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Waking Over My Grave

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I am fully aware of all the warning signs

Yet I'm serving my heart on a platter and my blood as wine

So I might as well dance along with you

For a piece of me already died


Zhou Zishu froze at the sight the sight before him.

He's met a lot of interesting people in his twenty two years of life, from a variety of backgrounds. But the sight before him definitely takes the cake, for the mere fact that he has never seen such a vision before.

With hair scandalously cut short, the strands caressing a gentle jaw, the color of white jade in soft waves as if though the hair had just been taken out of a braid.

With eyes of bright red color, like rubies in the crown on top of Helian Yi's head, shining and almost glowing under the moonlight that shone down on the street they currently face one another.

Robes of vermillion, loose and baring his collarbones with hints of shoulders, displaying hairless legs as the strange person dangles one from the tree branch he sat upon, a glimpse of a red tattoo above his knee that displayed something akin to a ghoulish creature baring it's sharp teeth.

The man looked yet a bit older than he, and yet the eyes of the other felt almost... aged. Like he had lived far too many lifetimes - had seen far too much. The man smiled slowly, a beautifully wicked stretch of the lips, two sharp canines being displayed.

Zhou Zishu was immediately on guard, not at all trusting the deceitfully pretty creature before him. There was a rule that was commonly known about the animals in the wild - the prettier it is, the more dangerous. This man - if he could even be called that - sent off all the warning bells inside of him head.

"My, what a pretty thing you are," The creature cooed, his eyes of ruby gleaming as he nonchalantly shook the bare foot of the dangling leg, the golden anklet jingling slightly at the movement, "What has you roaming this Ghost Town late at night?"

"I needed a place to stay for the night, this one was the only one nearby," Zhou Zishu reluctantly answered, eyeing the other cautiously, "I wasn't aware this town still had residence living in it."

"There's no living here, dear," The creature confessed, tapping a seemingly black painted nail to his smirking lips playfully, "No beating hearts or working lungs."

Alright, Zhou Zishu has many questions and his curious side was tempted to ask each and every one of them. But he refrained, knowing more will only further entangle him with this strange being. 

"I see," Zhou Zishu dryly commented, "How lovely. Well, I'll rest for a few hours and then be on my way, I won't burden you and your... lively Ghost Town for long."

Zhou Zishu turned away, and tensed, hand instinctively going towards Baiyi wrapped around his waist, eyes narrowed when it appeared that the creature was now right in front of him. A brief side glance to the side showed that the creature was not, in fact, sitting on the branch anymore but was, in fact, right in front of him instead.

How the hell he managed to move that quickly - Zhou Zishu had no idea. Didn't even think my it was humanly possible, though Zhou Zishu will admit that though he he is not the superstitious type - this was no human at all.

At least - not anymore.

"Is there something I can help you with, Young Master?" Zhou Zishu asked, refraining from showcasing his confusion.

The creature took a deep breath, inhaling through his nose while his silver eyelashes fluttered as if though he smelled something divine, "My, you smell good. Would it be bold to incline for a taste?"

Did he just proposition him?

"Shameless!" Zhou Zishu scowled, the strange creature giggling almost cutely in his own seemingly disturbing way, "If you want to pick flowers, go find someone else."

The creature blinked, his giggle stopped, and a rather adorable look of confusion crossed his face, his brows furrowing as his eyes squinted a bit, head tilted slightly, "Pick flowers...? Where, in all my words, did I say I wanted to pick flowers?"

. . . 

"Young Master, how old are you?" Zhou Zishu flatly asked, wondering if maybe it was child stuck inside a grown man's body instead. Surely he must have realized what his words came off as? What else could the strange man mean about having a taste.

"This one is twenty seven," The creature smiled brightly, his.... fangs?.... making themselves known, "But this one has been twenty seven for quite a long time."

"Alright....," Zhou Zishu slowly spoke, already deciding that killing the creature would be the best option as he slowly gripped Baiyi's handle, "And your name?"

The creature seemed oblivious to his intentions, perking up when asked to talk about himself, "Wen Kexing, at your service!"

Wen Kexing.

"I see," Zhou Zishu nodded, "And why exactly are you in this town all alone? Where are the other residence?"

"Well you see---,"

Zhou Zishu cursed as the creature - this Wen Kexing - dodged the strike easily, seemingly dancing around every swing of Baiyi that he made. He grunted as the creature had caught Baiyi with his hand, looking as if though the blade was not cutting him despite the fact that he slid his hand all the way down - crimson liquid staining his blade - and ripped Baiyi out from his grasp before tossing it to the side.

Next thing he knew, Zhou Zishu was flat on his back, Wen Kexing pinning him to the ground with his legs on either side of his hips, hands gripping his own in a surprisingly tight grip for such a frail looking being. 

"Get off me," Zhou Zishu demanded, glaring at the creature.

"But dear, you look so exquisite like this," Wen Kexing breathed out, his eyes of blood unnerving up close.

