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Your Lips, My Lips, Apocalypse

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“Let’s go on a date, Yoojin-ah.” Sung Hyunjae says to him one day. The two of them are trekking through the endless wasteland that most of Seoul has become after the apocalypse, finding shelter under awnings and in deserted buildings wherever they can to escape the heat of the mid-afternoon sun. Han Yoojin squats in the shade of one such awning and looks up at the frivolous man that he calls his partner.

“In case you missed it, there isn’t much to do on a date in a landscape like this.” He says dryly, waving a hand at the ruined cityscape around them.

Sung Hyunjae only smiles back, that spark of playfulness in his eye that Han Yoojin has long learned to associate with bad things. He tenses warily.

“Look at it this way! With no one else around, isn’t the entire city ours to play with?” Sung Hyunjae steps back and spreads his arms, encompassing the lifeless city with his proprietary gesture. “Plus, do you really think you’ll have a bad time with me guiding you?”

Han Yoojin just gives him his best deadpan look, flashing back to some of their riskier plans while he takes another sip of water from his canteen. The amusement park was most certainly not amusing that day. They had escaped by the skin of their teeth only thanks to Han Yoojin having extensive experience working in retail, a few strategically placed balloon animals, and Sung Hyunjae being able to modify the toy guns in the storage. Speaking of storage; Han Yoojin squints at his depleted canteen and makes a note to plan another supply run soon. Their water stores could use refilling, and he might as well grab some more bandages just in case. Troublesome, as grocery stores, restaurants and other food banks tended to either rot or have zombies gathered around from the smell of raw, festering meat. Gross. He wiggles his canteen up at Sung Hyunjae in an offering.

“We need to get more supplies soon.” Han Yoojin ignores the tinge of wistfulness in his heart at the thought of a proper date, putting practicality over everything else like he’s always done. “Not really time for play when we barely have enough for survival.”

Sung Hyunjae tuts at him and takes the canteen, tilting his head back to drain it of the last mouthful. His Adam’s apple bobs as he swallows, a single bead of sweat trailing down from a jaw that could cut stone to run down the smooth line of his neck and into the collar of his shirt. Han Yoojin swallows sympathetically, mouth suddenly dry as the simmering concrete. He tries not to imagine quenching his thirst with his sweat instead.

“Or we could combine them and kill two birds with one stone.” Sung Hyunjae replies. Han Yoojin hurriedly looks away from his neck and accepts the empty canteen his partner hands him to tuck away. “If you don’t enjoy it, which I’m sure will not happen given your company,” he gestures to himself, “I’ll make it up to you very thoroughly afterwards.” Golden eyes glint in the shade with a simmering hunger, and Han Yoojin has to will away the blush that suddenly threatens to tint his face pink.

“Well why not.” He says, looking away. Sun Hyunjae smiles slow and molten and so, so, promising when he’s feeling playful and has just gotten his way, and he doesn’t need that kind of view making his heart skip a beat, okay?

A warm hand cups his jaw and turns his head and Han Yoojin has just enough time to blink before he is smothered in a long, deep kiss that makes him gasp into Sung Hyunjae’s mouth. Their lips part with a wet smack and his partner pecks him once more on the forehead before pulling away fully.

“Wonderful! We can do it today, after the sun goes down a bit more.”

Han Yoojin couldn’t resist a small smile at Sun Hyunjae’s obvious excitement. Doing something more normal will be a nice change of pace for the two of them as well, a small taste of what could have been if they had met before the apocalypse.

“So what will we do exactly?” He asked. Sung Hyunjae shot him a wink.




“You know, when you made a big show out of ~preserving the mystery~ of our date or whatever, I expected it to be a bit more exciting than the normal supply run.” Han Yoojin said, taking another bottle of water off the convenience store shelf. Sung Hyunjae looked over at him from the snack aisle.

“We’re just getting this out of the way first, don’t worry Yoojin-ah.” He smiles at him. The older man swipes several packets of beef jerky from the shelf, taking a box of granola bars as well as some cans of spam to load into his pack. Han Yoojin hummed in reply, acknowledging the practicality of the matter but still a little nonplussed.

The convenience store they were visiting was a familiar one, with the main exit opening into the central space of a large shopping mall. The area had been cleared of zombies two weeks ago on their last supply run so it was reasonably safe to keep their weapons undrawn, but even a week was still more than enough time for new undead to filter back in. Which was why Han Yoojin kept his ears perked for the sound of shuffling feet and rasping breaths, keeping the location of the exits and any windows in mind at all times.

His partner seemed much more casual about the entire thing, meandering down the food aisle with the air of someone stopping by their local convenience store for a quick snack. Occasionally something would catch his interest and Sung Hyunjae would pick it up, examining the nutrition label first as always and either tucking it into his backpack or putting it back on the shelf with a small scrunch of the nose. He had to wonder what kind of life this guy had lived, though, when the sight of microwavable tteokbokki made him recoil in disgust. As fun as it was to watch a possible rich boy confront the horrors of the E-mart24, however, the hidden tension in his shoulders told Han Yoojin that his partner was equally wary of the silence, as well as the way that the other man wandered in a tight orbit around him. As if sensing the direction of his thoughts, Sung Hyunjae zipped up his pack and began making his way over, both hands resting casually on the twin holsters attached to his belt.

“Ready to go, then?” Han Yoojin asked. He stood up as he spoke, tossing Sung Hyunjae a full bottle of water that he caught effortlessly.

“Yes, did you get the bandages?” His partner replied.

He pet the side of his pack in response. “Got them first thing.”

Sung Hyunjae hummed approvingly as they met up in the aisle, turning to head towards the sliding doors on the store’s far end. A warm hand slipped into Han Yoojin’s on their next step, calloused fingers sliding into the spaces between his fingers as smooth as butter. Han Yoojin looked up as Sung Hyunjae brought their entwined hands to his mouth, placing a tender kiss right above his knuckles and looking down with playful golden eyes.

“And now the date starts.” His irritatingly irresistible partner murmured. “Care to accompany me to our venue, love?”

Han Yoojin swallowed his heart down from where it was beating its way out of his chest and gave him a wobbly smirk.

“About time.” His damn stubborn heart gave another flutter at the chuckle his answer inspired as they neared the exit, their hands swinging back and forth between them.

Han Yoojin tried not to be too conscious of their connection as they walked, but it was hard when he had so little experience to know what went next with these kinds of things. Should he tighten his grip? Loosen it? What if his hands got sweaty? The way their fingers had slotted together so easily gave Han Yoojin a little thrill, but what if Sung Hyunjae didn’t feel the same way? Nervous energy filled him and he had to stop himself from drumming his fingers.

