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Double or Nothing

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“Em,” Ruby states from her doorway. “Henry’s on the phone and while I’d love to chat he mentioned that Regina isn’t feeling well.” 


Despite the fact it was never explicitly stated, every year around the time their divorce was finalized Regina always came down with a cold or flu. “It’s that time of year again.” 


Briefly, the brunette chats with the four-year-old and something he says makes her peel with laughter. Henry was the most precocious, talkative four-year-old Emma had ever known. “I’ll see if I can talk your mom into it, Hen. Here’s your Ma.” Her boss gives her a questioning look. Ruby covers the microphone. “I can’t wait to be your Little Red Riding Hood to your Big Bad Wolf.”


A sentence that creates Emma’s snort. “Hey buddy,” Emma spins in her chair to glance at the numbers ticking across her laptop screen. “What’s going on with mama?” 


“She and Lil got into a big fight. Lil said she’s never coming back and mama is sick to her tummy. I can’t take care of her by myself! I can’t even make panny cakes and horrible tea.” 


His little language always makes Emma laugh and occasionally his alterations get the best of the brunette. “That’s alright buddy. I’m gonna come over and take care of you and mama, alright?” 


“Can I have french fries?” 


“I’ll pick you up some french fries. Where is mama?” 


“In bed.” Henry sighs directly into the microphone. “She cried for you last night.” 


“We’re going to make her feel all better. Okay?” 


“‘Kay. I’m gonna go play with dinos.” 


“Okay buddy, let mama rest.” 




Midway through Henry’s Mcdonald’s provided lunch, Emma turns to see her sickly ex-wife studying them both. 


“Why am I not surprised my Princess Charming is here?” 


Emma hums, setting up the bowl of broth she had been preparing. With little fanfare but the beginnings of a morose smile. "The cost of failing you once took everything from me."




"You needn't say anything." Jade eyes spot goose pimples on tan flesh. Then her eyes are drawn to the sight of Regina's bralessness beneath her camisole was enough to bring a flush to Emma's fair skin. She moves to fetch the robe hanging on the bathroom door. “I’m here to nurse you back to health if that is alright.”


"Checking me out, were you?"


The sight of that Swan smirk was enough to ignite a new wave. "I vowed to always let you feel desirable.” Extending her arm politely. “Let’s get you back into bed.” 


Their eyes shift away as Henry runs to open the door. "Snuggles?!"


With a little more effort than days gone by, Emma swoops the child up and onto her hip. "Hey, big boy. Thank you for calling me to take care of Mommy."


He laughs at her plethora of kisses. "I heard her crying last night. Em-ma."


Regina froze, Emma went ripe with color, clear down her chest. "Well then it's VERY good you called me."




Jade eyes were the definition of arousal. Hooded, dark, hungry. "Henry told Ruby about the fight. This time of’s rough for both of us and I just want to be with my family, Regina. I know that if you break up it doesn’t mean anything will happen between us. I’m not going to push you."


Regina's too sick to argue as Emma places Henry between them. Kicking off her shoes and stealing the remote to turn on something to amuse their little one. Seemingly not a care in the world. 


The backs of her fingertips trailed behind Regina's arm as she used the other to eat. It was casual and grounding. Just the soothing touch Regina missed.


Henry took to sleep and Regina was left with Emma caring for her.


"We should talk about it, right?"


Kneeling by Regina’s side of the bed. "When you feel better." Her cool hand felt the heat before making contact with sweaty skin. Emma moved around the house as though she never left it. On a whole, she never truly had. They remained in one another’s circles and absolutely anytime Henry asked for her she made the time to be there. Still, Regina's need for order meant everything was where it had been all that time.


Dosing her with cold and sinus meds, Emma placed the cool cloth on her forehead. "Could you...?"


She answered when Emma fetched the vaporub from the master bathroom. Her breath caught when Emma coated her fingertips before catching herself. "Oh...Wow, I'm..that was presumptuous of me."


Opening the robe, she extended her chest out. Perhaps she could blame it on the fever later. "You've touched me before."


"I could kiss you before," Emma says, trailing her fingers over sharp collarbones. Lightly massaging it over the apex of her ex-wife’s breast, into her cleavage. "Fuck."


