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Roman had placed the final touches on his skirt look. He had received an invitation from his brother for a ball, something he would have been more cautious about had he not been excited to see the dress code required the skirts as, in Remus’s words, “it’ll be funny to see what you all put together for this” (yes, those were the exact words on the invitation). Roman was thrilled to get it on after getting it and was so happy with how it looked, especially his makeup (even if it was simply some red lipstick and gold highlight). He was wearing a long red skirt that reached just past his feet, a red vest over a yellow shirt, and a white cropped jacket with a yellow clasp. He spun in the mirror and beamed. “It’s so fluffy!”

Roman heard someone knock on the door and squinted. Which of his friends needed his attention right now? He sighed and shrugged. “Hang on!” He lifted his skirt up and walked across the room to the door, opening it. 

Janus was on the opposite end of the door, not really facing him as if he was looking around to see if someone was coming. “Roman, I love to bother you but I-” The snakey side glanced back at the prince and blinked. “Oh. I see you got the same memo as I…”

Confused, Roman stepped back and looked at Janus’s outfit. He’d at first assumed Janus was wearing his normal clothes but had replaced the bowler hat with a wide-brimmed sun hat. Upon seeing the full picture, Roman could now see that Janus was about as dressed up as he was - the deceitful side was wearing a long black satin skirt, a black vest under his usual capelet, long yellow opera gloves, and yellow boots that could kill a man.

“I… mhm.” Roman could barely manage to get the words out and was kicking himself in the face for it. He couldn’t find his sworn enemy attractive, no matter how pretty he was!

Janus seemed to notice Roman’s loss for words and gave him an ever-so-slightly-amused smile. “Is there an issue, my prince~?”

Roman gulped and shook his head. Shit, was he that obvious? (Yes) “You… you look nice, I… I guess.”

“Why thank you, but I did come over for help finishing my look.” Janus nodded towards the room, in a ‘May I come in?’ motion.

Roman moved and Janus came in, and it took all of Roman’s willpower to not gawk at him. “What is it you need?”

“Makeup. I can totally put it on by myself, so I needed to see someone to help me.” 

“Why me, though?” Roman furrowed his eyebrows together. “Why not, say, Virgil or my brother?”

“Your brother is getting ready for the ball tonight and Virgil would have drawn clown makeup on me.”

“So the next logical conclusion is someone who also doesn’t like you?” Roman tilted his head.

“Of course not .” Janus glided over to Roman. “But that’s not the only reason I came over here.”

“Oh?” Roman raised an eyebrow. 

Janus nodded. “I wanted to…” He scrunched his nose - whatever he was trying to say was clearly not something he said very often. “A… I wanted to a… a…”

Roman tapped his foot impatiently and sighed. “Out with it, Janus!”

“I wanted to apologize!” Janus finally got the words out and sighed. “Okay? I wanted to apologize for calling you evil. For everything, actually.”

Roman blinked. Janus was… apologizing? To him ? “Oh… Um, it’s… Um…”

Janus shook his head. “Roman, I’m not expecting you to forgive, I’m just letting you know I’m sorry.”

Somehow, Roman knew Janus wasn’t lying right now. And it was admittedly odd, not being forced to accept an apology he didn’t accept. Not that he didn’t appreciate it of course - on the contrary, the prince was touched that Janus had apologized first (and regretfully relieved: Roman was almost certain he wouldn’t have been the first to apologize to the deceitful side, regardless of how terrible he felt for doing all he did to Janus).

Roman decided to apologize as well, but before he could get the words out, one of Remus’s servants came up to Roman’s door and knocked. “His Royal Highness Remus requests the presence of one Janus and one-” They blinked and squinted at the card, unsure about something. “... one Dickbutt?”

Janus suppressed a snort and cleared his throat and Roman huffed. “Tell Remus His Royal Highness Roman will be there when he gets there.”

The servant nodded and ran off.

Roman sighed and looked over at Janus. “Let’s get your makeup on and head down to Remus’s palace.”

Janus nodded and sat on the bed as Roman got his makeup bag and sat beside the royal-looking snakey side. Roman did Janus’s makeup and fixed the lipstick, deciding to give him some eyeliner as well just to make him look fancier.