"I can't say the same for you," Zhou Zishu shot back, smug when Wen Kexing let out a noise of offense.

"I'll just take a little, okay?" Wen Kexing promised with a pout, as if though Zhou Zishu knew what the actual fuck it was that he planned on taking, "I won't kill you, I won't turn you, I'll just take a little. It would be ashame if the world lost such a beauty so soon, after all."

"What nonsense are you---," Zhou Zishu cut himself off tensing when Wen Kexing leaned down to nuzzle against his throat, eyes widening when he fair a pair of lips drag delicately over the flesh near his pulse.

"Wen Kexing," Zhou Zishu dangerously whispered, feeling anger boil through his veins at the unwanted touch, "What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm not taking your virtue," Wen Kexing teased, something wet pressing against his skin briefly, causing Zhou Zishu to hold back a shudder, "Just a little bit of blood, is all."


Zhou Zishu grunted when something sharp pierced his neck, a moan escaping Wen Kexing as he seemed to drink his blood. At first, it hurt. A sharp hot flash pain that was quickly overshadowed by a flood of pleasure coursing through his body.

It was...

it felt...

Zhou Zishu couldn't stop the groan that escaped, nor the involuntary urge to press up into Wen Kexing. The hands around his wrists loosened enough for him to remove his hands, that quickly went around Wen Kexing's behind to grope and press him down so that he could grind up easier. Zhou Zishu groaned again, rutting up against the moaning man above him. 

Rationally, he knew he should stop. Firstly, Zhou Zishu has never been interested in men before. It's bizarre that he's having such a reaction to Wen Kexing. And secondly, there's a thrumming of arousal coursing throughout his entire body that won't go away, clouding his head and making him want to drive himself into Wen Kexing's body, deep in through his skin, and carve out his bones. 

Zhou Zishu flips them around, forcing Wen Kexing to unlatch from his throat with a cute squeak.


Were he thinking straight, Zhou Zishu would have held his sword to this strange creature's neck and demand how he knew his name to be able to call out such a familiar version of it. But at last, his mind was overridden by lust - the need to find release, and so he slots that piece of information to the back of his head for later as he starts rock his hips back and forth, pressing his clothed arousal against Wen Kexing's own.

The creature below him moans loudly, hands scrambling up to cling to Zhou Zishu's shoulders, back arching deliciously. Zhou Zishu spreads the bare legs underneath the red robes of Wen Kexing, pressing the thighs of his legs down, groaning as he continues his frantic thrusts.

"Zishu, Zishu, Zishu," Wen Kexing gasped, surging up to connect their lips in a messy, searing manner, lips pried open and tongues tasting each other's mouths.

Zhou Zishu can taste something metallic in Wen Kexing's mouth, and it takes him a minute to realize that's it's his own blood.

He's a bit startled at that fact, his head clearing just a bit, until he accidentally nicks his tongue on one of Wen Kexing's sharp canines, Wen Kexing giving a throaty noise that could have been a moan. Zhou Zishu's head gets fuzzy once more as Wen Kexing starts to suck on his tongue, their hips still frantically moving against one anothers.

Eventually, it's just not enough.

Zhou Zishu hurriedly and almost clumsily shifts their robes around, pulling off what felt like cut short trousers on Wen Kexing's legs - said creature easily kicking the rest of the fabric off - and then proceeds to take himself out of his own trousers. He grabs them both, already feeling himself leak a bit whereas Wen Kexing's seems to all but weep, and then starts to messily jerk them both off.

Wen Kexing makes a choked off sound, releasing his tongue and pulling back from the kiss - a string of saliva connecting them - as he proceeds to make the unholiest sound Zhou Zishu has ever heard. He could have sworn he heard something akin to a growl from the creature below him and Zhou Zishu probably should stop but he doesn't - he can't. 

It feels like he'll die if he doesn't find some sort of release, like a fire is burning his veins and his cock throbs in his grasp.

He needs more.

Zhou Zishu released their lengths - Wen Kexing hissing in dismay, eyes of crimson glowing so beautifully under the moonlight, fangs bared at him for stopping - and Zhou Zishu is entranced by the sight. He has never seen anything like Wen Kexing before he can't believe what he's about to do - what his instincts are demanding by that he does.

He realigns them, and then pushes all the way in.

Wen Kexing makes a noise of pain, legs tensing as he hisses again, nails digging into Zhou Zishu's shoulders. For a second, Zhou Zishu's head clears enough to recognize the sound and feels just a bit guilty over it. Although he is an assassin, it's not like he likes inflicting pain.

He always tries to make his kills swift and quick, as painless as possible unless he needs to torture for information. He's ready to pull out, no amount of lust coursing through his body will make him continue the needless pain towards the strange creature below him, but the digging of heels against his hips stop him.

"Keep going," Wen Kexing gasped, the noise of pain replaced by a sound of pleasure parting from pink lips, "Don't stop, please don't stop."