He had only ever had this kind of intimate contact with Yoohyun before, quick hugs and cuddles in between shifts when his little brother was still small enough to ask for comfort, and a little hand clasped tight in his as they walked across a busy road. Han Yoojin had always been too busy trying to survive for anything else, first taking care of Yoohyun then spiraling into depression after his little brother left then being overwhelmed by the freaking zombie apocalypse of all things. Not really much time for a partner in between existential crises and crawling out of the pit of financial difficulty he had to constantly watch for.

Coming across Sung Hyunjae was a total surprise, as it would so often turn out to be over the course of their acquaintance. It had taken them a long time to trust each other, wary and on edge from the apocalypse as they were, and even longer to form the partnership they had now. That had been a doozy of a trip though, Han Yoojin’s bones ached sympathetically from even the thought of the absolute hellscape they had to slog through those first few weeks.

The end result was pretty okay though. Han Yoojin squeezed his hand a little and suppressed a silly grin at the instant squeeze back. His chest was warm and weirdly fluttery. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t resist letting a small smile linger on his face as they neared the exit, the persistent warmth of the larger hand wrapped around his suffusing his entire body with a swooping, buoyant sensation like walking across a glass bridge and looking down to see the dizzying emptiness underneath. Being able to rely on someone else so freely for the first time in his life, even if it had been out of pure spite, had been and still was a boon he was not going to give up anytime soon.

That being said, he thought, glancing up and seeing Sung Hyunjae smiling like the cat that got the cream as their shoulders brushed yet again, his partner could still make him want to poke that stupid ego of his until it shrunk enough to fit his brain.

“What are you smiling so smugly for?” He asked.

“Just enjoying the view.” Sung Hyunjae replied, twinkling those golden eyes at him innocently. Smooth as silk. Han Yoojin scoffed and looked away.

“Whatever.” His ears were burning, he could feel it, but he wasn’t going to admit it anytime soon and swell that ego further. Sung Hyunjae can talk like a door to door salesman but he isn’t that slick, Han Yoojin. Do you remember that time he twisted his ankle and fell into a dumpster? You had to fend off the zombie hoard while he got out and then toss him into a river to lose the smell. It’s just like what those reality TV self love gurus always said, you’re much better than any man, now go rip his dick off. Ok maybe not the dick part, but they had some pretty interesting speeches about loving yourself above anyone else and manifesting your desires by always seeing the world through orange colored glasses. Or was it teal? The point being, Han Yoojin wasn’t going to trip all over himself for a pretty, pretty face and a nice body pillow on cold nights.

He squeezed his hand again quickly, not being able to resist the impulse, and flushed even brighter at the squeeze back. Clearly Sung Hyunjae’s naturally high body temperature was even higher in his hands, he thought frantically. That was why he stood just a little closer than usual, okay. It was cold outside and Sung Hyunjae could spare a little warmth for his poor hard working partner. Han Yoojin determinedly did not think about the fact that it was late afternoon in the middle of summer and moved a little closer until there was no more space in between them.

As he was lost in internal monologue, they had made it into the empty concourse of the mall. While the rest of the building was cast in shadow, the sunlight streaming in through the half collapsed ceiling illuminated the open floor and made it seem as if the white tiles were glowing. Han Yoojin had visited this mall a couple times before when he had time and money to spare, weaving his way through the crowds of people in search of on sale school supplies or some extra clothing for Yoohyun.

“It’s no professional dance studio, but I’ve always thought that this place had the ambiance for a lovely ballroom.” Sung Hyunjae gestured at the high glass ceiling as he led them across the dusty floor, turning to face him when they were firmly in the middle of the concourse. “Care to join me?”

“To dance?” Han Yoojin asked, taken aback.

“A waltz, more specifically.”

“I’ve never danced in my life.”

“Don’t worry Yoojin-ah, I’ll lead you through it.” Sung Hyunjae smiled encouragingly. “The waltz is the easiest ballroom dance to learn.”

Figures that Mister I-don’t-eat-week-old-convenience-store-bento would know how to dance. Though Han Yoojin did appreciate the added image of Sung Hyunjae in a ballroom tuxedo, fancy waistcoat and all. He squinted at him.

“And you’re sure it’ll be fun?”


“…As long as you don’t mind that I’ll step on your toes.” Han Yoojin shrugged. It was the end of the world, might as well make a fool of himself learning to dance. What was the worst that could happen?

“You’ll love it, don’t worry.” Sung Hyunjae positively beamed at him, adjusting their hands as he brought them closer. “Now look, this is where you keep your hands when you waltz.”

He placed Han Yoojin’s left hand on his bicep just below his shoulder, resting his own underneath and lined up against the back of Han Yoojin’s arm to support the position. Their entwined hands were brought up to about shoulder height, with Sung Hyunjae’s forearm canted up at an angle and his hand adjusted to wrap around Han Yoojin’s palm in a gentle hold. Han Yoojin held his breath as the position lined up his left side flush against his partner from chest to hip.

“Good?” Sung Hyunjae asked.

“Seems manageable.” Han Yoojin shrugged back a little awkwardly, shifting his left hand a little higher.

“Onto the steps then. We’re going to do the most basic box version,” Sung Hyunjae said, straightening Han Yoojin’s spine by gently pressing against the middle of his back with his right hand. It returned to its position just below his arm when he was satisfied. “Good. Now just mirror my feet, moving your right foot first.”

Sung Hyunjae slid his left foot forward, watching as Han Yoojin slowly stepped back with his right.

“That’s it. Now bring the other foot up.” They brought their feet parallel to each other, though Han Yoojin felt a nudge at his left foot. “Hip distance apart, love.” He adjusted his stance.

“We’re going to do a sidestep next. Follow my feet.”

Han Yoojin mirrored his movements as Sung Hyunjae moved his left foot to meet his right.

“And now we step back with my right and your left—keep your upper body relaxed, yes that’s good—and bring your right foot parallel at hip distance like before.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, exactly. And now we complete the box by bringing my right foot—your left, Yoojin-ah—to the other one.”

Han Yoojin did so.

“What’s next?” He asked, not looking away from their feet.

“That’s it.” Sung Hyunjae gave him a proud smile, “you’ve just learned a basic waltz.”

“Huh." Han Yoojin couldn't help but smile back, a little giddy with success, "And I didn’t even step on your feet once.”

“No you didn’t. Congratulations, darling.”

Han Yoojin happily basked in the pride of learning something new, then wiggled their extended hands curiously.

“So we just need to do this again to dance, right?”

His partner nodded. “Shall we continue?”

“Yes please.”

“Let’s start slow then. Remember, right foot first.”

Sung Hyunjae led them into two slow boxes, keeping his steps staggered so Han Yoojin would be able to get familiar with the individual movements.

“Seems like you’ve got the hang of it, I’m going to start linking them together now, ok?”

