhere over Yuta’s shoulder, and slid his hand into Yuta’s long hair. Johnny saw his entire arm flex as he tightened his fist.

Yuta immediately whimpered. Johnny peeked over Jaehyun’s shoulder at Yuta’s face, there was that morbid curiosity again, and was a little surprised. That was not the face of a man with a pain kink. He grimaced hard, sucking in breath through clenched teeth. Jaehyun’s hand twisted in his hair and pulled again, and Yuta whined, eyes squeezing shut. He clung to Jaehyun and gasped in shaky breaths, and when he opened his eyes again, Johnny could see water collecting at the corners.

Jaehyun groaned. His hips jerked hard against Yuta’s ass. Johnny had to admit that was kinda hot, the way Jaehyun couldn’t control himself when Yuta let him do this. He caught himself trying not to think of his bro that way and realized that if he wanted to have any fun, it would probably be a good idea to just let it be hot.

“The time you kept pushing me into the wall at that party,” Yuta said, voice breathy and unsteady, “You bruised up my shoulders so bad that I couldn’t lean on anything for days. Couldn’t even sit in a chair.” Jaehyun groaned and tugged so hard that Yuta keened and grabbed for his hand. A tear slipped out of his eye. Jaehyun dove for it and licked it off his face before it reached his hairline.

“C’mere,” Yuta gasped and pulled Jaehyun over to kiss his mouth. Jaehyun responded eagerly. Johnny began to feel like a third wheel as they made out, even though he still had Jaehyun in the hold, which he knew for a fact hurt a lot. Jaehyun gasped and groaned and licked into Yuta’s mouth, hand still working in his hair, and Yuta whimpered and shook. Between them, Jaehyun’s hips worked restlessly against Yuta’s ass.

Finally, Yuta broke away with a cry and yanked desperately at Jaehyun’s wrist. “Stop! Stop, please—hhng!”

Jaehyun released him and Johnny finally got a good look at his face as Jaehyun pushed himself up. Yuta’s hair was a mess, and his eyes were red. There were several tear tracks going from the corners of his eyes down into his hair. He really did look hot, in a fucked up sexy kind of way.

“Yuta, do you like the pain?” He asked, and Jaehyun stilled, waiting for the answer.

Yuta looked between them, still gingerly massaging his scalp, and then shook his head. “No, I don’t like pain. But I like this.” He rolled his hips up against Jaehyun’s, and Jaehyun moaned. “He gets so fucking worked up, look at him.”

Jaehyun ducked his head.

“Come out here,” Yuta purred, and reached under his chin, but Jaehyun didn’t budge. Johnny’s curiosity nagged at him. “Jae, dude, let Johnny see your face.”

“No, why would I—Ah!”

Johnny grabbed his hair this time and yanked him upright. Might as well mess around and see if he got get turned on by this shit too, and fuck, no wonder Yuta wanted him to see. Fluttering eyelashes, blown pupils, red lips and flushed cheeks. When Johnny pulled his hair a little tighter, the softest whimper slipped from his lips. It wasn’t like Johnny had never thought about dudes this way. All that sexual tension on the wrestling team had made him notice things, but it had never been more than an observation. More like ‘I bet a girl would fuck with that’ instead of ‘I fuck with that.’

The sound of fabric hitting the floor reached his ears, and Johnny looked down to see that Yuta had ditched his shirt. The light glinted of his belly button ring.

“Are we really doing this? None of us are even gay.”

Yuta raised his eyebrows at him. “Do you see yourself right now?”

Johnny took a mental look at himself. He had a rock hard Jaehyun leaning back into him, and both his hands were doing something to make him harder. And he had just made out with Yuta.

“Yeah, that’s… fair…” He gave Jaehyun’s hair an experimental tug, assessing how much he was enjoying this, and Jaehyun whimpered again and shuddered. Yup, that was hot. Johnny turned his head to the side and slid their lips together. Jaehyun’s lips were just as tentative as he kissed back, but it felt good. He radiated heat like a furnace, and his entire body shuddered when Johnny sank his teeth into his lip. This was the weirdest, kinkiest thing Johnny had ever seriously considered doing, but college was for trying shit and Jaehyun and Yuta were cool, good-looking guys.

Yuta’s legs finally unwound from around their hips and he squirmed away, but Johnny ignored him for the time being. He put a little extra stress on Jaehyun’s arm and pulled his hair and felt him melt. “How did I miss this for two whole months?”

“I’d say he hid it well,” Yuta snickered, but he really didn’t.” More clothing hit the floor, and Yuta pressed himself right up against Jaehyun’s front on his knees, wearing nothing but a little pair of black briefs. “Let him go for a second.”

Johnny finally released him. They’d been in that position so long that his arm was a little stiff, and Jaehyun was careful as he unfolded his as well. Yuta wrestled Jaehyun’s shirt over his head and took over the kiss. After months of their play fighting, Jaehyun’s reaction to Yuta touching him was automatic and a little shocking. He immediately grabbed him and wrestled him back against the nearest wall, upsetting Johnny’s pile of stuffed animals. Yuta slammed against it with a sharp grunt and then tipped his head back so Jaehyun could stick his tongue down his throat again.

Johnny let himself decide they looked hot, both shirtless and tangled together. Yuta surged back against him and toppled them onto the bed, but Jaehyun muscled him over onto his back and pinned his wrists down. It was a lot like their usual wrestling but naked and with more mouths. It looked like Yuta was half hard in his boxers, which wasn’t something Johnny was used to seeing. He saw the guys in boxers all the time but not while they were half-mast.

Jaehyun was wearing sweats and he was obviously rock hard. Johnny flinched as he slammed Yuta against the wall so hard this time that an empty sprite bottle on his dresser across the room fell over, and then threw him down on the bed and ground against his ass as Yuta tried to catch his breath. Jaehyun held down Yuta’s wrists and sank his teeth into Yuta’s shoulder. Not quite hard enough to break skin, but hard enough that Yuta shouted and thrashed. Jaehyun released him only to bite again and gnaw and suck on the spot while Yuta put up a struggle.

Both of them already looked so fucked out. Jaehyun had dazed, dilated eyes, and Yuta had red lips and crazy sex hair that he managed to make look pretty good. Jaehyun shoved both Yuta’s arms underneath his chest so he could hold them against his body. The other one slid down his back, leaving red scratches behind, and down to his butt.

The first smack on Yuta’s ass made Johnny jump, and Yuta jump harder.

“Ow, fuck!”

Jaehyun hit him again with every ounce of strength in his whole arm. Yuta shouted.

After the third smack, Yuta actually thrashed around enough to escape, and was halfway off the bed when Jaehyun caught him, picked him up, and full on threw the full length of the bed. Yuta landed on Johnny’s pillows and made laundry even more urgent. Jaehyun didn’t even give him a second to get collected. He leapt after him and slammed him into the wall again. Another bottle on the dresser fell over. Johnny really needed to clean his trash up. Jaehyun pulled him away from the wall and slammed him again. Thankfully no bottle this time, but Yuta was looking pretty stunned as he slumped down against the pillows. Jaehyun grabbed his shoulders and flung onto on the blankets, where he sluggishly struggled to his knees until Jaehyun shoved him face down and landed an ear-splitting smack on Yuta’s bare thigh.

“AH!” Yuta twisted defensively onto his side and curled up. “Johnny!” He squeaked. Jaehyun at least had the sense to stop smacking the poor kid as he looked up and waited for Johnny’s answer.

“Uh, yeah?”

“I n-need to tag out.” He stuck out a hand and grabbed Johnny’s knee.

“What, I need to let him beat up on me now?”

“No, you get to beat up on him.”

