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Roses Say, “I love you”.

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Roses Say, “I love you”. (1): Lunchbox

Pairing: Polyselia except Ako
Setting: College

“Hikawa-kun~, how ‘bout joining us for lunchhhh~.”

Sayo glanced up from tidying her desk, hands still moving as she tapped the edge of her papers and notebooks on the flat wood. She was met with the expectant gazes of a few classmates she’d know the names of, being who she was, but hadn’t really interacted with- not that she’d made the effort to get to know her blockmates at all. She’d certainly gotten better at the whole ‘being more friendly’ thing, but that didn’t mean she’d go out of her way to make a connection with just anybody she’d cross paths with. Especially when she had seemingly no similar interests with them.

“Ah, well…” Hesitant to answer as she usually had pre-made plans with a certain other trio, she looked to her phone, hoping to find proof of that particular excuse to show the people who were waiting on her. At this time, exactly 12:20 when their classes ended, she’d usually receive a text from one excitable gyaru with details on the location of their lunch agenda.

And like clockwork, that text came- just… not with the contents Sayo was hoping would save her from her social predicament.

“One moment.” She told her classmates, gesturing to her phone to indicate that she was just going to check on something. They nodded, patient as they stood in front of her desk.

[Received: 12:20pm
From: Lisa <3:

Sayoooo~ <3 So like, we’re really, REALLY sorry about this, but we got invited by people from class to have lunch with them, and our college dean just swung by and said we should all sit together in the cafeteria, and you know how Rinko is, she couldn’t say no, and Yukina… well. You know. I didn’t know what to say either since neither of them declined, and so uh…basically… Sorry Sayo :’< We didn’t mean to ditch you or anything.]

Sayo blinked at the message, worrying at her lower lip as she contemplated her answer. Before she could type one out, a follow-up soon came.

[Received: 12:22pm
From: Lisa <3:

But hey um… I’m just asking still, okay? Is it okay if we have lunch with them? Or do you wanna have lunch together after all? It’s totally fine. Just say the word and we’ll meet at that little terrace you and Rinko really love.]

Sayo smiled unknowingly. It was just like Lisa to say something like that, even though her initial text sounded like they’d already accepted as they had no choice.

Well, maybe they didn’t, but Sayo wasn’t about to just pull them away from a social gathering that she was sure would prove beneficial to them.

With quick fingers, she typed her response, clicking send before looking up at her inviters, unaware that her smile, softer than any expression she’d ever wore in class (which was actually just her usual flat, serious look) was still present.

“Apologies for the delay.” She said, slipping her materials into her bag that she slung over her shoulder. With a nod, she gave her verdict. “I suppose I wouldn’t be opposed to spending the break with you.”

If someone had absolutely no clue as to who Sayo was and what her personality was like, they’d probably deem her arrogant and rude, but to her blockmates who had been with her these past two years, it was the best possible answer they could have hoped for.

“Alriiighhtt! We got Hikawa-san on board!”


[Sent: 12:24pm
To: Lisa <3:

Have fun with your classmates and don’t worry about me.

I hope the lunch is to your liking.

I love you.]

Sayo really shouldn’t have agreed to this. She should have opted to eat lunch on her own if she weren’t to be in the company of her bandmates. Being in business administration, double-majoring in marketing and financial management (because why not, she was Hikawa Sayo), Sayo had unfortunately separated herself from Yukina, Lisa, and Rinko- all taking bachelor of arts with Yukina in music with Rinko who also took some units in design with Lisa who also took a few units of marketing- their courses all chosen for the good of Roselia.

It wasn’t all bad, Sayo met Lisa in a class or two, they all saw each other outside of school hours and at rehearsals, and they usually spent their lunches together. Usually.


Maybe she could have reached out to Ichigaya, Yamabuki and Okusawa instead who she remembered were in her department as well, in the next class over. She somehow remembered their schedules from seeing them around enough. Maybe she shouldn’t have gone along with people she wasn’t all too familiar with.

Alas, it was too late for those regrets. She’d made a blunder and was now subject to the scrutiny and interrogation of a good group of fifteen or so people situated at her table in the very noisy vicinity that was the cafeteria from the moment she’d opened her rather colorful looking lunchbox to reveal an even more colorful lunch.

