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The Town In Between

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Sam and Deena lay in Deena's bed, both of them asleep, surprisingly. It's the most they've gotten in weeks since everything with Nick Goode went down. The two had gone back to the mall to check on the other's and explain the thing with the first car crash in Sunnyvale that day when they found a young Ziggy cradling her older sister, Josh and Reagan hugging both Simon and Kate tightly and Martin talking to one of the killers who seemed to be back to normal.

Now though, it was the first day of summer and the whole gang was getting together at a new campsite in between Shadyside and Sunnyvale, Camp Nightwing 2.0. It was Cindy's idea, surprisingly. It's run by all the former killers, turned back to normal, using that as a way to apologize and give back to everyone they hurt. Unfortunately, Sunnyvalers had come too, including, somehow younger versions of the old camp Nightwing campers.

One thing new this time to the camp though, run by Martin himself? They had a thing they were doing called Senior volunteer week. Which would mean seniors from both Shadyside and Sunnyvale had to go help out the communities nearby, whatever that meant. Also Cindy's idea, much to Alice's dismay.

Sam's eyes flutter open after she hears the sound of the alarm clock going off, alerting her it was time to start their last minute packing. She turns to look at her...somewhat girlfriend? They never actually discussed it but Sam hoped it was true. They confessed their love and everything so it must be the case, right? Deena was sleeping sort of peacefully, though the crease in her forehead and the sweat seemed to tell her otherwise. Sam runs her finger along the crease, hoping it'll smooth out and soothe Deena.

"Deena..." Sam says, shaking her softly. Deena grunts then and Sam shakes her shoulder again. "Deena" Sam says a little louder and Deena gasps, gripping her throat as she sits up. Sam sits up along with her, placing a hand on her arm. Deena looks to Sam with wide eyes while Sam frowns, looking her over. "Bad dream?" Deena clears her throat, still gripping it and nods.

Sam slides her hand down to Deena's, gripping it reassuringly and Deena sends her the best smile she can muster before it turns into a full on grimace. "What?" Sam asks and Deena's hand moves to her side, Sam's eyes following. It was where she was stabbed. By Sam. "I sat up too fast" Deena assures her. Sam nods, though she was still staring at the spot. "We've got to start packing for camp" Sam reminds her and Deena groans, dropping back down onto her mattress. slinging an arm over her face. "I don't want to go" Sam knocks out of it, looking down at her. "It's for the best, Deena. They all got together to do this. if we don't show up, all of them are gonna think we still blame them" Sam reminds her.

"I don't blame them for anything" Deena says. "But they think we will." Deena sits back up, hiding her wince, hearing the slight quiver in Sam's voice and looks her over. She grabs Sam's hand again, squeezing it. "It wasn't you" "Then why could I remember what I did?" Sam whimpers. Deena rubs her thumb over Sam's palm, leaning closer. "It wasn't you" She repeats, firmer this time. A slight quirk of Deena's lips causes Sam to narrow her eyes. "But?" "But if it was, you killing me would've been the best way to go. Have I told you how hot is when you're on top?" Deena bites her lip and Sam rolls her eyes, huffing and standing then.

"You're an ass." "I think what you meant to say is, you like my ass" Deena quips and Sam throws up a middle finger at her as she leaves, causing Deena to laugh.


Deena parks the car in the designated Senior parking grass, located right across from where the buses are parked, Ruby Lane instructing the Sunnyvalers from the Sunnyvale bus on where to head to and Tommy Slater instructing the Shadysiders, Cindy stood beside him. Josh climbs out of the back, looking around the place.

"Martin really knows how to run a camp" He comments as Sam and Deena both get out as well. "He did have help from former campers" Sam points out. "Or he's just a badass" Ziggy, Reagan, Simon and Kate appear, all carrying their bags. "What car did you take?" Deena wonders. "Mine" Simon smiles, holding up his car keys. "I still think I should have driven" Ziggy grumbles with her arms crossed and Reagan slings an arm around her shoulder, giving her a sympathetic smile.

"You may have been 30 something a couple weeks ago but you're 16 now which means your driver's license is lying and you'd go to jail if you were pulled over" Reagan points out. "I wouldn't be pulled over because I know how to fucking drive!" Ziggy exclaims, throwing her hands up in exasperation. "Language" Cindy calls out, her, Tommy and Alice appearing.