“Oh.” Johnny’s fingers tingled with unexpected excitement. “No problem.” He wasn’t ready to take any clothes off, but he could obviously do this. Johnny stood up on the bed and advanced on him, and Jaehyun’s entire body language changed. His shoulders dropped from aggressively square to relaxed, a little hunched in, and he sat back on his heels and pawed at Johnny’s thighs. Satisfaction flared in Johnny’s chest. He’d never realized he was into that kind of automatic submission, but now he was about fifty percent more turned on. Jaehyun stared up at him, eyes wide and a little anxious, but they fluttered shut as soon as Johnny fisted a hand in his hair and pulled his head back.

“Yeah, doesn’t feel so good, does it?” He pulled harder and Jaehyun groaned. His fingers dug into Johnny’s thighs, but his jaw went slack. “Or maybe it does.” He reached out and palmed Jaehyun’s handsome cheek, testing, and brushed a thumb over his dimple when a sharp tug on his hair made him wince. His eyelids fluttered back open, and he blinked languidly up as he knelt at Johnny’s feet. He was actually fucking beautiful.

“Hit me,” he gasped. “Please.”

“Shit,” Yuta murmured from the middle of Johnny’s stuffed animal pile.

Johnny had never smacked anybody in the face in his whole life, but he lined up and swung at about fifty percent power. It was a pretty good smack. Jaehyun’s head didn’t snap to the side with Johnny’s hand anchored in his hair.

“Is that it?” Jaehyun slurred, even though he had his thighs clenched together. Johnny pulled his hand back again, and Jaehyun stared up hungrily into his face until Johnny delivered the next smack at something more like seventy-five percent power. This one hurt the palm of Johnny’s hand, and it made Jaehyun cry out and claw at Johnny’s thighs. His cheek bloomed deep pink, and not just the blush kind, and his eyes looked a little wet. Yuta groaned.

“Fuck, John,” Jaehyun moaned, and okay, that was really fucking hot. Johnny hauled him up by the neck and used his entire bodyweight to throw him against the wall with a massive slam. The rest of the bottles on the dresser fell over. Jaehyun crumpled to the pillows. Johnny worried if that was too far until Jaehyun let out a broken moan and curled tighter, one hand reaching to clutch between his legs. He took a shaky breath and moaned again, hand working and body twisting on the pillows. He heard Yuta’s breath hitch.

Johnny didn’t let him get very far with that. He grabbed him and sent him sprawling onto his stomach on the bed. If they were wrestling, he would dive on top of him and hold on, but he didn’t think he needed to when Jaehyun, for once, was so pliant. Instead, Johnny planted a foot on his back and shifted more and more weight onto it. Jaehyun whined and ground his hips into the blankets.

“Turn over,” Johnny ordered.

“Make me,” Jaehyun gasped. Johnny kicked him roughly onto his back and planted his foot in the center of Jaehyun’s chest instead.

“Did you ever jack off after wrestling with us?”

Jaehyun blinked up at him. His flush on his cheeks was already too deep to tell if he blushed even more.

“Answer me.” He pressed his foot into Jaehyun’s taught stomach, and Jaehyun bit his lip and nodded.

Yuta made a broken little moan. He was palming himself through his boxers.


“Uh…” His brows furrowed, and Johnny pressed harder.

“T-the… the party with the shoving,” he pointed at Yuta, “a-and after the fall—ugh… festival. A coup-ple… more…”

“I want details,” Johnny murmured, sliding his foot down to settle over the hard shape of his cock in his sweats. Jaehyun’s eyes went wide and he clutched the blankets, but his legs stayed splayed wide and open.

“C’mon, man, I’m into, like, pain and manhandling, not humiliation. I just… went home and jerked off, that’s it.”

Johnny settled a fraction of his weight down on top of his shaft, and Jaehyun let out a strangled whine and arched against the blankets. All the chiseled muscles on his pale chest flexed. Yuta moaned and slid forward to pet Jaehyun’s abs. When Johnny lifted the weight off, Jaehyun gasped in breaths and reached for Yuta. He shoved both of Yuta’s arms behind his back and clutched him tight against his side as Johnny pressed his foot down again. This time a little bit harder.

Jaehyun panted and grunted out anguished cries with each breath. Johnny could feel his dick twitch under his foot. He looked gorgeous with his face twisted in pain even as his eyelashes fluttered and his lips turned deep pink under his teeth. Yuta squirmed and grimaced too as Jaehyun’s fingernails dug into his arm.

Cautiously, Johnny pressed down just a little harder, trying not to imagine his own dick in this situation. Jaehyun’s eyes flew wide. His cries turned into strangled mewls that squeaked out between desperate pants like he was about to hyperventilate. His thighs came up and clenched around Johnny’s leg, shaking like leaves.

It was a sharp shout from Yuta that actually made Johnny let up again, and Jaehyun pulled his fingernails out deep, angry red crescents Yuta’s arm. One of them might have broken skin.

“Sorry,” he choked out, and Yuta shook his head and gave Jaehyun’s neck a little kiss. Johnny didn’t stop the dick stomping, but he didn’t put that much weight on again. He didn’t need to. He could feel Jaehyun’s cock pulse and twitch steadily below his toes, especially when Yuta whined and shuddered.

“Could you cum from me doing this?”

Jaehyun grimaced and pursed his lips. “M-maybe, but I don’t want to. I wanna…” He pursed his lips and looked at Yuta who struggled to try and free an arm, but only winced when Jaehyun gripped tighter.

“What do you want, Jae?” He whispered, voice shaking, but Jaehyun’s eyebrows furrowed, ears coloring.

Yuta nuzzled his shoulder. “What about fucking me? You wanna do that?”

“Whoa,” Johnny said before he could help himself, and Jaehyun’s eyes jerked up to meet his and then away again.

“You wanna hold me down and fuck me so hard I scream for your cock?”

Jaehyun breath stuttered in his throat.

“Yuta, have you ever even taken it up the ass?” Johnny asked.

“Actually yeah, my last girlfriend had me try out butt plugs,” he said, which somehow made Yuta’s whole reaction to this make a lot more sense.

“I’m really not convinced you’re not, like, bi or some shit.”

Yuta shrugged as much as he could from inside Jaehyun’s death grip. “Idk dude, everybody’s got a butt. You can fuck me, Jae.”

Jaehyun swallowed. “I-I also kinda…” he glanced up at Johnny, who grimaced as his ass clenched on his own.

“You’re not fucking me, bro. Soz.”

Yuta snorted. Jaehyun frowned. “No that’s not…”

“Johnny I think he wants to take yours.”

Johnny’s eyebrows flew up. “Wait, have you ever done butt stuff?”

“No,” Jaehyun’s voice shook, and he swallowed. “But I know you have.”

Johnny still regretted drunkenly admitting to a room full of brothers that he’d tried anal with a girl over the summer. He took his foot off Jaehyun’s junk with a sigh.

“Listen, like, I guess the kinky shit is pretty hot, but do you guys seriously wanna have gay sex? Right now?”

Jaehyun frowned and wiggled, chest muscles flexing, as he dropped his grip on Yuta’s arm. “No, we don’t have to—”

“Why the fuck not?” Yuta interrupted. He flopped onto his back with his head on Jaehyun’s arm, just lounging like he wasn’t mostly naked and developing bruises up and down his arms. “You’ve been rubbing his hard dick with your fucking foot for like five straight minutes, honestly I kinda think that’s crazier than regular old butt sex. You even get to top, dude. What’s the big deal?”

Johnny scoffed and dropped down to his knees so he wasn’t hovering over them. “Don’t act like I’m being unreasonable when I give us a reality check after somebody decides they wanna attempt gay butt sex on a whim.”