“Sure.” Han Yoojin was able to take his eyes off their feet now, and was feeling a bit more confident. The additional weirdness of dancing in the deserted ruins of an empty mall was dissipated by the reassuring presence of Sung Hyunjae filling his senses. The warmth of his touch and smooth, low voice in his ears counting a steady tempo for their steps made the fizzy feeling in his chest expand like a balloon, until he could feel his heart beating frantically against his ribcage.

His partner looked softer in the filtered light, though that could just be from the gentle happiness in his expression as he led them around the empty concord, the most peaceful Han Yoojin had ever seen him. He couldn’t help but stare as they moved, the warm, almost orange sunlight streaming in from above and setting Sung Hyunjae’s hair ablaze in a million shades of rose-gold.

Sung Hyunjae taught him a few more steps as they danced, showing him the basic turns to take them away from the edges of the concourse and eventually even an underarm spin. Han Yoojin felt a bit ridiculous as a full grown man being spun in a circle, but any self consciousness was quickly snuffed out by the delight in Sung Hyunjae’s voice as he did the turn successfully.

His heart skipped like a teenager as he pressed himself back against Sung Hyunjae’s side, their free hands slotting right back into position like they had never let go at all.

“There you are. Wasn’t that fun?” Sung Hyunjae grinned.

A million empty words fluttered through his mind, but in the end Han Yoojin simply leaned forward, standing on his toes to place a gentle kiss on his cheek as they moved out from the spin. The feelings he had for this arrogant, wonderful man felt as if they would pour right out of him like the world's most embarrassing waterfall if he so much as opened his mouth, so he just kept it shut and grinned back wide. He hoped his partner could see how happy he was, in this moment together as fragile and sweet as spun sugar, caramelized in the warm light of dusk.

Sung Hyunjae blinked, a small flush rising in the apples of his cheeks. This was perhaps the most flustered he had ever seen him, the blush bright against his pale coloring and making Han Yoojin gape in surprise as well. They stared at each other for a long moment, two fools blushing in silence in the middle of an abandoned mall as they kept dancing on autopilot. Han Yoojin stumbled as a cracked tile caught on his foot, mashing his face uncomfortably into Sung Hyunjae’s chest.

“Oh, shit-“

“My apologies, I-“

They broke off into silence again as they regained their posture, the flush now covering Sung Hyunjae’s cheeks fully. Han Yoojin couldn’t take it anymore. A small snort burst out of him before he made eye contact with Sung Hyunjae and the two of them fully broke into helpless laughter, the sound echoing in the cavernous space. His giddiness felt like it was bubbling out of him in an endless stream and he didn’t even bother controlling himself.

Han Yoojin turned his head up for a kiss just as Sung Hyunjae was leaning down, pressing their lips together with another small chuckle. They traded small sipping kisses in between breaths and laughter, the formality of the waltz slipping away until they simply swayed in place on the tiled floor, Han Yoojin’s arms wrapped around his partner’s neck and Sung Hyunjae comfortably looping his arms around his waist.

“Why, you’re a natural, Yoojin-ah.” Sung Hyunjae bumped their foreheads together, their faces close enough that Han Yoojin could make out every shade of gold in his irises. The color of his pupils always reminded him of the dragon hoard in movies, shining like they had been freshly polished.

Han Yoojin smiled up at him. “Damn right.”

A sudden shuffling step burst their little bubble, the sound of groaning from the corridors making them both stiffen. Han Yoojin let go of his partner and reached for his shoulder holster, scanning the darkened storefronts around them for any signs of movement. The ceiling had caved in a good section of the main entrance to the building when someone had blown out the supporting pillars for the arch, but the vast majority of the area was still intact and had four wide walkways leading to the concourse from each major department store. This was also where he could see the zombies that were stumbling in.

“Looks like someone’s been doing some shopping.” Sung Hyunjae chuckled to himself, seeing the broken doors of the Bloomingdales down the way and the undead staggering through.

Ok, the mood was fully dead now. Han Yoojin groaned, turning to face the east section of the mall and putting his back to his partner’s. “Is now really the time for bad jokes?”

He set his feet as the first of them shuffled into the concourse, drawing his gun and firing straight at one’s head in one smooth motion. Another bullet lodged into the skull of a second zombie before the first touched the floor, the blood oozing across the tiles as Han Yoojin spun towards a second corridor and aimed at a third.

“My sense of humor is impeccable, I’ll have you know. You simply can’t appreciate proper comedy when it counts.” Sung Hyunjae sniffed, the dainty sound followed by two muted bangs as the smell of gunpowder and stale blood filled the air around them. Han Yoojin wrinkled his nose.

“I know good humor when I hear it. I certainly don’t hear it from an ahjussi that can’t act his age.” His jaw clenched as a bullet clipped the side of a zombie’s head, piercing it right between the eyes in his next shot. More were coming in at a slow trickle from the east facing walkways, and Han Yoojin could tell that his partner was experiencing the same issue by the alternating sounds of gunfire from his twin pistols.

“Ah, my precious partner is so rude to me. And we were having such a loving moment too.” Han Yoojin could hear the pout in Sung Hyunjae’s voice.

“I’m sorry, do you not see the crowd of zombies coming towards us? Should I just get on my knees and suck you off right now?” Han Yoojin grunted, firing several times at a clump of undead and grimacing at the resulting spray of blood and brain matter. “Excuse me if it’s a little hard to be loving when we’re being surrounded by zombies.”

“While a very nice image to consider, you and I both know that a couple dozen undead can hardly pose a threat to us.” Sung Hyunjae tutted disapprovingly.

There couldn’t have been more than ten or fifteen undead on each walkway, Han Yoojin thought. While it was inconvenient that they were in an area with no cover or obvious escape route, Sung Hyunjae had a point when he said that this number would be handled easily, especially when they were being filtered into such convenient lines for them to pick off.

“At least I have a sense of caution.” Han Yoojin snarked back regardless, kicking away a stray piece of debris and adjusting the grip on his pistol.

His brief pause had allowed the next clump of zombies to fan out in a triangle, and he grimaced as the blood and brain matter of all three spattered across the floor, the formation shot down easily to create a stumbling block for the others coming down the leftmost hall. Sung Hyunjae whistled as he glanced back at Han Yoojin’s work.

“Nicely done Yoojin-ah~” he said casually, swapping out an empty magazine one handed. Han Yoojin looked over his shoulder at the piles of bodies decorating his partner’s side of the mall.

“Could say the same for you. How did you get them to stack up like that?” Another zombie entered his range and Han Yoojin lined up his shot, piercing it through the throat and hitting the one behind it as well.

“I shot them at angles so they would fall onto each other like dominoes. There are no real challenges here anyways.” Sung Hyunjae sighed dramatically and fired again, the ping of the ricochet followed by thumps of rotting flesh hitting the concourse floor.