Both hands clenched in an obvious effort to keep from crossing the carefully laid boundaries. Made easier by the baby boy resting against Regina's other side. "Language please."


"He still sleeps like that?" Emma marvels, changing the subject before she experiences cardiac arrest.


"Only while napping." Regina runs her fingers through his hair.


"You think of me when you...?"


Regina's eyes dance with fire. "You're the only one I can think about. Ems, I miss you. I am so bone-weary tired of missing you."


Sleep takes the brunette shortly thereafter her first meal of the day. When their son awakens full of energy and an overly loud voice threatening to disturb the Queen’s slumber, Emma steals him into the interior of the house. A full trash can greeted her in the kitchen. 


She moved to remedy that trash can and other assorted details that Regina simply did not have the time for. Things that Emma always stayed on top of because once upon a time it made her wife happy. The familiar ache at being in this house, the house that success was finally able to build came creeping back in. She wanted to be here with her family, and for more than her fair share was allowed to come and go as she pleased. 


Especially in instances where Henry missed his Ma. 


Their divorce saw them share a lawyer. Emma did not ask for a single thing though her heart begged through verdant, tear-filled eyes. The lack of stability and constant gambling of their future in the name of success finally called Emma’s number. What little they had was gone. When she had asked Regina for a one-more try, they ended with an argument for the ages. 


“You’re not even thinking about Henry or his future. Just ways around me.” 


“That isn’t fair,” 


A crying Henry howled against Regina’s heated skin. “Face it, Emma. You do not know how to have a family. You will take us both down with you.”


She pulled back as though being struck. Her fingers lovingly grazed against Henry’s hair. “So that’s it then?” 


“You think I want this? Emma, all I wanted was for you to succeed. To be able to provide for us but you are blinded to the risk. We’re about to lose our home! Please, I am begging you…” her stone-cold demeanor begins to crumble. “Do not ask me to do this again. Think about Henry.” 




The robe-clad brunette startles Emma when she speaks. "You sure know the way to a woman's heart."


"Our Queen!" Henry says, throwing himself into a weakened Regina.


"My Prince," she's all head kisses to his freshly bathed hair. Emma hands her a cup of herbal tea. "Princess Charming strikes again."


Emma tugs her into a heart-warming hug. "It was as you said. I didn't know how to have a family. A mistake I already made once."


"I said that when I was upset. Everything you was for Henry and I. Look at you now, your business is booming."


"Look at what it cost me."


Emma struggled with their divorce and it was clear the pain was fresher this time of year. Regina tucked her head beneath Emma's chin like the time of old. Relishing her attentiveness. "You've provided a good life for our son, for me. Like you always promised."


Emma's fingers trail down her cheek. "I- Don't deserve to ask."


Regina's lips are soft against her own. Brushing tentatively. "We have much to discuss but not now. I miss you. I am so tired of missing you when you're right in front of me."




Resuming her position tucked beneath Emma’s chin Regina sighs. "Shh, my head is still pounding."


"Mama," Emma turns in time to see Henry ejecting his lunch. Reluctantly releasing her ex-wife, she scoops him up before the next wave and ushers him into the bathroom. After another bath and a meal of broth, she moves to pull out the couch. 


Relocating Henry to the spot Regina came to occupy. Emma takes his other side in the event of Lily’s potential return. Losing Regina was her biggest regret in this life. If Lily proved to do the same she was an even bigger idiot than Emma. The kiss of earlier created a fresh wave of desire. As soon as Henry settles, Regina moves herself to the other side with Emma. 


The blonde curls around her. Wrapping her in love and warmth so familiar. Nuzzling against the sensitive spot behind her ear. "Is it possible that you fit better than ever?"


"I've put on a few pounds."


Emma nuzzles into her neck. "More of you for me to love."


"You think that's better?" A tear treads down Regina’s cheek. 


"Your mother's hold is loosening." The feeling of scooping Regina even closer since she seemed to require that every bit as much as the blonde saw her body relax. 


"You never really let me go," Regina whispers.


