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Dancing With The Stars

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One Monday night Hillary and Bill were watching Dancing With the Stars. Now that Hillary has retired from her job as Secretary of State she has more free time to spend with her husband and do more trivial things.

They were sitting down and the couch both cuddle against each other enjoying the show. However Hillary couldn't stop from reminiscing because it was one of her mothers favorite shows. Her mind went back to the time where Bill came to spend the night in DC because Hillary was in the country and told them he had been asked to participate to Dancing With The Stars.


“You will never believe what I have been asked this week” He had told them half laughing at how ridiculous it was. “I've been asked to participate to Dancing with the Stars.” And he laughed.

“Did you accept?” Dorothy asked obviously very excited about it.

“Of course not! I am not that good of dancer and when would I have time to train?”

“That's too bad! You would have been very good at it.” Dorothy said with a hint of disappointment.

“I agree with my Mom darling you are a great dancer.” Hillary said as she laced her arms around Bill's shoulders.

“I sorry to disappoint you ladies but I'm gonna pass.” Hillary laughed and rolled her eyes while sharing a knowing look with her mother.

A bit later that evening. Bill and Hillary were cuddling in bed.

“You know I think my mother is really disappointed that your did accept the offer for Dancing With the Stars.” Bill chucked.

“I know but I do think it's better if I don't do it. I don't have the time and I don't want more spotlight on me, on us. It's already complicated for us to have some privacy and I don't want to put you in a difficult position for something I might do.”

“Yeah I know! I'm glad that one the first thing that comes to your mind is me.”

“Always! I've spent too much time being too focus on myself in our marriage now it's about you my love.” Hillary kissed him.

***end of the flashback***

Hillary started to laugh and Bill looked at her confused.

“What's so funny!”

“I was just remembering the time you came home and told my mother and I that you had been asked to participate to this show.”

“And that's funny because?”

Hillary turned herself toward him. “Because you were so determine to think you were bad at dancing and my mother was very disappointed because she thought you were very good. It was fun to watch the two of you that day.”

“Well I felt a bit guilty to disappoint your mother but in the end it was the best decision for me. I wasn't going to make myself into joke, I didn't need more media exposure, still don't.”

“You are a good dancer Bill don't sell yourself short.” Hillary said while she moved so she was sitting lap. “I love dancing with you.”

“Well if I remember correctly you once told me we would take dancing lessons once you retired? Do you still want t?”

“Oh sure what kind of dance lesson should we take?” Hillary eyes lite up she couldn't be more excited she loved to dance especially with Bill.

“Tango” Bill said with a mischievous smile.

“Tango? Really? It's a very athletic dance, very hard to do.”

“Why Mrs Clinton are you backing down from a challenge?” His hand caressing her body.

“No, never! But are you sure you heart can take it? All the exercise in addition to the closeness with me, it's a very sensual dance.” She teased him.

Bill laughed and tickled her. “I think I can take it besides I've been able to handle you just fine my dear.” And he captured her lips and Hillary changed position so she was straddling him.

They kissed for a while letting the world around them disappear. When they needed to breathe they stopped. Bill looked at her and became concerned about Hillary's health they were joking about his heart issues but recently it was her health that scared them.

“I am sorry but I'll have to kill the mood!” Hillary looked at him frowning a bit.

“Aren't you up for it?” She rolled her hips against him clearly feeling a response from him.

He groan and closed his eyes to calm himself. “No I was more thinking about your health than mine here.” She smiled happy to have such a caring man by her side.

“Bill I'm okay it's been long enough that the doctors have cleared me for all physical activities I still have to be careful but I can do what ever I want. And I want to dance with you and spend more time with to catch up on all the time we spent apart.”

“I want that too but I don't want us to overdo it. We aren't exactly spring chicken anymore.”

“Talk for yourself I feel very much alive and energized.” Bill put his hand on her butt and pull her closer to him and she leaned in to kiss him again.

“I … love … you!”Bill said between kisses.

Hillary separated their month and looked at him.

“So you really want to learn how to dance Tango?” Hillary said with less enthusiasm than before

“Yeah why not? You seem worried about it?”

“Well it's dance that requires to be fit I don't think I can look like a tango dancer anytime soon.” Hillary was very insecure about her appearance.

“Hillary you are beautiful and you not having the body of a twenty year old doesn't mean you cannot do tango. I'm pretty sure there are classes for our age group.”

“I'm not sure! It's a very sexy dance I am worried we wouldn't be able to make a show of ourselves. Even if it's just with the teacher it's already too much of an audience I know we can get lost on each other pretty quickly.” Bill took her face I his hand.

“I think you might be right about that! It's okay darling we can learn any dance you want and keep tango for us alone at home in our bedroom with no audience.” He winked at her and she laugh.

“That sounds perfect.” They stood up and went to their bedroom hand in hand.

“I just hope your mother isn't going to watch that dance from the heaven.”

“Jesus Bill! That's all I'm gonna be able to think about now.” Bill stopped her from walking away and took her in his arm.

“I'm pretty sure I can make you forget everything and I you focused on me and only me!” He captured her lips and she moaned in pleasure.

Far away from the prying eyes of the public Bill and Hillary would dance their night away just cherishing to be together.