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Taking the first step….

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It was the Monday morning after her date with Keke which Sumire had started to call it, since she got home that day, after being at Keke’s place until it got really late.
At the moment she stood in her room, looking at her mirror image, while checking her school uniform and hair for the last time.
„Everything okay.“ she said to herself while getting her backpack and went to the kitchen.
„I'm leaving for school!“ she shouted while getting her lunch box.
After that she left home and started her walk to school.
As she crossed the streets, she stopped and looked down, in the direction Keke lived.
`I wonder if Keke is still at home…‘ she asked herself while thinking of the other girl.
‚I mean I could go and check for myself….‘ Sumire started to play with her hair while thinking but after a few more seconds she turned to the side. She let go of her hair and started to walk again.

‚But… I don’t know what we are to each other... Wouldn’t it be weird to walk to school together??‘ she asked herself with a sorrowful expression while walking and before she knew it she was at the school gates.
With a sigh she went to their club room, which to no surprise was empty except the table, the chairs and the whiteboard.
With classes not starting in a while she sat at the table and put a notebook on the table, next to a small Chinese dictionary.
Since she and Keke were often together, alone and in Liella, Sumire had started to learn Chinese.
She really wanted to surprise Keke with that.

„What are you doing?“
„Wahh!?“ at the random question Sumire nearly jumped out of her seat and looked up, only to find Keke at the other side, staring at her with bright blue eyes.
As fast as she could, Sumire closed her books while starting to get a little embarrassed.
„No… nothing…“ she whispered while smiling nervously, to which Keke moved her head to the side in confusion.
„Nevertheless, what are you doing here already, Keke?“ the blonde asked while putting the books back into her backpack.
„It’s pretty early…“
„I didn’t wanted to stay at home and hoped yo…. Ehh someone would be here too.“ Keke cut herself off mid sentence a bit embarrassed before starting again.
„Ah that’s fine….“ Sumire said while thinking over Keke’s sentence, and how she had stopped mid-sentence.
‚She couldn’t mean what I think right?‘ she asked herself while staring at Keke.
„And I was right since you are here too.“ she said with a sweet smile and voice, which got Sumire starting to blush slightly.
„Keke… that reminds me.“ Sumire started while Keke looked back at her with a little „Eh?“
„About our meeting and… and what we said...“ she fake coughed while starting to blush.
„I want to say I meant what I said and….“ She stopped as the door was opened again and their other members entered the club room.
‚Oh great timing you three! Couldn’t they take a little while longer?‘ Sumire asked herself while she shot everyone small angry glares before putting up a welcoming expression.

„Good morning to you.“ she greeted while smiling a bit.
The other three greeted back before seating themselves at the table.
„So.. how was your date?“ Chisato asked, directed at Sumire and Keke, with a big grin, while those two froze a bit and started to blush slightly at this.
„Ah yeah how was it? We saw your picture and thought it was really cute.“ Kanon asked after Chisato finished her sentence while Ren nodded along with Kanon‘s words, with a very interested expression.

Keke and Sumire were frozen still, thinking on how to respond to that on their own.
‚Oh god. Right to business?‘ she asked in her mind, while she quietly growled a bit and looking slightly to the side.
‚I couldn’t speak with Keke on how to call it, or what we are to each other… I hope she doesn’t say something… weird….‘

„I… wouldn’t call it a date…“ Keke started while looking sad and uncomfortable.
„Ehh!?“ Sumire shouted at this while getting a quick but worried look from Keke.
For a second their eyes meet, and Sumire could see a small bit of sadness and an unspoken apology in Keke’s blue ones.
„It was a nice day and the café was cute… but, but…“ she was really looking for words and let her eyes wander through the room, not focusing on anything.
„But in the end it was just a meeting between us two and not worth talking about.“
While she didn’t want it, Keke’s words hit Sumire hard and her expression went from friendly smiling to a more expressionless one.

While noticing the change in Sumire’s expression, Kanon looked confused in between Keke and Sumire with worry in her eyes.
Chisato‘s smile vanished a bit while Keke was talking, and Ren looked confused too while the mood changed rapidly.