“Yeah, no, he’s right,” Jaehyun grumbled, ears burning. He twisted his face to the side like he was trying to hide it in Yuta’s hair. “I just got like… heat of the moment… or whatever.”

“I think you guys are overthinking it,” said Yuta. “You wanna try it, we should try it.”

“No…” Jaehyun fidgeted. “I’d probably have to, like, clean up, right?”

Johnny shrugged. “I mean have you shit, like, normally recently? And like, wiped your ass pretty well?”

Jaehyun let out a short, breathy laugh. “Actually yeah, but like…”

“You’re probably fine then.”

Jaehyun sighed and reached up to tug on a very red ear.

“I bet it’d be hot,” Yuta said, and rolled until his front was pressed up against Jaehyun’s side. His hair fell down and hid Jaehyun’s face. “You’d get so turned on if Johnny wrestled you down and made you take his cock.”

Jaehyun’s whole body twitched.

“Like a fucked up WWE match, winner gets their dick wet, loser gets railed.” His voice slipped lower in his chest, soft and smooth, as his hand pet heavily down Jaehyun’s chest, groping his pec on the way, which actually looked kinda nice. “And you’d try to fight him,” Yuta murmured, “but he’d still pin you and shove his dick in and all you’d be able to do is struggle and moan like a bitch.”

Johnny’s cock jerked hard at the same time as Jaehyun’s rock hard shaft did under his gray sweatpants.

“Don’t you think that would be hot?” Yuta said, super casually like they were talking about their fucking homework, but then he gave the inside of Jaehyun’s thigh a vicious slap that made Jaehyun’s knees flop open. “I wanna see how fast you blow your fucking load when Johnny holds you down so your asshole is just out in the open,” he dragged Jaehyun’s knee up towards his chest and Jaehyun groaned, “and no matter how much you fight him, you can’t move,” Johnny could hear the smirk in Yuta’s voice his hand slid back down Jaehyun’s thigh to the seat of his pants, fingers pressing into the crease between his cheeks, “and there’s nothing you can do to keep him from shoving his whole, fat cock into your tight little hole.”

“Fucking christ Yuta,” Jaehyun breathed as his knees spread wider and his hands twisted in the sheets. His back arched. Yuta arm flexed and he rubbed his fingers hard into the crack of Jaehyun’s ass through his sweats, and Johnny felt real heat flash through his body all the way out to the palms of his hands as Jaehyun let out a frantic high-pitched whimper.

Johnny palmed his crotch as his head swam. “Okay,” he growled. “Roll over.”

There was a split second between when Yuta moved and Jaehyun turned over that Johnny saw his face. His eyes were wide and dilated, lips gaping open, brows lifted like he was already pleading, but then he buried his gorgeous face in the sheets and struggled up onto his knees with a wickedly grinning Yuta pinned underneath. Johnny gave Jaehyun’s ass a vicious smack before he grabbed the back of Jaehyun’s sweats and pulled them down.

“You were platonically wrestling Yuta for an hour and a half before I got here without any underwear on?”

“Just fuck me, Johnny,” Jaehyun growled breathlessly as Yuta snorted.

Johnny hopped off the bed to grab condoms and lube from the closet with the sounds of Yuta graphically whimpering and gasping under Jaehyun behind him. When he got back, Jaehyun was naked. He had Yuta’s wrists pinned next to his head and his teeth clamped around his nipple.

“You’re not allowed to fight me this time because you gotta get relaxed or it’ll hurt, got it?” Johnny asked as he unzipped his pants, eyeing Jaehyun’s asshole, which was unexpectedly pink and kind of adorable, even if he had actual real boy balls dangling right under them instead of the pretty folds of a vagina like Johnny usually preferred. “You know how this works, right?”

“Uh.” Jaehyun glanced back at him, blinking hard. “You stick your dick in my butt?”

Johnny gave him another hard spank that made his knees slip, which in turn shoved Yuta’s thighs further open where they were spread on either side of Jaehyun’s. Yuta keened with pain and struggled to get Jaehyun back upright. “Your sphincter is a voluntary muscle,” Johnny explained as he lifted Jaehyun’s hips until he was stable again. “You get to decide if you open up and let me in or not. So take a deep breath and chill. I’m not small.” He gave him one more rough slap on the ass, and then another because he liked the way the little amount of butt he had jiggled. Any clarity Jaehyun had gotten back while he nibbled on Yuta disappeared in favor of hazy lidded eyes and moans.

“Are you relaxed?”

Jaehyun nodded. Johnny popped open the lube and squeezed some onto his first two fingers. He massaged them against Jaehyun’s rim until they slipped inside. Jaehyun fluttered around him, figuring out how to relax, and Yuta whined as Jaehyun squeezed his wrists too hard.

“Deep breaths, Jae.” He gently thrusts his fingers in and out and pulled on his rim to test how relaxed he was. Jaehyun wrapped himself tight around Yuta and panted.

“You’re doing good. The girl I was with this summer took, like, three tries to figure this part out.” Jaehyun’s hole was actually cuter than hers. It was puffy and pink from Yuta rubbing it and it kept fluttering around Johnny’s fingers.

“Just shove it in Johnny, he wants it to hurt.” Yuta squeaked as Jaehyun pulled his hair again, but he didn’t disagree.

“You want me to do it, Jaehyun?”

Jaehyun nodded.

Holy shit, Johnny was about to fuck a dude. Full on, straight up gay sex, a notch in his belt he never thought he’d achieve. He couldn’t wait to see Junmyeon, their frat president, clutch his pearls if he ever found out. Johnny rolled on a condom and poured lots of lube over his dick and spread it around, wincing at the temperature, but he was not about to wait for it to warm up. Jaehyun’s cute pink hole was waiting for him. Jaehyun let out a shaky whine when Johnny pressed the tip to his rim.

“Come on,” he groaned, and pressed back against him. Johnny took a deep breath and pushed.

It took a couple seconds, a couple deep breaths from Jaehyun and a little extra force from Johnny, but soon the head popped past his rim and Johnny was buried in hot, crushing pressure. Jaehyun panted and whined. Yuta cried out at whatever Jaehyun was doing to him.

“You okay?” Johnny panted out, and Jaehyun nodded and pushed back against him, so Johnny grabbed his hips and slid deeper.

Jaehyun gasped, but he never stopped pressing back against him and asking for more, so Johnny kept going. He only stopped when he was buried to the hilt, his entire shaft surrounded by pressure and heat.

“Holy shit, dude. Good job.” Johnny groaned and gave Jaehyun’s hip an appreciative pat. Jaehyun whimpered. “You’re so fucking tight.” This almost felt like spotting one of his buddies at the gym while they squatted some mad weight or something as much as it felt like actual sex. It was actual sex, he had to remind himself. He and his usual gym buddies were having actual sex.

He pulled back and thrust back in, real slow. Jaehyun’s entire body shook. Yuta shook too, because Jaehyun’s hand was buried in his hair again and he had tears steadily leaking from his eyes. “Give Yuta’s scalp a break, dude, Jesus.” Johnny gave him another thrust, a little faster this time. Yuta breathed a sigh of relief as Jaehyun’s hand slid out of his hair but gasped when he grabbed some other part of his body way too hard.

If Yuta really wanted Jaehyun to stop, Johnny was sure he would say so, so he didn’t worry about it. Instead, now that he knew Jaehyun could take it, he started thrusting. And oh man, for the first couple minutes, it was real weird. It felt fucking great, but Johnny was not used to guy moans. It sounded like Jaehyun was trying to hold his noises back, but they squeaked from between his teeth, deep and rough. More like grunts than moans. He wasn’t curvy and pretty like the girls Johnny had been with. He was solid and sturdy. It felt wrong and looked wrong and sounded wrong, but Johnny pursed his lips and forced himself to think about how perfectly sculpted Jaehyun’s muscular back was and how his skin was really soft.

