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Amelia Watson sighs in relief, standing on her home’s stone patio. Dressed in standard detective garb, her blonde hair blowing in the breeze. Amelia’s sky-blue eyes narrow on the wooden door. Folded behind her back is a lovely bouquet of violets.

Today has not been fun. No adventures or investigations, just mindless slaving away at dull paperwork. It will all be worth it to see the look on her face. Lightly tapping on the door, Amelia waits patiently for her wife to answer.

“Er… Just a minute!” a voice calls back.

Truthfully, Amelia is disappointed by the response. A highlight of her day is coming home to see a pair of stunning grey-blue eyes waiting for her. Who can blame her, though? Being a whopping forty-two weeks pregnant, moving much of anywhere has to be difficult for her.

After a long few minutes, Amelia decides to take the initiative and enter herself.

“Ina, I’m home!” Amelia calls cheerfully, lightly patting the head of her pet terrier, Bubba.

Stopping in her tracks, Amelia hears the ringing of an alarm and smells smoke emanating from the kitchen. Fearing for the worst, Amelia bolts into the kitchen to investigate. What if it's a house fire? Is Ina unconscious? Will the baby be safe?

The sight she sees instead warms her heart.

Ina’nis Watson winces over the kitchen sink, swaying gently side-to-side, dark hair swishing with her movements. Her heavily pregnant figure struggles to fit even in new maternity clothes, leaving Ina to wear flowy gowns or bathrobes. One hand cradles the arch of her back, another pink and slightly swollen hand rests under cold water pouring from the faucet.

“Oh my goodness, Ame!” Ina’s hair flaps perk, startled slightly.

“What happened?” Amelia passes her wife the violets as Ina enjoys their smell before placing the flowers in a vase filled with water.

“I wanted to make a nice roast for when you got home. Halfway through, I noticed I forgot to add wine, and the pan went up in flames! I tried to grab it out of the oven and ended up burning my hand…” Ina confesses, glancing over to her dinner’s charred remains.

“Well, what say you and I get some pizza instead?” Amelia offers.

“You mean you don’t want a dinner that tastes like carbon?” Ina teases.

“Come on, Ina! Don’t roast your cooking like that.”

“Why? I gave myself a pretty sick burn already, Ame!” Ina giggles as Amelia dramatically smirks, groans, and rolls her eyes.

The two then place a TakoEats order for a large anchovy and caper pizza (a combination that used to disgust Amelia, but one she has learned to tolerate for her wife’s sake).

“Could we get garlic rolls and breadsticks, maybe some hot wings? Ooh! Some of those lava cakes would be delicious! And a big bottle of Dr. Oopsie.” Ina grins, before glancing down in embarrassment, ashamed of her gluttony.

Amelia can only snicker in response. Ina has never been a choosy eater, but she just hasn't ever had a big appetite. Pregnancy certainly changed that. Once, Amelia caught her wife scarfing down a whole jar of pickles straight out of the fridge at three in the morning. Unfortunately, she later threw it all up because it upset her stomach.

“For you, my love, I’d order the whole menu!” Amelia winks.

Soon enough, their order arrives. A pimply, red-headed teenage boy with green eyes, freckles, and a squeaky voice answers the door.

“Here’s your order, ma’am! That’ll be--” The boy’s eyes end up going wide, shifting from Amelia to her pregnant wife, seemingly confused at the mechanics of it all.

What? You’ve got something to say about my wife, punk? Say it to my face!” Amelia glares.

The terrified teen's voice can only sputter and crack in response, his face going pale with fright.

Ame! Leave the poor boy alone,” Ina scolds, before paying the driver for the cost of the meal with a generous tip.

“I’m sorry about her, dear!”

“N-no worries, ma’am! She’s just being protective, I’ve dealt with much worse,” The boy assures with a grin, before speeding off to make his next delivery.

Ina and Amelia sit down with their food to watch some dumb rom-coms on TV. Amelia glances over only to find Ina hardly touching any of the food, feeding scraps to Bubba.

Normally, Ina gets very emotional over these types of movies, especially with her pregnancy hormones. Now, she looks at the TV somewhat despondently, occasionally rubbing her belly and quietly singing lullabies.

While Amelia loves seeing her wife act so maternal, she worries about how distant she’s being.

“Ina, can I take this call? It’s from work, I promise I’ll be quick!” Amelia fibs.

“Oh. Alright, then…” Ina plasters on a patient smile, but deep underneath, Amelia swears she can see a faint look of disappointment.

Scrambling to her feet quickly, Amelia calls someone who she knows has experience in this department.

“...guh?” A voice answers the call tiredly.

Mori Calliope has recently become a proud mother of a baby girl, Clara, with her wife Kiara. Although Calli continually goes on about how rewarding parenting is, she always sounds exhausted. Even the nocturnal reaper seems to struggle with staying up so late.

