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Danganronpa: Fictional Epicenter

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WARNING: Please finish Danganronpa: Fictional Nexus before starting this story in order to get caught up on spoilers. And if you can, read the prologue and first part of Danganronpa: Fictional Guardians. Mostly because it’s also part of the series, although this story and that one might intertwine in a few ways. Not guaranteed to happen though. Enjoy the prologue, orientation will begin shortly…





RenegadeBraveheart Presents…


Danganronpa: Fictional Epicenter


Prologue: College Prep



“Ow… my head…”


My name is Yūgo Hachiken, a student of Yezo Agricultural High School and in the Department of Dairy Science. I’m currently working through school to eventually start an organic pork business alongside some of my classmates. I’m the vice-president of the equestrian club, which I take care of with my wonderful girlfriend Aki Mikage.


However… This does not look like my school at all, or anywhere close to it. No grassy farmlands, just a bunch of odd buildings placed on concrete walkways. I was laying down on a green lawn, which did not feel like natural grass, fake probably? That might explain why I woke up feeling a bit uncomfortable, except for the head pain. I stand up and dust myself off as I began walking around this strange place.


“Hello?! Anyone?!” I said aloud, hoping to hear someone answer.


Not a sound. That gave me chills.


My head was filled with questions. Where am I? How did I get here? Does anyone know I’m gone? Is Mikage okay? As well as another important question…


“HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE?!” I yelled at the top of my lungs when I saw a large iron dome wall in front of me.


It stretches all around this area, except for a rectangular window that’s too high for me to reach. The evening sun could barely be seen from where I’m standing as I sit down and place my face onto my hands. I’m trapped alone in here without any idea on how to escape. I feel like I’m done for, like I’ll never be able to see my friends again, see my mom again, my dad… okay I might feel fine without seeing him, but still. 




“Gah!” I shouted out at the voice that came out of nowhere.


I guess I’m not alone then.


“Oh! I’m sorry, from the back you kind of looked like someone I know. But now that I’m seeing you closer, you’re not too similar. Ehehe~...” A high school girl around my age with coral pink hair and a red bow rubbed the back of her head embarrassed.


Insert Song: Peachy Pie (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!)


“Um… it’s okay. Do you… know where we are?” I ask her.


“Eh?! I was just about to ask you that question myself!” The girl held her hand in front of her mouth in surprise.


We’re both in the same boat then, “Yeah, this is definitely a place I have never been to. I figured that you didn’t know, but how did you find me anyways?”


“Oh! I heard a voice yelling and I decided to check it out. That was you, wasn’t it?”


I nodded as I stood back up, “It was… I just felt a lot of stress about a minute ago. Feel a bit better now that I know I’m not by myself here.”


“By yourself? You mean you never ran into anyone else?” She tilted her head when I said that.


“Yes, wait… there’s more people around here?!” My eyes widened with surprise.


“I ran into a few people earlier, but I was told that there were others. Sadly though, they didn’t know anything either…” Her head lowers in disappointment.

Well that doesn’t give me much hope. Regardless though, maybe we can find something or someone around here that could help us.


“Let’s keep looking then, the longer we sit here, the less we’ll know about our current situation.” I told the girl.


“True… okay! Time to go sightseeing!” She jumped excitedly as she pointed towards the main area.


Seeing how big it is from here now makes me regret thinking of exploring, but we have no choice. I almost forgot one important thing though!


“My name is Yūgo Hachiken, glad to make your acquaintance.”


“I’m Sayori! Nice to meet you too, Hachiken!”


*buzz* *buzz*


What was that?


I felt a vibration go off in my pocket and I checked to see what it was, some kind of tablet. Sayori took out hers and our screens lit up. My screen has a picture of myself on it, while hers has a picture of her.


There were also these titles attached to them, “Ultimate Tutor… I guess that makes some sense.”


After I finished reading mine aloud, Sayori did the same for hers, “I’m the Ultimate Poet! Although a lot of people are better than me, ehehe~.”


These pads and these “Ultimate” titles, this is getting stranger and stranger…


Afterwards we entered the area, that’s when I noticed that this place looks similar to an American college campus. One with very weird architecture, I mean what’s the deal with these bear head busts? As we were about to walk into the recreation center however…




Heavy wind blows past us, I hold onto my glasses and Sayori does the same with her skirt. When we both look up, we see a guy with bleached hair and a jogging outfit.


“What? You didn’t see that coming?” He asked us in a European accent.


A sweat bead rolls down my face as I respond, “Uh… no. Are you…”


“Before you finish, no I was not the one who captured you.” He interrupted me before I could finish my question.