Zhou Zishu scans his face, taking note of any sign of pain as he fights the pleasure that's trying to take over his own body. But spots nothing but pure pleasure mirroring right back, pleading eyes of crimson begging him so continue.

So he does. 

Zhou Zishu allows himself to succumb to the pleasure that had threatened to take control once more, falling into the sweet embrace of Wen Kexing's body. He started his thrusts out slow, eyes closing in bliss as Wen Kexing seemed to clench around him, burying his face into the neck of the strangely always cold creature. 

It felt incredibly good to be inside of this moaning mess of a man, so warm and welcomed him so easily, Zhou Zishu was swimming in a pool of intense pleasure as he fucked into Wen Kexing deeply. He nibbed and sucked on the column of Wen Kexing's throat, wondering if he sank his teeth into the flesh - would Wen Kexing also bleed red? 

Zhou Zishu caressed his flank, squeezing pale thighs before hefting them up and holding them over his forearms, continuing his task of thrusting into Wen Kexing, being consumed by Wen Kexing. 

He can't stop - doesn't want to.

He feels almost desperate as he quickens his pace, all but slamming into Wen Kexing, whose calling furiously at his back and ruining his robes, crying out with tears in his eyes, looking as if though he too were also far too lost in the pleasure of their intimacy.

Zhou Zishu sat up to drag Wen Kexing down onto his cock, squeezing his tiny waist and pressing him close as he is sheathed all the way inside. Wen Kexing makes a noise between a sob and a scream, trembling on his lap, legs spread out beautifully over them. Zhou Zishu grinds into him, moving Wen Kexing up and down on his cock, burying his face into that pale neck. 

Zhou Zishu can feel Wen Kexing pull the leather cuff from his hair, feels the long strands of his hair looking down only to be grabbed by Wen Kexing's hands, holding him close like that.

He doesn't know how long they have been like this, fucking on the ground of a deserted town under the moonlight, their groans and moans, sighs and gasps, pleads and chants of each other's names echoing loudly in empty town. 

The intense, desperate, pleasure eventually fades and leaves Zhou Zishu with a normal but still pleasurable feel of lust. He feels more in control of his body, of his thoughts, and he can rationalize clearly that this is one of - if not the - most surreal, ridiculous, and probably dangerous thing he has ever done.

But here's the thing - he's already this far in, why stop now? Zhou Zishu is already inside of Wen Kexing, fucking into the moaning mess of creature that apparently drinks blood, why bother stopping now? It feels good, very good in fact, and now that the cloudy hazy feeling that was dazing his head is gone, Zhou Zishu is now able to genuinely enjoy himself.

What would be the point of denying himself this one indulgence?

Wen Kexing already drank his blood, he may as well get something off of it too at least.

And if that means literally getting off, screwing every inch of this strange beast in human skin, fucking him until Wen Kexing can't walk later then...

Well, Zhou Zishu is allowed some fun - isn't he?


Zhou Zishu ends up staying longer than a night.

He end up staying for five weeks before he recognizes that he has been gone for far much longer than the leader of the most accomplished assassin organization needs to be.

Zhou Zishu finds that he actually feels somewhat regretful for leaving, having enjoyed his time tumbling around with Wen Kexing in every spot in the town they can. From against trees and against buildings, to random beds and over desks, on rooftops and in baths - it has been actually... a fun experience if he were to be honest.

And it's not like all they did was have sex, though. They talked, just a bit. It turns out that Wen Kexing can gain the memories of those that he takes blood from, and that his fangs have something akin to aphrodisiacs embedded in them that's supposed to stop his prey from fighting or feeling pain as he feeds.

"You were the first to ever actually feel full out arousal, though," Wen Kexing said, amusedly, head laying on Zhou Zishu's chest as they laid in some random bed of some random abandoned home that they entered, "I've never had a victim that tried to have their way with me while I drank from them before. How funny."

"Real funny to feel like you have no control of your body," Zhou Zishu dryly commented, glaring at Wen Kexing who smiled innocently.

"Did you not enjoy yourself, though?" Wen Kexing tilted his head, the short waves of the silver locks swaying as he does, baring the neck that would have been flooded with bruises and bite marks if he didn't heal so fucking fast.

"That's besides the point, you pest," Zhou Zishu rolled his eyes, dragging Wen Kexing down for a kiss to shut his mouth up, the creature purring against his lips.

Zhou leaves, with a kiss to the pouting Wen Kexing's lips, a lot softer than they had ever kissed before. Wen Kexing makes a surprise sound but melts into the kiss, hands curling around his face gently. It leaves Zhou Zishu feeling weird when he pulls away, and he has the impulsive need to scan Wen Kexing's face to imprint the image of him in his brain.

"Will you come back?" Wen Kexing asked, quietly and almost fearfully. He looks oddly small like that - unsure.

"I can't make promises," Zhou Zishu admitted, and this was true. In his line of work, schedules are unpredictable and he could always be killed in any time of any day. But then Wen Kexing saddens, his eyes down cast, and Zhou Zishu can't help but blurt out, "But I'll come back any chance I get."

