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Torn Apart

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It's just a normal day in the mindscape. All of the sides are just doing their own thing. Some of them (namely Virgil and Logan) are hanging out in their rooms, others (namely Patton, Janus, and Remus) are hanging out in the mindscape living room. Roman was currently hanging out in his own room, working on a new idea he'd had recently. He called it, "The Dreamers Guide."

Ok he admitted the name needed work, but the idea was great! The story was clear in his head, and all he had to do was write it all down. Which was what he was doing right at that moment.

Everything was going great, until suddenly, a hand grasps itself over Romans mouth. Roman is startled but immediately goes into 'fight back' mode and tries to pull the hands away from his face, but to no avail. Roman's pulled backwards into darkness and is immediately teleported to a stone walled room.

Like said earlier, the walls are made of stone. There was hardly any color splashed anywhere in the room. All the stones were just grey. The only exception to this being a brown wooden chair that's sitting in the middle of the room.

The perpetrator lets go of Roman for a moment and Roman spins around to see another side there.

The other side's eyes are a vibrant shade of red, and he's wearing a ripped black trenchcoat.
His name is Wrath.

"What the hell do you want?!" Roman says, stepping away from the villainous side. Wrath smirks.

"You'll do just fine, thanks." Then before Roman can do anything, a tranquilizer dart hits his throat and he's knocked out.
When Roman wakes up, he's been tied to the chair in the middle of the room he was taken to.

"LET ME OUT VILLAIN!" Roman yells. Wrath, who's standing across from the princely side and leaning against the wall, chuckles.

"Let you out? No I don't think I will." Roman snarls.

"Well if you won't let me out, then I'll let myself out!" Roman uses his legs to reach for his sword, but it isn't there.

"Looking for something?" Roman looks from where his sword should be and over to Wrath, and sees that Wrath is holding his sword.

"Such a pretty little thing, is it not?" Wrath says, looking over the sword. Wrath smirks and drops the sword to the ground before smashing it.

Roman stares at Wrath and his sword in horror. Wrath just destroyed his sword. His one way out of this. What the hell was he gonna do now?

Wrath bends down and grabs a shard of the broken sword's blade, before walking over to Roman. Wrath yanks Roman up by his hair, making the princely side give out a short yell from pain. Wrath glances over the shard in his hand before slowly cutting it across Roman's cheek, causing Roman's cheek to start bleeding.

"How's that for a warning, little prince?" Wrath says looking down at Roman with an evil look in his eye.

"Please, I've been through all of this before. Is there nothing original you can throw at me?" Roman says, somewhat taunting the side standing in front of him.

"Oh my! I hadn't even thought of that!" Wrath says. "Well then, might as well make this an adventure worth remembering. Right Princey?" Wrath gives Roman a maniacal grin, and Roman gulps. That was a mistake he was sure to regret.

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It's been about an hour since Roman's abduction, and Wrath just finished what he had planned to do to Roman for the day. Namely whacking Roman with the handle of his now-broken sword, gripping him so hard it left a bruise to make sure Roman listened to his taunts, and using the pieces of the broken blade to cut Roman's arms and face. Unfortunately for Roman, this is only Wrath's first day of work. It's going to get much, much worse from here.

Wrath sighs in content and throws the shard of the sword he had been using back into the pile with all the other broken shards of Roman's blade.

"All in a day's work." Wrath says, content with himself.

Wrath walks over to the door that goes out of the room.

"Oh and, by the way. You'll receive your food in a few hours. Maybe that'll give you something to look forward to." Wrath laughs as he closes the door behind him, leaving Roman alone in that torture chamber.

Roman currently isn't doing so great. His arms were covered in bleeding cuts as well as a few bruises. His face and neck seemed to receive the same treatment. Right now, Roman is exhausted, and not only do his arms, neck, and face all hurt, but his throat had started to hurt from all the yelling he had been doing. Partially from the pain and partially trying to get someone's attention. Hoping someone, anyone could hear his cries other than the side hurting him.

Unfortunately though, his efforts were in vain, because none of the other sides were able to hear him.

He just wants this all to end. He wants to wake up and realize that this was all just a bad dream and that he's actually safe and with his friends. Unfortunately though, that isn't gonna happen. This is not a dream.

Roman is left extremely exhausted and tired. And because of this, he's finally able to fall asleep.
Meanwhile, Janus, Patton, and Remus were all in the mindscape living room. Janus and Patton were baking cookies and Remus was watching them from the couch and yelling out any random thought that came to mind.

Janus and Patton mostly ignored him.

"I'm glad you and Roman have been getting along better recently." Patton says as he cracks some eggs and puts them in the bowl.

"If you gave one of the other sides poison, would they die?"

"Yeah I am too." Janus says, responding to Patton. "Don't forget the vanilla."

