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The Hextech Surprise

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There were plenty of ways to destress after a gala as extravagant as the one tonight. Some people attended to hygiene through a shower or maintaining their skincare regimen. Some people wrapped themselves in a warm robe, sat by the fireplace and read a good book. Some people just went straight to bed to forget the night ever happened.


As for Caitlyn Kiramman, her favourite way to destress was to fuck a pretty girl until she forgot her own name.


Well. Not just any pretty girl. Caitlyn only had eyes for one woman.


“Arse up, darling,” Caitlyn murmured, “just like that.”


Vi huffed under her, saying, “Ya know, it’s a bit difficult to do that with my arms pulled back like this.”


This earned the enforcer a warning slap to the arse. Vi hissed in pain but did nothing more. Caitlyn smiled, saying, “I’m sure you’ll manage. You’re a big girl, Vi.”


“Oh, fuck.” Vi breathed out.


Vi was currently face-down in Cait’s bed. The two had come back from a gala an hour or so ago and Caitlyn wasted no time getting Vi exactly where she wanted her. Vi was stripped bare and had two pillows lovingly tucked under her hips, lifting her ass in the air nice and high. She was plenty comfortable in this position, even with the handcuffs pinning her hands behind her back.


Caitlyn took her time to admire Vi’s lower body, particularly her thighs, back and cheeks. She took her hands and dragged her nails lightly across the skin of Vi’s back, passing over the numerous scars and tattoos. Vi’s body truly was a work of art and Cailtlyn felt spoiled for being able to look at it like this.


Still running her nails along Vi’s skin, she said, “You were exceptionally handsome tonight.”


Vi let out a bark of laughter.


“Oh yeah?” Vi asked, “You mean in the suit you picked out for me?”


Caitlyn pressed an open-mouth kiss against Vi’s cheek.




Caitlyn took her right hand and dipped it under Vi’s hips until she had two fingers running up and down the length of Vi’s cunt. Vi’s moaning was obscene and the wet sounds Caitlyn was coaxing out of her weren’t helping.


“Just a little bit of petting and you melt in my hand. It’s adorable.” Caitlyn said, unable to stop the sly smile from growing on her face.


“Stop teasing, Cait,” Vi whined, her voice coming out breathy and strained.


Caitlyn paused. She retracted her hand, earning a whine from Vi at the loss of contact. She leaned herself over Vi’s hulking frame, snaked her hand around Vi’s neck and held her head up. Now Vi was able to look at Caitlyn through the mirror meticulously placed in front of them.


It’s always there. Caitlyn liked to watch.


With her mouth just an inch from Vi’s ear, Caitlyn asked, “Did all that fancy wine at the gala go straight to your head, dear?”


Vi shot her a weak smile, pretending like she wasn’t trying to roll her hips back into Caitlyn.


“You know me,” she said, “I’m more of a firewhiskey kinda gal.”


Caitlyn smiled at her with a little too much teeth when she felt Vi swallow against her hand. She liked it when she made Vi nervous like this. With a pleased hum, Caitlyn licked a single strip along Vi’s neck. She felt the woman shudder as she did so. When she was almost done, she made eye contact with Vi in the mirror. She could feel Vi’s body trembling under her.


“What do pretty girls say when they want me to fuck them?” Caitlyn asked with her cheek pressed against Vi’s neck.


Vi swallowed again.


“Please, ma’am.”


Caitlyn grinned from ear to ear.


“Much better.”


From that position of Caitlyn leaning over Vi, she reached down and began to play with Vi’s cunt once more. Vi moaned loudly once again and fell forward, burying her face into the bedsheets. Caitlyn laughed at this and leaned back up into the position she was in before.


“It’s adorable when you dance around that word.” Caitlyn said, “You were the one who started this, after all.”


“H-Hey, c’mon…” Vi breathed out.


Caitlyn could see that she was flushed with shame. It was delicious.


“You were the one who wanted to be restrained like some common criminal.” Caitlyn began to list off, saying, “You wanted the gags, and the rope, and the--”


Vi cut her off, whining out: “OK! OK!”


Caitlyn curled her fingers and watched as Vi’s muscular body writhed and twisted with pleasure, and the noises that slipped out of her mouth became intelligible. She was so cute, how could Caitlyn not want to play with her? She was like a well-loved toy that she never wanted to share.


Speaking of toys...


Caitlyn murmured, “I have a surprise for you, darling.”


Vi perked up at this and looked at Caitlyn through the mirror. She said, “A good one, I hope.”


Caitlyn laughed at the look on her face before slipping her fingers out of Vi. She watched with barely contained lust as Vi clenched on the empty air, and placed a lipsticked kiss on her cheek before walking off.


