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Librarian’s Secret

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A long, flowing coat swished as the door closed, a pair of footsteps echoing as the librarian locked up, humming while they did so. They adjusted their gold monocle as they passed a mirror, staring into their purple eyes with a wide smile. They were pleased with the world, and everything in it.


Opening a library was better than they ever could’ve imagined.


They always despised their childhood for the pains it offered, and with nowhere to go, stuck between a public school and their own home. Even though their best friend tried to comfort them, there wasn’t a lot he could do to distract from the pain when even Dream’s parents hated them. It was fine... they were used to it.


They had wanted to open this place for kids like them. Kids that needed a place to go, somewhere to exist without any obligation. They were lucky enough to have the savings to do so, considering they were living off the money their weekend job gave them. That and the few bucks they got here and there.


They were so lucky to have this, but there was one problem.


“You’re supposed to be intriguing the guests,” they spoke, apparently to nobody in particular. They stared into the mirror, but they didn’t appear to be talking to themselves. No, they were definitely speaking to someone. They continued.


“Not scaring them off.” Their tone was dryer than the dried desert sand.


The mirror image stared back, appearing exactly the same.


That was, before one eye—Night’s good eye—, corrupted over in the mirror image, with a substance the color of tar. Hm?


A mirror form began to take shape. A ghost? They leapt forth from the mirror, existing before the librarian almost immediately. The image had a look on their face, and despite having no mouth—nothing but that singular glowing eye—, they gave off an aura of pure mischief.


Somehow, without speaking, the form called out to the librarian. They purred in a gentle tone, like a spirit that’d been laid to rest.


“I’m sorry, my star,” they whispered, and though their breath was colder than ice, their tone was sweeter than a cup of hot chocolate. “I only wanted to help.”


When they draped themselves across Night’s shoulders with a pout, they were no match for their easy flirts and genuine compliments. They shoved them off, the apparition falling to the floor as Night’s cheeks heated a gentle lilac color.


“You haunted five guests today!” they whisper-shouted, far too soft-spoken to raise their voice, Mare observed. “I told you the limit was three.”


Mare hummed from the floor where they ‘fell’, though the illusion couldn’t last long when it could be seen they were still floating mid-air. They reached out to Night, who rolled their eyes before lending a hand, allowing them the leverage they needed to tease the librarian yet again.


Pressing a kiss to their hand, they floated upwards, caressing the side of their face when they next spoke.


“I’m so sorry, my love.” Another compliment flew from them. “I won’t do it again.”


Night turned away, far too tired to stay composed with them. They sighed, dropping their weight onto the apparition, who impossibly picked them up with ease.




A look of love crossed over the spirit’s face. They seemed so... joyful, without even trying.


“Of course, my dearest.”