He feels ridiculous saying it, but the brightening of those crimson eyes and the fanged smile given makes Zhou Zishu feel like maybe it was worth it.

He doesn't think he'll be able to stay away anyways.


7 Years Later

Month 1 - Metallic Blood


Wen Kexing smells him before he sees him, and he can't help but smile as he turns sideways to fall down from the tree.

As expected, Zhou Zishu catches him, his feet touching the ground without a sound with him cradled in his arms like he's something precious. It has Wen Kexing's non-beating heart ache and a strange sense of warmth flooding his veins.

"Need my wife be so dramatic?" Zhou Zishu asked, appearing entirely unimpressed at his antics.

He was so funny like that. His face was normally so blank and yet his heart would speed up whenever an ankle, shoulder, or collarbone was exposed. He would call him annoying and yet his heart would indicate that he was lying, he would scold him but his eyes would soften just a little bit.

Zhou Zishu was a strange human - and very entertaining one too.

"I knew you would catch me, dear husband," Wen Kexing smiled, leaning forward to place a kiss to Zhou Zishu's cheek, holding back a laugh at the very slight hitch of breath that would have been missed had his hearing not been so well, "A' Shu would always catch me should I fall."

"Nuisance," Zhou Zishu grumbled, but his eyes did that barely noticeable softening and he still carried Wen Kexing in his arms as if though he were a bride about to be laid down on the bed to be ravished so Wen Kexing calls this - a win.

Wen Kexing sniffed and his brow furrowed a bit, leaning forward to smell Zhou Zishu's neck.

"What are you doing, you creep," Zhou Zishu deadpanned, starting to walk to where Wen Kexing is assuming is the home that they mutually agreed to stay in whenever he visited.

"My husband smells strange," Wen Kexing offhandedly comments, ignoring the strange tensing of the arms carrying him, "Like there is too much iron in your blood."

Far more metallic than usual.

"Hardly the concern of this husband's troublesome wife," Zhou Zishu bit out, kicking open the door to the decently sized house they had chosen.

Unlike all the other homes, this one was not covered in dust or cobwebs, but actually cleaned - courtesy to Wen Kexing's insistence on maintaining for the sole purpose of keeping Zhou Zishu from complaining over how awful of a wife Wen Kexing is. He even had to practice how to make actual food because of how hopeless at domestic chores this apparent skilled assassin man was!

Him - someone who can only consume blood! - learning to make human food! - because their (partner?) was a complete lost cause!

Very funny, indeed.

"A' Shu knows how pointless it is to keep things from his wife," Wen Kexing raised a brow at the assassin, squeaking when he was thrown carelessly onto the bed, "Hey! I just made this!"

"It's pointless making your bed if it's going to get messed up anyways," Zhou Zishu argued, completely ignoring Wen Kexing's other comment.

Wen Kexing hated how good this man was at changing the subject because he was ready to continue that old argument that they've have before, "It's not pointlessly to make your bed, you lazy human! It's a good way to start the night, encourages productivity, makes the room look nice and tidy as well---"

"Night?" Zhou Zishu asked, removing his black robes and pausing when Wen Kexing gave him a look, "Right, you can't go in the sun."

Wen Kexing huffed, crossing his arms as he sat up, "You did that on purpose."

"I would never," Zhou Zishu lied, carelessly tossing the robes to the side.

Wen Kexing rolled his eyes as he got up from the bed to fold those thrown around robes, Zhou Zishu already putting on a different set - a light blue set that Wen Kexing had offhandedly commented would look good on him when they had visited a market on a cloudy day a months back.

The sun was a definite enemy to his delicate skin, but when the clouds are in masses and block out it's rays by being clogged puffs of grey cotton in the sky - he's good as long as his robes are worn properly to cover his skin. And a hat on his head with a veil - Wen Kexing could enjoy the simple pleasures in life as long as Zhou Zishu was by his side, holding his hand.

Wen Kexing sighed, setting the now folded robes on the vanity table, turning just in time to be caught by the waist, Zhou Zishu leaning forward to connect their lips gently. He hummed in delight, loosely wrapping his arms over lovely shoulders.

"So are you going to tell me or not?" Wen Kexing asked, huffing when Zhou Zishu reconnected their lips as a response.

He allowed himself to be guided back to the bed before being prompted to lay down, legs easily falling open for Zhou Zishu to settle comfortably in-between.

"Dear husband, just tell me," Wen Kexing insisted, when Zhou Zishu moved back for his need to breathe, "I'll find out one way or another. Especially since your blood will tell me anything anyways."

"Who says I'm giving you any of my blood?" Zhou Zishu snorted, raising a brow.

Wen Kexing narrowed his eyes, easily pushing Zhou Zishu off of him, "Well then, if you won't feed me, I'll go find someone else who will. I'm sure they'll greatly appreciate the pleasure my fangs will bring them."

Predictably, Zhou Zishu grabbed his arm and dragged him back to bed, pinning him down before shoving their lips back together in a more harsher manner. 