“Thanks for clarifying, but what I meant to say was are you just like us? Trapped in here?”


He nods, “Indeed. Though I am confused, since I should be dead right now, but whatever.”


What… did he mean by “dead”?


“Um… was that you that made it blow wind just now? I haven’t felt a breeze since I’ve been here, so…” Sayori asks curiously.


“Yup. Name’s Pietro Maximoff, Ultimate Speedster. Not a bad description.”


The tablets in our pockets buzzed again when he introduced himself, and he looks to be a bit… arrogant.


“I don’t know anything about why we’re here either, all I do know is that there’s eighteen of us in total. I’ll let you know if I find anything interesting, I’d invite you to come with but… you would not be able to keep up. Bye!”


Pietro quickly dashed away as I stood there wondering who else I was stuck in here with. If people with superpowers are here then—


“One more thing!”


“Ack!” I fell over as Pietro came back immediately.


“That’s so coooool!” Sayori’s eyes sparkled with wonder, I’m glad she’s enjoying herself.


“We’ve got a meeting in the plaza in about two hours from now. For what, I don’t know. Better speed it up if you’re gonna look around.” He speeds away once more, leaving us covered in a cloud of dust.


Ha, like you’ll be late, Mr. Quick.


That meeting though, if that’ll help us learn more about our situation then I guess we could go. Still very suspicious of what’s going on here, especially since I assume there’s more people with powers here. Now I’m wondering if Sayori has some special poem-related ability…


“Um… Hachiken, are you there?” Sayori waves her hand in front of my face as I snap out of my thoughts.


“Sorry Sayori, let’s go in now.”


The two of us entered the recreation center and it’s pretty large, as one could tell from the outside. Two floors filled with exercise equipment, a climbing wall, an arcade, and three open gyms. Well, two open gyms, because in the third we hear some noise coming from behind it. I could also hear some yelling from inside the arcade, but the gym is closer.


I heard metal clanging together and a lot of grunting, when we opened the door we saw the source of it.


“Oh yeah, baby!”


“Don’t be careless now!”


Insert Song: Time to Fight! (Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition)


Two guys were having a fight in the gym, using a wooden lance and some kind of weird shield/lance hybrid weapon.


The normal lance wielder was a blonde guy around my age, he looked like he belonged to some medieval nobility. The other one was a large man with red hair in a sleeveless orange and metal top.


“Hiii!” Sayori greeted them.


“Huh? Yeesh!” The redhead nearly got hit by his opponent's lance, “Oi, what the hell do ya think you’re doing? I almost got gutted there, thanks to you!”


“I’m so sorry, you guys looked strong though!” Sayori complimented them.


“Why thank you. And to correct you, Reyn, these are only training weapons, so you were in no danger of getting hurt. I do apologize for attacking you when you were distracted like that, but I told you not to be careless.” The blonde puts down his weapon and wipes the sweat off his forehead.


“Yeah, yeah. Of course, Your Highness.” Reyn, what a strange name, plopped down on a nearby bench.


“Your Highness?” I looked to the lance wielder for an answer.


“My apologies, I have neglected to introduce myself. My name is Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd, heir to the throne of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.”


His profile appeared on my pad as Dimitri, Ultimate Prince. I definitely could tell he was regal-like, but… where is Faerghus?


“And I’m Reyn , and this doohickey calls me the Ultimate Tank, not bad huh?” He points to his profile on his screen.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Sayori and this is Hachiken!” This girl beat me to the punch before I could introduce myself.


“R-Right, what she said. Anyways, do you two know how we got here?” I asked.


“I wish we could give you a better answer, but we both woke up here without any knowledge of how or why it happened. After going around and introducing ourselves to the others…” Dimitri began.


“We figured having a little sparring session would help us not lose our heads. I mean, that barrier ain’t going down anytime soon, so we don’t have much else to do!” Reyn sighed with frustration.


“What about that small window from above?” Sayori brought up.


“I tried to break it, but I couldn’t reach it. Even throwing stuff at the damn thing couldn’t shatter it. Made of some strong stuff, that.” Reyn scratched his head, annoyed.


“Ugh, so that’s out of the question too.” I sighed.




I heard a voice yell from outside, which I’m hesitant to see who it came from. They sounded quite angry, and from that nickname choice it’s likely to be Pietro they were yelling at.


“It was nice to converse with you for a while, Hachiken, Sayori. Yet we need to keep up our strength in case we need it. What an interesting way to drink water...” Dimitri gulps down a bottle of water before going back to grab his weapon.