„Are you okay Sumire-san?“ Ren asked slowly and calmly while Sumire looked at Ren, slowly blinking while standing up and taking her backpack.
„We should get going. Classes are starting soon.“ she said coldly while moving to the door and not looking at anyone.
„Ahh…. Sumire wait!“ She heard Chisato and the chairs moving but she didn’t stop or look back at her friends.

She would be ignoring Keke from now on, until she sorted out her feelings, and would be able to confront the Chinese girl.
Wasn’t she a bit hard on Keke? They weren’t able to speak with each other but she had just assumed that her words… had meant they would be more… than…
She shook her head to clear her thoughts out before she started to daydream.

As time flew by and every other student went to their seats, Keke got into the room, together with Kanon and Chisato.
Sumire tried to not look their way, she even felt bad at how sad the girl looked but, how they both feeled was Keke‘s fault
‚She can be sad for a while.‘ Sumire thought while staring bluntly out of the window.
She noticed how everyone in their class gave them worried looks because of how they behaved but Sumire couldn’t care less.

As soon as the teacher came in, she focused her attention on the classes. Even when she gave it her best, she noticed how her eyes were often laid on Keke’s back whenever Sumire didn’t focus on class, or what the teacher was saying.

In every break she ignored her friends, even when her heart started to hurt whenever she saw their sad faces, especially Keke’s blue eyes full with sadness hit the hardest and Sumire needed her full self control to play cold and hurt.

Now it was the end of the school day and she was trying to leave school unnoticed. She had took some extra way around the school and was currently at a long hallway she had never walked through.
After ignoring them all day, she didn’t feel in the mood to go to practice and seeing Keke now would hurt her the most because she missed being with her and hearing her cheerful voice.
With a sigh Sumire leaned against the nearest wall.
„What am I even doing? I got mad at her words because I knew we had fun that day.“ she whispered to herself while her heart started to beat faster at her thoughts of their date.
„I think I like her….. more than just as friends?“ still unsure she asked herself, her face getting hotter and tears started to form in her eyes, while she stared at the hallway ceiling.
As she heard footsteps down the hallway she quickly dried her eyes and put on an emotionless mask while starting to move again.
„Sumire, wait!“ She tripped a bit over nothing as she heard Keke’s voice behind her and while she looked back she saw the girl running to her.
„I finally… found you…“ Keke said while breathing a bit harder than usual and leaning a bit on the wall.
„What do you want?“ Sumire asked with as much ice in her voice as she put in there and smiled, a bit satisfied, as the girl took a step back before looking at Sumire again.
„I wanted to speak to you. About what happened this morning.“ Keke said while Sumire got a tiny bit angry at this.
„Ohh, now you want to talk?“ she asked while moving against Keke and pressing her to the wall, looking down at her while her hands were positioned next to Keke’s head and chest.
„Did you mean these words Keke? Did you mean it when you said the day wasn’t as good as I thought it was?“ she asked without stopping for a breath and sadness filled her words faster than she could stop it.
Keke started to look worried and sad while trying to find a chance to say something.

„I really had fun and I thought you had too! Did I get my hopes up for nothing? Were your words to me just show and play?!?“ Sumire shouted at Keke while tears started to flow slowly from her green eyes and she blinked faster to try to dry them but to no avail.
„Sumire you…“ Keke started while moving one hand to Sumire‘s cheek to dry the tears.
„Over the past few days I started to realize how much you… you mean to me and I thought we could…. could… but than you said this and it felt like a rejection….“ Sumire finished while she cried more and nuzzled Keke’s hands.