Ziggy rolls her eyes at her sister scolding her for cussing and scowls while Reagan chuckles. The two of them met when Deena, Reagan and Josh broke into Ziggy's house. Of course, Reagan didn't ever think the two would work out no matter how hot Ziggy looked as her older version but when she somehow turned younger along with the other Camp Nightwing folks, it seemed to work out in her favor. During the minimum amount of time the two had spent together, (Reagan stayed with possessed Sam when Deena and Josh went to combine Sarah's hand with the rest of her body), they connected and so, the two didn't want to waste their chances when Ziggy turned young again and kissed under the old tree.

Now, they were together, Reagan promising Ziggy she'd never turn out like Nick Goode considering she wasn't a selfish, cold-blooded, murder obsessed prick. (Reagan liked to call him Nick the Prick which always made Ziggy laugh). The group heads towards the camp entrance together, a archway with the words "Camp Nightwing 2.0" painted on, all of them heading into towards the huge building, the mess hall.

"This brings back memories" Alice breathes out as the group walks in, looking around as Sunnyvalers dressed in red shirts and Shadysiders dressed in blue all sat in their separate sides, chatting, all the while, staring each other down. The group takes a seat at a Shadyside table in the back, Sam and Deena sat together, while Cindy and Alice sat across from them, all at the end. Next to Alice was Tommy and next to him was Simon with Kate and Josh sat opposite of them and next to Sam and Deena.

As they all look around at the many people that showed up to the camp, Arnie (Alice's ex), Heather and Ryan join as well, all of them like one big family. The crew tragically apart of the Shadyside curse. Martin appears at the end of the table. "I'm losing it." He admits and the group turns to him. "What do you mean?" Josh wonders. "What do I mean? I mean, what the hell was I thinking, trying to run a God damn camp?! If one more Sunnyvaler looks at me the wrong way, they won't be able to look at me at all when I give them a black eye" Martin says and Josh stands.

"Remember what we talked about, Martin. Even if they're assholes, they can still sue you" Josh reminds him, shaking his shoulders and Martin takes a few deep breaths, nodding his head along. "Right" Once he's calm, he turns to look at the rest of them. "I've already got all of your volunteer activities written down. Don't worry, they shouldn't be too bad. I gave you all the easy ones compared to some of the others" he winks.

"I knew I liked you!" Alice laughs along with Arnie. "What are they?" Simon wonders excitedly. "I can't tell you that. You'll find out in a few" Someone calls Martin's name and he sighs. "Stay cool" He gives them all thumbs up before leaving them there to see what Isaac wants. "You think he made us partners?" Sam asks, turning to look at Deena and Deena shrugs. "It's Martin, who knows?".


They weren't, in fact, partners. Sam was instead partnered with Simon. She was supposed to be with another Sunnyvaler but Martin thought that was too harsh, according to him, and she was a total Shadysider by heart. Deena had been partnered with Reagan, of course, Martin explaining that the two worked well together. Cindy and Kate were partnered together as well, Tommy and Alice, Arnie and Ryan and Heather was partnered with a senior named Lucas.

And just like Martin said, the group seemed to get the easier volunteer jobs compared to other senior campers. How it went was, the seniors were all signed up for volunteer jobs around both Shadyside, Sunnyvale and a little town in between the two called Whitechapel, the town that managed to stay out of all feuds around Shadyside and Sunnyvale, somehow.

There were only two volunteer jobs for that town, one about watching over the graveyard which was given to two Sunnyvale seniors and the other, which was given to Deena and Reagan, babysitting. Kate was pissed about it, having been stuck with a job in Sunnyvale about picking weeds (It was easy because there wasn't much weeds to begin with), claiming that job was perfect for her. They only had to do their specific volunteer jobs for a week before they were free to actually spend their time at camp and doing activities, but for now, they had to focus on their jobs.

Some of the volunteers worked during the day, others at night. Sam and Simon's job was to mow lawns in Sunnyvale (Also easy because most lawns were basically perfect there) so the four of them had to work during the day and Reagan and Deena would work during the night. "Babysitting, huh?" Reagan sighs as she looks over the paper they were given. "Sounds easy enough" Reagan shrugs, looking up at Deena.


