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The question catches her off guard, causing her to inhale her gulp of soda and reduce her to a watery-eyed, crimson faced, choking mess. Lena thumps her back with a roll of her pretty eyes, her burgundy painted lips quirking at the corners with the threat of a smile. It takes Kara a long moment to collect herself, disgusted by the soda that trickles from her nose.

“What—” Kara loudly clears her throat and wipes at the stain on her shirt— “did you just say?”

“I asked how you felt about spanking,” Lena shrugs, relaxed as ever as she hands Kara a tissue. “Specifically, spanking me .” She sighs and moves back to her office chair, one leg elegantly crossing over the other as she watches her girlfriend struggle to compose herself. “Perhaps you should put the donut down if you’re still choking,” Lena smirks.

“I’m fine.” Kara waves her off, albeit whilst dumping her donut on the desk and wiping her hands on her knees. “I just— where did this come from?” She can hear the way Lena’s pulse quickens, her nonchalance faked in order to protect herself from rejection. “I mean, I’m open to it, but I didn’t think you were into… that .”

“Hmm.” Lena shrugs noncommittally, “I found some stuff online while you were visiting Barry. Not just spanking, perhaps a little… bossing around, too. You know, stuff like you punishing me in some way for not doing as I’m told, or for coming without permission…” Lena trails off, watching Kara turn several shades of pink before settling on pretty magenta.

“You’ve really put a lot of thought into this, huh? Although, it’s nice to know you’ve been keeping yourself entertained whilst I’m gone,” Kara smiles shyly, attempting to hide her awkward embarrassment. “What… uh, what made you ask me instead of just continuing with your late night online adventures?”

“Well,” Lena raises a brow, “you are pretty toppy when you have the strap around your hips. Borderline bossy, actually, if it weren’t for the outstanding manners.” She stands and moves around the desk, perching on the edge of it as she cradles Kara’s cheek in her hand. “I love our sex life, so please don’t think I’m asking for this because I’m unhappy.”

“No, I know, I just— you caught me off guard a little bit.” Kara nibbles the inside of her cheek, her thighs surreptitiously rubbing together as she tries to stop her imagination running wild. “I think I’d like to do a little research first, but I’m into it. At least, I think I am, but it’s a little mean for you to mention this during lunch when I still have to fly back to Catco for another five hours.”

“Perhaps you should punish me for that.” Lena bites her lip, “or I could always make your favorite for dinner to make it up to you. It’s not a big deal if this isn’t something you want to try, I promise.” Lena checks her watch with a disappointed sigh, “I have a meeting. Are you leaving the Kara way or the Supergirl way?”

“Uh, Supergirl way,” Kara mumbles, a little dazed from the sudden kinky revelation. “So, tonight? Maybe? I can look into it a little?” Lena looks up from packing her briefcase for only a moment, giving a sly little grin and a shrug. She’s said everything she wanted to say, and Lena is more than happy to leave the rest with Kara— whether it happens or not.

“And spanking is what you’re interested in? Anything else? Should I scold you or something, too?”

“Oh, you know, berate me a little bit, demean me, make me earn your forgiveness.” Lena shrugs  again with a sheepish grin, “all the fun stuff.” She looks off into the distance for a long moment, pursing her lips with a soft hum. “I think I’d like it if you made me suck your strap for a little bit. I guess it’d be hard to be brat when my mouth is full.” 

She kisses Kara’s cheek, “I’ll be home for five— promise!” Lena grabs her briefcase and heads out of the office, leaving her shell-shocked wife behind with a blush that can’t seem to stop deepening. Kara sits there for a long moment, squirming in her chair as the throb between her legs intensifies, taunted by the pornographic images in her mind.

Kara stands and heads to the balcony and instantly jets skywards, allowing the cool rush of the wind around her body to act as a stand-in for the cold shower that she doesn’t have time for.


Kara arrives home first, her boots gently landing on the balcony to ensure she doesn’t scare the cat that she spent months bugging Lena for. Streaky waits for her behind the glass doors, rubbing against her legs in a figure eight pattern as soon as Kara steps inside. She dutifully scratches soft little ears and fills Streaky’s food bowl before heading towards the bedroom to change.

Her hands shake as she strips from her clothes and opens the closet, easily locating her favorite leather harness. She wants this, has been soaked since Lena first mentioned it, and yet venturing into this new, kinky, territory leaves her feeling terrified— worried that she won’t be able to pull this off— but at least the strap is comfortingly familiar.

She sighs, attempting to shake the negative thoughts from her mind as she reaches for the dildo, securing it in place with a satisfied nod. It’s Lena’s favorite, the one that always seems to stretch her just right. The whines it draws from her wife’s parted lips ensures it is Kara’s favorite one, too. 