"I never should have put you in a position where losing you was the reality. I would do anything for you, and at that moment it meant signing those papers. I was foolish, arrogant."


"Even though it's been two years?"


"I do not care. You have never stopped being my wife."


Regina brings one of her hands up to place a kiss. "You didn't take Henry from me."


"You're his mother," Emma says as Regina faces her. "I could never do that to either of you."


"It was my greatest fear. " Regina's lip trembled.


"Hey," Emma squishes her tightly against herself. "He's our son. He was always going to be our son."


"You had him."


"Stop this. Stop it right now." Emma kisses every tear she can reach. Every last drop until crashing their lips together. In a place so comforting it felt like coming home. Until oxygen forced them to part and they were both a little shaky. "Our son. Say it."


"Our son."


"Always." Emma massages at the base of her neck, peppering her with more kisses. Even in sleep, Henry nestles into his brunette mother. Not a care in the world. "He is so lucky to have you."


"I should have known you'd feel that way. When you were pregnant and yet watching me with heart-filled doe eyes."


"My only mistake has ever been thinking that I thought I loved you so many times and thinking I could never love you more."




"You know I never could." Emma murmurs in her hair. " I still can't."


Regina glances at the clock. "If we're lucky we have thirty minutes. Forty-five tops before Henry wakes up."


"Okay..." Emma says face scrunched up as Regina roughly grabs her by the chin.


"Take me to bed."


“To bed, bed, or to bed?”


“To bed.” Regina’s gaze comes alive with familiar fire. “I must have you.” She is scooped up in familiar arms and transported into one of the guest bedrooms.


The sound of Emma’s shuddering breath fills the space between them. She follows her down. In the glorious moment to follow a kiss long-dreamt of hers once more. Regina fists the bottom of her tank top and removes it without a single hesitation. Her kiss spans down the length of Emma’s neck.  


Her bathrobe is opened and the blonde lathe her heated skin with luxurious attention. As ever, Emma’s hunger for more of Regina has her peeling her quickly from the tank top and sweatpants. Anxiety from earlier rears its ugly head but Emma’s mouth is back on her. “Are you still mine, Regina?” 


With a sadly insignificant amount of skin-to-skin, Regina bucks up against a familiar lover. Aching to reclaim what was lost to them both. Her nails gripped into the soft, pale flesh of Emma’s back with the woman slipping lower with her love and affection. Their needs echoed and answered. 


A love like theirs never died. 


To look down and see that it was her Emma greedily servicing her body. Producing a soundtrack of moans that only she could. Regina’s whole body was responding to every flicker be it tongue, or the delicious intrusion of her favorite digits. “Yours.” The coil of heat was low in her belly, her back arching for more delicious torture. “I have never stopped being yours.”


The last thing Regina wants is for it to be over this embarrassingly fast yet the invitation by the tongue is more than she can bear. Something her body reacts to with fervor, a pulsating eruption that Emma is more than happy to stroke into back-to-back orgasms. 


Upon her collapse, she realizes several seconds later that Emma rests on her haunches to observe her as fervently as she had devoured. Massaging along Regina’s thighs as she did so. Dipping her mouth to taste another sample of the prize that coated her upper chest. Shining green eyes. “Yes?” 


She is pulled on top by a needy brunette. “You know precisely what you did.” 


Nose to nose she can sense the smirk Emma wears. “So long as it pleases you I would do so again.” Her mouth sinks to Regina’s. Sharing in her prize whole-heartedly. “And again.” 


Even as weak as she still felt there was a fear ushering the brunette forward. The unspoken fear that this moment, whatever it was made up of, could disintegrate in her hands. Slipping through her fingers. She swallows over it, pushing Emma into the spot she occupied. 


“I want nothing more than to ride you.” How sinful Regina appears with her eyes dropping closed. She steers Emma’s hands over the swell of her hips, the curvaceous area between them and her breasts until a moan tears from behind her lips. This she could very well spend all day doing. “I will have what I desire, won’t I, Emma?” 


“If it is within my power. Always.” Emma caresses her cheek, chest flushed and heaving a bit. Something about this tone always got her attention. Her eyes drink at the sight of Regina’s new body. Either form erotic but this fuller-figure she sported. That got Emma thinking of all the ways she wishes to lay worship.