The doorbell to the house rings, Deena and Reagan standing on the Morgan's residence porch, both out of breath. The walk was longer than they thought so they had to sprint all the way here just to make it in time...sort of. The door opens and a blonde woman stands there in a purple blouse and a skirt, looking confused. "Can I help you?" "Uh, hello" Reagan and Deena look at each other. "We're here from the camp...for the babysitting job?" The woman looks them over before gasping.

"Oh my God. Yes, I totally forgot I signed up for...come in, come in" She waves them in and they send each other a look, walking in. They find a girl around their age, maybe a little bit younger than them, already there and a little girl in a pink jacket. "So, I kind of forgot about the camp volunteers and overbooked...which is fine, I promise to pay you all, and plus, my kids can get a little rowdy, not that I don't think you all can't handle them! Just for a week, the three of you work together!" Mrs. Morgan explains.

Reagan and Deena look to the other girl who they notice seems to have leaves in her hair. "We'll manage" Reagan assures the woman. They all look to the girl. "Uh, yeah that's fine" She quickly nods. "Great, okay. Well, listen, my cell number is on the fridge. And Jane has to be in bed no later than 8:30" "I take it that's Jane?" Deena motions to the little girl and Jane smiles. "Your hair's really pretty" "Uh...thanks." Deena trails off awkwardly.

"What about you? Do you guys like Dance Dance Revolution?" Jane asks. "Love it. I play alllll the time" Reagan nods. "You can play too!" She grabs both Reagan's arm and the other girl's arm, dragging her into the living room, motioning for Deena to follow. "Bye, sweetie" Mrs. Morgan kisses her forehead before they leave, the dad appearing as well, dressed as a cowboy. He sends Deena and Reagan a smile, the two leaving and calling out to someone from upstairs.

"Have fun at the rodeo or whatever" The other babysitter calls after them as Jane tries to drag her along with Reagan. "Thanks" Mrs. Morgan says as she leaves. Jane drags the three into the kitchen then. "I know they keep a stash of fudgsicles in here" Jane explains, digging through the freezer. "Ooh, we're babysitting a rebel tonight, huh? Fun" Reagan says, looking to Deena who shakes her head, looking to Sarah.

"Do we really need three people here to babysit one little girl?" "And my brother" Jane adds, her face lighting up as she pulls out a box. "Found it!" She opens it up, licking it as the three stare at her in amusement. They hear someone walking down the stairs and Jane runs towards the foyer, the three following behind. "Found the bandages" They hear a teen boy say. "And we found Dad's secret stash of Fudgsicles." The boy turns the corner right as soon as the Jane goes to and ends up smearing her ice cream all over the front of the boy's pants causing both Reagan and Deena to snicker and the girl, Sarah, to smirk.

"Jane. Ugh." The boy complains. "Nice. I guess now we're even." Sarah smirks, crossing her arms. "Dude. You poured food all over her? Not cool" Reagan brings up, motioning to Sarah and the boy looks between them confused. "Who are you?" "Well, we were supposed to be the babysitters but apparently your mom overbooked" Deena motions to Sarah as well. "Do you go to Whitechapel as well?" "We're from Shadyside. We're at Camp Nightwing" Deena explains.

"Wait, you all are from Shadyside. Isn't that where-" "Nuh-uh! Nope! None of that talk. When we're here, we talk about Whitechapel" Reagan says and the three look at them confused. "Yeah, totally. Ethan, by the way" the boy says. "I'm Reagan, this is Deena" Ethan looks between them in recognition but doesn't say anything. He holds up a pack of bandages then, holding them out towards Sarah. "Here." he tosses them to her as there's a knock a door. "Another babysitter? How many do you need?" Deena scoffs. "Uh, I got it" Ethan moves to open it but Sarah quickly grabs an umbrella, her voice urgent. "No, no, no!" she yells, causing the other four to jump, as she runs forward, ready to fight whoever was at the door.