He also focused on Yuta, who kept up a steady litany of whimpers and cries that where downright obscene.

“Fuck, Yuta, you sound like a fucking porn star,” Johnny panted as he slammed rougher into Jaehyun just so Jaehyun would hold onto Yuta harder and make him whine more.

“Yeah, you do,” Jaehyun breathed, and bit Yuta’s clavicle.

“Hhuuugh…” said Yuta, high and breathy. Jaehyun yanked his wrists above his head and pinned them together with one hand. His other hand pushed Yuta’s thigh wide against the blankets. Yuta’s eyes squeezed shut and his back arched as he keened against the stretch.

Jaehyun arched back into Johnny’s hips with Yuta’s next shuddery, whiney gasp.

“Hit me, Johnny.”

Johnny spanked him hard. Jaehyun jerked and shouted. “More,” he breathed. Johnny added more force behind each of his thrusts and slapped again, and another a few thrusts later. Jaehyun’s noises got more frequent and less choked off with every strike. Johnny cautiously let a hand slide from his hip up to his waist. Despite how masculine he was, it felt weirdly familiar. When the people he was holding onto felt like this, he was usually wrestling them, but he would have been lying to himself if he said that holding somebody who felt like this had never turned him on. He gave Jaehyun’s waist a hard squeeze and then slid his hand up his spine, admiring the way his back flexed and trembled under his hands. There was something gorgeous about the way his he arched to take Johnny’s dick. His strong body shook and openned up for him. Johnny traced his fingers up Jaehyun’s spine gripped the back of his neck.

“Johnny,” Jaehyun moaned. Johnny let out a groan of his own. He used the grip on Jaehyun’s neck to pull him closer so his back arched even more. Johnny spanked him again. Below them, Yuta watched Jaehyun’s face with eyes glazed with pain and fascination.

“H-harder,” Jaehyun whined, pushing back desperately into Johnny’s hips. “Cum in me, p-please, wanna feel…”

“Hmm…” Johnny slowed to a stop and Jaehyun whined and tried to rock himself back instead. Johnny reached under him and grabbed his balls. Jaehyun froze. “I don’t wanna cum yet,” Johnny said. He tried to ignore the fact that he was touching another dude’s junk for the first time ever.

“Johnny, please,” Jaehyun whispered. “You can’t stop, please.” He wiggled back and Johnny squeezed a little. Jaehyun froze again. His balls were bigger than Johnny’s, he noticed with a little envy. He gave them another threatening squeeze that made Jaehyun shiver and let out a high pitched, breathy whine.

“Holy shit,” Yuta slurred, “do you literally have him by the balls right now? That’s so fucking ho—aaaaah!” He threw his head back and wailed as Jaehyun stretched his thighs apart.

“Does it feel good?” Johnny gave Jaehyun I single rough thrust to illustrate what he was asking about.

Jaehyun didn’t answer until Johnny squeezed his balls again, and then he whimpered out a distressed little ‘oh,’ and nodded.

“You like getting your ass fucking pounded?”

“I dunno,” Jaehyun panted with a betraying tremor in his voice. “You haven’t pounded me yet.”

“Okay then,” Johnny said in his lowest, most threatening voice, before releasing his balls and giving him a nice, really hard thrust instead. He looked down and watched Jaehyun’s cute pink rim stretch and clench around him as his thick cock slid all the way out and disappear all the way in again. His ass swallowed him so well.

“S’he big?” Yuta breathed as Jaehyun dropped his forehead onto Yuta’s chest.

“Yeah, he’s fuckin’ big,” Jaehyun muttered back. The dark, thirsty look Yuta gave Johnny over Jaehyun’s shoulder had Johnny biting his lip and plowing into Jaehyun like he was trying to break him.

Jaehyun didn’t hold his noises back anymore, and Johnny was really starting to like them. He let out sharp grunts when Johnny spanked him and stayed at a constant stream of loud moans as Johnny hammered into him. They turned into high whines when Johnny pulled his hair and became a long string of anguished wails when Johnny pulled his arm behind his back in his bartender hold again. His thighs slid so wide on the bed that they started shaking pitifully, and every time he tried to get them back under him, another rough thrust from Johnny had them slipping apart again.

“I’m close,” Johnny groaned.

“Please,” Jaehyun wailed, “C-can’t take it, ah-anymore, pl—ohhh…” He groaned against Yuta’s chest. Johnny spanked him again just to hear him scream. “Jus’ cum, please cum—mmm, uh… cum in m-me.”

He hadn’t hurt Yuta in a while, he was too busy taking Johnny, and Yuta had his hands all over the parts of Jaehyun he could reach. He looked just as turned on as Johnny felt, just from watching Jaehyun fall apart.

Johnny only let Jaehyun’s arm go so he could bend over him and chased his orgasm with frantic abandon, as hard and rough as he could. Jaehyun panted frantic shouts into Yuta’s chest until Johnny finally exploded into the condom. He knew he would jack off for months to the way Jaehyun moaned as Johnny’s cock pulsed inside him. His jaw went slack and his long eyelashes fluttered, eyes rolling back in his head. Johnny gripped Jaehyun’s hips and worked himself through it until he was all spent, and then pulled out with a deep groan.

Jaehyun looked fucking gorgeous as Johnny backed up and took a look at him. His legs were spread obscenely wide on the bed, shaking. His hole gaped open, his back arched, angling his red, handprint-covered ass into the air. His skin glistened with sweat and his hair stuck to his forehead. His face was flushed and twisted with pleasure, lips swollen. He looked fucked out and dazed, sprawled on top of Yuta, panting like he’d run a marathon.

“Talk about straight out of porn, holy shit, dude.” Johnny gave him one more spank, and Jaehyun jerked. That got him moving. His eye’s fluttered wide and he grabbed for Yuta’s waist.

“Johnny,” Yuta breathed, “he’s going to fucking destroy me, and no matter how much I scream, I want you to let him.”

Post orgasm Johnny was less focused on how hot that was and more focused on how much he now felt like Harry Potter about to force feed Dumbledore a cursed potion, but he pursed his lips and nodded. “Whatever you want, dude,” he panted. “Tell me if you change your mind.”

“I’ll tell you to stop him if it’s too much.”

“Okay.” Johnny tugged off the condom and tossed it unceremoniously in the trash and added take out the trash to his housekeeping list.

He turned around just in time to see Jaehyun reach between them, and then the sound of ripping fabric filled the room as Jaehyun straight up tore Yuta’s briefs off.

“Oh shit,” he said, as Jaehyun grabbed the lube with one hand and Yuta’s neck with the other. Yuta had on the terrified and awed expression of a man standing on a beach watching a hundred-foot tall tidal wave coming right at him. “Relax, Yuta, remember to relax, deep breaths—”

Yuta shouted as Jaehyun’s cock slammed into him. More of a shocked shout than a pain shout, so Johnny tucked himself into the corner by the pillows to watch. Jaehyun was frantic. He had managed to get on lube and a condom, and Johnny was kind of impressed, but that had apparently been his last available brain cell, because he fucked into Yuta like an animal.

Right after his orgasm, Johnny had been a little worried that this would all become extremely weird now that his dick wasn’t doing his thinking for him, but it wasn’t. Jaehyun pressing Yuta’s wrists into the blankets above his head and sinking his teeth into Yuta’s shoulder was still hot. Yuta shouting and thrashing up against him was hot, and so was the way he panted out all his gorgeous, pornographic noises with every one of Jaehyun’s frantic thrusts. The way his lean thighs squeezed and shook around Jaehyun’s waist was gorgeous. It was so hot, in fact, that Johnny realized his jaw had dropped, and he was kind of drooling a little bit as he watched Jaehyun raw Yuta like the energizer bunny on coke.