“Of course you would be bored in a situation like this.” The blockade Han Yoojin had created had slowed the progress of the zombies through one part, but a few more were coming in through the second walkway.

He could feel Sung Hyunjae’s back tense against his as his partner took care of the zombies on the west side of the mall, the contact between them a reassuring weight as they surveyed the crowd making its way into the concourse.

“So much for a romantic date.” Han Yoojin said a little wistfully, reloading his gun and tucking the magazine away. He spotted movement out of the corner of his eye and shot the zombie creeping into his personal bubble, stepping away from the spray of stale blood with a grimace.

“I don’t think it’s ruined quite yet.”

A warm arm slid around his waist and spun him out of the way of another zombie, a perfectly aimed bullet sending it sprawling across the floor. Han Yoojin yelped as Sung Hyunjae’s other arm wrapped behind his head, sweeping him into a low dip as the silenced gun next to his head fired three more times. Golden eyes sparkled down at him mischievously.

“I find that there is always a certain… choreography to fights, wouldn’t you agree?” He said.

A figure loomed behind Sung Hyunjae’s head and Han Yoojin aimed and fired on reflex.

“Always such a fan of the dramatics.” He sighed, relaxing his spine.

“You love it though.” Han Yoojin was brought out of the dip and pressed up against Sung Hyunjae’s front, close enough that he could drape his arms over his shoulders and gun down several zombies approaching from the west. The arms cradling his waist tightened to cross behind his back and Han Yoojin felt the twin guns fire, two cut off shrieks spelling out Sung Hyunjae’s accuracy.

“Would you believe that I could take care of this crowd on my own?” His partner asked, his warm breath fanning across Han Yoojin’s face.

“I believe that your ego could fill a ballroom if you were given a mirror and an hour with your delusions.” Han Yoojin rolled his eyes, eyeing the crowded concourse.

“Ah, but I am careful to tailor my ego to my abilities, and there is very little I cannot do.”

“Do you want me to leave you alone?”

“It would provide a smidge more entertainment for me, and you would also enjoy the show, I’m sure.”

“Such an arrogant ahjussi.”

“But I make it work so well, no?” Han Yoojin’s breath hitched as Sung Hyunjae moved, spinning them out of the way of two zombies and firing at two more. He could feel the flex and ripple of the muscles pressed against him, even through their separate layers. He swallowed hungrily.

“Only because you’re competent.” Han Yoojin tilted his head up to murmur into Sung Hyunjae’s ear, enjoying the slight hitch of breath. “Try to impress me.”

A low purr rumbled from Sung Hyunjae’s throat. “Yes sir.”

Han Yoojin let go of his neck at the same time that Sung Hyunjae uncrossed his arms, his partner firing two more times before he holstered his guns and took out his machetes, leaping into the nearest group of zombies in a whirlwind of gore and violence. Han Yoojin smiled slyly and backed off. Sung Hyunjae was a sight to see when he got violent, but, like all large predators, it was much safer to keep away from the blast zone when they were on the hunt. “Blast zone”, literally, thought Han Yoojin, ducking a severed arm.

He kept one eye on the destruction after that as he turned a part of his attention onto the zombies on the outer edges of the concourse, beginning to pick them off slowly from the outside in. His job was made easy by the fact that there were only a few more than a dozen left, the vast majority of which were being easily taken care of by Sung Hyunjae.

Han Yoojin made his way towards the walkways as he cleared the perimeter, giving each a brief but thorough once over to check for any stragglers. The only thing he found was a zombie lying facedown in the walkway, his legs having rotted off before he could move further. He shot the groaning pile in the head with a grimace. Task done, Han Yoojin turned back just in time to see Sung Hyunjae plant his boot into the center of a zombie’s back, propelling it into a group in front of him as he kicked off of the momentum and whirled around to decapitate another.

Han Yoojin raised his eyebrows and stepped over to a large block of ceiling. Since he was feeling extra showy today it would take a few more minutes for Sung Hyunjae to finish up, so might as well get comfortable.

His partner seemed perfectly at ease in the chaos, weaving a deadly dance with his blades and making the movements of the undead around him look as slow as a glacier in comparison. The adrenaline receding from his system made Han Yoojin twitchy and the fight looked like good fun, so could you blame him for feeling a little petty after being booted out of the fight? Following his first instinct, Han Yoojin picked up a small pebble and threw it towards the crowd of violence, making sure to boo loudly enough for his partner to hear.

“A stereotypical performance! I thought you were trying to impress me?” He shouted. Han Yoojin caught a flick of golden eyes towards his position and shot him his most jeering grin.

The only response he got back was a laugh and a wave, as Sung Hyunjae skewered a zombie right through the head and kept pushing, running through two more before twisting his blade and slicing upwards right through their skulls. Han Yoojin eyed the way Sung Hyunjae’s muscles strained as he levered his machete free, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. Not bad at all.

A small part of his attention kept him aware of his surroundings while the rest focused on the fight, tracing an idle gaze across the sharp lines of his partner’s body as they both had their fun. The remaining zombies were easily wiped out in what felt like moments, a heavy silence falling after the last thump of rotting flesh hitting the floor.

Sung Hyunjae stood in the middle of the carnage like an ancient war god, wreathed in the amber glow of the sun’s dying rays and burning like a star. His machetes hung in his grip, gleaming with a color that appeared almost black in the dimness and dripping blood to the rhythm of his panting breaths. Dark crimson viscera splattered his skin and hair. For a moment Han Yoojin could imagine that it was warpaint, dying Sung Hyunjae in the gruesome colors of his victory.

Quite a sight. Han Yoojin hopped off his perch and made his way over, picking the cleanest way through the numerous corpses and oozing puddles of blood. His partner turned as he sensed his approach, a smile spreading across his face that reeked of satisfaction.

“Did you enjoy the show?” he asked.

Han Yoojin shrugged, reaching out to wipe off a smear of blood from Sung Hyunjae’s cheek. “Three stars. The talent was good but his personality is annoying.”

“What a shame,” Sung Hyunjae responded, leaning into his hand. “Seems that the audience was feeling picky today.”

“The audience was promised something impressive.”

“I’ll be sure to up the ante next time.”

Han Yoojin stepped back and watched his partner clean his blades on the torn up shirt of a zombie, sheathing them moments later with a quiet snick. He stepped closer as Sung Hyunjae stood back up and took off his blood-soaked gloves, putting them away to pull on a clean pair. Casual as you please, Han Yoojin slipped his hand back into Sung Hyunjae’s as they began to walk away.

“You do that, and I’ll consider cheering next time.” He told him.

“Weren’t you already?” Sung Hyunjae looked down at him with warm eyes, bumping his shoulder companionably.

