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Day 3: Mfen

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On a Saturday morning, Mafuyu was shaking her girlfriend gently, trying to wake her up. Ena hid herself under the blankets, but that wasn't going to stop her. Ena grunted.

"What the hell do you want Mafuyu, it's Saturday for fuck's sake"

"Your breakfast it's going to get cold"

At that, Ena got curious and peaked over the covers

"You made me breakfast?"

As soon as she noticed the plate on Mafuyu's legs she sat up at light speed


Ena was excited. Mafuyu was not the best at showing her emotions, so this kind of details coming from her always meant a lot for Ena. She loved her and she was making an effort to show it. This got her grinning like the lovesick idiot she was.

"Give them to me! I want to try them already."

"Okay, here"

Mafuyu put the tray on her girlfriend's legs. Ena didn't realize earlier but it also had coffee and sugar. This was the best day of her life.

"I already put some sugar into it, but I brought you some more just in case"

"Thank you~"

Ena tasted the coffee first. It was perfect already, as expected. After living together for a year now, Mafuyu had gotten to learn by heart how she liked her coffee.

"Will you taste the pancakes?"

"Yes yes, I'm just leaving the better for the last, don't worry"

If she was so eager for her to taste them it meant she put effort on them right? Ena left the coffee on the tray and cut some to eat. Mafuyu was staring intensely at her, waiting. Ena had high expectations for this pancakes. She took a bite.

And it didn't go as expected.They were the most horrendous pancakes she had ever had, they made her start coughing uncontrollably. Ena had never in her life tasted something with this much salt on it. Well, she actually had. Her girlfriend still couldn't taste, so this mistake was usual for her, but it had never been this palatable.

"Mafuyu… you mistook the sugar for salt again"

Mafuyu looked away.

"No I didn't"

"Yes you did, this is too salty for a pancake"

"I didn't"

"Can't you just listen to me? You can't e-"

She suddenly realised what Mafuyu meant. She could see her containing her laughter. It was on purpose.

"You are DEAD"