What a silly man - he knows that Wen Kexing can't feed only from him forever, yes? And when he's not around, he does have to go find other people to feast upon.

But Zhou Zishu doesn't seem to like the idea of sharing him, which is strange because Wen Kexing at least tried to understand the importance of all those Honey Pot missions Zhou Zishu had to take. When he had brought it up the first time Zhou Zishu came back smelling thickly of floral perfume, why was he scolded for not being happy over it but the moment he ends up suggesting drinking from someone else - it's a crime!

Ridiculous man.

Humans were so funny.

"A' Shu," Wen Kexing grunted, a moan escaping when Zhou Zishu nibbled on his bottom lip.

"Just take some blood from me, then," Zhou Zishu said simply, as if though he were not resisting just moments ago, "If you want to know so badly, just drink."

Wen Kexing had his fangs on Zhou Zishu's throat before he even finished his sentence, flooded first by the rich taste of his blood that did - in fact - taste just a bit more metallic than usual.

Then came the memories.

More specifically - a memory that told why his dear husband scented differently.

He felt Zhou Zishu press down on him, a throaty groan falling from his lips, hips moving against his pelvic area. Usually, Wen Kexing was all for sex while feeding but the memory was just so...

It's hurt - surprisingly - to see Zhou Zishu take a nail straight to the chest. To hear him scream in pain at it, to feel his pain over it. This one, long thin and twisty nail would be the start of his now inevitable death.

"Are you out of your fucking mind!?" Wen Kexing nearly screamed.

He pulled away and pushed Zhou Zishu off of him, readjusting his robes as he frantically got off of the bed to stare down at his dazed (what - lover?). Zhou Zishu blinked a few time, the pleasure still coursing through him, and even though he huffed and started to reach into his robes to jerk himself off - Wen Kexing made no further move to help.

He moved back until his back hit the wall, feeling both angry and even scared. He was scared that Zhou Zishu really did want to die. That he really was just... was Wen Kexing not enough? Did Zhou Zishu truly believe that he had nothing to live for? Did whatever weird dynamic they've been playing at for years just a waste of time? A game? A distraction? 

Wen Kexing slowly slid down the wall, until he was sitting with his knees to his chest, watching with a sort of numbing sensation going through him as Zhou Zishu jerked himself off to release. The aphrodisiac lasts about one stick of incense so he'll be out of it for a while. 

It's not like Wen Kexing didn't know that Zhou Zishu had created that stupid Seven Nails of Torment method. Of course he did - as he had told his begrudging beloved, he could taste every memory that Zhou Zishu had. But he had never thought that the stupid man would turn the method on himself. Who does that!?

His idiot, apparently.

Wen Kexing won't lie and say he understands - because he doesn't. He doesn't get it one bit. Despite how many times he has drank Zhou Zishu's blood, he can't relate to all the guilt and regret that Zhou Zishu holds. Wen Kexing doesn't have many regrets that's he's held onto, no guilt to weigh him down. He hasn't done anything that he has felt remorse for. 

Wen Kexing does what he has to do to survive and he's not going to apologize or feel bad for that.

But Zhou Zishu doesn't think the same way. It's strange how a man - a seemingly ruthless killer with pretty dark thoughts and a uncaring manner towards death - can feel so awful over almost every single decision he has made; will seemingly continue to make despite wanting to change.

Wen Kexing wonders if he should just kill the poor guy and take him out of his misery already. 

But the thought of Zhou Zishu not being by his side anymore just... leaves a foul taste in his mouth, a strange clenching of his non-beating heart.

He doesn't want Zhou Zishu to die.

Wen Kexing could always turn him, but is that really his decision to make? It would feel wrong, even cruel, to make a man that wants to die live forever.

And yet...

"A' Xing?" 

Wen Kexing blinked, looking up as he tried to ground himself back to the real world - away from meddling thoughts - and stared right back up into Zhou Zishu's eyes.

The pleasure has receded from the assassin's eyes, and a guarded look had appeared in his gaze, as if anticipating an attack of sorts. It takes Wen Kexing a minute to understand that Zhou Zishu is expecting him to explode on him - or even break down - whatever it is, he seems to have mentally prepared himself for an apparently very dreaded conversation.

Wen Kexing takes a deep breath and shakingly rises to his feet, making his way closer. He climbs back on the bed carefully, fully aware of the predator stare of the cautious assassin, and plops himself down on Zhou Zishu's lap in a forced nonchalant manner.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Wen Kexing slowly asked, refusing to break eye contact with Zhou Zishu, loosely wrapping his arms over bare shoulders.

"No," Zhou Zishu immediately stated, his face hard, eyes dead.

"Okay," Wen Kexing said simply, giving a small smile when Zhou Zishu blinked a bit confusedly. 

"Okay?" Zhou Zishu asked, suspicion coating his words, hands carefully making their way to touch Wen Kexing's hips.