“Keep your eyes closed for me.” Caitlyn said, a hint of steel in her voice, “Do not open them until I tell you to. Understood?”


Vi’s reply was instantaneous: “Yes, ma’am.”


What a well-trained toy.


Caitlyn returned to the task at hand. She pulled the “gift” out of the box it was housed inside of and began undressing. She slipped off that green dress that kept Vi’s eyes on her all night. A gorgeous floor-length, satin dress with a slit up the side to expose her leg. Gods, the way Vi had looked at her… she could still feel a shiver of pleasure at the thought of it.


It took a bit of work to adjust the contraption just right but once it slid into place and Caitlyn had adjusted the straps snug against her hips, she felt empowered. Like she could conquer everything from Demacia to the Shadow Isles.


Invigorated, she turned to look back at Vi. The woman still had her eyes squeezed shut and her hands were interlocked behind her back from the cuffs. Caitlyn could tell she wanted to wriggle her hips and get some kind of friction but held herself back. She admired the woman’s restraint.


In a few long strides across the room, Caitlyn found herself pressed up against Vi’s arse once more. She slipped her hands around Vi’s hips and gripped them, earning a groan from Vi. She never once opened her eyes.


Massaging the flesh under her hands, Caitlyn said, “Such a good girl for me.”


Vi hummed in response. Caitlyn reached down and grasped the gift before dragging the end of it along Vi’s slit. Vi hissed at the sensation and leaned back into it, searching for that much-needed friction. Caitlyn denied her this, instead pointing the end of it up until the length of the gift sat heavy against Vi’s arse.


Caitlyn practically vibrated with excitement.


“Open your eyes.” She ordered.


Vi did as she was told. Caitlyn watched her in the mirror. What she saw was a dark, silicone cock strapped to Caitlyn’s hips that was so large and long that it easily could be seen by Vi. She whined at the sight of it, her eyes growing wide and her mouth falling open. Caitlyn easing her hips forwards so that the length of the cock rubbed against Vi’s cunt. The slick dripping out of Vi made the motion so much smoother than it ought to be.


“Holy fuck,” Vi whined, the desire dripping from her voice.


“A new hextech toy. It was a little pricey when it came out but…” Caitlyn said with a smirk, “I’d pay any expense if it means I can fuck you thoroughly.”


In truth, it wasn’t just a little pricey. It had cost Caitlyn a small fortune due to the… additional features. But it was so worth the cost just for the look on Vi’s face right now.


Wanton desire. Lust, undiluted and unashamed.


“It’s so big.” Vi murmured, still looking at the cock resting against her arse.


“And you’ll take it all. Right down to the hilt. Won’t you?” Caitlyn asked, still rolling her hips back and forth.


This was the game they played. Caitlyn gave her so much to handle, enough to push her to her limits but never to push her over that line. And Vi took whatever she gave her with an eagerness that warmed Caitlyn’s heart. Always so eager to please, this one.


Vi pushed her hips back against the cock, saying, “Yes, ma’am. Please , I want it.”


Caitlyn’s breath came out in shudders.


“I know you do.”


With that, Caitlyn lined herself up with Vi’s entrance. All the rubbing and teasing from before meant that this intrusion would be an easy and welcome one.


Caitlyn pushed in. Vi tensed up as the tip eased in and Caitlyn reached down to run her nails along Vi’s spine. The reaction was instantaneous: Vi melted and the cock slipped in even further. Caitlyn kept a steady pressure as she sunk herself in, mindful not to break her lover. Vi might be a mighty woman but she still had her delicate parts.


It was only when Caitlyn completely bottomed out inside vi that she allowed herself to breathe again.


“Oh my god.” Vi breathed out, her voice coming out hoarse.


“You look so beautiful like this.” Caitlyn praised her, “I’ve always wanted to fuck you with a cock.”


She could actually feel how Vi clamped down on her cock at those words. The tug against the straps on her hips was small but she noticed. She always noticed the details when it came to pleasing Vi.


“I’m going to move now. Do you remember the safeword to make this all stop?” Caitlyn asked.


Vi nodded and said, “Red light.”


Caitlyn rewarded her by pulling her cock out and easing it back in, coaxing out a loud whine from Vi.


“Atta girl.” Caitlyn said with a grin.


She gripped tighter onto Vi’s hips and kept a steady, firm pace as she fucked into Vi. She held onto the chain connecting Vi’s handcuffs and used them to centre herself. She felt like a wild animal as her eyes drank in the sight before her. Vi’s moans were getting louder and louder with each thrust and they had only just begun.


“You look amazing, ah , stretched out on my cock.” Caitlyn said, her voice stalling with each thrust, “Your body is amazing... I could stare at it all day.”