"What the hell?" Deena mutters to Reagan and Reagan shrugs. "I got pop, chips, and the first season of The Bloodsucker Diaries. Who-?" The boy that had walked in shuts the door, his hands full, finally deciding to look up to see the girl, mid lunge, ready to attack him. He sticks a pair of fake fangs in, his eyes wide as he looks at her before looking past her at Deena and Reagan while Ethan stares at him in disbelief. Sarah looks at him before shaking her head, turning to Ethan.

"Where's your bathroom?" "Oh,'s down that hall there to the left." Ethan points past Reagan and Deena, showing her while Sarah turns to give the boy in the brown striped jacket a look before walking in that direction. Reagan and Deena move out of the way, Jane following after her, smiling at Reagan and Deena and all four watch after as she leaves them there.

Deena and Reagan turn back to Ethan and the other boy, the other boy still looking between them in surprise. He steps forward then, plastering on a smile. "Hello, ladies. Are any of you perhaps interested in vampires?" he asks, wiggling his eyebrows slightly. "Benny!" Ethan says while the two look him over. "I'm gay" "I have a girlfriend" The two answer. "Oh...that's cool too" the boy nods. "You took that surprisingly well. Most Shadysiders and Sunnyvalers usually shun us when we tell them that" Deena brings up, frowning.

"Well, good thing you're in Whitechapel. I'm Benny by the way." Benny smiles before turning to look at Ethan. "Excuse us" he pulls Ethan down the hall then, leaving them there and the two walk into the living room. "We could always just head back to camp. They don't need us" Reagan sighs out. Deena nods, thinking it over. "But then again, Mrs. Morgan said she was paying us and I know none of the other seniors are getting paid" Reagan adds. "True" Deena nods, looking up at her in realization. "We're babysitting" They both agree before walking into the kitchen where Ethan and Benny were discussing and hushed whispers.

As soon as they walk in though, the two stop, looking at them with wide eyes. "Yes, that was us who fought Nick Goode" Deena sighs out, grimacing. "How'd you know what we were talking about?" Ethan wonders. "You automatically stopped talking when we walked in" Reagan shrugs, leaning against the kitchen island and Ethan and Benny nod, Benny pulling out his phone.

"Let's order some 'zza. I'm starving" He sighs out, dialing a number. "Just as long as you get pepperoni on it" Deena adds and Benny winks at her, giving her a thumbs up. Ethan walks towards the bathroom where Jane was standing and eating more ice cream, listening to Sarah, most likely talking on the phone. Reagan moves to stand beside her. "Hey, wanna place that game?" "Ooh, yes!" Jane grabs her hand, running back towards the living room and Reagan sends her a thumbs up.

Deena considers following after, but then again, she didn't want to dance (Not that her wound would allow her to anyways) so she stays in the kitchen, listening to Benny's phone call while Ethan moves to stand in front of the door, cautiously. "Give me the usual and super-size that puppy. Heh. I'm next door. It's, uh, exactly 7:19..." Benny checks his watch just to make sure. "And you have 30 minutes or it's free. Engage." He yells before hanging up and Deena rolls her eyes.

"You remind me of my brother" She scoffs at him. "Your brother must be a cool guy then. Josh?" Benny asks and Deena raises an eyebrow. "I watch the news" Benny quickly says and Deena awkwardly nods. "Fun" Benny pulls out a magazine then as Deena gets a text on her phone. She pulls it out to see a text from Sam, sending her a pouty face, and showing a picture of the empty space beside her while the group ate dinner, all of their tasks taking place during the day. "Wish you were here" Deena rolls her eyes with a smile.

Deena- It's only for a week

Sam- And I'll only get to see you in the morning and like an hour before you two have to go

Deena- If we could last not seeing each other when we broke up, we can last for a week

Sam- Promise you'll wake me when you get back?

Deena- Ugh, fine....

Sam- Rude

"Benny" Deena looks back up as Ethan rushes over to his friend. "All right, dude, this new Galactica spin-off is on tonight, and we should totally-" He trails off when he looks up and notices Ethan's urgent expression. "Okay, what's up?" Benny wonders. Ethan glances at Deena who raises an eyebrow at him, looking between the two hesitantly.