"Okay," Wen Kexing confirms, leaning down to place a brief kiss to Zhou Zishu's lips before pulling back to catch his gaze once more, "If my husband don't want to talk about it, we won't."

His non-beating heart trembles at the way Zhou Zishu's eyes soften and his shoulders relax, the relief emitting off the man strong. 

"What a generous wife I've obtained," Zhou Zishu quietly said, placing a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

"This wife will stay until death do we part," Wen Kexing whispered back, turning his head just a bit to catch Zhou Zishu's lips into a proper kiss, sighing when the other man tugged him closer.

It would not be right for him to tell Zhou Zishu how he should live his life.

It would not be fair for him to prolong the inevitable.

All humans die, Wen Kexing is well aware of this. They age and wither away or they get sick and pass along. Sometimes they're dead before they're born, sometimes they're cut down by others around or even by their own hand.

Zhou Zishu decided to die on his own terms - Wen Kexing doesn't have the heart to take away that one piece of freedom he gave himself, the only decision he has made for himself in a long time.

Zhou Zishu will die.

And Wen Kexing will stay by his side until then.

That's a promise.


Month 3 - Double The Amount


Zhou Zishu doesn't bother hiding his intentions with the nails now that Wen Kexing knows.

At first, he had been reluctant on allowing the strange creature know about his suicide plan - he doesn't like it whenever Wen Kexing is in a bad or a sad mood. The red eyed man gets so irritating, whether he starts to giving him the cold shoulder or he starts crying, Zhou Zishu would rather not have to put up with either reactions.

But Wen Kexing was right - it was inevitable that he would find out. Their lives were already too intertwined, and with Zhou Zishu offering him blood, it was basically impossible to keep Wen Kexing in the dark about things. He could always deny the pretty man his blood but that would mean Wen Kexing would have to go and drink from someone else and well...

There's obvious reasons why that can not be allowed.

Zhou Zishu didn't like the idea that some stranger was going to get their dick hard while his self-proclaimed wife is just trying to eat in peace. 

Yeah, no, he was fine. Let Wen Kexing find out himself if he wanted to know so badly.

The look of despair in Wen Kexing's face would be permanently filed into the rest of his regrets in life - Zhou Zishu despised seeing him look so heartbroken. But he already put the first nail in, there was no going back now.

Zhou Zishu wanted his freedom - this was the only way to obtain it.

He wanted to lay around this abandoned Ghost Town with his ever attentive and fussing wife by his side, drinking wine and tasting his own blood from the lips of a creature of the night. Zhou Zishu was willing to spend three years of just that than three hundred years of being chained to the organization that was the start of the downfall of the Four Seasons Manor.

And Wen Kexing, although looked so sad, had understood. Had asked what he wanted to do and when Zhou Zishu said he didn't want to discuss the topic, had placed a light kiss upon his lips and said okay.


Zhou Zishu turned on the bed, watching Wen Kexing slumber away. His creature of the night with his wavy hair that framed his face in a scandalous cut with his fangs barely peaking out from slightly parted lips. This strange, strange man that was not even human made Zhou Zishu feel human again.

Seven years of... of this... and Zhou Zishu mourns that they can't spend every day and night like this - that eventually he'll have to leave again for an undetermined amount of time. He take all the nails and soon, he'll be able to have these moments everyday until the day he does - just three years of life is all he asks for.

"This wife will stay until death do we part"

Two nails in, and Wen Kexing is still here, biting him whenever they act up and cause him discomfort just so that pain will transform to pleasure.

What a devoted wife he gained.

Zhou Zishu didn't know how he was blessed to have such a cursed creature by his side - willing to follow him until his very last breath, kissing him even when he's actively seeking his own self-destruction, touches him even when his body may very well wither away at any given moments notice. 

Zhou Zishu is now on a deadline, his life ready to be given away.

Wen Kexing insisted on holding his hand in every step of the way.

"A' Shu," Wen Kexing groggily said, his eyes closed still, the sound of his voice taking him away from his musing, "I'm cold, hold me."

"You're cold because you're your heart doesn't beat," Zhou Zishu snorted, even though he shifts closer to tuck the always-freezing Wen Kexing against his chest, suppressing the urge to shiver at the other's naturally cool skin.

He draws the blankets around them both in a more covering way.

"If it could, my heart would beat for you," Wen Kexing sleepily said, ever the delirious insane man that he was.

Zhou Zishu doesn't comment on those words for a while, fully aware that his creature of the night has already dozed off within two minutes of his silence. Slowly, he leans down to press a kiss to Wen Kexing's head - kiss those silver locks that look translucent under the moonlight.

His heart beats for him too.


Month 6 - During The Third Hit


Wen Kexing hums, watching Zhou Zishu place the next nail inside of himself. 

It's quite gruesome, the gasp of pain follow by a scream, the unshed tears and the trembling of a body as the nail slowly digs through his skin, past muscle and into his meridian. 