“Hikawa-san! Your lunch looks amazing!” One girl commented, to which Sayo couldn’t help but feel proud despite her raging blush and averted eyes, maybe tilting the lunch a bit to show more people subtly.

“Yeah! Did you make it yourself?” Another asked.

Ah. How was Sayo to explain…

“N-no, not really.”

“Oh? Then… did you get it from one of those places that make personalized bentos or something? Or is this homemade, after all? It looks like it could’ve come from a café!” Her classmates continued to praise her lunch as Sayo took out her chopsticks, poking at the side dishes while trying to throw out a response, feeling pressured to do so.

“H-homemade.” She cursed her shyness. Usually, she had no trouble answering such simple questions; however, this particular topic would surely lead to a revelation of a fact Sayo wasn’t quite hiding, but was not too keen on just revealing to anyone in the event of unfavorable reactions.

“Eeehh, made by your mom?”

“I’ve been living away from home for quite some time now.” Sayo said, somehow shrinking into herself, praying that no one would piece things together.

“Oho~…. So a lover, huh?”

Sayo could just combust then and there.

“Man, you sure are loved, Hikawa.” A male student groaned from the other end of the table. “I wish I had a girlfriend who would make me lunch that looks as good as yours does everyday.”

“Fat chance, dude.” His friend teased, smacking him in the back. “Maybe if you shaped up like Hikawa-san, then you can start talk-“

“-Kyaa! And then? And then?”

Before her classmate’s comment could make her feel more embarrassed than she already was, noise erupting from just the next table cut that particular topic short- something Sayo was grateful for even though she wasn’t too fond of noise. At least it wasn’t at her table.

“Dang, those Art majors sure get loud.” Someone grumbled from her table, causing Sayo to quickly whip her head in unexpected expectation, heart picking up speed just a tad and immediately warming as she met the gaze of one Imai Lisa who immediately winked at her once they’d locked eyes.

“But really, Lisa-san, your lunch looks amazing! Did you make it yourself???”

And somehow the question she’d overheard sent a sense of foreboding rushing into her system for reasons unknown to Sayo.

“Ahaha, well, while I do usually cook, the lunches I get to enjoy are a special love language from a special someone.” Lisa ended with her usual cat-like grin, sneaking a teasing glance at Sayo whose blush had returned full force as she stuffed her face unceremoniously.

“Man, are all girls getting these boyfriends to make lunch for them nowadays? Is that what I need to do to score a girl?” That one classmate of Sayo’s from earlier, grumbled.


Sayo tightened her grip on her chopsticks subconsciously as she continued to listen in on the art major’s very audible conversations.

“Oh? Wait a second…”

Something was making Sayo’s nervousness tingle as she continued to dread that thought from earlier.

“Minato-chan and… Rinko-chan… have the same lunches? EH? So was… Rinko-chan the one who…”

“Eh? Ah, no, no. Although Rinko makes great~ meals.” Lisa giggled, winking at the pianist who sported the same look as Sayo. “This baby right here was made by none other than…”

Sayo should have looked away. She shouldn’t have allowed her eyes to remain glued to that table, to Lisa who faced her direction fully now, guiding everyone else’s eyes from both tables to her.

“Sayo~!!! Thanks for the lunch again today, babe~! Our dean said it’s some real Michelin quality, hehe. Aren’t you glad it’s so great?”

Sayo preferred looking at Lisa now if it meant avoiding the stunned gazes of her table companions, definitely with a plethora of questions hiding behind them.

But wait, why was Sayo feeling like something else was about to co-

“Sayo…chan…” Sayo’s gaze shakily turned to Rinko who wore a small smile on her lips, hands forming a heart; and despite her heavy blush- or maybe it added to the critical blow she was about to deliver Sayo, she added to Lisa’s statement. “Thank you for the wonderful food. I… I love you…”

Sayo didn’t know who combusted first between them, but Rinko was just too endearing for her to be able to stay calm, free hand now clutching her chest-


God, help her.

“Minato-san.” She tried to answer as level as possible, hyperaware of just how much attention they had now gathered in the cafeteria.

“The way you cooked the vegetables was sublime, their arrangement exquisite. I like how you went for a more subtle tone of overall flavor for the main dish, but its unique marinade and accompanying sides make for a good complementary meal.”

She praised all heavens that Yukina was the same as always, though the praise certainly made her feel giddy deep down.

