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Laba-laba love

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The two 8 legged lover was hanging out under a shade full of darkness and dust.


The string like spider broke the silence, "You know, our food supply is pretty low. I think I should go out and get some food for us, even if I die my-"


"No! No self deprecation, fine you can go hunting this time. But if you get hurt or get in danger make sure to return back, alright?"


"Alright, alright I'll return back if I get in danger. "








And so, Kumomaeda went out under the bed in search for food.


Not even 2 minutes later, there was a noise. A noise made by a shocked human and a door knob.




Kumonata decided it has been already some hours since his lover went out in search for food.


He decided to go under the shoe rack, their other hideout.


"Eh? I wonder why he didn't went here in search for food, there so much little insects!. I swear if he dies, I'm resurrecting him and killing him myself."




After a full day has passed, he decided to go search for Kumomaeda, who for some reason has not fuckin showed up yet.


Kumonata waited for the pair of legs to dissapear and went out to go under the bed, right when he did that there was a shout heard from right above the bed.


The door is slightly open, should he go out?


Kumonata decided to stay. Maybe his beloved will appear soon?




After some minutes passed, he heard a sound. It sounds like...a spray?!


At Kumo Reserve Academy, he was thought by the teachers there, that the sound could give you a disease that could weaken you.


He needs to get out of here, it could hurt him!


However the smell of that powerful Spray traveled fast and harmed Kumonata.


He felt weak, this feeling, the agony. He can't move it all hurts.





"Oh that took me quite long, I hope I didn't worry him too much."


As Kumomaeda said that, he reached home, under the bed.


There he found Kumonata, his lover, hurt.


"Kumonata! Are you okay?!"


"Oh hey, you're back. Yep, just fine."


"Stop lying you're clearly hurt! What happened? I know lowly trash like me should've went home earli-"


"I just, the spray... Just.

.remember to live and love yourself..for me and for you..okay?"


"No you can't die! Please.. I finally found love.. And I.. "


"I'm sorry just live for me please? "


"...I love you"


".. love you too..."