Reyn wipes sweat off his face with a towel before joining him, “Yeah, good to meetcha, let us know if you find anything out there, alright? Alright Dimitri, I’m not going down so easily this time.”


“Very well, face me with all that you have!”


Sayori waves them goodbye as they clash once more. Glad to know that there’s some strong guys here in case things get rough, which I won’t be surprised if they will. Right when we walked out of the gym I think I saw a blur, the “quick bastard” making his exit. On his way out though, he bumps into someone walking into the recreation center. We immediately ran over to the boy with a purple jacket to help him up.


“Hey are you okay?” Sayori asked him.


“Don’t touch me! I’m just fine, stay out of my way.” He brushes us off and immediately walks away.


Insert Song: Bede Encounter (Pokémon Sword and Shield)


He doesn’t seem like a very pleasant person, very rude of him to say that to her. I take a look at Sayori and she’s looking a bit down, his words must have hurt her a bit. My pad goes off and I read his name.


Bede, Ultimate Gym Leader.” Whatever that is, it doesn’t give him any right to be that uptight.


I pat Sayori on the shoulder with sympathy as we entered the source of that loud yell, the arcade. It’s filled with a lot of classic and modern games, some that I’ve never even seen in local arcades I’ve been to! There’s two people inside and they’re playing at an air hockey table, one is a guy with brown hair and a green mantle, while the other is a…


“Z-ZOMBIE?!” Sayori and I screamed in terror, while the long blonde ponytailed zombie girl just rolled her eyes.


“Ugh man, I thought I heard the last of people reacting like that today… It’s starting to get annoying, and I just dealt with some speedy assshole. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna eat your brains or whatever.”


“Y-You aren’t?” I shivered with fear.


She gave us a smile in response, “Of course not! Only thing I’m hungry for right now is some Drive-In To—HEY! Where did my paddle go?!”


The brown haired guy revealed it in his right hand, as he hit the puck into her goal. How did he…


“Ha ha ha, yeah! That’s another point for Kazuma!” He says with a smirk.


Sayori whipped out her pad and saw his profile, “Satou Kazuma, Ultimate Thief.”


“Goddamnit you ass, I’m not playing if you keep taking cheap shots like this!” Saki quits and walks over to another game cabinet, Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001.


“Oh well, any of you two wanna play?” Kazuma offers.


Sayori jumps in, “Sure! Sounds fun!”


She seems to be feeling slightly better from that encounter with Bede, maybe I’m overthinking things but it is quite odd. I walk over to the zombie girl as she’s playing her fighting game.


Power Wave! Burn Knuckle !” The character she was playing as shouted.


“Hey, um, do you know anything about this place?” I asked her.


“Not really, only that I’m supposed to be in Saga right now doing idol stuff. Shades is probably gonna give me an earful when I get back…” She replied.


Saga, like the prefecture? Something tells me that it’s not the Saga that I know though, since she’s a zombie. Unless there’s zombies in Saga and nobody’s ever talked about it.


“Anyways, the name’s Saki Nikaido, Ultimate Biker Gang Leader. Pretty badass you think so?”


“I guess so, thanks anyways. Come on, Sayori.” I look over to see her searching all over for the puck before Kazuma hits it into the goal.


She pouts, “He really is cheating!”


“Nahhh, luck’s just on my side I guess.” He says smugly.


If he’s the Ultimate Thief, he’s probably got some way to steal items from people. From the way that he’s dressed, it’s probably magical or something.


“I’ll kick his ass later, don’t worry.” Saki tells me and I almost feel bad for Kazuma.


Almost. We left the arcade before we could see what could happen, hope he survives though. I think that’s enough for the recreation center so I asked Sayori where we should head to next.


“Hm… how about the cafeteria? There might be a good amount of people there.” She suggests.


“That does sound likely, okay then.” I nodded as she smiled in response.


I reciprocated that smile as we walked over to where the cafeteria is, although it was named Black (& White) Bear Diner. Inside were different areas based on the types of food they were serving: American, Japanese, Italian, etc., and desserts were all placed into one section. I explored the area, looking at all the options for food, and admittedly I’m starting to get pretty hungry… wait, Sayori is over there grabbing as many cookies as she can!


“Did… you just tell me you wanted to go here because you wanted a snack?”


“Nomph!” She shakes her head, but her stuffed mouth says it all.


“Ha ha ha!” I hear some giggling coming from a booth behind me.


“Hello there, ribbit.” A girl who kinda looks like a frog greets me.


“Why don’t you grab something and come sit with us?” Another girl with orange hair waves as I decide to grab a bit of cake and sit down. Sayori happily munches on a cookie as she joins us.


