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“Rio, you’re staring again,” Beth says—giving him a look. “You love it.” She shoots him a grin, “‘Course I do. But this is why you always lose at Mario kart!” “You’re just so beautiful, it’s hard not to stare darling,” Rio says, giving her a peck on the forehead. “Plus, I don’t mind losing to you.”

“So cheesy,” A voice says. Both of them look up to see Annie holding a bowl of popcorn. “Scooch over dude, your girl is trying to eat popcorn and cry.” She picks up the remote while setting her feet up on the coffee table. “Not the Titanic again, you ladies have some weird obsession,” Rio says, letting out a groan. “You think I didn’t see you starting to tear up last time we watched it?” Beth gives him a little punch in the shoulder. “Nah.” He grins. “Alright bitches, let’s watch this movie,” Annie says with a huge smile on her face.

Of course, by the time the movie was done Annie and Elizabeth were having a crying fit and then fell asleep after their crying was over. Rio rubbed his eyes proceeding to try to get up without waking the girls. He leans down to pick Beth up bridal style stopping to push a piece of her hair behind her ear. Perfect. He continued to take her up into their bedroom, laying her down and covering her with a blanket. She let out a little grumble, Rio smiled at that. He leaned down once more to kiss her on the forehead, whispering an I love you before laying down next to her to fall asleep himself.

A dream. It was a dream. ‘Course it was, he wasn’t even into that lovey-dovey typa’ shit. He was more of a hit it and quit it type. He’d only ever been in a serious relationship once before, Rhea.

They even had a kid together, Marcus. Rio loved him to death. That was his little man right there. Unfortunately— thanks to Rio— their relationship hadn’t worked out. Thankfully Marcus was young so going back and forth was second nature to him.

“Boss? You’re zonin’ out again man.” That snapped Rio out of whatever trance he seemed to be in. He looked at the guy in front of him. Mick. Big scary dude if Rio was being honest, had a big ass beard too. “My bad, just some weird-ass dreams man.” He’d known Mick for a while, they were close—as close as they could be— he was an alright guy. “—guy wants to meet tonight at that nightclub, it’s like five minutes away. That okay with you boss?”

And there he was again, not even listening to what Mick had to say. “Shit, yeah that’s fine. Tonight?” He nods. “Aight then, we’re good.”

Rio knew the guy they had set up a meet with—José—would be asking for a bigger cut of the money he was washing for them. He also knew he’d be saying no. In reality, Rio had been thinking of cutting off José for a while now. Him asking for a bigger cut would seal the deal.

Plus. Rio wouldn’t be killing him for no reason, he was pretty sure the guy was a rat.

He saw Mick staring at him like he had asked him something. Rio even got kind of embarrassed for a second that he had not heard him once again. Then he started laughing—which made Rio even more embarrassed! “Boss you’ve gotta get these dreams under control.” Mick said with a halfsmile. Rio let out a small groan that turned into a laugh. “I know man, I know.”