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My True One and Only

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They met right before she closed up the café its name was the book club. Weird name right its name originated from the owner's book club he was in when he was little. It was a small café, a hole-in-the-wall kind of place. It was quiet and small in all actuality it was a place for simple people. And Vito Romano was not a simple person, he was a dangerous, mysterious man. But for some reason she was attracted to him, maybe it was the expensive cologne that smelled like heaven on him, or maybe it was his dark brown eyes that pierced into hers. His tan skin that had the most beautiful scars on it, she wanted to kiss his light-brown lips. His freshly shaved face let his sharp sleek cheekbones come through.

"Hello Jazmin I'd like the regular, excuse me for coming so late," he said as his deep voice made a shiver go down her spine

"You got it Mr. Romano" she replied in a tone that said please take me on this table right now before I do it first

"Please, call me Vito. It'd make me so very happy to hear my name come from such a pretty mouth" his tone was seductive, as he slowly elongated his last word

"Okay then Vito what's in that briefcase" she questioned as she finished making his americano

He sucked his teeth as he took his drink and turned around sitting at a table closest to her. He looked at her, his eyes burning holes into the back of her head. She could tell he wanted her to come to sit with him as he kept making a groaning noise and tapping his foot against the mahogany floors. She reluctantly walked over to him; he was taking time away from her cleaning. He started to speak his deep voice was music to her ears.

"If you want to know what's in the briefcase then come to dinner with me, I'll pick you up after your shift," he noticed she started to blush through her dark skin he thought it was beautiful

"Maybe but I don't know what to wear and I don't know where we're going or-" she rambled before she was cut off by him kissing her hand

"calma il mio amore, ti prenderò un vestito

*Calm down my love, I'll get you a dress*

she didn't understand what he was saying but she trusted him.

Her shift was finally over, since it was a Friday, she and her coworker Andy both had to close up the shop. She liked it when she didn't have to close up the shop alone. As she walked out, she felt the cold air hit her face, she never really liked the cold. As Andy was about to head off, she hugged him. This was a huge mistake seeing as though Vito was standing right behind her with a cigarette in his mouth. As she started to form a smile, he blew smoke into her face causing her to cough a little.

"Hey what's your deal Vito" she questioned

he leaned forward and started to chuckle in her ear before saying the creepiest thing ever

"If I ever see you even hug another man that's not me, I'll kill them" he whispered

Now, this didn't necessarily scare Jazmin. it kind of made her like him a bit more she always dreamed of having a possessive guy like her. She was thinking about what them having sex would be like or how tonight would turn out when she was snapped out of her thoughts by a flick to the forehead. She had completely forgotten about Vito standing in front of her, he smiled at her before handing her a black velvet box. She needed to change somewhere so she told him to stay outside while she gets changed.

"It's your dress put it on I know you'll love it"

She looked at the dress it was a fully red lace dress. The sides of it were cut out and its shoulder straps were thin and only covered part of her breast whilst having an opening down her torso, then there was the high thigh gap. It was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. The red lace felt like velvet she felt guilty for having the pleasure to wear such a nice dress.


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