“I think you’ve mistaken heckling for cheers, are you getting hard of hearing in your old age?” Han Yoojin said. He squeezed his hand shortly.

“Well if I’m not mistaken,” A warm thumb traced circles on the back of his hand, “your eyes were certainly enthusiastic enough to make up for your mouth.”

“They had to be if I was going to find a part of you that was actually tolerable.”

“I’m not complaining. The results?”

“Still undetermined.” Han Yoojin said airily.

“Could I influence the factor?” Sung Hyunjae stepped over another body, turning to face him.

Han Yoojin blinked as a hand cradled his jaw, turning it to face the man next to him. “Depends.” He exhaled.

Warm breath fanned across his lips.

“I’ll give it my best then.”

“Ha-“ the rest of Han Yoojin’s sentence was muffled by Sung Hyunjae’s mouth as he was swept up into a brief but very thorough kiss. They parted a second later with a small sound, Han Yoojin chasing after him for a moment before catching himself.

“Have I won your favor now?” Sung Hyunjae asked.

“With that little?” Han Yoojin snorted, leaning up on his toes, “I’m going to need more convincing.” He said, and pulled him down for another kiss.

He could feel the smile Sung Hyunjae wore as he pressed their lips together, the smug bastard, but he kissed skillfully enough that Han Yoojin decided to let it slide just this once. The hand still cradling his jaw thumbed at the soft skin behind his ear, sending a shiver down his spine.

They stood there in the bloodied concourse, trading kisses until the last bits of light sank beneath the horizon and shrouded them in true dark. Sung Hyunjae drew back then, carefully tucking a stray piece of hair back behind Han Yoojin’s ear.

He smiled a conspiratorial grin as he led them out of the mall, still connected by their entwined hands. The way out was filled with lighthearted banter, the warmth of their connected palms echoing the affection in their eyes. The pair wound their way through the barely lit streets outside, ducking behind alleyways to avoid stray zombies until they reached a familiar looking warehouse.

Sung Hyunjae boosted him onto the fire escape, climbing up the ladder as soon as Han Yoojin let it down in a few fluid movements. The hinge was pulled back up as quietly as possible, and the two slipped through the opened window into their base.

“What now?” Han Yoojin shut the window and locked it, tucking the key back under his shirt. The blackout curtains were pulled down in quick order as the lights were flipped on, the enormous room soon bathed in dim yellow. His partner was already halfway across the room, heading towards their makeshift kitchen.

“Why don’t you unpack?” He called back, “I’m going to grab a few things before the final stage of our date.”

“That’s still on?” Han Yoojin blinked at him bemusedly.

Sung Hyunjae simply hummed back an affirmative, sorting through the supplies in his pack. “You’ll see soon enough, partner mine.”

Well alright then. Han Yoojin made his way to their secondary storage, refilling their emergency water supplies and restocking their first aid kit, which had gotten a little low in the past few days. Speaking of which—

“Change your clothes soon, check for bites.” He called.

“I’ll be done soon.” Sung Hyunjae raised a hand in acknowledgement. Han Yoojin hummed and turned his attention back to their stock of bandages.

Clean up was a quick process, the two of them well versed in the motions after weeks of the same routine. An exception to the quick part, however, was the very thorough sponge bath (blood had gotten many unexpected places before in the past, and Han Yoojin was taking no chances. Last time when he forgot to clean down there—he shuddered and scrubbed a little harder). A dry towel and change of clothes later, and the two of them were cleared for bites or any other wounds and it was time for dinner.

“Let’s go up to the roof, hm?” Sung Hyunjae sent him a wink, laughing at his squinting confusion.

The warehouse that was their base had a flat concrete top that was solid enough to build on, which they had gleefully taken advantage of by rigging two hidden solar panels onto the ends of the roof to charge their light bulbs during the day. Low walls surrounded the edges of the roof, making sure they were hidden from casual passerby as Sung Hyunjae set down a picnic blanket and cushions in the middle of the roof. Somehow, his partner had managed to get candles in the middle of an apocalypse to light their little area. It was clear that he knew where best to put them as well, melting the bases slightly to anchor them on the roof.

Han Yoojin watched with bemusement as a whole picnic was laid out before him, small cups of orange preserves accompanied by the miraculously fresh gimbap sets they had found the other day and meticulously examined before taking, as well as an entire bottle of quality soju Sung Hyunjae had managed to smuggle right under Han Yoojin’s nose. He settled onto the cushion on the right as Sung Hyunjae took out a packet of napkins, placing them on the blanket next to the gimbap.

“When did you even get all this?” Han Yoojin asked, catching sight of the label on the soju, “and how the fuck did you get an intact bottle of Chamisul?”

“I found the Chamisul just before I met you, in an intact liquor store I found a few miles away.” Sung Hyunjae answered smugly. “Shame that I couldn’t find shot glasses though.” He set his backpack outside the wide ring of candles and settled down next to Han Yoojin, shaking the bottle of soju before cracking it open.

“That’s fine,” Han Yoojin was offered the first sip of soju and he accepted gladly, savoring the faint kick at the back of his throat as he swallowed a small mouthful. “I’m less bothered about the shot glasses and more bothered about the bottle not being cold, anyways.”

Sung Hyunjae took back the Chamisul as Han Yoojin unwrapped one of the gimbap, making a face at his mouthful of alcohol. “Mn- soju just isn’t the same lukewarm, you’re right.”

“Right? It just tastes off. I’ll still drink it though, don’t get me wrong.” Han Yoojin said, making grabby hands. His partner handed it over with a smile, tearing the plastic off his own gimbap as he did.

Han Yoojin took a small sip of the alcohol, letting the welcome flavor dance across his tongue. It was pleasantly cool on the roof. The heat of the summer afternoon had completely gone by now, and what little warmth the candles produced was enough to keep him comfortable against the flickering breeze. Han Yoojin found himself looking up into the sky as the two of them continued to trade the bottle back and forth, taking small sips of soju in between bites of gimbap.

Without the light pollution of before, when cars illuminated the highways and buildings stayed lit long into the dark, the sky was now illuminated by the billions of stars scattered across it like diamonds. It was more stars than he had ever seen in his life. Han Yoojin was reminded of the pictures he had seen of the Milky Way, vast and beautiful in its enormity and so much bigger than he could comprehend. He wondered if Yoohyun could see the stars, wherever he was. Hopefully his little brother had shelter and supplies and was getting enough sleep through everything.

Han Yoojin knew Yoohyun was alive, had heard news of him from another survivor that had passed through their area just yesterday. Apparently his little brother had managed to make his presence known in a relatively populated city, so at least he seemed to be pretty lively. Yoohyun-ah, your older brother is coming soon to check on you, ok? Even if you don’t want to see him, he hopes you’re doing well in the apocalypse and getting enough to eat.