“Hey, Calli! Ina’s been acting… strange recently, should I be concerned?

"Is your baby here yet?"

"No..." Amelia sighs disappointedly.

“I wouldn’t worry about it, my dude. She’d tell you if something was wrong! Kuso--Kiara was always pretty open about that kind of thing. She wanted to have a lot of…”

“A lot of…?”

Calli’s voice seems to have caught in her throat, her silence only further increasing Amelia’s curiosity.

“!” Calli blurts out.

Amelia Watson begins to snicker, before devolving into boisterous laughter.

“Sex? When you're married? Calli, how could you!” Amelia teases.

“Goddammit, Watson,” Calli snaps.

Distinctly in the background, Amelia can hear the faint crying of a baby.

“Calli? Can you help me with my shirt? I think Clara’s hungry,” Kiara asks.

“Coming, Kusotori!” Calli calls, stumbling her way over. Faintly, Amelia can hear Clara’s cries turn into giggles as she hears Calli.

“How are you, my little Clar-Bear?” Calli coos, singing an original lullaby.

Amelia’s laughter grows more raucous as Calli rushes over, cursing to herself that she left the phone on.

"Watson, I swear if you tell another fucking soul…" Calli growls.

"No promises, Calli! Tell Kiara and 'Clar-Bear' that Auntie Ina and Aunt Ame say 'hi!'" Amelia continues to chortle after hanging up.

Although Amelia is satisfied with Calli’s answer, she decides to find a second opinion. Someone who might know more about Ina than Ame herself…

"Whattaya want now, ya yellow idiot?" A voice barks.

"Ina's been acting odd, Stinky. I need your help!"

"What's the magic word?"

Amelia grumbles to herself inaudibly.

"Please, Gura…?" 

Gura gives a distinct hum of satisfaction.

"First thing's first, you shouldn't listen to Calli!"

"Why? Calli seems smart."

"Calli is smart, but Kiara’s very different from Ina."

"How so?"

"Kiara’s open with her feelings! Ina takes some time…"


"So talk to her, dum dum!"

"Thanks, Gura."

"Is that kid here already?"

"No!" Amelia snaps, unsure of how Ina deals with all of these questions.

"Oh. When it gets here, let me the first to see it!" Gura demands.

Later that night, the two sink into their big comfy bed.

"Good night, Ina! I love you."

Ina’s back is turned to Amelia and she doesn't say another word.

Now Amelia’s worried. Ina always said 'I love you’ back without fail.  What was there to say? Amelia fears that anything she can do will only complicate matters and make things worse. Tossing and turning, Amelia spirals into self-doubt. Is she not enough? Was she not providing? Is there someone else?

Just as the detective drifts off to sleep, she hears quiet sobbing from the other side of the bed. Muffled, it seems Ina is using her hand or a pillow to quiet her crying in an attempt to allow her wife some rest.


“Ame! I thought you were asleep--” Ina sniffles, trying to turn and face Amelia, but the weight of her stomach keeps her pinned down.

“I’m gonna turn the light on and come over, okay?”


Ina’s face is red and splotchy, her eyes bloodshot and teary, dampening her cheeks. Amelia stoops to Ina’s level, resting her chin on one hand while wiping away tears and parting hair behind pointy ears with another.

“What’s wrong?”

Nothing, you should go back to bed,” Ina dismisses.

“You can tell me anything, you know that? I know I’m not a perfect wife, and I’m not always there, but I want to help!”

“You’re Amezing, and I love you! I’m just tired…”

“Sleepy tired, or tired of?” Amelia deduces.

“I-I’m just, I’m tired of being pregnant! Of being a big fat, bloated, whale!” Ina’s voice cracks as her eyes well with tears.

“Ina!” Amelia gasps, wrapping her wife in a warm hug.

“My hips ache, I’m nauseous and hungry and I have to go to the bathroom all the time with a beach ball on my bladder. I’m tired and my head hurts and I can’t sleep. I don’t even have a chest and I’m crampy. This baby was supposed to be born two weeks ago! What am I doing wrong? I’m sorry, Ame…” Ina bawls.

“Ina! What is there to be sorry over?”

“You’re a badass detective that saves the world! I don’t want to burden you with my problems.”

“Do you still hurt?”

“My back, a bit,” Ina admits weakly.

Helping hoist her wife up from the bed, Amelia strips her clothes before carefully removing Ina’s purple bathrobe. She knows Ina must not be feeling well because she loses her regular flush from seeing Amelia naked.

Confused as to her wife’s dismay, Amelia thinks her pregnant body is gorgeous! Remaining small, Ina’s breasts are still heavy with milk, veiny with pert nipples. Ina’s bottom and thighs have rounded out to support her new weight, and she has this radiant glow that fascinates Amelia.

