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The Exam

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Amelia lay back on the exam table, adjusting the thin paper sheet over her naked body. Her heart raced, and she felt like she might throw up.

She closed her eyes and forced herself to take deep breaths.

There was no reason to be nervous, she reminded herself. She had been going to Dr. Baker since she was fourteen years old, and Dr. Baker had been nothing but kind and almost motherly to her the entire time she had known her.

When she was fourteen, it was Dr. Baker who prescribed birth control to help her painful periods. And when she was eighteen, a freshman in college, and she had admitted to Dr. Baker that she was interested in having sex, it was Dr. Baker who helped make sure she understood all the basics and knew how to be safe.

She also made sure Amelia enjoyed herself too. One time, when Amelia mentioned that she could never orgasm when she was masturbating, Dr. Baker took it upon herself to watch Amelia masturbate during an office visit and then gave her some great tips.

And now that Amelia had turned twenty, it was time for her to begin her annual exams. She’d had a pap smear before, but this time Dr. Baker was also going to perform a thorough genital exam to make sure she was responding to sexual stimuli as she should.

But Amelia was nervous. As much as she had expressed a desire to, she had only been with one other girl, and it hadn’t gone very well. It was why Dr. Baker had suggested she begin her annual exam this year instead of waiting until twenty-five as was proper. But what if Dr. Baker discovered that there was something horribly wrong with her? Amelia wasn’t sure she could handle that.

The click of the door opening broke through her panicked thoughts. She turned her head to smile at her doctor. Amelia’s college was an hour away and she had classes that ran late every day, but Dr. Baker had told her to come to the office after hours. What other doctor would stay until well into the night to care for a patient?

Dr. Baker walked over to Amelia and touched her arm.

“How are we doing, Amelia?” she asked.

“Nervous,” Amelia admitted.

Dr. Baker’s eyes twinkled, and she smiled softly. “That’s understandable,” she said. “The first time is always scary. But I have something that will help your nerves.”

She lifted her hand to show Amelia a small white syringe.

Amelia swallowed. She wasn’t fond of injections, but if Dr. Baker said it would help …

“Don’t worry,” Dr. Baker said, as if reading her thoughts. “You’ll barely feel a thing.”

Amelia nodded and let Dr. Baker position her right arm as she needed. Amelia closed her eyes.

Dr. Baker started counting. “One … two … three …”

Amelia felt a prick, a sense of cold rushing through her veins and then …


She must have been dreaming. She was lying in her bed, nestled in a pile of blankets, her body warm and pliant.

But wait. She wasn’t alone. She couldn’t be.

Her eyes were closed, so she couldn’t see anything. But she could feel something between her legs. Soft and gentle and …

Amelia moaned in her sleep.

Whatever was between her legs was stroking her harder now, seemingly touching her everywhere.

And, oh, there … something was sliding inside her. Something warm and gentle, and ohhhh…

Amelia moaned again, her hips lifting of their own accord.

She had never felt like this before, like she needed her body to get closer to whatever was touching her.

She tried to wriggle her hips, her body. The thing inside her responded, moving faster and faster.

Amelia threw her head back, her breaths become faster, shallower.

It felt so good. So good. She had never felt like this.

She needed more of it. So much more. She just wanted more.




Amelia’s whole body tensed, every muscle seeming to seize up.

And then it was like she exploded, her legs kicking out, her muscles clenching uncontrollably, a scream leaving her throat as she flailed on her bed.

She opened her eyes and almost screamed again.

She wasn’t at home, in her bed. She was in Dr. Baker’s office, on the exam table, and Dr. Baker was standing between her legs, spread wide in the stirrups, and she was concentrating intently on Amelia’s genitals.

Amelia must have made a noise because Dr. Baker looked up. When she saw Amelia staring at her, she smiled gently.

Amelia felt the thing inside her slide out — Dr. Baker’s finger, she realized — and then Dr. Baker patted her leg.

“Welcome back, Amelia,” she said quietly. “The injection affected you more than I was expecting.”

“I’m sorry,” Amelia said quickly.

“No need to be sorry, hon,” Dr. Baker said with a smile. “It happens sometimes. I hope you don’t mind I went ahead and started your exam?”

Amelia shook her head, and then bit her lip, weighing whether to ask the question on the tip of her tongue.

“What’s the matter, Amelia?” Dr. Baker asked.

“I just … is it … going … Is it going okay?” she stammered.

“Oh, yes,” Dr. Baker said. “So far, everything has looked normal. We just have a couple tests left to do.”

Amelia let out the breath she didn’t know she was holding.

“Oh, good,” she said.

“Why don’t you lie back and get comfortable?” Dr. Baker suggested. “This part is going to take a while.”