“I’m Sora Takenouchi, it’s nice to meet you!”


“Tsuyu Asui, preferably though you can call me Tsu.”


Their names and titles appeared before us on our pads: Sora Takenouchi, Ultimate Love and Tsuyu Asui, Ultimate Amphibian. The former’s title probably has some deeper meaning to it, but the latter looks to be more obvious based on her looks. A lot of the people I’ve met today have been very weird, and the titles given to them are no different. We introduced ourselves loud and clearly (well, Sayori was muffled) and we explained why we were there. We just received the same response though, nothing.


Sora is stirring the straw in her cup, “So far everyone’s been wandering around this place, trying to find an exit or some clues leading to it. However, it doesn’t look like any of us will find it soon.”


“Ribbit, it looks like the best we can do right now is be acquainted with one another before this ‘orientation’ begins in about ninety minutes from now. That’s probably when we’ll hear everything, even if it is suspicious.” Tsuyu placed her finger under her chin.


True… it is a good idea to learn more about everyone if we’re stuck together for a while. There’s something else I want to talk about though, but I’ll save it for when ALL of us are together.


Sayori then spoke up, “So what do your titles mean? Your Ultimates I guess?”


“Oh, well, I think it has something to do with an item I had a while ago. It was the Crest of Love.” Sora gave her answer.


It was then Tsu’s turn, “I have a quirk that allows me to use the abilities of a frog. It’s a common trait in my family, ribbit.”


“I’m a poet! As well as a member of a literature club!” Sayori told them her Ultimate.


I’m starting to feel a bit insignificant compared to these girls, “I’m just a high ranking student to helped tutor someone important to me, that’s all ha.”


“That does sound quite nice though, Hachiken.” Sora says.


“Huh?” I raised an eyebrow.


“Tutoring shows that you’re willing to help people with your knowledge, that’s pretty kind of you.” Tsu explains and Sayori nods in agreement.


Wow, that makes me feel a little better with a description like this. Yeah, I’m the Ultimate Tutor! I raised my head up high, until I noticed them all staring at me weirdly and I quickly apologized. It was then that I noticed half of my cake was gone, I looked to my immediate suspect.




“It’s not me, honest!” No signs of frosting or cake crumbs on her mouth so who…




The other half of the cake was gone too. I sighed heavily, I guess I didn’t see that coming, Maximoff.


We bid farewell and I made the choice to go to the library next, in case Sayori wants to trick me into getting her more food. Right when we walked in it was MASSIVE, I mean it’s a college campus but sheesh… Way bigger on the inside. The shelves included a lot of textbooks on history, science, and strangely enough police records on homicides. That is unnerving.


“Oh wow, a book on poems! I should borrow this and show it to the rest of the club!” Sayori cheered as she flipped through it.


I then heard a shushing sound coming from above the shelves, Pietro lying atop it and speed reading a dozen comic books. Is this going to be a running gag with him? Pun not intended. 


Insert Song: Studying for Exams (The Promised Neverland)


I then spot two younger kids sitting quietly in the corner. A young man with black hair covering the left part of his face, and a girl with short light-brown hair and glasses. With the exception of Pietro, who looked to be in his twenties, most of the people we’ve met today were around high school age. They looked to be around middle school age, and now I’m questioning the logic of the person who brought us here. 


“Do you mind not staring? We’re trying to look for answers.” The boy told me.


“Sorry, have you found anything so far?” I asked them.


“Unfortunately, no.” The boy shook his head.


“How about you then?” I asked the girl with glasses, who had them go from opaque to clear.


She shook her head, “We both believed that we could find information on where we were here, but so far our search has been fruitless.”


“Ugh, it feels like we’re just walking around, but not getting anywhere. Everyone’s had the same answer each time we’ve asked that question.” I sighed.


“Cut us some slack, okay? Of course we’d have no answers if we ended up trapped in a place like this, only more questions.” The black-haired boy rolled his visible right eye at me.


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, “Sorry for being like that, it’s just so confusing that it’s driving me nuts. I’m Hachiken by the way.”


I extended my hand and the boy shook it, “Ray, and that’s understandable, no need to apologize.”


“Ray, huh? What about you?” I asked the glasses girl.


“Minori Ichinose.” She shakes my hand before returning to her book.


Ray then took out his pad, “I discovered these devices have a feature that allows us to contact each other through messages. The two of us will stay here in case there’s anything we find in this library that’s worth sharing with you and everyone else.”


Interesting, so I first looked through the two profiles: Minori Ichinose, Ultimate Bookworm & Ray, Ultimate Strategist. I then saw the messaging app on the main page, though it had some weird jagged logo on it. It kinda looked like a closed eye...