It's not a sight Wen Kexing appreciates, but Zhou Zishu wants to put the nails inside of himself when no one can interrupt or possibly prevent him from doing any further harm. That means, a task like this in a Capital where the assassin's lurking in the shadows can always report to the Crown Prince himself would not be an ideal place to do such... delicate tasks.

"If you get even a drop of blood on my wooden floors so help me gods, you will be scrubbing these floors until the they are painted anew by the blood coming from your hands!" Wen Kexing had growled out, bristling at the audacity that Zhou Zishu had when he had said he would be placing the next nail in their home.

"If I ruin your floors, I'll build you a new house," Zhou Zishu had placated him with a kiss to his jaw and promise.

What could Wen Kexing do but agree? 


Month 9 - Before the Fourth Bite


Zhou Zishu snorted, catching the enthusiastic Wen Kexing into his arms as he steps past the town's broken down entrance gate.

The creature of the night had ran at a normal, civilians speed, tripping mid-way and then spent a good minute grumbling over how hazardously it was to run in such a speed.

"It's no wonder you humans trip so much," Wen Kexing complained, refusing to be let down, "You run so slow that the faeries are able to catch up and push you down themselves whenever they are bored!"

"Faeries don't exist, A' Xing," Zhou Zishu rolled his eyes, walking them towards their little getaway, "You just have poor balance. I've seen you fall even when you run at full speed."

"It's the faeries, A' Shu!" Wen Kexing insisted, kicking his feet out, "I swear on my mother's life that it was them!"

"Stop moving around so much or I will drop you," Zhou Zishu threatened, amused when his silly blood-sucking creature squeaked in offense and clung tighter, "And isn't your mother already dead? Your swear is rendered useless."

"A' Shu doubts his wife too much," Wen Kexing accused, pouting at him like a scorned woman, "I cook your food, I clean our home, I garden our vegetation, I pick up nice clothing from the market in the next nearest town for you, and what thanks do I get? To be called a liar!"

"Are you done?" Zhou Zishu asked, raising a brow at his dramatic (Lover?).

"Give me a kiss and it's all water under the bridge," Wen Kexing cheekily puckered his lips, looking as ridiculous as he acts.

Zhou Zishu can't help but indulge him.


Month 12 (A full year) - Embrace After Five


Love is something only humans indulge in. 

Wen Kexing finds the concept of it quite stupid, in all honesty. 

And yet, here now, wrapped within the warm embrace of Zhou Zishu, he wonders if the strange feeling clenching at his unbeating heart may be just that. 

Wen Kexing groans, breath stuttering as Zhou Zishu thrusts into him slowly, refusing to pick up his pace despite his pleas.

His husband is truly cruel, holding him close from behind, keeping Wen Kexing pinned on his side by circling his arms around his body to grab his wrists and keep them in a crossed position over his chest, that flexible waist of the assassin put to good use and the professional killer hooks a leg over Wen Kexing's hip, using it to keep Wen Kexing from squirming away.

Zhou Zishu breaths heavily into his ear, a symphony of gasps and grunts, rutting his cock into Wen Kexing's hole from behind, biting at his neck like he's the blood-sucking monster of the two.

"A' Shu," Wen Kexing breathed out, moaning when Zhou Zishu pressed in deeply at his sweet spot, body jerking involuntarily, "A' Shu, be careful. If you bite hard enough, you may draw blood."

"Is this wife allowed to drink my blood but this husband may not return the favor?" Zhou Zishu muttered into his ear, delivering one particularly hard thrust that had Wen Kexing crying out in ecstasy, "How unfair."

"You fool," Wen Kexing scolded in a gasp, "You drink my blood you become like me, my venom is thick in your bloodstream now. One drop of my blood is just asking to seal the deal of eternal damnation."

Zhou Zishu paused, Wen Kexing groaning in frustration at the sudden halt in movement.

"Come again?" Zhou Zishu asked, sounding far to curious like he always does whenever he hears any sort of new information about Wen Kexing's kind.

"I would like to cum first before we play a round of not so sexy twenty questions," Wen Kexing argued, annoyed that the man still hasn't moved.

Zhou Zishu hummed, as if he were actually thinking about it, and Wen Kexing nearly cried in frustration on how much a jerk the assassin was.

"A' Shu, please," Wen Kexing begged, shifting his hips a bit, "I promise I'll tell you later."

Zhou Zishu sighed begrudgingly, starting to finally move again after placing a biting kiss to Wen Kexing's shoulder.

"Since you beg so prettily," Zhou Zishu cooed in his ear.

Wen Kexing didn't want to call what he felt for Zhou Zishu as love.

It would only hurt more when he's gone.


Month 1 (And A Year) - Lost in Six


Zhou Zishu knows Wen Kexing doesn't like it anymore than he does.

Despite the strange creatures need to drink blood and his seeming preference for Zhou Zishu's own - having to see Zhou Zishu dig push a nail into his own body isn't exactly an ideal.

Neither is knowing the inevitable death of someone they hold dear.