Han Yoojin let his train of thought drift from his estranged brother, idly picking out some of the more well known constellations. The Big Dipper, the small dipper, Orion’s Belt. There were stories about these constellations that he used to read to Yoohyun before their bedtime, but he had mostly forgotten them by now. Something to do with Greek mythology perhaps, at least for the big ones.

“What are you thinking?” Sung Hyunjae asked.

“Ah,” Han Yoojin turned to respond. “The stars-“ he cut himself off with an embarrassing squeak when he saw his partner’s face.

Sung Hyunjae was looking at him with eyes that shone gold and soft and flickering in the candlelight, the ever present smirk replaced with something gentle and open.

“-I, uh, you-!” Han Yoojin spluttered, feeling his ears light up in a blush. He couldn’t help noticing the way the corner of Sung Hyunjae’s eyes crinkled when he smiled, a strand of golden hair falling into his face as he tilted his head to the side curiously.


His eyes were still so, so soft as he looked at him, and Han Yoojin almost couldn’t bear seeing the open affection of that gaze. Sung Hyunjae was looking at him like he was the most precious thing in the world, like Han Yoojin had hung the stars in the sky and formed the very earth with his hands. He was looking at him look at the stars like there was nowhere else he’d rather be, like he, Han Yoojin, was the most beautiful thing he had seen and he couldn’t—wouldn't—turn away in a million years. He was looking at him in the same way that he had when they waltzed in the empty concourse, dancing to a beat that he had sung into existence and pretending like they were just two lovers on a normal date. Sung Hyunjae was looking at him like he loved him, and Han Yoojin wasn’t quite sure how to deal with that.

“Why are you only looking at me, weirdo? There’s such a great view around us.” He gestured wildly to the glittering night sky, hoping that the dimness would be enough to hide his flush.

“Well I did expend a little effort to set all this up, I had to make sure you were enjoying it didn't I?” Sung Hyunjae said, all casual and as relaxed as a cat after a big meal.

He even took a small sip of soju afterwards, like he was bragging that he had more composure than Han Yoojin. He fucking did not, by the way. Han Yoojin was the most composed person here by a mile, and Han Yoojin would ignore the fluttering in his stomach as he realized that Sung Hyunjae had probably planned this whole thing out in advance to be able to get specific candles and a checkered picnic blanket of all things.

“You’re such a sap,” he scoffed, turning his head away so he didn’t have to look at his partner’s stupid face. The idea of his ever flippant partner taking care to go out of his way to hunt down specific supplies just to take him out on a date made him want to smile like a doofus, melting his heart into a pile of flustered goo. No! Remember the gurus, Han Yoojin. Self love and castration.

He still could hear the smile in his voice as Sung Hyunjae huffed in amusement. “And here I thought you might not like it.”

“Such a corny ahjussi.”

“I can see you blushing, you know.”

“A hopeless old romantic with bad eyes.”

“You’re even red on the back of your neck, how cute.”

“A mushy, absurd, corny, blind ahjussi who I’m not listening to right now.”

“Such terrible insults from my own partner.”

“I’m ignoring the sappy person behind me right now, no further comments needed.”

“Why, the hurt is so great I must drown my sadness in alcohol. Whatever shall I do with the last bit of Chamisul?”


Han Yoojin reconsidered.

“A better person would be a nice sentimental ahjussi and give it to his wonderful partner who works very hard to deal with him.” He said, sticking out his arm behind him without looking and making grabby motions.

A hand took his grip instead, and Han Yoojin found himself pulled back into a solid chest, gentle fingers nudging his face up into a kiss. He couldn’t help the noise of surprise when Sung Hyunjae parted his lips, the sweet taste of soju filling their mouths. Han Yoojin swallowed automatically, surging forward to deepen the kiss. The kick of the alcohol going down his throat almost matched the kick he got hearing his partner moan. He pulled away after an intense moment, eyeing the wet sheen on Sung Hyunjae’s lips a little hungrily.

“Such an opportunistic ahjussi.” He murmured. He could feel the shaking as Sung Hyunjae laughed behind him, the hand not holding the bottle of Chamisul wound snugly around his waist.

“You were just too cute to pass up, I’m afraid.”

Han Yoojin squirmed as warm air blew over the shell of his ear, his partner hunching down to hook his chin on his shoulder. “Ah—stop, I’m ticklish there.”

“So adorable.” Sung Hyunjae snickered, now trailing a row of small bites along the shell of his ear. A particularly harsh nip made Han Yoojin yelp quietly, flailing until he loosened the hold around his waist and turned himself around.

“Oi.” He was fully sitting on Sung Hyunjae’s lap now, clasping his cheeks in both hands. The close distance of their faces gave him an idea. “Kiss me instead, you do it better.”

“If you insist.” His partner was only too happy to comply, wrapping himself around Han Yoojin like a cuddly wall of muscle.

But instead of the long kiss that he was aiming for, Han Yoojin found himself overwhelmed by light pecks, Sung Hyunjae smothering him with short, chaste kisses all over his face and bearing down until they overbalanced onto the blanket. Han Yoojin squawked as his back hit the blanket with a soft thud, his amusement fighting against his indignation at being denied. Sung Hyunjae continued kissing him even then, making exaggerated “muah!” sounds with every kiss he laid on his nose, his cheeks, his eyelids. By now the amusement had won out easily and Han Yoojin was laughing, pinned down beneath his partner's bulk and trying his level best to push his face away.

“Ack-! Not like that,” He wheezed, planting his hand into Sung Hyunjae’s face and fighting down giggles, “kiss me properly!”

Sung Hyunjae just switched his attention to the fingers on his mouth, taking it in one hand and fluttering butterfly kisses over his fingertips, his knuckles, his palm.

“Sung Hyunjae!” Han Yoojin’s breath hitched as he brushed over his wrist, feeling a hint of teeth in the lips he laid on his pulse point. “Ah, you—come here.”

He managed to grab his collar and yank his partner’s head down, meeting his lips in an open mouthed kiss. Now this—Han Yoojin shivered as a hot tongue scraped against his sensitive palate—this was much better.

The slow give and take of their tongues gained an edge of heat as the kiss got more intense, a hint of teeth added in between breaths and bringing attention to the growing thrum of arousal behind his giddiness. Han Yoojin whined as Sung Hyunjae broke away, catching his bottom lip in between his teeth and pulling him back without opening his eyes. Sung Hyunjae paused for a second, leaning away to do something, then obeyed without protest.

The sweet taste of soju filled his mouth again as their lips met and parted, alcohol spilling between them and dripping down Han Yoojin’s chin as he swallowed. Sung Hyunjae tutted and a warm tongue swept across his skin and lapped up the mess, dipping back into his mouth and making his head spin from the fervency of the kiss.