"Whatever it is, I'm sure I can handle it. I did just face the devil" Deena points out and Ethan sighs. "I just saw Sarah. She was- She was in front of the mirror but not in it." Ethan informs them. "Okay, hold up. How much aftershave did you drink?" Benny wonders. "How can you be in a mirror but not..." Deena adds confused. "Guys, I'm serious. Her reflection was all wonky. She's not normal, okay? She's like a-" Ethan tries to think of a word when the bathroom door opens and Sarah approaches.

"Hey, look, you guys don't really need a sitter, do you? You've already got these two" Sarah motions to Deena and then in the living to Reagan who was spinning Jane around, Jane laughing as Reagan complained about her being a better dancer. "Depends on what you mean by need" Benny quips, sending her a wink and Deena shakes her head at him, causing his smile to drop. Ethan gives him a look before shaking his head.

"No, no, we're fine. My mom just likes humiliating me to make a point." "Okay, good. I need to find my friend Erica. I think she's in trouble." Sarah starts to walk towards the back door. "Uh, maybe I should come with you, you know, for protection." Ethan walks towards her and she drops something, both of them reaching to pick it up. Deena and Benny raise an eyebrow at each other. "You guys really need to work on your flirting" "I flirt just fine, thank you!".

"Like you have any room to talk, Dee" Reagan slings an arm over her shoulder. "Don't listen to her. Her meaning of flirting is acting like a total clumsy moron every time she spots a certain cheerleader" Reagan explains. "I do not!...anymore....really" "Whatever you say" Benny looks between the two of them. "Sam?" The two give him a look then. "The news" He says again. "Dude...creepy" Deena says and Reagan nods while Benny holds his hands up then.

"Did you just see that?" They hear Ethan say and all turn to see Sarah giving him a weird look. "Uh, later, guys" She leaves through the back door and Ethan turns to look at the others, pointing back at the door, bewildered. "Wow, smooth. You get a mad hot babe here...and you have to immediately go and weird her out. Well done, I'm very impressed." Benny complains. "He's the weird one?" Reagan brings up, both her and Deena raising and eyebrow over at Benny.

Before Benny can argue, Ethan walks towards them, shaking his head. "I'm telling you, I just saw something. Okay, she's not normal. And I'm gonna find out what's going on." Ethan explains. "Fine. Undercover brothers on a mission. I like it." Benny smiles. "Wait, wait, you two aren't you going alone. If something is wrong with her, you need people with experience" Reagan smiles confidently, stepping forward. "Got a point" Benny nods. "All right, you guys can come too. Safety in numbers" Ethan nods.

"No way! If something's happening around here, I'm not being apart of it!" Deena denies and Reagan turns to her. "Deena, come on" Reagan pleads. Ethan and Benny look at her expectantly. "One minute" Reagan tells them before dragging Deena away. "Deena, this is a once in a lifetime experience" Reagan brings up. "We've already had one of those. Plus, I'm still injured" Deena reminds her, motioning to her side and Reagan frowns. "Come on, Deena. If anything bad happens, you can blame me. Do whatever you want I don't care. But, aren't you even a little curious?" Deena flashes back to Hannah Miller stood in front of Sarah, dimples and all, smiling and pleading for her to join her on the search for berries and resists the urge to shudder.

"Alright, just...promise not to do that again?" "Do what?" Reagan wonders confused but Deena had already walked back to the others. "Alright, we're in" "Sweet, undercover babes on the mission as well" Both of them glare at Benny and he holds his hands up again. "Come on" Ethan starts to head towards the door before Benny chimes in again.

"But...aren't you forgetting something?" Benny points towards Jane who had appeared with her arms crossed. "Yeah. What are you forgetting?" "Oh, right. Babysitting" Deena frowns. The four glance at each other then.


"Thanks, Grandma. You're a lifesaver." Benny greets his grandma from the backdoor while Ethan consoles his little sister. "Anytime dear." Benny's grandma smiles, walking in. She spots Reagan and Deena. "Oh, hello. Benny, you didn't tell me you two had girlfriends" "Oh, we're not-" "We're gay" Reagan quickly says. "Oh...that's fine too dears. Always fine to find you're special someone no matter the gender" Benny's grandma nods. "Thanks" Deena smiles. People in Whitechapel not homophobic? Deena and Reagan were beginning to like this town. Maybe they should move here?