"Oh, right. Thanks!" Patton says, grabbing the vanilla from the cupboard.

"Let's put some poison in the cookies!!!" Remus yells from the couch.

"No Remus," Janus yells back. "We're not gonna put poison in the cookies."

"Aw, come on!!" Remus groans, slumping down a bit.

Janus sighs and refocuses back on baking.

"You know, it's fun having someone else to bake with now other than Virgil." Patton says.

"Really? How so?" Janus asks.

"Well, don't get me wrong, baking with Virgil is fun and all, but It just tends to not ever happen." Patton pours in some vanilla. "He tends to stay in his room, and I don't wanna bother him, so I tend to end up baking on my own." Janus smiles a bit.

"Well hey, you've got me here as your baking buddy now!" Patton smiles.

"Yeah, thanks Janus."

"Anytime my friend."

"You two are boring!!!" Remus calls from the couch.

"Well if we're so boring, then why don't you go find someone else to pester?" Janus retorts.

"I can't pester anyone else!" Remus groans.

"Roman either doesn't pay any attention to me or just kicks me out of his room. Logan's too hyperfocused on his work, and if I go pester Virgil, he'll have a little freakout and kick me out as well!"

"Well darn, looks like you're stuck with the boring ones." Patton teases, grabbing the flour out of the cupboard.

"I know! It's awful!!" Remus responds. Janus chuckles as Patton pours 3 cups of flour into the bowl.
"Hey, Patton?"

"Hm?" Patton looks up from the bowl and over at Janus.

"Do you think Roman is doing ok?" Janus asks, starting to stir the batter. "I mean, he *definitely hasn't* been going through...a big change recently."

"Don't worry Janus!" Patton says as he grabs some chocolate chips. "I think he's doing much better than he was originally."

"What if we put concrete in the batter."

"I mean you two both made up, and everyone's been on pretty good terms with each other since!" Patton continues.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right." Janus says, handing Patton the bowl. "I've just got this sinking feeling that Roman's not feeling too great."

"If he was going through something, he would let us know." Patton says. Janus gives Patton a look.

"Ok fine, he didn't tell us last time, but things have changed! We're all on good terms and we've all agreed that if one of us isn't feeling too great about ourselves we can always tell the others how we're feeling!"

Janus sighs and nods. Patton was right. He was probably just overthinking things. I mean, it's not like Roman's getting hurt or something.


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Roman is abruptly awoken from his seemingly brief amount of rest by a backhanded slap across the face by Wrath. Roman wincingly looks up at the side standing in front of him.

"Fell asleep already? Man, you're weaker than I thought." Normally, Roman would've taken offence to that. But right now, Roman's too tired and in too much pain to care.

"Now, what did I come in here for...Oh right!" Wrath bends down and picks up a glass of water from the floor, then holds it up to Roman's face.

"Here. It's what you're gonna get for the day." Roman turns his head away from the glass defiantly, however, Wrath tightly grips onto Roman's chin and whips his head around so It's facing back at him. Wrath forces Roman to drink the water, and Roman almost chokes.

Roman starts coughing and Wrath throws the glass onto the ground where Roman's broken sword is still laying. The glass shatters and lays in pieces in the same pile as the shards of Roman's sword.

"Those might come in handy tomorrow. Don't wanna be stuck with only dull pieces of that old blade for the entirety of your stay." Wrath says, grinning. Wrath turns away from Roman and walks out the door slamming It shut behind him, making Roman wince.

Roman sits in silence for a while, the pain in his throat thankfully letting up a bit, before realizing Wrath never got him any food. Then again, sides don't need food to survive, but it doesn't hurt to have some either. Which, now thinking about it, was probably why Wrath wasn't giving him any.

Roman sighs and leans back in his chair. It'll all be fine. The others would find out he's missing in no time and come to rescue him! He wouldn't have to go through this torture for too much longer right? Right.

Back with the other sides, the first pan of cookies Janus and Patton had been making had just been taken out of the oven. Virgil just so happened to be heading to the kitchen for a can of soda just as Patton was putting in the second pan.

"Ooh, those look good," Virgil comments, glancing over at the freshly baked pan of cookies before opening the fridge.

"Want one?" Patton asks.

"Sure, why the hell not." Virgil responds, taking out a can of soda and closing the fridge door. Patton beams and reaches for one of the cookies on the pan.

"Wait a second Patton-" Janus yanks Patton backwards a bit with his staff. "They're *definitely not* still hot." Janus says, reminding Patton.

"Oh right! Thanks Janus." Patton replies, walking over to the table and sitting down next to Virgil.

Logan opens the door to his room and walks out and over to the kitchen. "Patton, have you seen my Astronomy book?"

"Which one?" Patton asks.