“Thanks, we’ll see you later then. Let’s get going, Sayori.” I turn to see her totally invested in that book of poems.


She really seems too carefree right now for someone in her situation.


“Okay, where to neeeeeeee—'' I got interrupted as soon as we exited the library and someone else was about to walk in.


Insert Song: Because I’m a Perfect Girl (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K)

It was a girl with long blue hair but… something about her is just so stunning, so radiant… it makes me want to go:


“Oh wow.”


“Thank you, I get that a lot.” Even her voice is beautiful, and it’s like her very presence is so powerful that she’s glowing!


“Hello again, Teruhashi!” Sayori greeted her.


Her name also sounds like it fits her well… wait a minute, snap out of it, Hachiken! You have an amazingly cute girlfriend back home, you idiot! I slap both my cheeks to bring myself back to reality, which confused the girls I was with.


“Who’s your friend, Sayori?” Teruhashi asked her.


Sayori slapped me on the back, “This is Hachiken, the Ultimate Tutor!


“You sound so smart! I’m Kokomi Teruhashi, Ultimate Beauty as this pad says.”


Her compliment made me swoon before I pinched myself again and thought of Mikage.


“T-Thank you! Have a good one!” I grabbed Sayori and quickly walked away before Teruhashi’s purity could control my thoughts.


“Hm? You looked quite mesmerized back there Hachiken, do you have a crush?” Sayori teased me.


Embarrassed, I denied it, “S-Shut up! I don’t, I have a girlfriend back home!”


She gasps, “Really?! That’s lovely! What’s her name? What’s she like?”


Oh boy, now she’s starting to ask me a lot of questions about her. I tried to answer as much as I could before I got tired. Ended up sitting down on a bench near a fountain to catch my breath, man I wish I ate some of that cake so I had more sugary energy. Sayori’s nice, but I feel tired running around all over with her. I think if we were under different circumstances, I’d be enjoying our time together, maybe.




I turned my head when she called my name, “Yeah?”


“Um… I’m not bothering you too much, am I?”


Oh… uh…


“Not really, no. It’s been fine exploring with you.” I answer, hoping that I won’t upset her.


“Hm… if you say so. But… you don’t have to lie if you’re not comfortable around me.” She nods slowly.


“I-I’m not, I swear! I… huh?” 


I see two girls in high school uniforms walk in front of us. One quite small, but with long blue hair and the other tall with long black hair.


“Hey look Sakaki, a lover’s quarrel! This should be entertaining!” The shorter girl said while giggling.


“I-I-I have a girlfriend!” I denied her claims by shouting at the top of my lungs.


My exaggerated reaction must have cheered Sayori up a bit, since she’s laughing alongside the blue-haired girl. Still though, I would hate to offend her or make her feel sad at all.


Insert Song: Shin gakki(1) (Azumanga Daioh)


The blue-haired girl smiles smugly, “You do, huh? Hope she doesn’t dump you if she finds out you’re with another girl, heh.” 


She wouldn’t do that…. Would she? I mean, of course she won’t!


“Let’s just get off this topic for now, please? I’m Yūgo Hachiken, and this is—”


“Sayori, we know. We met her a while earlier!” Now she tells me.


“Sorry ehehe~, this is Konata Izumi and Sakaki!” Sayori introduces me to them.


“Hello.” Sakaki speaks up for the first time.


She seems quite calm and mature, I wonder what her “Ultimate” is….


“This pad thing really gets me. It gave me the title ‘Ultimate Otaku’!” Konata poses with a peace sign.


Huh, Nishikawa would really like a girl like her, with how crazy he is about his otaku stuff.


“Hm… I know a guy who might fit into that same category.” Sayori smirks for a second, I wonder who she was referring to.


“Oh right, Sakaki, I haven't asked what your ‘Ultimate’ is! C’mon, lemme see it! It’s gotta be something cool to match you, right?” Konata pumps her fists in anticipation.


Sakaki then suddenly walks away quickly.


“Hey, wait up! Nice to meet you Hachiken, don’t cheat alright?” Izumi dashed after her, she’s quite fast.


Well that happened, wonder why Sakaki—


Then my pad buzzed and I saw her profile, “Sakaki, Ultimate Animal Lover.”


“Aww, that’s pretty cute!” Sayori smiled.


No wonder she ran, it sounds like quite the embarrassing title to have if you’re someone like her. Feel kinda bad, but I’m also curious as to why she’d be ashamed of it.