"All right, now, if the pizza isn't here in..." Benny checks his watch. "26 minutes..." Benny's grandma sets her own watch. "You do not pay a dime" Benny warns her. She nods along, Jane moving to stand beside her while Ethan grabs some things, putting on his jacket "Okay. We will be right back. I promise." Ethan says. "I hate being 8" Jane grumbles. "Hey, hey, hey" Reagan gets down beside her and Jane turns to glare at her.

"When we get back, we'll play any game you want. Pinkie promise" Reagan holds up a pinkie then and a small smile appears, Jane locking their pinkie. Jane turns to look at Deena as well. "You too?" Deena looks between the others before nodding. "Of course" She agrees and Jane skips away happily. "You're good" Ethan comments as they leave. "I know" Reagan shrugs.

They walk down the empty dark sidewalk of Whitechapel as Benny fumbles with his bag. Ethan speed walks Reagan close behind while Deena trudged along the back, her hand stuffed into her green jacket pockets. Benny drops something out of his backpack, pausing to pick it up and Ethan finally slows down to see what the commotion was while Deena picks up whatever it is Benny dropped, handing it to him. "What is all that stuff?" "Digicams with night vision infrared. You can't expect us to investigate the supernatural realm without the proper equipment" Benny explains, moving to catch up.

"We didn't use any of that" Reagan brings up. "If only you had. These things work like a charm" Benny sighs out, staring down at his stuff dreamily. Reagan slows down, waiting for Deena to catch up and loops an arm through hers, speed walking again and dragging Deena along. "You all walk too fast" Deena complains. "No, you just walk too slow" "Gimme a break" Deena huffs.

They catch up with Ethan and Benny, Ethan leading the way as he looks around. "Wait, so, you said her reflection wasn't all there, right?" "Yeah" Ethan nods, looking over at Benny curiously. "Here's a thought. What if this is some publicity-stunt thing for that stupid Dusk movie?" "Oh my God, are you talking about that knock off version of Twilight that everyone's equally obsessed with?" Reagan groans out. "Barf" Deena agrees, both of them grimacing. "Glad we're not the only ones who think so" Ethan sighs.

"If this is a punk" All three turn with wide eyes as they see Benny had stopped, pointing all around in different directions and literally shouting. "I knew it all along" "Benny. Shh!" Ethan scolds and Benny turns to look at him as they hear the sounds of dogs barking. "Come on. I think she was headed towards town." "Maybe you can give us a tour while you're at it" Reagan adds as they continue walking.

After finding no sign of Sarah anywhere, Benny putting on some ridiculous looking goggles at some point, they pause, Deena and Reagan looking around the quaint town of Whitechapel as rain sprinkles onto them. They only ever went here when they'd drive through here to get to Sunnyvale for football games. Other than that, they've never been. The band was never required to go to Whitechapel football games, and even then, no one cared for those games anyways.

Not to mention, Whitechapel was in a whole different school district and their little vacation they had was during spring instead of summer for whatever reason. Something about Whitechapel wanting to be a school of it's own or something like that. They got out of school in March and went back sometime in June. "It's hopeless. We lost her. Must. Have. Pizza" Benny pleads, looking towards Ethan. "She's out here. I...I feel it" Benny, Deena and Reagan all glance at each other incredulously before turning to look back to Ethan.

"What?" Benny asks. They all jump as they hear a crashing sound coming from a nearby alleyway. Ethan moves that way and Benny follows, shrugging at Reagan and Deena. Reagan shrugs as well, moving to follow and Deena shakes her head. "Haven't any of them seen a horror movie before? Hell, we've lived through one already, Reagan should know by now not to go towards a mysterious noise in a dark alleyway" Deena grumbles to herself as she follows after the others. They all pause at the end of the dark alley, it being too dark for them to see what that noise was coming from.

"Shh. There's something in the alley" Ethan warns them, creeping slightly closer as they all try to see whatever was digging through the pile of trash bags and cans. "Night vision engaged." Benny clicks on night vision mode on his camera and looks at whatever was down the alley while Ethan, Deena and Reagan all squint. "I don't like this" Deena whispers, gripping Reagan's arm.

