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time and place

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There are sounds. Well, there are always sounds. Whenever Dan is with Phil, there are always sounds. Somehow, Phil can’t go a single second without letting out a little weird sound. Dan loves it.

Now, though, there’s filming crew sounds. Some where are theys and I thought I saw them going out around there. Dan and Phil are backstage though, in the place Dan said he kissed a boy for the first time. Not his fault that got him in some special mindset.

Dan planned to kiss Phil here and that’s what they are doing right now.

Phil has his hands on Dan’s head. Not a strong grasp, just a soft one Phil does when kissing him. Stroking his hair and his cheeks as if Dan is a precious thing that he doesn’t want to get separated from. Dan has his hands on Phil’s waist and this kiss is just a normal one. A cute one. No gasps or desperate kisses as if they were teenagers hiding and kissing for the first time.

This is not the first kiss at least not the first one in Dan’s hometown. They are kind of hiding but it’s okay. People they have worked with, always get used to Dan and Phil getting distracted and lost. Going to their own special place.

Dan deepens the kiss because they will have to leave at any moment. Phil lets out a this is unprofessional, which is not fair because Phil kissed him while they were filming on that bench in Rawtenstall.

This is not the first time they kiss during work hours either. Dan can count the kisses they had in the BBC with one hand, but they have done it anyway.

“Doesn’t it feel great to let Google pay us for some gay kissing, though?”

Phil lets out a snort.

Dan wonders how they can still kiss like this while talking and laughing and being silly. Practice, he supposes.

“I think I see them here!” Someone stupid says. Just leave them alone, damn it. Dan can’t even kiss Phil for five seconds before getting interrupted by “work” and “filming”. Horrible.

“Let’s go you doof, there are more places we can hide and kiss later.”

“Are there now?” Dan pokes Phil on his waist and he squeals. Just a bit. “Wasn’t it unprofessional, Mr. Lester?”

Phil glares at him with that “professional” face he puts on and then kisses Dan again.

Dan just wishes this was his job. His actual job was created by his want to kiss Phil, anyway. Everything they had created was just because Dan wanted to kiss Phil, and Phil wanted to kiss him back.

Anything else can be damned.




The crew is looking at the filming, some of them are eating. Phil is just in the trolley, doing things people do when they are in a trolley. Things like eating and playing with their feet and staring at the person who is pushing the trolley. In some twisted way, this is just a date. Well, not twisted just silly. They are too old to have a trolley date, maybe. Judging by the way Phil is looking at him, he might not think the same.

“Kiss me?”

Phil is silly. Phil is an absolute fool and Dan loves him to hell even if he’s trying to make the filming crew a bunch of voyeurs. Well, a kiss is a kiss. And they have never been big on PDA, for reasons, reasons Dan doesn’t want to think about. They are different now, though.

Phil is in a trolley with all those axes and he is pushing his bottom lip out.

Dan is weak. He looks around because old habits die hard and kisses him.

Phil relaxes under him and it’s a nice feeling. It’s a nice feeling that they can relax while they are doing this out in the wild, in Dan’s hometown and in Phil’s.

They can just kiss and kiss because no one is really paying attention. They are just two guys who film stuff sometimes, they have some type of job and they have a life together. It makes Dan feel whole.

Kissing Phil has always made Dan feel whole, like finding something he was missing.

Someone’s steps indicate people coming back and they separate. Phil smiles up at him and Dan smiles goofily.

On the trolley, an axe-less Phil hand takes Dan’s.