Her belly, oblong and distended with a pointed navel, is covered by angry red stretch marks. Ina used to paint on it in her early stages. Amelia even pulled a prank once, writing “Property of Amelia Watson.” Yet, the two had stopped as of recent. Amelia never minded, she thinks it’s beautiful the way it is.

Carefully kneading small circles into Ina’s back, Amelia does notice how tense she is. Maybe the baby’s head is resting on her spine? In any case, she does whatever she can to make Ina more comfortable.

What Amelia doesn’t expect, however, is the delighted moan that escapes Ina’s lips. Quickly, Ina’s face reddens from embarrassment.

“Would you… like me to stop?”

“No! Please, keep going…” Ina begs as Amelia feels tentacles wrap around her, drawing her ever closer.

Moving her massages to Ina’s narrow hips, Amelia dots gentle kisses along Ina’s back, before moving her rubs up to Ina’s shoulders.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? I don’t ever want to hear you talk about yourself that way again. Understand?” 

Ina nods affirmatively, before yelping as Amelia nibbles on her ear. Carefully fondling the small mounds on her wife’s chest, Amelia’s fingers make small, circular motions on Ina’s stiffened nipples. Ina cries out again when Amelia suddenly bites her neck.

Noticing a drop of milk on her finger, Amelia licks it before straddling her wife without warning. Planting her mouth on a breast, Ina squirms as she feels teeth graze her sensitive chest, Amelia's tongue teasing her tit. Ina’s mouth opens, but no sound escapes as Amelia begins to suckle from her breast.

“L-leave some for the baby, Ame!” Ina teases.

“If this kid wants some, it can come out and take it!”

After having her fill, and abiding by her wife's request, Amelia scratches at the feathery wings encircling Ina’s waist. As the priestess rests on the headboard, the detective places her head between Ina’s splayed legs. Ina's tentacles whack wildly against the back of the bed.

Lapping away at the puffy folds of her wife’s swollen, moistened sex, Amelia immerses herself in her wife’s lavender-scented pleasure as Ina bucks and twists with the sensations. Gaining heightened senses, Ina’s nerves are more susceptible to Amelia’s movements.

“I’m almost there--” Ina pants.

Suddenly, Amelia stops. Dotting more kisses up to Ina’s belly, she stares right into Ina’s grey-blue eyes.

“Who’s my pregnant Priestess?”

“I-I am…” Ina mutters.

“Louder,” Amelia smirks, starting forward and tugging on Ina’s squishy hair.

I am!” Ina boasts proudly, her declaration cut off with the sensation of orgasm as Amelia inserts two fingers into Ina’s ready entrance.

Ame~” Ina calls with ecstasy, filling the detective with pride as she sees her wife wracked with pleasure, the sensation of fingernails clutching at Amelia’s back.

A sweaty Ina falls back, smiling with messy hair, her stomach heaving as she tries to catch her breath. Amelia curls up in the bed, laying her wife’s head on her chest.

“Feel better?” Amelia asks.

“Y-yes. Thank you, it gets quite lonely here sometimes,” Ina sighs.

“Did you…?”

“It’s not always about me, Ina! Sometimes you deserve to be pampered a little. Just know I'm always here for you, okay?”

Ina’s reply is stifled by a wince and a groan as she gives a wheezy cough.

“Ina? Are you alright?” Amelia gasps, fetching her wife a glass of water.

“I’m fine, Ame. Baby decided to kick me in the ribs is all.”

Amelia finds her eyes glancing down to Ina’s orb of a stomach. For so long, she's felt embarrassed to touch it. Ina seems like she is in her special little world that Amelia doesn’t want to intrude upon.

“C-Can I…?” Amelia’s face flushes pink she struggles to express her desire.

“Have I managed to fluster you, detective?” Ina giggles.

Ina guides Amelia’s hand to her pregnant belly, as the detective feels a powerful kick in response.

“Ina, I don’t mean to alarm you, but I’m pretty sure this kid’s gonna be a kung fu master!”

“You’re ridiculous,” Ina winces.

“Does it… hurt when there’s kicking?”

“A little.”

Amelia’s face goes stern, roughly prodding Ina’s belly.

“Hey! You treat your mama nicely in there. Alright, kid?” Amelia orders.

Just like that the kicks subside, almost as if heeding Amelia’s warning.

“I wish I had known to do that earlier! Maybe we’d have a baby by now,” Ina murmurs bashfully.

“Don’t blame yourself! Our baby’s just nice and comfy in there is all. Just like I am with you right now!” Amelia beams.

So the two lie in the comfort of each other’s arms, Amelia gently rubbing Ina’s belly, as the two fall asleep together. A little yellow terrier curls up by Ina's stomach, guarding the resting couple and their unborn baby.