Vi shuddered from this praise and began moving her hips back against Caitlyn’s, effectively fucking herself against her cock. Caitlyn groaned and sped up the pace.


“Such a needy little thing. Do you think I didn’t see the way you were staring at me today? You just couldn’t keep your hands to yourself.” Caitlyn said, the fondness clear in her voice.


She remembered how Vi watched her all night. How frustrated Vi would get every time someone would take Caitlyn’s attention away, or if someone got too close or looked for a little too long. That possessiveness Vi had for her was exhilarating.


“Please, I’m so…” Vi’s voice trailed off.


Well, that just wouldn’t do.


Caitlyn reached over and curled her hand around Vi’s throat, pulling her up until Vi’s body was on full display in the mirror. The sight only spurred Caitlyn on and her hips began thrusting at a more brutal pace. Vi was much heavier than Caitlyn but she was well-trained: the slightest movement or direction from Caitlyn and she was eager to comply.


“So what, baby?” Caitlyn asked, her voice light and teasing.


She loved fucking Vi so well that she forgot how to speak.


“I’m so full. You’re so big, I…” Vi growled out these words, “Fuck.”


Caitlyn’s breathing was laboured now. Her lungs burned and she knew her legs would be aching in the morning. But the thought of not breaking in the woman before her…


“You’re making a mess on my thighs, you know.” Caitlyn rasped out, “I’ll make you lick them clean when I’m done fucking you. Who knows when I’ll be satisfied?”


Vi nodded against her, saying, “Yes, please, ma’am, I’d love to.”


Caitlyn stuck her fingers into Vi’s mouth who eagerly began sucking on them. The sounds she was making were wet and obscene and Caitlyn loved it.


“Filthy little thing.”


Caitlyn pounded into Vi over and over again. There was something so empowering about reducing Vi to a babbling, shaky mess like this. Vi was the strongest person Caitlyn had ever known, towering over almost everyone and possessing a considerable amount of muscle that made Caitlyn look tiny compared to her. Most people would assume that Vi would be the top in her relationships, by default. She had plenty of strength and charm to take charge in the bedroom.


They were so wrong. In reality, Vi loved being the bottom. She loved getting fucked on Caitlyn’s fingers until she saw stars and she loved following every order Caitlyn gave her. She loved being tied up and talked down to. Most of all, she couldn’t seem to get enough of Caitlyn -- and Caitlyn was always going to call the shots in her bedroom.


Caitlyn had kept up the brutal, unrelenting pace for some time now. She could feel how hot Vi’s body had grown under her and how frantic her movements had become.


“Are you close?” Caitlyn asked with a smirk, “You didn’t even last a few minutes on my cock.”


“I-I’m sorry, ma’am,” Vi said, adding, “it just feels too good.”


Caitlyn laughed before pushing Vi forward onto the bed. Vi whined and shoved her face into the bedsheets, most likely to cover it in drool soon like she did with Caitlyn’s fingers. Caitlyn took those slick fingers and placed them against Vi’s throbbing clit, rubbing firm circles against the nub. Vi let out a shriek of pleasure and ground her hips wildly into Caitlyn’s hand.


“I have one more trick up my sleeve, you know. I’ve been waiting all night for this,” Caitlyn forced out through laboured breaths.


Vi looked back at Caitlyn with those blue eyes that always made her weak in the knees. Caitlyn smirked down at her.


“I told you-- ah , that these were hextech, right?” Caitlyn asked.


Vi nodded, albeit it wasn’t very noticeable. Her mind was already growing fuzzy from the approaching orgasm, Caitlyn could tell.


She took her hand from Vi’s clit, earning a low whine in response. She placed her hand lightly on her left hip. She never stopped thrusting into Vi’s cunt all the while.


Caitlyn caught Vi’s gaze in the mirror and grinned.


“You’re going to see stars , my love.”


And with that, Caitlyn flicked the tiny switch located on the strap’s side.


The cock began to vibrate.


Vi let out a scream at the sudden sensation. Caitlyn also struggled to keep her pace because the pad settled against her own cunt began to vibrate as well. She could feel her own slick begin to drip down the insides of her thighs.


Worth every coin.


Vi’s voice game out loud and wobbly as she cried out: “Oh my fucking god, please, ma’am, I’m gonna-- oh !”


Caitlyn hissed and began fucking into Vi furiously. And she could think of was bringing Vi to an orgasm, making her feel good, nothing else mattered. The two of them were so close now, all it would take would be a few more seconds and--


“Come with me,” Caitlyn ordered.


