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out of all the stars in the sky... || a drarry drabble

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out of the millions of stars in the sky...

Draco was always interested in astrology. Despite of what people say about why he actually likes it, the only reason he was invested in the topic was because the night sky had always drew him in.

The perfect balance of the dark sky, and the bright stars far away amazes him everytime. Millions of stars waiting to be seen every night, thousands of constellations to be identified and discovered, and galaxies waiting to be explored, creates the perfect abstract art every time.

The only thing he hated, is that how people can compare someone to the stars or to the night sky in general, even if they were no where near the epitome of the beauty it beholds.

Although, as he grew older, he found out why those people said so;

As he saw Harry, someone who's brighter than the stars, the light that brought colour to the dull world they live in, creating the perfect art, from the blank canvas of his life.


he's the only star i've ever seen.