He could feel the rumble against his chest as Sung Hyunjae groaned into the kiss, a large hand sliding down his side and taking Han Yoojin’s ass in a firm grip so his partner could roll his hips into him. The friction sent pleasure down his spine like a bolt of lightning, one leg coming up to press into Sung Hyunjae’s back as the other hooked around the back of his partner’s thigh, giving him leverage to arch into the pleasure.

“Hyunjae-!” He gasped.

Sung Hyunjae kept pressing against him, his gaze fixed on Han Yoojin’s face as they made eye contact. “You want to-?”


“Mn—supplies, in the bag.” Sung Hyunjae murmured in between kisses. A groan of protest rose from Han Yoojin at the thought of letting him go but he obeyed grudgingly, watching as the other man moved to grope around the inside of his pack.

“Come back.” Han Yoojin demanded, seeing him take out the small plastic bag and already undoing his belt and zip impatiently.

Sung Hyunjae seemed similarly urgent as he wedged himself back between his legs, shifting to pull Han Yoojin’s pants off by one leg and toss them to the side. Familiar fingers traced heat into the side of his thighs and made his toes curl. The arousal flaring high in his gut, Han Yoojin shimmied out of his jacket and shirt as best he could, tugging insistently on his partner’s shirt to get him to do the same. Obviously the clothes had to go, both of them agreed on this point.

Golden muscle flexed and rolled as Sung Hyunjae yanked off his shirt, bathed in candlelight and coloring him the shade of honey. Han Yoojin wanted to lick it all off. He made do with his fingers instead, flattening his palms across solid abs and running them along lines of muscle. A thumb trailed up to flick a hard nipple, making Sung Hyunjae groan and falter while undoing his belt.

“Yoojin-ah, you’re making it difficult for me to be patient.” He said, smiling a little stiffly. Han Yoojin looked down. Haha, His smile wasn’t the only stiff thing.

He may be a little drunk.

“Then don’t go slow. Give it to me now.” There may have been a little bit of a whine in his voice as Han Yoojin arched, pressing his ass into Sung Hyunjae’s still covered crotch.

Hands seized his hips in a grip strong enough to bruise, the aggravated expression on Sung Hyunjae’s face making him smile smugly as his partner clearly gave up on his pants in favor of rutting against his ass. Han Yoojin was all in favor of that, exalting in the rough rasp of fabric against bare skin for all of two seconds until a part of his zip snagged a patch of skin. Han Yoojin choked on his moan and let out a strangled yelp, shoving his hand in between them.


“Oh shit-“ Sung Hyunjae froze, careful not to move in case the skin was fully caught.

“Your zip-“

“Let me take this off.”

“Ok, yeah.” Han Yoojin unwound his legs slowly, careful of any sign of tugging.

Once he was free his partner backed up instantly, rising to slide his pants past his legs and toss his underwear on the pile of clothing that had formed on the corner of their blanket. Han Yoojin was a little upset that he wasn’t able to watch the show, busy feeling around for any bleeding. None, luckily.

“Let me see.” Sung Hyunjae murmured, crouching down carefully in front of him.

Han Yoojin kept his legs spread as he looked. “I don’t feel any blood or rips.” Yeah, he had definitely sobered up now.

“It’s just a little red. Looks like the zip just scratched you a little.” Golden eyes glanced up solemnly. “My apologies, Yoojin-ah.”

“It’s fine,” Han Yoojin propped himself up on his elbows, waving away the apology, “I was the one hurrying you.”

“Be that as it may, I make a practice of treating my partners well.” Sung Hyunjae smoothed over the smarting skin with a feather light touch, one that barely sparked any pain.

It made Han Yoojin’s skin tingle anyways, the touch in such close proximity to a much more sensitive area that he couldn’t help the little shiver. Sung Hyunjae clearly caught it, judging by the way his eyes darkened a little as he glanced up.

“If you’ll allow me,” his fingers dipped lower. “I’ll be glad to kiss it better.”

Han Yoojin couldn’t help but laugh at the cheesy line, feeling a flush of arousal redden his cheeks anyways. “Such a cheap line. How many times has that worked for you?”

“Enough times. Let me make it up to you anyway?” Sung Hyunjae batted his lashes even while he was dipping his head, his face close enough that he could feel his warm breaths against his inner thigh.

“Nn- shut up, weirdo.” Han Yoojin said, wrapping his legs around him in invitation.

“Anything for my most precious partner.” Soft lips fluttered over the scrape a moment later, the brief spark of pain consumed in warm wetness as Sung Hyunjae ran his tongue over it soothingly. A sharp bite followed moments later, making Han Yoojin yelp and pull on those golden locks. Sung Hyunjae was undeterred, sucking lightly before letting go with a soft pop.

“Oi, pervert ahjussi!” Han Yoojin gave his hair a small tug to tear his eyes away from the mark. “How is this making it up to me, huh?”

“But didn’t you feel good?” Sung Hyunjae blinked at him innocently.

“You bit me!” Han Yoojin gestured to the clear ring of teeth marks, ignoring the small throb of arousal he always got seeing any of Sung Hyunjae’s marks. “How am I supposed to feel good when I’m being eaten like a wagyu steak?”

“You certainly appreciated the marks last time though.” And Sung Hyunjae was all too pleased to take another look too. Han Yoojin blushed and squirmed some more as he felt the gaze on his thigh like a tangible thing. “And you seem to be appreciating it this time as well.” Golden eyes drifted slowly to the right, resting on his erection. Han Yoojin flushed brighter.

“That’s an involuntary reaction dammit! Stop looking!” The hands he had moved down to cover his crotch were grabbed at the wrist and pinned above his head, Sung Hyunjae suddenly looming above him with a teasing smile.

“Hmmm~? Getting embarrassed?” He shuffled his pinned wrists into one hand, the other trailing down to cup his chin. Han Yoojin scrunched his nose as Sung Hyunjae gave him a chaste peck. “Don’t worry Yoojin-ah, I know you clean down there religiously.”

Han Yoojin hissed and squirmed. “You know why I do it! You do it too!”

“That’s why I’m not worried~” Sung Hyunjae grinned, already beginning to slide back down.

“Wha- That’s not what I’m embarrassed about!”

“Mhm. If you stay still like a good boy I’ll give you a reward okay?” Sung Hyunjae let go of his wrists after a soft squeeze, smiling with a hint of anticipation. “I really want to do this right now. Let me?”

He was already moving to slide the cushions under his back even before Han Yoojin said anything, blinking pleadingly up at him. He sighed.