„But I feel the same…“ she heard Keke whisper and she saw her smiling a bit while the sadness was still in her blue eyes.
„Then why did you say these words…“
„I… I panicked. We couldn’t talk and the question came out of nowhere. And I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t ready for them to find out.“ Keke said while smiling a bit.
„You are such a hardworking and talented person Sumire. As days progressed I thought I was no fit for you, that I would be in your way, even when you brighten my days and make me feel warm inside. That I’m not worthy of you.“ she confessed which got a small „ehh?“ from Sumire and while shaking her head Keke put one finger onto Sumire's lips, a move at which both faces started to heat up.
„You make me smile and happy by just being next to me. You mean so much to me that I don’t want to hurt you, or break your heart if my parents want me back at Shanghai… but it seems I already broke your heart, right?“ Keke asked as she moved closer to Sumire while still being trapped between the wall and the taller girl, her hand moved from Sumire‘s cheek to the girl’s chest, where her heart was.
Sumire only could nod while blushing and being at a loss for words.
She could only watch Keke as she slowly closed the small gap between them, and felt her warm breath on her skin and the warm feeling of Keke’s hand on her skin and clothes.

„So let me try to repair it…“ the girl started while blushing slightly.
Without wasting more time, Keke grabbed Sumire’s uniform and pulled her face down and locked their lips together in their first kiss.
Still in disbelief she grabbed Keke to hold onto her and not lose balance while she closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss.
Keke’s lips were so soft and warm and she only heard her own heart, beating as loud as it possibly could. She wasn’t able to think straight at the moment, she only wanted the moment to last forever and a soft cry escaped her lips when Keke pulled away, breathing hard and uneven.
Both girls smiled while blushing, their faces as red as it could go.

„I love you Sumire.“ Keke whispered while pressing her face into Sumire’s chest, feeling embarrassed, while Sumire couldn’t answer.
She only knew how happy Keke’s words made her.
While softly putting Keke against the wall to see her face she focused on every detail of the girl.
She saw love in Keke’s blue eyes and happiness while Sumire moved.
Slowly and with care, Sumire put one hand under Keke’s Chin and raised it a bit.
„I love you too.“ she said before kissing the girl again while smiling and leaning onto her.
Their kiss was still awkward and slow but both smiled and were happy about the kiss.
This time they were practically glued together, not wanting to let the other go but they still needed to breathe.
While their lips parted again, both smiled and got as much air into their lungs as possible. The appearance of both of them wasn’t as perfect as before, their school uniforms weren’t fully in place and their hair was a bit messy but they weren’t paying attention to that anymore.

„So…. Does that mean….“ Sumire asked slowly while Keke nodded.
„I think we can’t deny our feelings…“ Keke started while looking at Sumire, leaning at the wall to stand.
They didn’t want to say it but both their legs were shaking.
„You are right.“ Sumire said while standing next to Keke.
Without saying anything they locked their hands together and stayed there for a few more minutes.
„Say, want to skip practice?“ Keke asked while looking out of the window, while Sumire looked at her surprised.
„Of all people you want to skip practice??“ she asked shocked, which got her a quick glare from Keke, before smiling again.
„Let us celebrate and get something nice to share. Right now I want to be alone with you…“ she said while Sumire started to smile, because she felt the same way.

„Then come. I know the perfect place, but you are paying. As a punishment for this morning.“ Sumire said with a big grin while she started to move, to which Keke responded with a worried look.
„Are you still mad at me?“ the girl asked while following, which sent Sumire into a small laugh.
„A bit, yes, but I’m teasing you. And I’m sorry for today.“ Sumire apologized softly.
„Ah, that’s a relief.“ Keke smiled brightly, while following Sumire. „We have to work together from now on so that we no longer misunderstand each other.“
After fixing their appearance they moved together through the school while holding hands, still trying to go unnoticed from anyone.


What they didn’t know was that they didn’t go as unnoticed as they had wanted it to be.
While Keke was alone searching for Sumire, the other three had followed her.
They weren’t able to hear any word that was spoken but they had seen everything that happened.
Right now Ren and Kanon were blushing really hard at the scene they had witnessed, and trying to not die, while Chisato stood there, proud of the young couple and wiping away tears of joy.
She saved the video she had made and put her phone away, while looking at Kanon and Ren with a small and soft smile. Seeing their friends together made her happy and Kanon and Ren were just to cute.