“And… done!” Roman put the makeup away and handed Janus a compact. 

The shorter side looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. “I loathe it, Roman.”

Roman smiled and laughed. “Thank you, Lyin’ King.”

Janus scrunched his nose and laughed softly. “Let’s head down to the palace, my prince?”

Janus’s gloved hand took Roman’s, sinking out with the prince and pretending not to notice the taller one’s face flush red.

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Logan had called Virgil down to his bedroom almost the moment he’d finished getting ready for Remus’s ball. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t entirely thrilled for the outing, but once he learned everyone had been invited and had been given the same dress code as him, he was suddenly more excited for it (not by much, but still).

Virgil decided to go with the 2000s skirt route and kept it simple - a black jacket over a white shirt, a purple and black plaid skirt, a belt, black and white tights (a risky move but they looked close enough to socks that he was certain no one would notice), and his regular black sneakers. He was proud of the look, and even more so that his regular makeup looked somewhat decent.

The emo took a deep breath and knocked on Logan’s door. Silence for a moment, then-

“Come in, Virgil.” Logan’s voice was heard, muffled through the door. Virgil opened the door and blinked.

The nerdy side looked… stunning. He was wearing a long black shirt under a silky dark blue vest, a matching pencil skirt, hosing, and black dress shoes. He’d even changed his glasses to sharp cat-eyed ones.

“Holy shit…” Virgil mumbled, shaking his head and moving his eyes away from the skirt and back to Logan. “Uh, you needed me, L?”

Logan looked over at Virgil and stopped for a moment, blinking and nodding. “Um, yes. I need some help with my makeup.”

“Wh- um- you need my help with makeup?” Virgil blinked.

“Yes please. Nothing too, um, ‘loud’, so to speak.” Logan fixed his glasses.

Virgil messed with his hair. “So like, concealer, foundation, primer?”


“Um, sure, no problem.” Virgil nodded and summoned his makeup. “Sit.”

Logan did so and smoothed his skirt down, looking up at Virgil from under his glasses.

Virgil sat next to him and started doing Logan’s makeup. “I, um, I like your skirt.”

Logan nodded. “Thank you. I like yours as well, you look very nice.”

Virgil smiled. “Thanks. It took a bit to get out of my comfort zone for this dumb ball.”

“Ditto.” Logan checked his watch. “When you’re finished, we should head to Remus’s palace.”

“Alright.” Virgil nodded, putting the finishing touches on Logan’s makeup. “There you go. Check it out.” He handed Logan his phone.

Logan put his glasses back on and checked his makeup on the dark screen. “Thank you, Virgil.”

Virgil nodded dumbly. “No problem. You look…” Hot . “Good.”

Logan chuckled and smiled softly. “I’ve been told. Shall we head out?”

Virgil nodded, getting up and helping the hot nerd up, sinking out with him.

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Remus was thankful Patton wanted to help him set up the ballroom (ha) for his party; he knew Patton was good at making people comfortable and that wasn’t exactly a tool in Remus’s toolbelt, and he’d looked so excited to help his boyfriend that Remus just couldn’t say no.

Part of the reason why he was so thankful was that his new look took so damned long to get on, especially the makeup. He was going all out for this dance and was therefore going even more extra than his normal outfit - something even he wasn’t sure was possible, but he managed.

He thought he looked hot - his skirt was a simple green lace tutu, but he made up for it with the netted long sleeve under a green cut tank top, shark teeth necklace, fishnet leggings, slicked back hair, new piercings, and combat boots. And his makeup? That was just the lard icing on the tuna flavored cake: loud and bold and green, and he’d done it all himself. Yup, he was certainly going to be the best dressed one there.

Remus was in the middle of feeling himself up (not literally) when he heard a knock on his door. 

Entrer !” Remus called to the unknown being, not turning around just yet since he assumed it to be one of his serfs.

Nope - it was Patton. “Hey, um, Remus?”

Remus looked back at the door and blinked. Patton looked… adorable. His skirt look was simple, yet cute - yellow overalls that led to the actual skirt over a blue button up that Patton had yet to button up.

“Holy Hera, you look great Pat!” Remus beamed and ran over to his boyfriend. “I love the look!”

