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Bad Tip

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“You know Summers, I’m pretty sure your information was wrong!” Logan shouts from across the makeshift battlefield, and Scott rolls his eyes internally.

“Oh, really?” He shouts back as he carefully picks his way backward toward the jet, blasting a less-than-stealthy Toad back towards his fellow Brotherhood cronies just before he ducks onto the jet’s ramp, gesturing for Jean to get off the ground as he makes his way abroad. They’ll go to Logan. “What tipped you off?”

“Eh, I don’t know, One-Eye, maybe the Brotherhood?” comes the distant reply. Hilarious. Truly.

He gives Jean a nod as he slides into the seat beside her, and she gives him a less-than-subtle once-over before she lifts off.

He smiles at her and pushes an “I’m fine,” in the direction of her mind.

“Good. I don’t like having to patch you up,” comes the instant reply, her eyes focused on Logan and Sabertooth’s steadily-nearer forms as he takes over the controls of the jet, her hand at her temple as she communicates with Logan.

Below them, Logan sends Sabertooth flying towards the direction of the forest and jumps aboard with an impact that sends them tilting to the left. Damn adamantium bones.

Logan slumps down behind them, claws still retracting. “I’m always ready to throw down, Summers, but I want advance warning next time I have to pop the claws. I could have worn my spandex.”

Jean stifles a laugh and Scott just shakes his head. “Let’s just get out of here.”