We continue walking around the campus, and I really doubt this place is how actual colleges in the U.S. are like. I mean, this place is pretty clean, but I feel dirty just walking around. There’s these weird short bear statues scattered, the parking lots are completely empty (plus the markings for the parking spaces are placed oddly), vines are growing on the sides of buildings almost like they’ve been here for a while (despite a lot of this place looking brand new), and oh, I just remembered that HUGE METAL DOME. 


Really hoping we’ll get answers soon, I’m getting more and more uneasy as time goes on. About half an hour until the meeting, and there’s only a few more people we haven’t seen yet. I’m thinking that maybe they’re in this next building.


Sayori reads the name on the sign, “Ultimate Lab Facility… like science labs?”


“Maybe, though with this place I don’t know what to expect.”

It’s a three floor building, so hopefully there’s an elevator inside that we can take. The inside is relatively normal, white marble flooring and black ceiling. Each floor had six large rooms, as we read on the wall sign.


“Huh, Hachiken look at this!” Sayori ushers me over and I see a plaque near a door.


“Yūgo Hachiken’s Ultimate Tutor Lab? Is this supposed to be for me?” I tried to open the door, but it was locked.


Hm... instead of a keyhole it has a device kind of like a barcode scanner. It’s telling me to scan my “e-Handbook”.


“Is that what these are called? Neat.” Sayori looked at hers, intrigued.


I scanned my handbook and the door unlocked, nice. We walked in to see a bunch of books we couldn’t find at the library strangely… which also includes books on agriculture!


“Wow, Hachiken, this place suits you pretty well!” Sayori said as a compliment.


“Thanks, but this is getting even more freaky.” I immediately walk out of the lab and into—






I fall over, holding my forehead. That’s the second time today that my head felt pain, though I could blame this on me not being careful.


“I’m sorry, please excuse me.” The girl in a red outfit and high ponytail ran out the building before I could apologize.


Sayori pulls me back up, “Are you okay?”.


“Yeah, I’ll be alright. I wonder who that was?”


“Whoever she is, she’s gone now. I did see her run out of another lab though.” Sayori points over to a door that closed within a few seconds.

You can only enter if you had a specific e-Handbook for that particular lab, and the doors close quickly after a while. Why do these labs have this much security?


As yet another question about this place is added to the pile I read the plaque on the door that girl just exited.


Kale’s Ultimate ??? Lab. Kale?” A girl named after a vegetable, not the weirdest thing I’ve seen today.


But… Why keep her ultimate title blank? She looked a bit timid and nervous, she can’t have anything too bad, right?


We browsed the second floor next, Sayori’s lab was quite simple. A high school classroom with poems and other forms of literature around, although for some reason there was manga in the closet. Not sure if that qualifies as literature, but for some reason I don’t want to argue about that.


“It’s just like the literature club room back at home! Home…” Her brightful demeanor slowly falls when she realizes our situation.


“Sayori?” I watched her slightly bite her lip.


“I’m okay, we still have one more floor left. Let’s go, Hachiken!” She then pulled me along with her as we ran through the halls and up the stairs.


With how fast she’s moving, I wouldn’t be surprised if—


“Oof!” She trips on the last step.


“You alright?” I helped her regain her footing.


She just embarrassingly giggled, she’s lucky she’s cute.


Clang! Clang!


I guess there’s someone else in here, good. Makes this building a bit less eerie. That noise seemed to have come from the room nearby, so I knocked on the door.


“It’s open!” A younger voice comes through it.


We open the door to see a workshop with a small yellow plane inside! Is it really safe to have something that big when it could fall down to lower floors? Other than that, there’s a bunch of mechanical tools, hopeful that this person could build us something to get us out.


I see a dark-skinned man in a tan jacket and he’s getting something off the top shelf for… a two-tailed fox boy. Because why not?


Insert Song: Believe in Myself Instrumental Ver. (Sonic Adventure 2)


“Is this what you need?” The man asked the fox.


He grabs the contents of the box and looks them over, “Yeah this is perfect, thanks! Now then, how can we help you?”


“W-Well, we just happened to drop by just to see the area, that’s all. I’m Hachiken, and this is Sayori. And you two are…?”


“Miles Prower, but you can call me Tails ! As you can see by this lab, it’s for the Ultimate Pilot, or mechanic, either works!” The fox introduces himself.


“The name’s Finn, Ultimate Rebel. Member of the Resistance who helped save the galaxy. But… I don't think this place is part of it…” He looked out the window to see a short view of the campus.


“We’ve been talking about how weird this has been, with so many different types of people gathered here. There has to be some kind of purpose, and from what I’ve been through it can’t be good.” Tails sighed.