In the same way that Regina’s eyes now fall to what dangles between Emma’s breasts directly over her heart. “How long have you been wearing my wedding ring around your neck?” 


“Since the day you took it off.” This round is not nearly as gentle as the last. No, Regina sought to claim the blonde anew. Pulling her to the brink before backing off. “I’m being punished.” 


The brief sound of dry-heaving meets their ears. Emma’s head falls against the pillows. “Now you’re being punished.” 


She is allowed to catch her breath briefly as the tease of Regina’s lips follows the column of her throat. “Alright, temptress, I’ll get the boy.” A statement that garners her a brow. Emma kisses her back into the mattress. Slipping back into the hastily discarded clothes was not a task made easy by Regina’s lingering touches. “I’m going.” 


Poor Henry heaves into his bucket with his Ma rubbing circles on his back. Tear tracks over his impossibly cute cheeks. “I-I-I want to trick-or-treat.” 


“We’ll figure something out buddy.” The truth was with today’s turn of event’s trick-or-treating was the last thing on her mind. Even less so when the camisole and robe-wearing Regina made her re-emergence after fixing her sex hair. 


She moves to sit behind Emma, arms finding their way around her waist. “I’m sure your foster parents and Kat can get something together just for Hen.” 


A pale hand pats the forearms about her waist. “Trunk or treat? We don’t need a ton since it’s just Hen.” 


“Make it so.” 


It was easy falling back into this. 


Within twenty minutes, Emma had confirmation from several folks acknowledging they would arrive at the house this evening. “Okay, we got pretty much everyone.” 


“My Little Red Riding Hood?” Henry asks, head raising and turning ever so slightly so as to keep his Ma insight. 


“Of course, Ruby wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Emma grins devilishly at her ex-wife. Their little boy had the cutest crush on one of Ma's oldest friends. Still, he heeded his mother’s careful training when it came to how to treat a lady. “Why don’t you rest a little bit more and mama and I will check on your Red Riding Hood?” 


"Don't wanna rest." Still once Emma tucks him back in and turns on The Lego Movie, his eyes slowly drift close. A kiss is what she presses to his clammy forehead. 


"I'm gonna go pick up all the stuff for the festivities so everyone else only has to show up," Emma confesses and with that, the hand trailing over the tops of her shoulder pulls her firmly back into Regina. 


"Can we just stay in our bubble?" 


In spite of the pain piercing through Emma's heart, she forces a smile to the surface. "Right. Yeah." 


Regina is faster than her illness allowed Emma to believe. "Allow me to clear things up for you, I want nothing more than to be at your side. Things...they were never really over but I pulled someone else into our lives. Those hurt feelings don't just go away and I do not wish to cause undue pain." 


"I know. You have to remember that I've loved you too." 


"Truthfully, I don't know that we ever had was love. Not between Lily and I. I think she was a safety net when I felt so out of control. A way to keep me from you. From taking you back." Emma's jaw clenches and her inner anger flames against her cheeks. 


"If I hadn't been incredibly selfish and stupid..." Regina kisses her to silence. 


"I love you. I cannot remember a time when that wasn't the case." 


A smirking Swan is her favorite. "G?" 




"You were my type at fifteen and may I just say that thirty is looking pretty good on you too." 


"You're an idiot." Though the trail of kisses into the crook of her neck has her re-thinking the statement. “Our son is five feet from us.” 


Taking Regina’s hands, Emma kisses each of them. “I’ll return with the cavalry.”




Indeed she does return with nearly everyone in tow. For all the noise in the garage summons a slightly improved brunette. When she reflects on how Emma grew up until she was about fifteen her extravagant ways when it came to their son clicked into place. There were multiple fog machines running, black lights, and a plethora of streamers. 


“You will clean this up, Emma Swan.” 


A grinning blonde. “Tomorrow?” 


Regina’s fingers play in her necklace. “Lily is moving out tomorrow. It is probably best that you not be here.” 


“I’ll be nearby.” 


“Truly, Emma. What do you think she’s going to do?” 


