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Eloni Tennet Is Grenade The Popstar

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One, Two, Three!

Shining Star, I See You Up On The Stage! 

Blinding Lights, Let Me Sing Out To The Crowd! 

Someday I'll Hear You Cheer My Name!

Grenade! Grenade!

Call Me Out

Grenade! Grenade!

Scream And Shout

Grenade! Grenade!

Call For The Star On Stage!

Grenade! Grenade!


The bus finally stopped and Eloni stepped off to stand in the station. He stared at the sign overhead. 

Welcome To Vinyl City! Number 1 Music Capital Of The World.

He snapped a picture of it with his phone. It'd be useful for his fans later to announce the arrival. Before sliding the phone back into his pocket, Eloni opened his text "Hey Mom, made it to the big city. Gonna go find Uncle now," he mumbled as he typed. Upon hitting send, he turned the device off and slipped it into his pocket. Time for the next step.

Eloni entered the lobby of the bus station and began taking in the mostly empty room. There was a clerk sitting at the desk, a clock hanging on the wall that indicated it was six thirty in the morning and a stranger sitting in one of the chairs. They stood up when Eloni saw them. He struggled to think for a moment when said stranger was tall enough they could probably touch the ceiling with their palm flat. The stranger, dressed in blue he noted, approached with faint metallic thunks as they approached him "Are you Eloni Tennet?" They asked softly.

Eloni picked up and the electric sounds in their voice as he stared at his reflection in a pair of circular shades "Yep, are you someone my uncle knows?" He returned.

They nodded "Yeah." The stranger said, "Come on, The house isn't that far."

Eloni hurried to keep up with their semi long strides. As they exited to a neon filled district. He squinted against the dull black and glaringly bright lights until his eyes adjusted. His guide stopped next to him "Do you know much about your uncle?" They asked. 

He nodded and began to walk "I know he's a cyborg and a manager here," he replied.

They hummed softly almost like a machine. Eloni really hoped they weren't what he was thinking of. The pair traveled mostly in silence, Eloni occasionally turning his gaze to avoid looking at the many bots scattered about Metro Division, until arriving at the gates of a large building decorated with.

His heart slammed to the ground.


His guide opened the gate with a quick button press and ushered Eloni inside despite the boy feeling like his own blood wasn't flowing.

Once inside the gates, the stranger took off their disguise.

Eloni felt like he was in hell. His parents had reached their limits. They had trapped him in his worst nightmare.

The blue bot from the poster looked at him questioningly "Eloni, are you okay? Do you need me to get you medical assistance?" He asked.

Eloni immediately shook his head "Uh- no, I'm fine! Let's go see my uncle!" He chirped in a pained voice, beginning to hurry away to the mansion.

At the door, he kept his gaze down as the blue robot entered first followed by him. The inside was thankfully less harmful to the vision but didn't cool his frayed nerves. 

Three other bots were standing by the edge of a doorway, yellow, red, and white, as if waiting for something to happen. Eloni shuffled a bit away from the blue one "Is Uncle Neon here? He was supposed to meet with me when I arrived," he asked.

The white moved from the trio, clearly a leader type but got too close to Eloni for his own comfort "Neon J got called away for a meeting with Tatiana but he asked to gladly make you comfortable until he arrived," it started saying. Expressions popping up on it's face that Eloni felt were just too close to human "We'll give you a tour-"

"Deny Tour Code!" Eloni said hurriedly. That earned him four identical weird looks. He flushed dark green with shame "I mean- ah- I don't want a tour. I'd just like to lay down," he said.

The white smiled but he could tell it was bothered "Sure thing, Haym can take you there," he said, gesturing to the Yellow robot which happily moved to be next to the white one "If you need any help settling in or finding something around the mansion, my name is Rin," White gestured to himself "This is Haym, as you know," Gestured to Yellow "That's Zimuel," the red bot had moved to lean against the doorframe "And you're guide here was Purl-Hew," the blue one.

Of course they had names, because to blend in with such a culture like music you needed names for fans to call you by.


Someday I'll Hear You Cheer My Name!



Eloni softly sighed as an attempt to cool his nerves "Thank you 1010, I'll be glad to stay here for the time being," he said.

Haym was very talkative. He refused to shut up about anything that came to mind. Eloni was becoming bothered more and more by the drone of chatter that came from him until finally they got to a door with the name Eloni stamped on a name plaque attached to it. 

Haym stopped in his tracks "Here you 'Loni, your room!" He said.

Eloni shifted the bag strap across his shirt "Thank Haym, have a good day," he replied. Before he could let the robot say anything else, Eloni slipped inside and slammed the door. As he began removing his shoulder strap bag, he located the bed and threw himself on it. It was amazingly soft and he enjoyed the comfort of it's warmth. He took his phone out again.

His mom had replied.


Glad to hear about the safe trip! Enjoy the time away and try to make nice with your cousins, I know they aren't exactly the thing you enjoy the most but they seem really nice from what my brother said.


Eloni frowned at the message. She knew.

Mom, my cousins are four freakishly tall, glow in the dark robots. You couldn't give me a little bit of a warning?


I wanted to but it was best. You need to start moving on and your therapist suggested exposure therapy was best to help with this bit.



The yellow already drained my social battery, so I'm going to take a nap now. Love you mom.


Love you too Eloni.


Eloni placed his phone down on the sleek black nightstand and closed his eyes, hopefully this weird trip would end soon.