After a couple of minutes, Jaehyun pulled out and wrestled Yuta roughly onto his stomach, and then drove back in. For the time being all Yuta had to handle was Jaehyun’s dick and Jaehyun’s hands pressing his shoulders down into the bed. His hair fell messily over his eyes, but Johnny could still see the way his face twisted in pleasure as he clutched the blankets and mewled for Jaehyun.

Johnny’s dick forgot all about his refrac period. He glanced down in surprise as it twitched. Sure enough, he was definitely chubbing up again.

“Whoa,” he muttered.

Jaehyun yanked Yuta’s hips up off the bed and then grabbed for his arms. Yuta yelped in pain as they got yanked behind him. Jaehyun put him in his hold, with both arms looped through Yuta’s and then holding on to the opposite arms above the elbow. It pinned Yuta’s arms tight behind his back, and Yuta’s shoulders were not flexible enough for it to be comfortable. Yuta whimpered pitifully as Jaehyun leaned over him and resumed his frantic, rough pace.

“Fuck Yuta… so good,” Jaehyun panted out against Yuta’s back, “…take it so good.” He bit his shoulder and groaned. “M’not gonna last.”

Yuta’s face twisted in anguish as Jaehyun bore down on him. A couple more tears leaked from his eyes. Jaehyun’s hips stuttered for a moment, and he paused to get his knees in the right place. He pulled one arm out of the hold to pull Yuta’s hips back up, and then used it to start spanking him. Yuta cried out and struggled against the hold, but Jaehyun was relentless, squeezing him tight and raining smacks down on Yuta’s ass and thigh. His constant stream of moans and cries got choked off by sobs. Jaehyun’s hand reached up and twisted into his hair. Johnny got a clear view of his face for the first time in a while.

“Yuta, you good?”

Yuta clenched his teeth and nodded. And then grimaced and shouted as Jaehyun’s hand tightened in his hair. Jaehyun shifted on his knees again, and on his next thrust he must have hit a good angle, because Yuta’s grimace flickered into bliss for just a second before going back to pain, and his screams turned breathy and desperate. Johnny heaved a sigh and grabbed his dick. Fuck, they looked good together, both all fucked out and desperate and loud. Their bodies were so nice.

Yuta flung Jaehyun loose and scrambled away when the hold got too painful, and Jaehyun yanked him back by the leg and sank into him without even adjusting the angle. He had Yuta on his side now, with his thigh clutched tight to his chest pushed up to an obscene angle as he leaned over him. Yuta’s cock was half hard between his legs. Johnny found himself staring at it. It was actually kinda cute, not as big as his or the ones in porn, just a normal boy dick like most dudes had. Wild.

Yuta wrestled against Jaehyun, sobbing between his moans, and Jaehyun caught his wrists and pinned them together in front of him and pressed him down harder. His fingers dug into Yuta’s thigh. Johnny jerked himself slowly, fully hard now. Jaehyun’s thrusts were getting choppy, his groans more frantic. He was so close. Johnny held his breath to see what would push him over.

Jaehyun let go of Yuta’s thigh so he could reach up and grab his neck again. He turned Yuta’s face up towards him and met his teary, glazed eyes, and with that he groaned and slammed to the hilt. His whole body convulsed with the force of his orgasm, and he screamed almost as loud as Yuta.

It took a few minutes to stop moaning and twitching into Yuta’s body, and another few minutes to climb off him. Johnny slowly stroked himself to the blissful relief on Yuta’s face and Jaehyun’s deep moans.

When Jaehyun finally pulled out, Yuta flopped bonelessly to the bed.

“Oh,” Jaehyun panted, and lifted a sticky, dripping scrap of latex. “The condom broke, sorry dude.”

“I don’t care,” Yuta groaned. He lifted a shaking hand to brush his hair out of his face. Jaehyun rubbed his thigh soothingly.

“You okay?”

Yuta nodded. He blinked over towards Johnny and then down at his very hard dick. “Johnny, c’mere.” He reached out for him, and who was Johnny to refuse? He crawled over, ready to do all the cuddling and first aid that Yuta might need, but Yuta opened his legs and pulled Johnny between them. “You can fuck me, just please be gentle.”

“Wait really? But you’re, like, destroyed right now.”

“M’not finished,” he whined and pulled Johnny closer with his legs. “Jaehyun broke me in, just take what you need.”

Johnny glanced between his legs. His rim looked really loose. Jaehyun’s cum dripped out onto Johnny’s sheets. Jaehyun looked over Johnny’s shoulder and moaned.

“Okay, if you’re sure.” He gave himself an extra splash of lube and lined up. “You want me to put on a condom?”

Yuta shrugged. “Nah, catch all Jaehyun’s STDs with me.” ***

“I’m clean,” Jaehyun muttered, and then rubbed a soothing hand over Yuta’s stomach as Johnny pulled Yuta’s hips into his lap and pressed gently against his rim. If Yuta wanted gentle, Johnny would show the boys just how gentle he could be.

Yuta looked just as hot as any girl he’d ever been with, with his red bitten lips and his sex hair. He was so loose when Johnny pushed in. Johnny had never fucked somebody without a condom before. There was so much hot, slick friction, and Johnny could feel everything. Every inch of Yuta’s passage slid intimately against every inch of him. He felt so soft on the inside. Softer than he’d ever imagined an ass could feel.

Yuta squeezed hot and velvety around Johnny’s cock. His eyelashes fluttered and he panted out deep, slow moans as Johnny’s cock sank into him. His stretched out to grab the blankets and he ended up with a handful of teddy bear. He looked pretty cute with his face squished into Johnny’s biggest floppiest teddy.

“Fuck, Johnny, you’re so big,” he breathed.

Johnny couldn’t help the smirk that leapt onto his mouth. “Yeah, I know.” From beside him, Jaehyun pressed into his side and reached between then to wrap his hand tentatively around Johnny’s shaft as he pulled out, so Johnny’s dick slid through his fist before it disappeared into Yuta’s body. Johnny looped an arm around his waist and pulled him closer.

“I have to admit, this wasn’t how I saw my first threesome going,” he said as he looked between their three dicks, all out and real close together.

“Oh, this is your first?” Yuta said with one of his little giggles.

“Of course Yuta’s had threesomes before.” Jaehyun’s hand, still trembling with exertion, slid up the back of Johnny’s t-shirt. “Two boys or two girls?”

“Both,” Yuta blinked up at them, half hidden behind Johnny’s bear.

“So you have done gay shit before,” Jaehyun muttered.

“Could you two kiss, please? I’m trying to get off here.”

“So bossy,” Johnny said, but he could feel Jaehyun nuzzle at his jaw and turned to meet him. He was gorgeous. Soft pink cheeks and pretty, gentle eyes with thick lashes. His lips were such a pretty shape. Johnny ducked in to taste them again, and they were slick and languid against his. He tried to make it as hot as possible for Yuta, with lots of tongue. He squeezed Jaehyun closer by the waist, and it made his back arch again.

“Okay, but don’t stop fucking me,” Yuta twitched his hips weakly and then collapsed like a ragdoll back down into Johnny’s lap.

“Sorry babe.” He gave Yuta a few nice, smooth thrusts and then went back to multitasking. Jaehyun mewled so prettily as Johnny ravaged his pliant lips. Jaehyun’s hand slipped off his dick so he could brace himself on Yuta’s thigh, which meant Johnny could sink all the way into Yuta and make him whimper.

“There, there Johnny, you almost hit it.” He grabbed his thigh and tried to move it to change the angle.

“Hit what?”