“Aww, thanks honey, but… can you help?” Patton looked at Remus sheepishly. “The top buttons aren’t buttoning.”

“Just leave them be, you look hot!” Remus smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

Patton flushed pink and laughed. “Remusss…”

“Is everything ready?” Remus tilted his head.

“Yup! And everyone’s here!” Patton grinned.

“Oh shit- come on, we have to greet everyone!” Remus took Patton’s hand and ran out of the room to the balcony overlooking the ballroom.

Patton was right - everyone was already here and were socializing with each other.

Remus cleared his throat and waved. “Hey everyone!”

Everyone looked up at him and stopped talking.

“Alright, here’s the deal! This isn’t some competition, I just felt like doing this cuz I wanted to see what y’all would do with the prompt! And it seems you all did great! Except Roman, obviously.”

The others laughed while Roman huffed.

“We’re gonna be oscillating between dance partners for the night, but for the first dance you’re gonna be with who you came here with. So Logan and Virgil, me and Patton, and Asshole and Janus!”

Virgil messed with his hair and Logan fixed his glasses.

“Oh, and the music is enchanted, so each pair will hear a different song! Enjoy your night!” Remus pressed play on the music and hopped downstairs with Patton, joining the other four at the dance floor.

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Janus held his hand out to Roman. “Care to dance, dashing prince~?”

Roman blinked and nodded, taking Janus’s hand. He was still surprised this hadn’t been some surprise ambush thing on Remus’s part and didn’t realize what was happening until Janus pulled him into a tango as their music started playing.

She shot me, she shot me.

Roman smiled. “I love this song…”

“Funny. So do I.” Janus spun Roman and finally got the prince into the mood to dance, letting him take the lead.

Bang bang.

Janus hummed along to the song, dancing with Roman and noticing that the prince looked a bit conflicted. “Is there a problem?”

“Huh?” Roman looked back at the snakey side.

“You don’t seem to be enjoying yourself.” Janus frowned. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good.” Roman stared out at the other dancers.

“Uh huh.” Janus took the lead and spun his - er, the prince - around.

“You do not know me very well but I would never hurt a fly”

Roman laughed softly and sighed, looking up at the snakey side. “...I just realized I still haven’t… accepted your apology.”

Janus’s expression softened. “Oh, Roman… I told you you don’t have to-”

“I want to though!” Roman interrupted him and shook his head. “I… I’m sorry, I mean that I do accept your apology, Janus. And… god, I haven’t even apologized to you, have I?”

Janus laughed. “Roman, I lived with Virgil and your brother for a while, I’ve heard worse in regards to my name-”

“But I still shouldn’t have done it. I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, Roman. I forgive you.”

Though I could have walked away

Roman hesitated and sighed. “...thank you, Janus.”

“Of course.” Janus smiled softly.

Roman looked up at Janus. “’re beautiful.”

Janus laughed softly and blushed pink. “You’re sweet, my prince, but I’m about as beautiful as a monster.”

Roman shook his head. “Janus, I know beauty, and you are stunning… In general, of course, but you look just radiant in your skirt and the makeup and just-” The prince flapped his hands and huffed, stopping the dance. “Words! Ugh, my muse fails me!”

Janus laughed and smiled. “Roman, it’s alright, I… I appreciate it. Thank you, prince.”

Roman laughed sheepishly. “...of course. Would, um… Would you like to continue our dance?”

Bang bang.

“I would love to, but it seems our song has ended.” Janus smiled down at Roman and curtsied to him. Looking around, it was clear everyone else’s dances were closer to 

Roman huffed and did the same to Janus. “Maybe after we’ve all finished our dances?”

“Of course. Until the end of the night, Roman.” Janus waved and glided away, his heels clicking as he headed to the middle of the dance floor.

Roman watched him and sighed. … shit

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Logan and Virgil had been obviously hesitant to dance - neither of them did it much, if at all, and the others looked to be much more in their element. That anxiety seemed to dissipate though when they heard what song was playing for them.

You know I like to listen, yeah, I know you love to talk.

“Oh my god, this song…” Virgil’s eyeshadow turned from its plain black to a dark, slightly shimmery purple.