I nodded my head, “I’ve been feeling the same way, something REALLY isn’t right here. We need to find out who’s behind us now or…”




A vibration goes off in my pocket and my e-Handbook flickers on. Is it time already? It did feel like we were exploring for quite a while… um… it looks like someone’s broadcasting an audio message to us.


“New students, please meet in the plaza for your orientation! A new semester is beginning soon, so you better not be late! Puhuhu~.”


W-W-What? The voice that came out of my handbook, it sounded so… joyful? It sounded like some kind of twisted American cartoon mascot character, it’s really giving me the creeps. A glowing red jagged eye thing, just like the ones on the bear statues, just appeared on our screens and pulsated.

“S-Scary…” Sayori shivered.


“What is going on here, what was that voice?” Finn stared at his handbook confused.


I then see Tails open up the window and stand on top of the window sill, “Everyone, grab my hands!”


“Huh?” I uttered.


“Just do it!” He said a bit louder as I grabbed his left hand.


“AGGGGHHHHHHH!!” I let out as he pulled me outside.


Right when I realized I wasn’t falling though, Tails helped all three of us land on the ground. He… can fly with those tails of his!


“T-That’s amazing!” Finn complimented him.


“Thanks, but there’s no time, we have to get to the plaza quickly!” Tails grips his fists.




Pietro arrived as soon as he said that, “Need a lift?”.


He put his hand on my shoulder before I could object to it, “WHOA!”.


He dashes Sayori, Finn, and I over to the plaza, while Tails takes to the sky. When we got there, everyone else was already there. They were all chatting with each other, introducing themselves, some were even arguing.


“Do I… know you?” Saki asked Dimitri.


“Um… can’t say I’ve ever seen you before. You say you’re… a walking corpse?” Dimitri ponders.


“Oh wow…” Reyn and Kazuma say as they stare at Teruhashi like I was earlier.


Konata begins to play with Tails’s ears, “Coool, you look like you’ve been dragged right out of your game!”


“Ack, hey! Let go!” The fox tries to get her to stop.


Bede and Ray glare at each other briefly before the former decides to speak up, “Whoever brought us here, the one with the goofy voice, show yourself now! I’ve already lost my patience, so you better not test me…”


The voice from the message then rings out immediately, “Ask and you shall receive! Let’s get things rolling!”


The large fountain in the plaza suddenly began to shoot out a large amount of water into the air, just like a geyser. However, at the top of the water spout was a bear. A teddy bear almost, creepiest one I’ve ever seen.


“Greetings, new students, welcome to Kuma-versity! I am your dean, the Bear of Despair, Monokuma!”…. EH?! WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING?


“I’m here to introduce you all to the amazing plan we have for you all here at this college of chaos!” The bear was moving all around us, and I’ve forgotten what normal looks like now.


“It… doesn’t look to be a Digimon…” Sora whispers.


Dimitri’s eyes were wide “Just what is this creature…?”


“It’s really unsettling…” Minori stares at him as he walks by.


Konata tilts her head, “I don’t know, he looks to be a good mix of both creepy and cute.”


“The dorms are separated into three different buildings, each having six personal rooms! They are all accommodated well for each of your interests! Meal plans are free, and the diner is open from 9am-8pm. There are no classes you have to attend either!”


I’m getting the feeling this is all leading to one big catch...


“And best of all… you can graduate within a day, and you don’t even have to pay for student loans!”


“That’s actually a relief.” Kazuma muttered quietly.


Tsuyu stepped forward, “Excuse me, most of us look like we haven’t even finished high school yet, plus I doubt any of us would have enrolled here regardless.”


“Please save your opinions until I’ve finished, Kerm-ette. Ahem, so sure it seems like it’s easy to graduate but nope! In order to get out of here you need to pursue a degree in DEATH, aka killing a fellow student!” Monokuma cheers.


Killing someone… is our only way out? Who… is this psycho? I was distraught.


“After killing someone, you must cover up your crime from the others and participate in a class trial! You must discuss your evidence before voting on who you think it is, vote correctly and the blackened is punished. Vote incorrectly, and everyone BUT the blackened is punished! Doesn’t that sound fun and educational?!”


“What do you mean by punishment?” I asked the crazy bear.


“Execution. Guillotine, drowning, suffocating, strangling, smashing, crashing, electrocution, etc..”


I shouldn’t have asked, because I’m paralyzed with fear now.


“Excuse me, I know we all just met today, but there is no reason any of us would kill each other to survive!” Dimitri responds with a bit of sweat rolling down his face.