“G spot,”

Johnny remembered for the first time that that was a thing. “Oh yeah.” He gave Jaehyun a sharp tap on the butt. “Go kiss Yuta, I gotta focus.”

Jaehyun obediently collapsed down next to Yuta and pulled him into a slow kiss. It was weird to see him be gentle with Yuta after all their violence, but he was so gentle as he cupped Yuta’s face and pet a hand over his chest. Johnny focused on the task at hand. He angled up, sliding intentionally along the front wall of Yuta’s passage until Yuta’s hummed and reached urgently for Johnny’s hand.


“Mm,” Yuta hummed into Jaehyun’s mouth. Johnny thrust shallowly right against the spot. It felt a little different than the rest of his walls, like a bump. As he thrust, Yuta’s brows furrowed, and he heaved a shuddery low moan.

“Fuck, Johnny,” he whispered and moaned again. “Fuck, right there, holy shit…” He let out a broken whimper as Jaehyun reached down and grabbed his cock, still so gentle, and jerked him quickly.

“You want me to come in you too?”

“Please,” Yuta moaned. Johnny angled right for Yuta’s prostate. He felt his second orgasm building quickly, with almost an edge of pain so soon after his last.

Yuta’s porny moaning crescendoed to desperate little whines. Jaehyun pressed their foreheads together and curled in, hand working fast. Johnny angled his hips to slide quick over Yuta’s spot until Yuta’s whines broke into deep groans as he came all over his stomach and Johnny’s hand. He came forever, more and more cum pulsing out of his cock and splashing up his abs, coating his piercing. Johnny lengthened his thrusts and worked him through it as he chased his own climax, deep, hard thrusts, savoring every last sensation of unwrapped sex. Yuta had just begun to twitch with oversensitivity when Johnny slammed deep and came with a groan. Yuta’s hole seemed to suck him in and pulse around him until he was all spent. When he pulled out, his cum dripped graphically out of Yuta’s ass.

And then it was just them, naked, breathing heavy and covered in spunk, with Jaehyun breathing against Yuta’s lips. They looked gorgeous all fucked out and pressed together.

“Nng,” said Yuta, opened his eyes. Jaehyun gave his waist a squeeze and then pushed himself slowly up onto one arm and looked around. Yuta struggled up onto his elbows. “Ow,” he tried to figure out how to get fully upright. Johnny held out and hand and Yuta took it and then winced when Johnny pulled him up.

“Oh sorry.”

Yuta massaged his shoulder. “Everything hurts.”

“Maybe we should find some ice.” He reached over and helped Jaehyun sit up as well.

“Ow,” Jaehyun said too, and then “oh my god, Yuta, your back.”

“I bet yours looks just as bad.”

Jaehyun sat up with a wince of his own and dropped a kiss on one of Yuta’s shoulders, which was very sweet for a couple of bros messing around.

“We should get clean.” Johnny nodded to himself. “Group shower?”

Both boys blinked up at him like they were both trying to decide if that was too weird.

“I’m not saying we have to go in at the same time…”

“I’ll go get my shower stuff,” Jaehyun said and slid off the bed. As soon as he stood, his knee buckled, and he ended up in a sweaty naked heap on the floor. Johnny peered over and winced at the web of bruises blooming across his pale skin from his ass to his shoulders. There were red fingerprints on his sides that would be black and blue by tomorrow.

“Fuck.” He struggled slowly to his feet and reached for his sweatpants. His ears were all red again. Yuta tipped onto his side and curled into fetal position. There were deep red lines on his hips where his briefs had dug into his skin as Jaehyun ripped them off, and there were red handprints all over his ass and thighs. Every part of him was still trembling.

“Yuta, don’t you want to get clean?” Right on cue, Johnny’s cum dripped out of his ass and slid down his thigh.

“Yeah…” He didn’t move. Jaehyun’s hands clenched around his pants and he stared down at Yuta, ears still bright red. This wouldn’t do.

“Okay so we just had really intense gay sex.” He slapped his hands down on his thighs and nodded. “We did that. Obviously, some of us aren’t feeling so good right now, but that was nobody’s fault, we all wanted to do this, right? So, what do we need now? Yuta, what do you want to do?”

Yuta peaked timidly up at him from under his hair, biting his lip. He had both arms wrapped tight around his own shoulders.

“You wanna cuddle?”

Yuta snorted and ducked his head so Johnny couldn’t see his face anymore. “…kinda,” he mumbled. “But I really do want to shower, I just,” he heaved a deep sigh and then said quietly, “I hurt…”

“We can help,” Jaehyun said, so softly as he gripped Johnny’s desk and struggled into his pants, one leg at a time.

“Okay, I’ll probably need it.” Yuta sat up and winced as he shuffled to the edge of the bed and reached for a blanket. He wrapped it around his shoulders. “Worth it,” he grumbled with a frown like he was trying to convince himself.

“You only have two towels.” Jaehyun waved Johnny’s clean towel and the one he was currently using. “We should stop by my room.”

“You just want to use your fancy shampoo.” Johnny pulled on his sweats and offered Yuta a hand so Yuta could pull himself up off the bed, but once he was up, he didn’t let go.

“Could I hold onto you? My legs feel like jelly.” Yuta took a wobbly step to demonstrate.

“Sure, whatever you need.” Johnny toddled them over to the closet to get his shower caddy, and then they headed for the door.

For some reason, Johnny had completely forgotten about the neighbors. He was rudely reminded when the five vaguely familiar faces of his suitemates swiveled towards them as soon as they stepped into the common area. Several jaws dropped.

“’Sup,” Johnny muttered, and felt Yuta’s fingers tighten around his arm. They got two steps before Jaehyun’s knees buckled, and he barely caught himself. His ears turned bright red.

“You guys have fun?” said one of the dudes, and the whole group bust into frantic giggles. Johnny ignored him. Luckily, Jaehyun lived right next door. He leaned up against it to unlock it and Johnny winced and stepped in front of him to hide all the red blotches across his shoulders and down his sides. Jaehyun grabbed his towel and his shower stuff and they made it the rest of the way to the bathroom.

The shower was just one rectangular stall with no tub, not bench, and no railings. They weren’t in a handicap accessible suite. Yuta slumped down onto the toilet and Johnny stood and blinked and wondered if they were going to even be able to take turns without someone falling and banging their head.

“Hope they enjoyed my fucking porn noises,” Yuta grumbled.

“If they didn’t, they’re stupid.” Jaehyun tossed the towels on the sink and dropped both caddies loudly into the shower so he could lean on the wall and shuck his pants off.

“Jaehyun, you first?”

“Okay.” Jaehyun let go of him only to wobble and nearly fall again, and then his knee
buckled on the way into the shower. Johnny caught him.

“Is it weird if I come in with you?”

“Please go in with him,” Yuta said. “He’s stressing me out.”

“My legs are just burnt as fuck,” Jaehyun whined, “I’ll be good in, like, twenty minutes.” But when Johnny stepped into the shower with him, he latched right onto his shoulder and leaned what felt like most of his weight on him.

Being squeamish about dicks seemed really trivial when Johnny had to keep Jaehyun standing. He stiffened up a little as his cock pressed right up against Jaehyun’s thigh as he held him up, but he took a deep breath and relaxed as Jaehyun scrubbed his fancy product into his hair. He was shaking too, but not as hard as Yuta.

He was just reaching for the washcloth in his shower caddy when Yuta let out a shaky sigh from the other side of the curtain, and Jaehyun froze. He glanced up at Johnny with his lips pursed and his eyebrows furrowed.

“We’ll be done soon,” Johnny said, trying to be reassuring.

Yuta’s voice came from the other side, but he sounded kind of strained. “Take your time,” he said.