“Was it me?” She throws a streamer over the ceiling fan blade and begins to pull on the roll to create another. Regina’s hand rests against Emma’s forearm.


“Lily was always kept at bay because I couldn’t let you go. I didn’t want to.” She swallows as emotions swirl within the shades of amber. “So I never did.” 


Clearing her throat Emma follows up with, “She was good to Henry. I couldn’t watch her with you wanting...knowing that I created an opening for someone to take my place. That did matter to me though.” 


“Oh darling,” Regina strokes down her cheek. “No one can ever take your place.” 




The best part of Regina getting Henry and herself ready is that when the miniature version of The Big Bad Wolf appeared he brought along The Evil Queen. A woman whose dark make-up and sensuous crimson lips spiked Emma’s heart rate to considerably unhealthy levels. Everyone had their vehicles in various places along the driveway. Spooky music and the fog that rolled down it from the garage helped set the tone as the sun fell below the horizon. 


All it took was the ribbing from Ruby to pull Emma back to earth. “Easy tiger. Wait until the rest of us leave.” 


Snickering, Emma turns to her oldest friend. “Am I crazy or does it remind you of her goth phase?”


“That woman could put on anything and you’d be sitting at her feet ready to sacrifice yourself at the altar of Regina.” 


“Red Riding Hooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddd!” Henry shouts, running from the garage as fast as four-year-old legs can carry him and into the leggy brunette. “You made it.” 


“We’ve had a standing date since October 1st buddy. No way I was missing this.” 


He nods. “We can sit down sometime too though.” 


She beams at him and their hug see’s him resting against her chest. “Are you sure you aren’t Prince Charming?” 


He blushes and shakes his head animatedly. “Rawr!”




Ever the proper hostess The Evil Queen makes her rounds, ensuring all adults have apple cider at the ready. Her rounds see her through Red Riding Hood, Kathryn who is still in her power suit from a day at the bank. Mary Margaret and David Nolan are both clad in their oft worn Snow White and Prince Charming suits. Cradled in the sling is their most recent foster child. 


One peek inside and the most expressive brown eyes Regina ever saw are staring back at her quietly. Stroking the child's cheek lovingly, the baby girl’s eyes drift close at the sensation. She softly coos.“Oh, she is so precious.” 


Knowing eyes connect with Regina’s. “Would you hold her? I must use the facilities or I’ll just burst.” 


“I’d be honored.” The child is smaller than Regina estimated as she’s pulled out of the swaddle. Much smaller as her body curls into itself to rest against her exposed chest. “Hello, sweetheart.” 


“Imari, meet Regina.” Their very own Prince Charming says as perceptive eyes follow his voice. Clearing his throat at the sharp expression behind brown eyes. “The Evil Queen.” 


“Thank you both for coming. It means so much to Emma, Henry, and myself.” 


“Of course, Your Majesty.” 


“Truly David, thank you.” She says, allowing the baby girl within her arms to play with the faux amulet dangling precariously low in her cleavage. “Imari has a taste for the finer things in life it seems.” 


“Oh that she does.” He adjusted the baby bookbag on his shoulder. “Soft blankets, my three-day-old stubble, and anytime I sing.” 


“Grandpa!” Henry skips to the slowly graying Prince Charming. He huffs, and he puffs and...ever the adoring grandfather, David stumbles back as Henry blows a weak wind of mostly spit in his direction. “That isn’t even my strongest blow!”


“Whoa! That is lucky for me.” He teases, a beaming Henry grins with all his little teeth showing. “Would you like to meet someone very special?” 


Crossing his arms, a basket of half-full candy swinging from behind his fingers. “I’ve already met the Evil Queen. We’re here to cause trouble!”


“Every villain needs a minion though, right?” Green eyes take in crystalline blue. “I know just the girl for the job.” 




David grins. “Even better.” 


Dropping down to his level, Regina keeps a good hold on baby Imari. “Henry, this is….” 


He looks up at her with a huge smile and a hug. “My minion! Hi minion.” Attention on a human closer to her size Imari’s dark eyes drinks in the furry wolf costume Henry rocks. He raises his candy pail. “When you get big like me you can have some candy.” 