“Oh, okay.”

Amelia did what she said, letting herself lean back against the pillow on the exam table. She put her arms down by her sides, then crossed them over her chest and the settled on putting them up under her head, so she could watch Dr. Baker a little better.

Dr. Baker waited until Amelia was settled and then nudged the stirrups open a little more, spreading Amelia a little wider.

“This is called the finger test,” she explained to Amelia. “We already did one finger, and you performed wonderfully. Now we’ll move on to two fingers, then three and then four, and we’ll see if you can orgasm at each stage. This will judge how much stretch is in your vagina and whether you’re getting enough sensation there as well.”

Amelia nodded. That all made sense.

“Now just relax,” Dr. Baker said. “Remember, you can’t orgasm when you’re tense, and I really need to be able to see your orgasms in order to help you better.”

“I’ll try,” Amelia said.

“Very good,” Dr. Baker said.

Amelia inhaled a lungful of air and then let it out. She still felt warm from her first orgasm, so it wasn’t too hard to remember how nice that felt.

Dr. Baker put her hands on Amelia’s legs, and they were warm and soft.

Amelia realized then that her doctor wasn’t wearing gloves. Which made sense, she realized, since a glove would probably be a barrier to Amelia’s natural reactions.

Dr. Baker took her two fingers and glided them down Amelia’s cunt.

Amelia shuddered slightly, her body tingling.

And then Dr. Baker was inserting her fingers inside Amelia. For a moment. Amelia tensed, her vagina feeling too small to fit the two digits, but then she blew out a breath and Dr. Baker pushed her fingers forward and Amelia felt them slide deep inside her.

She moaned at the sensation. She felt so tight around the fingers inside her, like they were filling her up.

Dr. Baker began moving them in and out of Amelia, going deeper with each thrust.

It didn’t take long for the warm feeling to come back and take over Amelia’s whole body. She was shaking, her hips undulating, her toes and fingers curling as her back arched.

Dr. Baker kept thrusting into her while the fingers of her other hand began rubbing over Amelia’s clit.

“You’re so beautiful, Amelia,” Dr. Baker said. “Has anyone told you that?”

She flicked Amelia’s clit before she could answer, and then Amelia was exploding again, crying out as waves of pleasure swept over her.

By the time she came back to herself, Dr. Baker had already inserted a third finger.

Amelia moaned, feeling like it was too much. Every thrust, every rub of a finger over her clit, seemed to send shocks along her whole body. She ached to close her legs, to stop the torture, but yet …. Yet she never wanted it to end.

Dr. Baker’s fingers thrust hard inside Amelia, and it was just too much and not enough all at the same time.

Amelia wanted to talk, to tell Dr. Baker this, but she couldn’t.

Her hands curled into fists, grabbing at the exam table below her. The sheet slid off her body, exposing her breasts, her nipples going instantly hard in the cool air.

She moaned and shook, feeling like she couldn’t catch her breath.

The fingers inside her kept moving, kept going, kept thrusting, and then Dr. Baker was leaning over, taking Amelia’s clit into her mouth, and her mouth was so soft and so warm and it was so nice and so much and Amelia felt like she was going to explode and she wanted to explode but she didn’t want to explode and then she screamed.

Amelia came again, her body writhing on the exam table.

More screams left her body. Amelia struggled, tried again to get away, to tell Dr. Baker she wasn’t strong enough to handle this, but something was stopping her. The stirrups, Dr. Baker, she didn’t know.

She kept screaming, twisting her head, but she was already heading for another climax. The fingers inside her weren’t stopping, and all she could do was go along with the ride.

Over and over and over. The fingers kept thrusting. Harder, faster, rougher. And Amelia’s orgasms seemed to keep coming.

Over and over and over. Lost in a sea of pleasure and a sea of pain.

All she could do was scream and scream.

Until finally, blackness claimed her and she knew no more.


The pale light of dawn was peeking through the window when Amelia woke.

She was still on the exam table, but her legs were out of the stirrups and a blanket had been placed over her.

Dr. Baker wasn’t around, but there was a note on top of her clothes that had been placed on the chair in the corner.

Amelia read it.

You passed your first annual exam, but I think it would be best if we repeated it in six months to be sure nothing has changed. Please call to schedule an appointment with the front desk.

Amelia quickly got dressed, placing the note in her jeans pocket. She felt a tremendous sense of relief.

The exam was not at all what she had been expecting, but she was glad she had passed. And she was glad Dr. Baker was looking out for her.

She picked up her purse, checked for her cell phone and headed out of the office.

She would definitely call later today to make her next appointment. It was important, she knew, and she didn’t want to miss a single one.