Jaehyun scrubbed himself quickly, wincing as he skimmed over bruises. Johnny watched the soapy cloth run over his toned body and felt his cheeks getting hot again. Jaehyun’s ears were red too. He hesitated before turning half around in Johnny’s arm and bending over to wash his legs with a hand still wrapped firmly around Johnny’s braced forearm. When he straightened back up, Johnny reached around and caught the washcloth. Jaehyun let it go with a surprised look over his shoulder, and Johnny carefully ran it over his shoulders and down his spine, in all the hard to reach places Jaehyun hadn’t got to yet. He kept a hand planted firmly on his stomach to support him, and Jaehyun leaned both arms on the wall.

The harsh lights of the shower threw all of Jaehyun’s new bruises into sharp relief. Soft red and pink blotches bloomed under his pale skin, some darker than others. Johnny had done enough full contact sports in his life to know which would be gone in the morning and which would be black and blue. Even before the sex, Yuta and Johnny had both wrestled with him. Johnny had thrown him around for a long time, and then spanked him and slammed him against the wall and fucked him. The ghost of Johnny’s grip was imprinted over his ribs and around his waist, down his hips.

Johnny followed the marks he’d left all the way down, over the gentle swells of Jaehyun’s ass, where there were welts raised in his handprints, and down in between, gently scrubbing over his loose hole and past that, over his taint to his balls. Jaehyun’s breath stuttered in his chest. He spread his legs and tucked his forehead against his arm. His body was so nice. Maybe it was because they’d just had sex, but there was something breathtaking about Jaehyun’s long legs and soft skin, and he’s gentle, handsome face.

Outside the curtain, Yuta let out another shaky sigh like he’d been holding his breath. Jaehyun froze again, and then turned around to look anxiously at the curtain. His fists clenched against the wall and his eyebrows furrowed. Yuta whimpered and Jaehyun bit his lip and squeezed his eyes shut. Johnny opened his mouth to say something, anything to make them both feel better, but Jaehyun turned around and collapsed into Johnny’s chest. He wrapped his arms around him and hugged tight, face buried in his shoulder. Johnny blinked in surprise and hugged back.

It only lasted for a few moments, and then Jaehyun pulled away, eyes looking a little red.

“Sorry,” he whispered, and Johnny reached up to pat his hair, which was still all slimy with product.

“It’s fine, you’re fine. Yuta, are you okay?”

“It hurts to sit,” Yuta said.

“I-I’m done, you can come in.” Jaehyun pulled open the shower curtain. Yuta had his arms up on the sink so he could put most of his weight on them, but the effort had him trembling. Jaehyun reached for him, but that was a disaster waiting to happen. Johnny parked him gently against the wall and reached out so Yuta could lift himself up and step into the shower. The overhead lights had a similar effect on him. It revealed all the dull splotches of soon-to-be bruises under his skin. His were even worse. His arms and all the way down his thighs looked just as marked up as his back and his ass. He had shallow scratches running down his back and his neck and shoulders were covered in hickies and dark red bruises in the shape of Jaehyun’s teeth.

“I’ll hold him while you wash his hair,” Johnny got a firm but gentle grip with both hands on Yuta’s waist, so Yuta could lean his head back towards Jaehyun.

“Gentle, gentle,” Yuta reminded with a whine as Jaehyun poured shampoo into his hand and pushed it into Yuta’s long hair.

“I’m sorry,” Jaehyun whispered, and massaged the shampoo over his tender scalp so carefully and gently that Yuta’s face relaxed and his eyes slipped closed. He looked beautiful, all wet and naked under the showerhead with his hair pushed back and his lips parted and droplets clinging to his lashes.

“Never realized how hot you two were until today,” Johnny said, trying to make conversation so Jaehyun would stop looking so mopey.

Yuta finally smiled a little. “Really? Took you this long?”

“I mean obviously I noticed you guys were attractive, but I never really appreciated it.”

Yuta’s hands slid up his arms and over his chest, thumbs catching on his nipples. “Well, I’ve been kind of curious about you for forever. I was hoping I could get you drunk enough to dare you to make out with me at a party or something.”

“Finished,” Jaehyun said softly.

“That would’ve been hot.” Johnny swung Yuta around so his head was under the water, and Jaehyun carefully pushed his hair around to get all the suds out.

“Is your scalp okay?” he asked, just as softly, and Yuta looked over at him and smiled.

“It’s fine, Jae. Don’t look so guilty.”

Jaehyun didn’t stop looking guilty as he worked his fancy conditioner into Yuta’s hair, and Yuta winced whenever his hair got tugged even a little.

“Ready to rinse?” Johnny asked. Both guys looked at him like he was crazy.

“No dude, you gotta leave the conditioner in for a bit.”


Yuta rolled his eyes. “Oh my god, have you never showered with a woman before?”

“I mean I have…”

“And she didn’t teach you how to take care of your hair?” Yuta reached up and critically examined a few strands of Johnny’s hair.

“We didn’t do a whole lot of washing when we were showering, okay? We would fuck and wash afterwards, and then I was usually done and out of there by the time she was rinsing out her shampoo.”

Jaehyun shook his head. “Wasted opportunity, bro. Where do you think I learned about my fancy shampoo? One of the Gamma girls I was sleeping with had it in her shower and it made my hair look so good that I bought me some.”

Yuta nodded. “That’s how I learned about loofahs.”

“Sorry, loofahs?”

Jaehyun made a face. “Loofahs suck. I was using those for a while too, but they’re made of plastic, dude, save the oceans.” He grabbed the washcloth off his caddy handle and poured some shower gel on it. “Plus, washcloths are more exfoliating.”

Johnny squinted. “Exfoliating?”

“See, this is the stuff you learn when you shower with women, and now my skin and hair is softer than yours.”

Jaehyun’s skin and hair were pretty soft. Johnny had enjoyed that when they were fucking. Much to think about. “K, well, you two are going to have to be my shower girls.”

“We should recommend that to the sorority girls,” Yuta said as Jaehyun scrubbed gently over his arms. “They could charge for shower lessons where they just shower with guys and teach them how to take care of themselves. And then, like, probably sex too.”

Johnny snickered. “If you want to pitch educational shower prostitution to the Gammas, be my guest. Let me know how your Title IX case goes.”

“Sex doesn’t have to be part of the business plan,” Yuta grumbled over Jaehyun’s low laughter. “I’m just saying it’s a great economic opportunity. Plus, then the dudes they sleep with will smell better and have nicer hair.” He grimaced as Jaehyun washed his back and stiffened and shook as Johnny moved his arms to different spots so Jaehyun could wash everything.

“Shit, I didn’t realize tearing your boxers off would leave bruises,” Jaehyun murmured as he scrubbed Yuta’s hips. “Fuck, your whole ass is going to be purple tomorrow. I’m sorry, dude.”

“It’s okay,” Yuta breathed against Johnny’s chest. “I told you you could, remember?”

“Did you know it was going to be this bad though? You can’t even stand up. when you told Johnny to let me fucking destroy you, did you think I was going to hurt you this bad?”

“No, but it was worth it.” Yuta gasped as Jaehyun pushed his butt cheeks apart and washed over his spent hole. “Am I still dripping cum?”


Johnny wished he could see. Whatever Jaehyun was doing had Yuta gasping and clinging to him. Jaehyun bent over again to scrub Yuta’s legs, bracing a hand on Johnny’s hip. When he stood back up, his eyes looked all red again.

“Jaehyun, are you okay?”

Jaehyun shrugged. “I just feel really bad,” he said in a shaky voice. Yuta cooed and struggled to reach him, so Johnny spun him around and tucked him into Jaehyun’s chest. Jaehyun wrapped him snuggly around the waist and hid his face in his shoulder. “I’m sorry I like hurting you. I don’t know why I’m like this, I’m so sorry.”