“How responsible of you, wolfie.” Teases his Ma. The instant Regina’s, er, The Evil Queen’s amethyst smokey eyes glance upward her breath catches. 


Before she stood Emma in her CEO look but something was different. Long blonde hair was straightened and there was the faintest hint of lip stain. Her cheeks were rosy and had less to do with the half-glass of cider and more to do with the make-up she no doubts pilfered from Regina’s bathroom. Her leather pencil skirt hugged her hips courtesy of Henry’s birth, and a richly colored navy blue top added just the right pop of color. 


Adorning her feet were long-heeled, red-bottoms. 


She was downright sinful. 


“Miss Luthor,” Henry plays right along and though the name tickles a part of Regina’s brain she cannot place it. 


“You must be The Evil Queen.” Emma smiles, holding out her hand. “Lena Luthor, CEO of L- Corp. One hundred percent dating Supergirl.” 


Their little family watches the pair with weighted gazes. Being temporarily forgotten, Ruby leans over to the closest thing Emma ever had to her parents. “Something seems different about them.” 


A shining set of eyes gaze upward, Mary Margaret enjoys the temporary freedom Regina granted her by stealing Imari for the time being. “It’s almost like…” 


The way Regina’s palm slides into Emma’s but holds on ever so slightly. Longer than would be polite in any type of meeting. Even when she does pull away their fingertips brush as they part. 


Henry does his version of the Monster Mash. All adults in his view chuckle at the endless enthusiasm of their resident Big Bad Wolf. “Auntie Kat, you’ll never guess what happened today.” 


Her penchant for always having the hot gossip was clearly about to pay off. “What is that my wolf friend?”


“Well, Lil and Mama got into a big fight.” He whispers making sure neither of his mothers are in earshot. The plan to use Imari as his minion worked amazingly well. She was great at distracting both women. Her soft skin and chubby cheeks made her perfect. “THEN, Mama kissed Ma.” 


His entirely, all-to-big for such a small face smile waited until Auntie Kat could form words again. “She did?” 


“On the lips.” He adds in a whisper. 


“Oh my.” Kathryn rises and she shares a look with Mary Margaret and Ruby. “You are right. I’d have never guessed.” 


The song playing changes as Emma takes Imari into her arms and makes her way away from the speakers. She looks positively radiant and scratches at the back of Henry’s head with her short nails. 


“I like Mama’s nails better.” He states brazenly and runs off to join The Evil Queen to get a snack. 


“Ouch. You won’t do me like that will you Imari?” Emma teases the infant who only offers her a sweet toothless smile. “I didn’t think so.” 


Kathryn grabs her by the elbow, pulling her into their tiny group of women. “Henry spilled the tea. You and Regina kissed?!”


“That little…” Emma glances around to ensure Regina is occupied. “Yes. God, it was better than I even remembered.” 


Ruby topped off her cider from her own glass. “Isn’t she sick?”


“Yeah. I-we,” Doing her best to put her thoughts into focus. 


“We,” Kathryn swirls her glass around the small group. “Love you both and want you to be happy. Your secret is safe with us. The balance will be restored to the world.” 




The last of their make-shift family kissed her passed out Big Bad Wolf as he lay on the hammock, empty candy wrapper in hand. Though his burst of energy lasted longer than his mother’s anticipated he truly was adorable in his furry costume. Reluctantly Regina handed Imari back to her foster parents, bidding them farewell. Kathryn’s husband picked her up from the end of the long driveway. 


To Regina’s utter surprise, Emma began clearing away what she could. Quickly taking care of putting the Rubbermaid lids on the food items, and caps on the punches and soda. Trash Bag in hand, she shoots the slightest of smiles Regina’s way when she catches her eyes. 


“Thought I’d get a head-start.” By way of explanation and a shy glance in heading toward the trash can. When she returns, making a move toward their son. “Shall I put him to bed?”


Still, Regina says nothing but a one-motion nod to the blonde. Easily taking hold of their wolf-boy and relocating him to his bedroom. It was one of the first things Emma worked on in this house four years ago. Above his big boy race car bed were the letters spelling out, all because two people fell in love. On the child's nightstand were pictures of him with his mothers.  