With a deep breath inwards, Kara drags her robe around her body and heads out to the living room in search of her cell phone. She finds it on the kitchen counter and, with a wildly thumping heart, Kara opens her recent contacts and scrolls down to the name she’s looking for.

Her thumb hovers over Lena’s name for a few extra seconds as she works up the courage to go through with this, anxiety and hesitance crashing together inside her like waves racing to the shore. Kara finally taps the call sign and is surprised to feel relieved, perhaps glad that she’s snapped out of her embarrassment long enough to act on Lena’s request.

She’s practised what she wants to say several times in her head and if Kara has spent her entire afternoon googling BDSM, well, that’s not anyone’s business.

“Hey there, handsome.” Kara swallows dryly. Lena’s using that voice, the one usually reserved for the bedroom, all deep and throaty—flirty, and Kara can almost see the sultry gaze in her mind's eye. “I’m just heading down to the car, are you already home?”

“I am,” Kara states, cringing at the way her voice cracks beneath her nerves. She clears her throat, reminding herself that it’s just Lena, her sweet, caring wife who won’t ever make fun of her when she’s clearly trying so hard. “It’s after five, Lena, and I’m very disappointed that you’re not home after you promised me you would be.”

There’s a moment of silence on the other end of the line, but Kara can easily hear the way Lena’s heartbeat quickens, the stern tone having the desired effect. The quickening pulse is like a drug, a shot of adrenaline that rushes through Kara’s veins and alightens her nerve endings.

“Such a bad girl breaking your promise like that,” Kara continues, her chest puffing outwards when she catches a whimper down the line. “I think I’ll have to punish you for this, Lena. Perhaps one smack to that lovely ass of yours for every ten minutes that you’re late.” Kara grins, Lena’s reaction boosting her confidence.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Lena breathes down the line, the eager submission causing a tight coil of  heat to settle deep in the pit of Kara’s belly. “I’m sorry, is Ma’am okay? I should have asked first.” Kara smiles gently, she doesn’t have to see Lena’s face to know that she’s internally berating herself.

“Ma’am is fine, darling, but thank you for clarifying. Tick tock, Lena, you’ve already earned three.” Kara abruptly ends the call, her own heart hammering in her chest as the apex between her thighs begins to throb. She leaves her cell phone on the coffee table and heads to their bedroom, untying the loose knot in her robe and allowing it to fall to the floor.

She searches in the closet again and produces a half-full bottle of lube. It’s rarely necessary, but Kara always insists on it, terrified of ever hurting her human wife whilst in the throes of passion. Besides, the sounds the lube produces with the strap always brings an adorable blush to Lena’s cheeks and that is something Kara will never get bored of.

Perching on the edge of the bed, she gathers a glob of lube in the palm of her hand and smears it against the strap-on, slowly pumping her hand from tip to base. She glances at the clock that Lena insists they still need, despite both of them having watches and cell phones, and can’t help but smirk. 

It should only take Lena ten minutes at most to arrive home, but a delay wouldn’t surprise her at all. In fact, Kara fully expects it, and briefly wonders if she should have offered Lena a chance to gain herself a more severe spanking. No, Kara instantly shakes her head, no. This is new, something they’ve both only experienced on a screen. Start off easy and carefully search for the boundary.

With a sigh, Kara leans back on her hands and glances down at the bright red dildo sticking up from between her thighs. It glistens with lube and Kara instantly realizes her mistake, a string of curse words slipping from her lips. She grabs her abandoned shirt and uses it to wipe the lube off, her nerves forcing her to forget the plan she’d formed in her head.

Maybe next time, if there is one, they can invest in some flavored lube for Lena to enjoy because, as Kara knows after accidentally swallowing some, the stuff they currently use tastes fucking awful.


“It’s ten minutes past six, Lena. You’re an hour and ten minutes late,” Kara tsks, shaking her head at the wide-eyed one hovering in the doorway of their bedroom. “By my count, that’s seven.” Kara gestures for Lena to step into the bedroom and points to the space in front of her, one hand idly stroking the seven inches of silicone jutting out from her hips. 

She watches a blush creep up from Lena’s chest and color her cheeks, listening to the thud-thudding of her heart. Kara reaches out to unbutton Lena’s shirt, their eyes meeting in silent reassurance as soft silk is thrown to the floor. Her fingers pause on the waistband of Lena’s work pants, hooked thumbs waiting for further consent.

“This is what you want? Everything you mentioned earlier?”

“Yes, Ma’am. I— uh, thank you.” Lena pauses, a whimper sneaking from her parted lips, her chest heaving before the scene can even truly begin. “Are you sure you’re okay with that? I don’t want you to feel like you have to do something just because I asked for it.”

“I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t sure, my love.” Kara smiles, shooting Lena a wink that causes pale features to relax. “Now, I think you’ve earned yourself a spanking, darling.” She draws Lena’s pants down to her ankles, leaving her love in nothing but her matching bra and panties, her mouth growing dry as she gazes at the beautiful curves on show to her.