Logan smiled softly and sang along softly. “ Powell’s used bookstore and get lost…”

Virgil glanced at the logical one and smiled slightly. “It sucks I don’t get to hear you sing all that much L, you’re great at it…”

Logan blinked and flushed slightly pink, looking down and scrunching his nose. “I… thank you Virgil, but I think I’ll leave the singing to you all.”

Virgil frowned but nodded, bobbing his head to the song. “...I guess we’re made from the same weird stuff…”

“Being a loser with you doesn’t suck…” Logan finished the lyric and Virgil smiled back at him, his eyeshadow turning a shade lighter.

Logan squinted a bit and smiled, tilting his head. “I still find it fascinating that your eyeshadow changes color to reflect your mood.”

Virgil rubbed the back of his neck, smiling nervously. “Yeah, I thought it was kinda cool when it did that the first time…” 

“And that was when?” Logan got a different look on his face - the curious and genuinely fascinated look that always showed up when he talked about space or the ocean. It was a cute look, Virgil thought, and it made his eyeshadow turn more purple.

But we’re the fucking shit in the back, of the bus, holding hands.

“Uh…” Something Virgil wasn’t quite as eager to admit was that the first time his eyeshadow had turned purple was after his and Logan’s first debate - after Logan had said that he “didn’t necessarily mind” Virgil’s company.

Logan put his hands up. “You don’t have to say, I imagine it was a rather personal discovery-”

“After our debate.” Virgil squeezed his eyes shut and blurted out the answer. “You, uh, remember that time when we were debating cognitive distortions…?”

Drink my tea, while you read.

Logan nodded. “Of course. I still very much enjoyed that debate.”

“After you, uh, told me you liked my company and I, um, I got back to my room, my eyeshadow was bright purple and glittery…”

The logical side blinked. “So… I was the catalyst to you realizing your eyeshadow could change colors…?”

Virgil nodded, messing with his hair and keeping his eyes shut. 

Logan frowned. “Have I made you uncomfortable, Virgil? I was simply curious, I apologize-”

“No, no, you didn’t Lo, I was just… you know why my eyeshadow changes color, right?”

“Yes, I believe so. Roman referred to it as ‘butterflies in your stomach’, correct?”

“Yeah. Lo, what… What causes the butterflies?”

“Well, scientifically an increase in adrenaline reduces blood flow to your stomach and that lack of blood flow causes the feeling, but as the twins have explained, it’s also a result of someone ‘liking’ another person.” Logan fell into that all-too-attractive exposition voice that he so often spoke with and Virgil felt his heart wrench slightly - if Logan had needed that explained to him, he had probably never felt it.

There’s a little bit of loser in us

Logan continued. “I never did understand that, as I so often do feel that feeling when I’m around you, but I don’t think I…” He stopped, thinking for a few moments. “I… Don’t think I…”

Virgil tilted his head, not wanting to get his hopes up. “You don’t think…?”


Just two weirdos who fell in love

Logan gulped. “I… may have incorrectly assumed something about how I interpreted our… relationship.”

“And what was that assumption..?”

Logan’s voice was failing him - how does he explain that he had apparently had a crush on his best friend?

Virgil was thankfully patient with the logical side, something Logan was becoming exceedingly thankful for.

“ appears I misinterpreted what I’d felt for you as simply being ‘good friends’... when it was…” Logan shook his head and sighed. “It was a crush. I think I ‘like’ you, Virgil.” For such a smart person, Logan only just then put two and two together and blinked. “Wait, when you were talking about your eyeshadow, and you said that that was the result of adrenaline, did you mean..?”

Being a loser with you doesn’t suck.

Virgil nodded and tried not to grin. “Yeah, yeah I did.”

Logan was quiet for a second before he put his head in his hands, embarrassed. “I’m an idiot. How am I only just now realizing this?”

Virgil couldn’t help but laugh a little, shaking his head. “It’s okay Lo, it took me a bit to come to that conclusion on my end too.”

Logan looked up at him a little, a smile creeping onto his face.

Virgil noticed that the others had stopped dancing. “We’ll get back to this later tonight, all right?”

Logan nodded and walked over to the refreshment table. Virgil waited to make sure he was gone before sighing in relief and silently celebrating.