“Fine! Fine, have at it. Pervert stubborn old shitty geezer.” Han Yoojin thumped his head against the picnic blanket and let his legs fall open entirely, fighting back a shiver as warm hands slid along the sensitive skin between thigh and crotch. His partner’s mouth followed a moment later, kissing a line from knee to groin and stopping right before his erection.

“I love you~” Sung Hyunjae breathed the words against the base. Even in this situation the words made Han Yoojin’s heart flip, his breath hitching in anticipation as Sung Hyunjae drew closer… then skipped over him entirely, switching to his other thigh.

“Oi!” He couldn’t help squirming in protest, digging a heel into Sung Hyunjae’s upper back.

His swearing cut off abruptly into a whine when teeth sunk into sensitive skin, mirroring the bite on his other leg. Sung Hyunjae hummed as he bit this time, pulling away with another soft pop and immediately biting down a little closer to his crotch. The pleasure-pain of each bite shot straight to Han Yoojin’s groin, heightening the arousal pressing against his skin like a solid thing. He wanted that mouth desperately, around him, in him, making him moan, yet Sung Hyunjae just continued to bite marks all over his inner thighs without even glancing at the good parts. It felt like an eternity before anything changed, Han Yoojin’s whining changing in pitch and ferocity until he was moaning weakly, tugging on fistfuls of hair in an attempt to steer Sung Hyunjae towards his neglected cock. A final, harsh bite made him swear, his partner surveying the marks covering his crotch and inner thighs gleefully.

“Gorgeous.” He purred, sitting up slightly. “Now, reward time!” Large hands seized Han Yoojin’s ass and spread him open, Sung Hyunjae licking a broad strip from his hole to his dick and making him shriek into his fist. His partner stops briefly to mouth the throbbing nerve on the underside of his shaft before dipping back down.

Sung Hyunjae must be feeling pretty pleased with himself, as Han Yoojin practically comes undone around him when he starts licking into him in earnest, his tongue a hot brand that drives all rational thought from his mind. He can do nothing but moan and shake in the brunt of his relentless assault, a hand moving up to thumb the head of his dick and wringing out a loud sob. Sung Hyunjae slips his fingers into him at some point, licking around them and into him and utterly undeterred by the lewd squelching sounds of lube mixing with saliva. It’s equally as embarrassing as it is hot, and Han Yoojin buries his face into the picnic blanket and tries not to beg. In a way.

“Pig fucking son of a misbegotten whore!” He swears viciously as the fingers inside him spread and crook at just the right angle to rub against his prostate. “Ngh-there! Right there, oh my god!”

Han Yoojin convulses involuntarily as Sung Hyunjae’s callouses scrape against the sensitive bundle of nerves before he is practically rutting against Sung Hyunjae’s face, pushing back against those fingers as best he can as they thrust into him. Another finger is added as Sung Hyunjae works him open with intent, the quickly fading burn of the stretch of more propelling him faster towards the edge and fuck, he might come from this, so Han Yoojin buries his hands into Sung Hyunjae’s hair and pulls him away, whining high and needy as he feels the loss.

“Yoojin-ah?” Sung Hyunjae looks up and is about to draw back, he can tell, so Han Yoojin grabs his face and holds him there.

“Hyunjae, I need you to get your cock in me right now.” His words end up surprisingly calm for something so driven by single minded lust.

Sung Hyunjae blinks at him, snapped out of his trancelike state but not moving yet. Han Yoojin growls in impatience. He would gladly do it himself if he could, sink down to the hilt of Sung Hyunjae’s cock and feel it push against his fucking stomach. The throbbing of his arousal grows more intense at the thought and he breathes through the wave threatening to tip him over the edge.

“I swear to god, if you don’t fuck me right now I will tear out your fucking hair.” Han Yoojin gives a solid yank on the fistful he has in one hand as his desperation enters his voice, transfixed by the way Sung Hyunjae’s eyes visibly dilate as he leans forward to loom over him like a predator.

“Now, now, no need to get so testy darling.” Han Yoojin practically sobs in relief as he feels the blunt head of Sung Hyunjae’s cock press against his hole, pushing his heels desperately against Sung Hyunjae’s ass to keep him moving.

The head finally pushes in after another second of pause, splitting him open just like he had craved. His mouth parts on a soundless gasp, his entire being attuned to the fullness at his core and every nerve hypersensitive as he is stuffed, achingly slow, to capacity. This is nothing less than torture, to feel the searing hot weight of Sung Hyunjae’s cock inside him and yet have it be so still. His partner breathes out a shaky breath against his neck, resting his lips on Han Yoojin’s pulse point as he waits for him to adjust, and it’s sweet really, he’s touched by the consideration but if he would just-

Sung Hyunjae grinds into him at an angle that hits that spot inside of him dead on, starting a deep rolling rhythm that has him whining high in his throat in seconds. A whimpered plea from Han Yoojin is enough for him to begin thrusting, small shallow jerks that speed up until Sung Hyunjae is pounding into him like there is no tomorrow. The breath is knocked from Han Yoojin with every thrust, sharp gasps punching their way out of his throat as Sung Hyunjae adjusts his angles slightly and suddenly his shaft is bumping against his prostate with every movement and Han Yoojin feels overwhelmed tears slip down his cheeks. He can barely muster the energy to cling to his back, his nails leaving bright red scratches as Han Yoojin wails. The wave of pleasure that he had pushed back was now close to overwhelming him, every thrust rubbing his cock up against Sung Hyunjae’s stomach and winding him up further until Han Yoojin can practically taste his orgasm.

He manages to choke out a warning before he comes, muffling his scream into Sung Hyunjae’s shoulder as he drowns in euphoria. His vision fuzzes like television static for a moment as his body shakes its way through orgasm, clenching harshly around Sung Hyunjae’s cock and tearing a low growling moan out of him. Sung Hyunjae manages a few more haphazard thrusts before coming with a low moan, the warm wetness filling him wringing a faint moan out of Han Yoojin, who barely bothers to move as his weight slumps on top of him a moment later.

Sung Hyunjae mouths at his neck and jaw mindlessly as they recover, murmuring a stream of filth into Han Yoojin’s ear that makes his spent cock twitch valiantly. A particular sentence makes him huff in amusement.

“Take me to an actual bed and we’ll see.” He snarks back. His chest warms at the laughter that shakes Sung Hyunjae’s frame, sweaty golden strands tickling his neck and face. Han Yoojin shivers as a breeze chills his sweat-damp skin, mustering up the energy to wrap his arms back around Sung Hyunjae and delighting in the additional warmth. The glimmering night sky spreads out above them silently, catching his eye even as gentle lips smear kisses onto his shoulder. Han Yoojin’s breath catches as Sung Hyunjae scrapes his teeth against his neck, tilting into the gesture.

The stars were plenty beautiful tonight. Perhaps he could stand to stay here a little while longer.