"I only have one!" Logan responds.

"Haven't seen it, sorry Logan."

"I have!!" Remus calls from the couch.

"What did you do with it?" Logan asks.

"Nothing! It's right over there!" Remus says, pointing over to the coffee table in the middle of the mind palace living room.

"Oh. Thank you Remus." Logan responds, heading over to the coffee table and picking up the book.

"Hey Logan! Wanna come join us? Me and Janus made cookies!!" Patton says, beaming.

"Well, I suppose I don't see any reason why not to." Logan replies before walking over to the table Patton, Virgil, and Janus are at and sitting down.

"Wait for me!!!" Remus cries, jumping off the couch and running over the table.

A timer rings and Janus jumps up. "I *won't* go get those." He says, walking over to the counter. Janus hurredly turns off the timer before the noise starts getting tiresome. Then quickly puts on the oven mitts, opens up the oven, and takes out the fresh batch of cookies.

"Alright, I *definitely don't* think the first batch of cookies has cooled down enough to eat." Patton stands up from his chair.

"Perfect!" Patton heads over to the counter and starts putting all the cookies from the first pan onto a plate.

Logan opens up his astronomy book and starts silently reading it and Virgil starts scrolling through YouTube on his phone. Patton And Janus soon head over to the table again and Patton sets down the plate of cookies in the middle of the table. The two of them sit down and all of the sides there take a couple cookies from the plate and start eating them.

"Hey wait a minute, where's Roman?" Janus asks.

"Last time I checked he was working on a new story idea in his room." Logan responds before taking a bite of his cookie.

"Yeah, he was saying something like, 'It will be my most glorious creation yet!!'" Virgil says, imitating Roman. Remus cackles and Janus starts to get up.

"I'll go tell him that we made cookies."

"Hey Janus, let's not bother him right now." Patton interjects.

"Huh?" Janus questions, looking at Patton. "Why not?"

"Well, Roman tends to prefer when we don't bother him when he's in the middle of working on an idea. I just don't think he'd enjoy us bothering him."

Janus looks at the door to Roman's room and sighs. "Yeah, you're probably right." Janus sits back down. "I'll go bring him some cookies later." Patton smiles.

"Sounds like a great idea!"

Janus smiles back, and then takes a cookie from the plate. He just can't get rid of that feeling that Roman is in danger. However, he tries to ignore the feeling as he takes a bite of the cookie in his hand.

He's just being paranoid. Patton was right, Roman's just working on a new story idea and isn't in any kind of danger. He's perfectly fine!
Or at least, that's what Janus thought.

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A bunch of time had passed since Janus, Patton, and the other sides (excluding Roman) had just sat down together and chatted while eating the cookies Janus and Patton had made. The sides were just waking up due to it being morning, and Janus was the first one up and fully awake.

He was hanging out in the kitchen, waiting for his coffee to finish and for the others to wake up when he remembered he was planning on giving Roman a plate of cookies last night.

Janus heads over to the cookie jar, takes out a few cookies, and puts them on a plate before heading over to Roman's room to give them to the creative side.

Janus knocks on the door, but doesn't get a response. He quietly opens the door and tiptoes inside, expecting the princely side to be asleep. He places the plate of cookies on Roman's desk and looks over at Roman's bed, when he realizes Roman's not there.

Well that's odd. Janus looks around for some kind of note from Roman, explaining where he went, and then realizes that Roman's probably in the imagination getting himself ready for the day. Janus sighs in relief before heading out of Roman's room.

Hah, thank goodness. For a second there he was actually worried that something had happened to Roman. However, that was absolutely outrageous. He was perfectly fine and Janus's nerves calmed down.

Yeah. Roman's perfectly fine.
Roman slowly opens his eyes, hoping for one last chance that what happened the day before was all a dream. Sadly however, that was not the case.

He looks down at his arms. Most of his cuts had been healing dramatically overnight, but his bruises are still there, now much darker than they had been the previous day, and they still really hurt. Roman winces a bit at the pain, however, he's thankful that it isn't as bad as it was the the day before.

Roman looks down at his restraints. His arms are tied to the chair, and the ropes are too tight for him to slip his hands out of. But that doesn't stop him from trying to get out of them anyway.

As he starts struggling to get out of his bonds, Wrath opens the door and walks inside.

"Trying to get out I see." Wrath says, smirking. "Unfortunately for you, those ropes are too tight for any side to slip out of." Roman growls.

"Anyways, I brought a little friend of mine today." Wrath says, lifting up a bat with several spikes pointing out all around the end. "Maybe I won't have to use him if you cooperate." Wrath pauses, then laughs.

"Oh, who am I kidding. I'm gonna use this either way." Roman stares at the bat and gulps. He isn't exactly sure what Wrath's planning to do with that thing, but he's positive it's gonna be painful. Wrath drops the bat onto the ground.