“Hey Teddy Suxpin, how about we kill YOU, then we escape? How’s that sound, huh?” Saki slams her fist into her hand and grins evilly.


“...” Bede scoffs and just turns away.


Reyn equips his weapon, “Alright bear, you let us go or we’re about to get messy.”


I then see Minori slowly pulling out a ring and a makeup compact for some reason...


“It looks like I’m doomed, oh how will I ever get out of this one?” Monokuma dramatically falls to mock us.


“I know! I’ll just get some help from the woman behind the curtain!”




Suddenly, the fountain gets split in two as a small platform rises up from below. A tall, sinister-looking woman with slanted eyes and pale skin stands above us all, and then suddenly throws three balls to the ground.


Out pops a lioness-like animal, a large purple starfish, and a creepy doll creature with a zipper-like mouth. Immediately they attack the people looking for a fight. The starfish spins directly into Dimitri and Saki, sending them flying. The lioness pounces at Reyn, who blocks it, but gets attacked from behind by that ghost doll thing.


“Pretty Cure Tropical Cha—” The ghost doll then snatches Minori’s ring and compact from her before throwing them back up at that woman.


“You… monster!” Dimitri tosses a wooden lance at her, but it gets cut down by the lioness.


“Monokuma is an intriguing machine, but he is simply a puppet.” The woman says in a chilling tone.


“So… you’re the one who brought us here then?” Sora looks at her with anger.

“Indeed. I am known as Sird, and I had the pleasure of  traveling to multiple different universes to bring you all together for one purpose.”


Monokuma pops up in front of her, “The killing game! In order to spread despair across all of your worlds, we will make you kill each other. And if you don’t comply… you’ll just have to deal with being held back here until you rot! Puhuhuhu~!”


“No… it’s wrong…” Sayori begins to let out, tears falling down her face.


“Sayori?” I turned to her as she stepped forward.


No, that’s wrong ! We aren’t going to follow your rules, just because you force it upon us!” She shouted at Sird.


“How do you know that? You all have just encountered each other today, who says that they don’t have any killing intent within them?” Sird just simply smiles as she sits atop her starfish monster, “If you don’t act now, then one of your peers will get to you later.”


Sird suddenly disappears along with her weird creatures. We all tended to the ones hurt by her assault, but as we were doing so…


“The fact that she managed to travel across different worlds, in addition to having powerful Pokémon… it makes her a force that cannot be overcome easily.” Bede states.


Dimitri stands up slowly, “If we can combine our strength, then it should be possible to—”


“No.” Bede interrupts.


“What?” I looked at him with confusion.


“She’s right about one thing, none of us know each other. Why should we all be so trusting of people we have just met? I’m not gonna play this game, but don’t expect me to help you people when you could stab me in the back. I’ve felt that before, and I won’t feel that again.”


Bede walks away, the rest of us just stand around looking at each other. Nobody is in a trusting mood right now, and we don’t know what to do.


I place my hand on Sayori’s shoulder, hoping to calm her down. Unfortunately I don’t think I feel any different than her after what I just heard. Murder? Trial? Execution? Killing game?


I wish I could just wake up and be glad that it was a dream. However, it’s reality…


And it’s like I’m living a nightmare.


To be continued…

Remaining Students: 18


  1. Yūgo Hachiken (Silver Spoon): Ultimate Tutor
  2. Reyn (Xenoblade Chronicles): Ultimate Tank
  3. Pietro Maximoff “Quicksilver” (Marvel Cinematic Universe): Ultimate Speedster
  4. Miles “Tails” Prower (Sonic The Hedgehog): Ultimate Pilot
  5. Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd (Fire Emblem: Three Houses): Ultimate Prince
  6. Satou Kazuma (Konosuba) Ultimate Thief
  7. Bede (Pokémon): Ultimate Gym Leader
  8. Ray (The Promised Neverland): Ultimate Strategist
  9. Finn (Star Wars): Ultimate Rebel
  10. Sayori (Doki Doki Literature Club): Ultimate Poet 
  11. Konata Izumi (Lucky Star): Ultimate Otaku
  12. Saki Nikaido (Zombie Land Saga): Ultimate Biker Gang Leader
  13. Tsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia) Ultimate Amphibian
  14. Kokomi Teruhashi (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K): Ultimate Beauty
  15. Ichinose Minori (Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure): Ultimate Bookworm
  16. Sora Takenouchi (Digimon Adventure Original): Ultimate Love
  17. Kale (Dragon Ball Super): Ultimate ???
  18. Sakaki (Azumanga Daioh): Ultimate Animal Lover