Benny's eyes widen comically and the others look to him confused. "What?" Ethan urges. Benny continues to look from the camera to down the alley, his eyes wide in what looked to be fear. "Benny, what?" "What is it?" They all ask. "Isn't that-" Benny trails off. "Fine. I'm just gonna go see-" Ethan goes to walk but Benny throws out an arm to stop him. "We should leave. We should leave right now" Benny tells them. "Why?" "What is it?" Ethan grabs the camera, Deena and Reagan looking over his shoulder and they all watch as Sarah sinks fangs into a rat. Ethan slowly lowers the camera, all of them looking to each other before they all scream, gaining Sarah's attention.

She looks to them, her eyes yellow and hisses at them causing them to scream more. Reagan had already taken off, Ethan following a second behind while Deena stared at her with wide eyes and Benny continued to scream in fear. Both Reagan and Ethan run back, grabbing their friends and urging them to move. They all sprint down the sidewalk, Reagan and Deena leading the way. "We are so dead." Ethan yells. "Speak for yourself. Skinny guy coming through." "I knew this was a bad idea. What'd I tell you, Reagan?" Deena yells, continuing to run. "I'm sorry!" "Warp 9" "Help! My babysitter's a vampire!" Ethan yells through the empty streets as they turn around the block.

"E, remember 'Halo' level three? The battle plan I sent you?" Benny asks as they start to slow down, all of them out of breath, the adrenaline leaving causing Deena's wound to flare up immensely. "Evasive maneuvers. Alpha phi star delta six, engage." Benny starts doing these weird tactics then, Deena and Reagan giving Ethan a bewildered look and he shrugs. Suddenly, Benny rolls over one of those hug cemented pots for trees in the middle of the street and falls to the ground. The other three move to see if he was okay and find Benny groaning in pain.

"You missed the pattern" he groans out as Ethan leans against the pot. "Sometimes I just skim your e-mails" Ethan admits. "Fair enough" Benny sighs and Reagan and Ethan help him up while Deena leans heavily against the tree pot, out of breath, holding her side. "Thanks" Benny sighs out. "What's your problem?" They all hear and all jump away, screaming, Ethan and Benny hugging each other while Reagan and Deena did the same, backing away. "Just...hold on. If you eat us, that would so not be cool" Ethan says.

"If I wanted to eat you, I would have done it by now" Sarah laughs. "See? She's gonna eat us. We're doomed!" Benny screams. "Ah, Jesus. At least give me time to say goodbye to Ziggy first!" Reagan panics, pulling out her phone. "No, no, no. I just want to talk to you, guys." All of them ignore her, Deena searching for a weapon she can use while Ethan finds one of his own, breaking a stick in half and holding it up as cross. "Demon of the night, begone." "Guys, whatever you saw, it's not what it looks like" "So we didn't just see you with fucking fangs, eating a rat?" Deena asks incredulously.

"Yeah, you're a freaking vampire who eats animals and drinks their blood." "And she's about to drink ours" Reagan adds and the four begin to panic again while Sarah rolls her eyes. "Guys, seriously...It's not what you think, but it kind of is-" "I'm warning you, I had garlic bread for lunch and I am not afraid to use my breath." Benny goes to breathe on her and she snaps. "Would all just shut up? I'm just a normal girl, okay?" "Normal? No, normal is being actually human" Deena points out. "I was normal until I got bit by my crummy ex-boyfriend." Sarah sighs out, shaking her head.

"I'm technically still a fledgling until I drink human blood..." The four instinctively back up slightly. "Which I really don't want to do, so..." The four raise an eyebrow at her. "I have to figure out how to stop this thing before my mortal body dies. Or, at least stop it from happening to more people, like Erica." Sarah explains. "So you're sure this isn't some stupid thing for that Dusk movie?" Benny asks. "I wish" They hear a snarl in the distance and Sarah glances back before sighing. "Come on, let's get out of here. I'm not the only one feeding tonight." "Okay" They all agree. "I'll get you four home...and if I'm lucky, I'll find Erica before it's too late." Sarah leads the way, Reagan and Deena pausing to look at each other.

"Of course. Of course we're the ones that get stuck in a town full of vampires. It's like Martin knew what he was doing" Deena complains and Reagan sighs, pulling Deena's arm around her shoulders and helping her walk as they follow after the group.