Zhou Zishu can't label what exactly they're relationship is. It's not like they talked about it - more, just go with what felt natural for them. One day Wen Kexing had just randomly called himself Zhou Zishu's wife and he had just went with it. It felt normal to just play along. Why label something that doesn't need a label?

He cares for Wen Kexing, and he knows Wen Kexing cares for him.

Zhou Zishu wants to feel something again and with Wen Kexing, he feels more than enough to satisfy the urge to feel alive once more. Feel like he hasn't since the mistake of creating the Window of Heaven. And in order to be able to keep that, he has to take drastic measures. 

Maybe he's trying to fool himself, but Zhou Zishu is tired. He wants to retire to this abandoned town with his silly wife and maybe - before he dies - Zhou Zishu would like to take Wen Kexing to the Four Seasons Manor and show him where he had grown up. Show him the flowers that will not grow in this otherwise colorless Ghost Town. 

Wen Kexing had always looked so happy whenever he saw flowers, so Zhou Zishu took to bringing him some every now and then when he wasn't in a rush to race back to their secret getaway.

Zhou Zishu wanted to keep Wen Kexing all to himself sometimes, the very thoughts sometimes disturbing even him but he couldn't help himself. If he shared his strange wife with others, if they knew what Wen Kexing was, would they try to hurt him? Take him away and study like some sort of rat? Use his abilities for their own greed? Kill him?

No, Zhou Zishu could not allow that. Could not lose him too. It may be selfish to want to die first just so he can never feel the loss of Wen Kexing first hand and have to live with it for the rest of his life but can he just have this?

This one thing - can't he just keep it?

"A' Shu?" Speak of the devil, arms clad in red sleeves encircled his shoulders from behind, the vision of his silly wife peering back at him through the bronze vanity mirror, "You've been staring at the nail for quite some time, are you going to put it in or wait another night?"

"I got lost in thought, that's all," Zhou Zishu shook his head, grabbing one of Wen Kexing's wrists and brought it his lips, kissing the exposed skin when the sleeve pulled back, "I need to put it in tonight. No use in delays."

"If A' Xu says so," Wen Kexing nonchalantly said but Zhou Zishu can see the displeasure poorly hidden in those doe-like red eyes. 

Zhou Zishu could ask Wen Kexing for his blood - live for all eternity with this strange creature by his side forever.


Eternity is both too long and not enough. 


Month 3 (And A Year) - Seven is Free


Wen Kexing isn't there when the final nail is placed inside Zhou Zishu.

A fact that he will stay bitter about for a pretty long while. 

But it's night, he's sitting on the rooftop watching the moonlight in all its beauty when he smells Zhou Zishu first. His scent is so familiar to Wen Kexing's now, and it's grown increasingly more metallic since they've met for obvious reasons. But Wen Kexing will always know that smell. And then he can hear the trotting of a horse and the tell-tale sign of a heartbeat.

Wen Kexing immediately stands to his feet and rushes towards the broken down gates, ready to greet his A' Shu in a hard hug. He ends up having to refrain himself when he sees just how awful of a state his dumb human is in.

Wen Kexing despises the fact that he had to nurse his idiot human for two weeks because he had apparently thought it was a good idea to come to their getaway with seven nails in his chest, all the wounds reopened and the final nail lodged deep inside already. In the freezing cold! He had gotten sick - not at all a surprise but very much an annoyance.

And if Wen Kexing cried as he redressed the bandages on his unconscious beloved, no one but the moon in the night sky is to be his witness.

"A' Xing?" 

Wen Kexing shot up from the bed, having laid beside the now former assassin after being emotionally drained. Being sad was so much work, it really was an exhausting feeling.

He'll scold Zhou Zishu later - when he's healed enough to take a beating.

"A' Shu," Wen Kexing breathed out, carefully moving closer to massage the other's scalp. 

Zhou Zishu let out a shaky breath and leaned his head onto Wen Kexing's lap, pressing his face into his lower stomach.

"My wife sound worried," Zhou Zishu muttered, ever the stupid - stupid - stupid man that he was.

Wen Kexing huffed, containing the urge to rage at the idiotic human, continuing the task of running his fingers through the dark hair he had let down from it's uptight topknot.

"Your wife reserves all right to scold you later," Wen Kexing grumbled, "How dare you worry this one, don't you know your wife has a delicate heart? Treat it better!"

"This wife sounds like he's already scolding me," Zhou Zishu seemed to have enough energy to talk back. Wen Kexing scowled, tugging a strand of hair none too gently.

Zhou Zishu hissed, hand coming to grip Wen Kexing's thigh back in revenge. Wen Kexing squealed at the tickling sensation it sent, "A' Shu!"

"Is this wife done being mad?" Zhou Zishu asked, sounding far too tired, his words slurring together like his jaw was popped out of place.

"For now," Wen Kexing reluctantly conceded, finding it pointless to be angry when the man wasn't even conscious enough to feel his full wrath, "But you're not off the hook. I'll get you later."

"If my wife wishes, then so be it."