The waves crashed down around them. Vi came first, thrashing and whining as she did so. Caitlyn was close behind but she kept her pace up long after the two of them had come together. Vi clearly noticed because she began wriggling her hips around.


“W-Wait, I just came, I can’t--” Vi began to say but was cut off.


Caitlyn landed a firm slap to her arse, eliciting a squeal from Vi. She knew that Vi would use the safeword if she truly did not want to come again, or if she thought she couldn’t. She didn’t. Which meant it was Caitlyn’s job to give Vi what she really wanted.


“You can . You will.”


With that, Caitlyn yanked Vi up by her hair and held her up by the arms. The cock was still vibrating for the both of them and Caitlyn fully intended to drag out a second orgasm from the both of them.


She fucked up into Vi’s cunt and gripped her arms fiercely. Vi’s head had fallen back as she whined and moaned at the feeling. Caitlyn couldn’t resist the sight of Vi’s broad back on display in front of her so she leaned forward to latch her mouth against the skin there. She licked and sucked against that patch of skin and only let go when she was sure that Vi was well-marked.


Vi made a strangled noise against her and Caitlyn smirked. There was that second orgasm.


Her smirk was wiped clean off when she felt her own orgasm wash over her. with one final and brutal thrust, Caitlyn buried her cock deep inside Vi and let her go. Vi flopped onto the bed, completely spent. Caitlyn dropped her hands down onto Vi’s hips and held herself up there. She hadn’t realised how unforgiving her pace had been until that moment. Now all she could feel was the exhaustion and ache settling into her body.


Wordlessly, Caitlyn flipped the switch off and the vibrations ceased. All that could be heard was their heavy breathing filling the room.


Caitlyn took a second to admire the sight before her: Vi, spent and thoroughly fucked with Caitlyn’s cock still buried inside her. Her chest filled up with warmth at the sight. When she eventually pulled out of Vi, she made sure to do so slowly and to rub soothing circles into Vi’s hips.


She grabbed the key sitting on the bedside cabinet, unlocked the handcuffs that restrained Vi’s hands and tossed them aside. She’d look for them later: she had a pretty woman to care for right now. Caitlyn gently rolled Vi onto her back before she slid herself on top of Vi’s body.


Her immediate response was to wrap her large arms around Caitlyn’s body, engulfing her. This is what Caitlyn loved the most: the feeling of being overwhelmed by Vi’s body and her abundance of love and affection. Her big teddy bear.


Caitlyn cupped Vi’s face and littered kisses across it, earning a pleased hum from her lover.


Vi shot her a dreamy smile, saying, “That was a great surprise, babe.”


“I thought so, too.” Caitlyn murmured, asking, “How are you doing?”


“You know how to use that thing, that’s for sure. I’ll be sore tomorrow. Might walk a bit funny.” Vi said, experimentally flexing her leg.


Caitlyn pulled one of Vi’s wrists up to her mouth and pressed a kiss to the inside of it. She made sure to use handcuffs that were lined with soft leather so that Vi never actually hurt herself during her lust-filled hazes. Caitlyn wanted to break her in, yes, but not beyond repair.


The two shared a deep, slow kiss that lasted for some time. Cait allowed herself to drown in the feeling of Vi’s touch and her embrace. The feeling of their nude bodies pressed against each other was enough to get her engine raring to go once more.


No one else made Caitlyn feel like this. Just Vi. Only ever Vi.


Pulling away with a pleased hum, Caitlyn said, “Let me know when you catch your breath, my love.”


Vi raised an eyebrow at this, asking, “You wanna go again?”


“Yes, but we’re going to do things a little differently this time.” Caitlyn said as she grinned down at her.


“Oh yeah?” Vi asked, mirroring her grin.


The smile that formed on Caitlyn’s face was sinful .


“You’re going to fuck me this time.” Caitlyn drawled, “I’ve always wanted to ride your cock. Haven’t you wanted the same thing?”


She could see the breath hitch in Vi’s throat. Caitlyn felt those large, calloused hands she loved so dearly grip onto her hips and she instinctively rolled her hips along Vi’s stomach. Vi groaned and grit her teeth at the feeling. Caitlyn could see the dark, lustful look in Vi’s eyes now as her grip tightened.


“What are we waiting for then?” Vi asked.


Caitlyn licked her lips.


“I like that look in your eyes,” she murmured, “Are you going to fuck me thoroughly, darling?”


Vi leaned forward to capture Caitlyn’s lips in a searing kiss. It was the kind that made Caitlyn sigh into the kiss and curl her toes. When they pulled away, both breathless and dripping between their legs, Vi rasped out: “I’ll fuck you as much as you want, ma’am.”


Caitlyn smiled.


“Good girl.”