Yuta wrapped his arms around Jaehyun’s neck. “Shh, no, Jaehyun it’s hot. I like how it turns you on, it’s okay.” He pet his fingers through Jaehyun’s slippery hair.

While the other two had a moment, murmuring soothing things in each other’s ears, Johnny grabbed Jaehyun’s fancy shampoo and lathered up his hair real quick. He managed to get rinsed and conditioned and half his body washed before Jaehyun’s thighs finally gave up, and Johnny had to catch both of them before they crumpled to the shower floor, and then he had Yuta clutched against one side and Jaehyun tucked into the other. “You guys allowed to wash your conditioner out now or what?”


Johnny shuffled them over and got Jaehyun’s hair under the spray. Yuta’s hand touched Johnny’s jaw, and he looked over to see what was up and found Yuta’s mouth waiting for him. Yuta’s lips were so soft. Johnny slipped his tongue into Yuta’s mouth and hummed when Yuta mewled his pretty noises. They kissed until Jaehyun straightened up and rested his cheek against Johnny’s shoulder.


“K, lets switch.” He moved them around so Yuta was under the showerhead instead. Jaehyun wasn’t as eager for kisses as Yuta had been. Instead, he tucked himself into Johnny as tightly as he could and clung. Johnny could still feel both of them trembling. He could also still feel both of their dicks against his legs, and that hadn’t stopped being weird. It took longer for Yuta to rinse all the product out of his long hair, and while he did, both boys got heavier and heavier until Johnny’s arms were burning with the effort of holding them both up.

“Done,” Yuta said, and tipped up out of the water all pretty and dripping.

“My turn.” Johnny shuffled around some more and stuck his head under the shower, but he couldn’t actually tell when the conditioner was out because he couldn’t reach up and touch it, so he enjoyed the warm water on his head for a while. The other boys shifted against him and clung tight like koalas. Johnny could hear them kissing.

“I need a hand, you two. Can someone tell me when the conditioner rinses out?”

Yuta reached up into his hair and massaged the rest of the product out. Jaehyun nibbled gently on the corner of Johnny’s jaw. It did feel pretty good to get doted on by a couple of the most attractive guys he knew. He’d talked to girls who would kill to get in Jaehyun’s pants, and here he was all wet and naked and handsome with his lips on Johnny’s neck. He trusted Jaehyun to stay upright for a moment so he could reach down and squeeze his butt. Jaehyun let out the softest little grunt and dragged his lips down to the crook of Johnny’s neck and started on a hickie.

“I think you’re good,” Yuta said as his hand left Johnny’s hair, and then he giggled. “He even has dimples when he’s sucking.”

“He’s gorgeous.” Johnny gave Jaehyun’s butt another squeeze. “Can we get a move on? My arms are very tired.”

Jaehyun gave him one last little bite and then pulled back.

After a clumsy process of getting out of the shower that included toweling off Yuta like a kid and leaving so he could pee sitting down and then wrapping him up in Johnny’s blanket and getting him up on Johnny’s back, they staggered back through the still crowded suite with Yuta’s face tucked snuggly into Johnny’s shoulder.

Then Yuta dozed off in Jaehyun’s lap on Johnny’s beanbag chair until Johnny had the laundry started and the sheets changed, but as soon as that was done, Jaehyun and Yuta sprawled next to each other on the bed and passed out, where they stayed for several hours until Yuta woke up begging for painkiller.



“I don’t think we need to go that hard next time,” Johnny’s voice came from somewhere behind Yuta in the dark. Yuta let his eyes slide open, the sleepy haziness brought on by Jaehyun’s gentle fingers combing through his hair, which had been just about to overtake to the full-body ache that had woken him up to begin with, faded a little, but that was okay. The Ibuprofen was kicking in just fine. “If there is a next time,” Johnny amended quietly.

“There’s definitely going to be a next time,” Yuta slurred. His lips brushed Jaehyun’s chest over his super thin t-shirt with every word. “But like, yeah. We can definitely get off on Jaehyun’s kinks without getting this messed up. We’ll just, like, tie me up or spank him or something.”

Jaehyun hummed, and it buzzed pleasantly against Yuta’s lips. His eyes slipped closed again.

“I don’t like messing you up,” Jaehyun murmured, and Yuta grunted. “Like, I don’t know, the wrestling and shit is hot—”

“Me whimpering in pain?” Yuta added which was supposed to turn Jaehyun on, but instead he made a sad little noise.

“I-I guess.”

“Probably more like, having you helpless or something,” Johnny said quickly, and Yuta was grateful. Johnny was the perfect mix of Jaehyun’s overthinking and Yuta’s underthinking, and he doubted they could have gotten this done as well as they had without him.

“Or something,” Jaehyun sighed. “But what I’m trying to say is that the in the moment stuff is hot, but I really don’t like hurting you this bad. I feel really bad.”

Yuta could feel Jaehyun stiffen up, and it made his heart ache. “Okay,” Yuta whispered, dragging himself up, despite the pain, so he could kiss Jaehyun. His lips were sweet, hands careful. They spent so much time roughhousing that Yuta sometimes forgot how gentle he was usually. The way Jaehyun held him now set Yuta melting in a way he hadn’t expected. “Limits aren't just about me and my pain tolerance, you know,” He murmured as Jaehyun curled around him like he wanted to lie in fetal position. They’re for you too.”

“Thanks,” Jaehyun breathed. He kissed Yuta again, slow and deep like they were dating and not wrapping up a particularly wild hookup, but it felt right, or at least needed. Yuta shivered from head to toe. Something slid across the sheets behind him like Jaehyun had reached for Johnny too.

“Yuta, thanks for, like, making this happen,” Jaehyun said. “Probably woulda just wrestled you for game controllers forever without ever dealing with this.”

“It would have been such a missed opportunity,” Yuta said.

“And Johnny, thanks for rolling with it.”

“Hey, I had fun,” said Johnny, with a soft warmth in his voice that made Yuta think he was feeling kinda emo about it too. “That was crazy but I’m glad we did it.” Maybe he and Jaehyun were holding hands. Yuta hoped they were.

“Hope the brothers aren’t shitty about it,” Jaehyun muttered.

Johnny snorted. “Some of the older guys might get a little weird but no one’s going to be shitty. Everyone was totally chill when Jongin and Sehun made out that one time, remember?”

Yuta snickered like he always did just thinking about when his aggressively heterosexual brothers made out for attention and then getting all embarrassed about it. “I heard it was more than once.”

“They didn’t, like, fuck, though,” said Jaehyun.

“Cuz they’re pussies,” said Johnny. He sounded very proud of himself despite the fact that he’d definitely almost bailed a couple of times.

“I’d fuck Jongin,” said Yuta.

“What?” said Johnny.

“What?” said Yuta.

“I’d fuck Sehun too,” said Jaehyun. “Both of them got mad game. I bet they’d be good.”

“Good point,” said Yuta with a giggle. Johnny said nothing.

“Sleeping now,” Yuta murmured, which earned him a soft kiss on the forehead that left his body tingling pleasantly from head to toe. He tucked further into Jaehyun’s chest and smiled. “G’night guys.”

“Night, dude,” Jaehyun answered, also slurring with sleep. Johnny just hummed. Yuta had to smile. Johnny tried to act all casual, but he would probably keep timers on his phone tomorrow for when Yuta and Jaehyun needed painkiller. He’d probably make sure they got ice baths and help them to class, and if anybody fucked with them, Johnny would make them regret it. Just as Yuta was about to doze off, he felt the warmth of Johnny’s body close to his back, and big, strong arm settled over their waists. Despite the pain, Yuta had never been so comfortable. He let out one last deep breath and let himself drift away.