“Thank you for giving me an opportunity to redeem myself, Ma’am.” The utterance, so soft and angelic, turns Kara to mush, the hero needing a few extra seconds to steel herself as she gazes into innocent juniper eyes. “I’m ready whenever you are, Ma’am.” Kara rolls her eyes, the hint of snark in Lena’s voice enough to give her the confidence to draw her wife across her thighs.

Lena’s upper body rests on the mattress, her ass centered on Kara’s lap as her legs are left to dangle. Kara gazes down at the beauty, one hand caressing the curve of her porcelain ass. Lena looks so content, a small smile on her lips as she rests her cheek on her hands, stretched out like a cat in sunlight as she waits for Kara to begin.

“I want you to tell me if it’s too much,” Kara murmurs. “There’s no shame in changing your mind, Lena, and it’d be perfectly understandable if the fantasy in your mind does nothing for you in reality. We’re just trying this out, okay?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Kara smiles, lightly squeezing the pliant flesh before shifting lacy underwear to rest in the crease of Lena’s bottom. The first spank drags a whimper from Lena's lips, a streak of pink left in the wake of Kara’s hand. She automatically rubs again, watching the beauty carefully— searching for hesitance that doesn’t exist.

The second spank paints an almost identical blush on the other cheek, the third jiggling her bottom. Lena moans, deep and guttural, pushing her hips higher to present a better target. The next two, one to the undercurve of each cheek, are harder, sharper, enough for Lena to cry out. Kara swallows, more than aware of the stain she’s leaving on the sheets beneath her.

She almost doesn’t want it to end, her mouth growing dryer and her cunt growing wetter as she rubs the pinkened flesh. Lena squirms, her legs splaying and giving Kara a perfect view of her glistening folds. Kara spanks her again, relishing the whimpering gasp it drags from Lena’s throat. The last one is the hardest and Kara thinks it would have hurt her hand if she were human.

Holy shit .” Lena gazes back at her, her chest heaving and her jaw dropping. “I hoped it would feel good, but I didn’t think it would feel like that.” She grins, slow and lazy, allowing herself to be gently manhandled to her feet. “Thank you, Ma’am. I promise I’ll do better to manage my timekeeping in future.”

“Oh, we’re not finished yet, darling,” Kara tsks. “I rushed home to be here for you, and you made me wait over an hour before you graced me with your presence.” She cocks her head to one side, surprising even herself with how quickly she’s fallen into the new role. “You didn’t think a little spanking would be enough, did you?”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am.” Lena stands between her spread legs, her hands clasped in front of her and her eyes downcast. “I hope you’ll give me a chance to properly earn your forgiveness.” Her gaze darts to the strap, emerald eyes almost black, “I’ll do anything to show you how sorry I am.” One hand sneaks behind her to rub her bottom, a full bottom lip folding outwards in an adorable pout.

“Anything, huh?” Kara cocks a brow, “then get on your knees and put that pretty mouth of yours to good use.” She reaches out and roughly cups Lena’s mound, “perhaps I’ll use it to fill this delightful cunt of yours afterwards.” Lena’s jaw drops, her eyes round like dish plates.

Jesus , Kara,” she breathes out, her throat bobbing with a thick swallow. “Where’s all this coming from? I didn’t think you had it in you.” Kara pauses, her hand slipping upwards to rest on Lena’s hip as she gazes up at her in concern.

“Is it too much? I’m sorry, I can pull back if you need me to.”

“No! No, don’t you dare,” Lena chuckles. “It’s not too much at all, I’m just— fuck, Kara.” She grins, her cheeks flushed and her pupils blown, “you’re amazing, you know that?” The stern facade briefly falls from Kara’s face, her lips widening into a grin before they capture Lena’s in a gentle kiss, her hands cradling the beauty’s face.

“Thank you for trusting me with this,” Kara murmurs, her thumb lightly stroking Lena’s cheek. “I think this is something I’d definitely like to do again, but we’re not quite finished yet are we?” She smirks and jerks her head in the direction of her crotch, one brow lifting in silent challenge. 

Lena has the gall to shoot Kara her most innocent smile as she drops to her knees, her hands settling on toned thighs as she takes the tip of the strap between her legs. Emerald eyes are wide, dark, as they stare up at her, never breaking eye contact as she makes a show of swiping her tongue along the shaft.

Kara bites her lip, her heart pounding, staring as thick silicone slowly disappears between full lips. Lena sucks, her cheeks hollowing and her fingers curling into the flesh of Kara’s thighs, pretty green eyes streaming tears as she gags around the dildo. 

It’s erotic, filthy, and Kara can only pray that this isn’t the last time she’ll see Lena on her knees.