“Th-thank you. I always look forward to your feedback-“


Everyone’s eyes shifted to a random man at Sayo’s table. “I was totally going for Shirokane or Imai this year. Can’t believe Hikawa of all people has two girlfriends, much less that it’s them!”

Sayo quirked a defensive brow at that, not appreciative of learning that her lovers were the target of someone else’s lusts and affections.

Just as she was about to give him a piece of her mind, Yukina’s voice stopped her.

“Two? Why am I not counted?”



“Pffftt- AHAHAAHHA.” Lisa had burst into fit of laughter, not helping the situation at all. “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you actually feel called out this time, Yukina.” Lisa wiped a tear from her eye before elaborating further on her statement that only confused the two steely members of Roselia. “Maybe it’s because of how you two usually act. It’s not at all obvious. Plus, Sayo still calls you by your last name when we’re not alone.”

Must Sayo’s personal affairs be divulged in this manner?

Sayo buried her face in her hands, now making it clear that she was unwilling to entertain any form of interaction from anyone for the remainder of her lunch.

She really should have sought out Saaya, Arisa, and Misaki.

‘Peaceful thoughts, Sayo. Peaceful thoughts.’

“I see.” -She heard Yukina speak, an even greater foreboding running wild in her system. “Then we shall clear things up, Sayo.”

No we shall NOT!’

Sayo couldn’t even bring herself to retort. But really, she realized too late that she should have, not seeing how Yukina had worked her way to the midpoint between both their tables, presence commanding all respect and attention as her arms were spread out wide.

“I am the THIRD Hikawa girlfriend.”


Utter, painful silence.

Then commotion broke out in the cafeteria, gossip and photos quickly spreading as Sayo further buried her face in her hands, almost crying in shame. She could hear Lisa’s choked sobs of absolute mirth, slightly bitter that she was having the time of her life while Sayo wallowed in her embarrassment.

Why did Yukina have to be so stupid sometimes.

“And as proof-“

Speaking of Yukina, why was her voice suddenly a whole lot closer-

“I love you, Sayo.”

Sayo’s lips suddenly found themselves captured between the saucy lips of her band leader, her inner nagger wanting to scold Yukina for not wiping them right away after her pause in eating. However, she quickly found herself preoccupied, mind slipping away into practiced motions of reciprocating Yukina’s fiery passion, to the point that she now had the smaller girl in her lap, nipping and biting at each other, tongues battling for dominance.

-Until Lisa pulled them apart, Rinko holding the trio’s lunches, burning bright and barely being able to stay standing.

“Alrigghttt, alright! Holy- Show’s over, folks!” She hollered, all but yanking a glaring Yukina off before fixing up Sayo’s lunchbox and dragging her three lovers away from all the unwanted attention.

Suddenly, she paused. Sayo, who had been in a dazed state ‘til they reached the door, quickly snapped out of it, feeling concern for Lisa as she suddenly halted their exit.

“Come to Roselia’s next live show!”

Sayo’s jaw dropped. Lisa really just-

“Oh, what the fuck.”

“… So uhhh… did you guys… just use your relationship as our new publicity stunt? Sayo-san, I thought you were better than this.” Ako awkwardly brought up during their rehearsal the following day.

Sayo, who had taken her course due to her being the one who usually dealt with the logistics for Roselia ever since high school, knew this was her responsibility that’s why Ako had regarded her with the publicity question. But… what did she just say about their relationship…?

Taking the tablet from Ako’s hand, Sayo read the contents and promptly fainted, smacking her head on the wood flooring and was knocked out cold, much to the terror of her girlfriends.

[Roselia’s fiery romance to be spotlighted at next concert? Hikawa Sayo a Harem queen and the new leader or Roselia? Find out more from the words of the Third Hikawa Girlfriend herself- Minato Yukina!]

“At least they got Yukina and Sayo’s relationship right now.” Lisa shrugged. “Oh, look. There are pictures of the lunch Sayo made for us!”

“Those are perfect.” Yukina nodded in approval, bookmarking the tabloid straight away.

“Um…” Rinko’s eyes fluttered about nervously between her members, looking to Ako who immediately voiced out their shared thoughts.


“Scandal?” Yukina looked up from the article, serious once more as she placed a hand on Ako’s shoulder. “Ako, you need to understand.”


“This is also rock.”




“Ah, Sayo’s alive.”