Then the one that Regina adored most, one Henry picked out when he discovered it. Herself and Emma, freshman year of high school. The blonde had her arm around a beaming Regina. She hadn’t been aware of just how happy that made the brown-eyed girl of her past. No idea that the feelings she felt for the brunette were echoed tenfold in her direction. 


Not until she nervously asked her to prom. 


The rest was still being written. Stars aligning and the universe that decried them as Fated bringing them back together. Presenting a chance to course-correct. If only they were brave enough to take the risk. 


Staring down as Emma briefly lays alongside their son brushing his thick hair from off his forehead. Kissing his chubby cheeks and undoubtedly reminding him with every ounce of her being how she loved him. 


A tear treks down Regina’s cheek. 


All of these things and more the reason she was so deeply enamored with this woman. She was always going to. Rising and turning she’s met with the emotional Regina. “Hey,” Her thumb wipes away the tears. “I can take him if you still need to rest.” 


“Don’t leave me.” 


A crooked smile flickers but is afraid to remain hopeful. “You were right...about tomorrow. I shouldn’t be here.” 


“I know.” 


Against her better judgment, Emma cups The Evil Queen’s face and kisses her until tears are the last thing on her mind. “You look amazing.” 


“This old thing?” Teases Regina, flustered and a bit caught off guard. “I meant what I said earlier.” 


“As did I,” Emma fixes Regina’s lipstick. Her face set forward with determination and truth. “I can give you all the things I always promised. And more.” 


After swallowing over the lump in her throat the brunette holds Emma at the wrists so she cannot remove her hands. “Are you available next Saturday?” 


Sensing Regina’s about to ask her something of importance. “I will make myself. Always for you and Hen.” 


“That’s great because I desire nothing more than seeing if you would like to have our second, first date?” 


“Second, first date.” Emma chuckles. “I like the sound of that, Your Majesty.” 


Directing Emma’s eyes up by her chin. “I will be sure to leave this outfit at home if I wish to have your attention.” 


A grin quickly flashes her direction with Emma taking note of the time. “Is there anything else you require before I go? It’s a bit past the time you should have your next dose of cold medicine. There is more broth…” Regina captures her lips. 


“You forget I know you. That and I watched you put the leftovers in the refrigerator.” Cuddling into the cool blonde and berating herself for not being able to release her to leave. 


“I should go.” 


“So long as I’m not dreaming.” She teases, lightening the mood ever so slightly. 


Emma lovingly kisses her forehead. “Or, you get changed. Pack a bag. I’ll load Hen into the truck and you stay with me while Lily moves out. You won’t have to be alone or worrying about a pending argument.” 


This brightens Regina’s face considerably. “I’d like that.” 




1.5 Years Later


“Say goodbye to your sister, and go grab your backpack. We’re going to be late.” Regina chides, kissing her son’s wayward hair. Despite her best efforts he nearly always managed to be so active that one part of his bangs stood up while the other maintained the perfectly coiffed little boy hairstyle she so adored. 


He scrunched up his button nose to roaring laughter from his minion-turned-sister. Nuzzling his nose against her’s. “Bye Imari. I’ll see you later!”


“Bye-bye,” her grubby hand opened and closed slowly as her mother exchanged a quick kiss over her head. 


“My meeting doesn’t start until ten,” Emma says stealing a second and third kiss from the recently reinstated, Mrs. Swan. 


“I’ll be sure to hurry back then. I wouldn’t want to miss our nap-time rendezvous.” 


“Mama, kiss.” Imari reaches for her and Regina quickly delivers a succession of affection to her daughter’s cheek. They both laugh at how far away from Emma their growing daughter leans. Nearly toppling herself out of pale arms altogether. 


“Hey, Mrs. Swan?” 


An exasperated Regina smiles. “Yes, dear?” 


“Nothing. Just happy to call you that again.” She all smiles as Regina winds her tie around her hand, pulling her in roughly. Deeply immersed in the surprise of jade communicating her whims in pupil-blown brown eyes.


“I will have what I desire when I return won’t I Emma?” 


“Double or nothing.”