"Alright then, let's begin." He says, and the torture starts.
Wrath picks up a shard of the glass he broke the night before and uses it to reopen the cut he made on Roman's face the other day. Roman thrashes his head away, but Wrath grips the prince's chin and flips his head back towards him.

"No thrashing." Wrath says, threateningly.

Wrath continues making more cuts, starting with a few small ones on Roman's neck, and keeps his firm grip on Roman's chin, making the skin he's gripping start to bruise.

Roman starts to gasp from the pain of reopened wounds and Wrath gripping the new bruises. Wrath seems to smile a bit more at this and continues.

Wrath continues to make small cuts on Roman's arms, and a few small ones on Roman's neck. He makes a bit of a deeper and longer cut on one of Roman's arms, making the prince yell out in pain.
Soon, Wrath finishes with the glass and throws it back in the pile of broken shards and Roman tries to catch his breath.

"Oh don't worry, we're not even close to being done yet." Wrath says, grinning at the creative side. Roman was afraid of that.

Wrath picks the bat off of the floor and Roman stares at the other side in fear, trying to struggle out of his bonds to get away. Alas though, to no success. Wrath smiles a maniacal grin and lifts the bat over his head. Roman braces for the impact and Wrath brings down the bat onto Roman's arm. Roman screams from pain and his arm starts to bleed in an increasingly larger amount.

Wrath sighs in content as Roman continues to yell from pain.

"Oh, that felt good." Wrath says, smiling. He grips the bat tighter and holds it up again. "Let's go for one more swing."

Roman doesn't hear his words over the ringing in his ears, but does notice when his other arm is hit with the spiked bat. He screams again, louder this time, and Wrath laughs maniacally at his handiwork.

He looks over at Roman with a large smile on his face before throwing the bloody bat to the side.

"We'll continue this later." Wrath says gleefully. He turns around and heads over to the door. Before he goes out, he snaps his fingers and the room goes pitch black.

Roman's yelling picks up from that. "NO, NO PLEASE. DON'T LEAVE ME IN HERE LIKE THIS, PLEASE!!!" Wrath looks back at the creative side.

"You certainly look like you're enjoying yourself right now. I think I’m gonna leave you there for a few hours." Wrath turns around and heads out of the room.

"NO! NO PLEASE NO!!!" Wrath shuts the door, leaving Roman in utter darkness. Roman screams.
All his friends knew Roman was afraid of the dark. He hated it. The idea of any kind of monster, or creature, or person hiding in the darkness ready to attack him when he had no way to know that they were there terrified him. And now he was stuck in pitch black darkness without any way out.

The prince screamed. Tears started falling down his cheeks. For all he knew, Wrath might pop up right behind him and attack him in the dark while Roman was completely unsuspecting. For all he knew, something else could come after him and hurt him, maybe Wrath would summon some kind of monster that would torture Roman even more. For all he knew, he'd be left in darkness for the rest of his life. And the thought terrified him.

Roman started gasping for air and let out some sobs as the tears kept falling. He started to scream again but started coughing. His throat was in an excruciating amount of pain. But he couldn't stop screaming. Maybe if he kept screaming one of the sides would be able to hear him. Maybe if he kept screaming his friends would come save him. But he also felt like he had to scream. He was scared. He needed to scream. And so he did.

Roman continued to scream and plead to be let out, or at least to be out of the dark. He kept being forced to pause his screaming due to either having a coughing fit or his throat clogging up. His throat hurt even more than it did before, but he kept yelling. He had to be let out of the dark soon. He had to be.
It was about 3 hours later when Wrath finally came back and turned the light back on. As soon as the light was back, Roman slumped back in his chair from exhaustion. He finally stopped screaming and his throat hurt so badly it even hurt to breathe. His eyes were red and puffy from crying, and his arms had somehow stopped bleeding, despite still causing him extreme amounts of pain.

Wrath grinned maliciously and walked over to Roman, yanking him up by his hair. "Look at you. A prince, scared of the dark. So terrified of it that you screamed for hours despite the fact that it wasn't going to change anything. How pathetic even are you?" Roman couldn't muster up the energy to do anything but look up at the side In front of him.

Wrath let go of Roman's hair and the princely side fell back against the chair. "While your screams are amazing to listen to, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to deny you any water today."

Water. Water was what Roman needed. His throat hurt so badly, water would help it dramatically. However, Wrath wasn't gonna give him any. Probably for that exact reason. Wrath smiled gleefully and walked on out of the room.

"See you tomorrow, little prince." Wrath laughed, before slamming the door shut.

Roman closed his eyes. His hope for the other sides coming to save him was starting to dim. How would the other sides know where he was without being able to hear his cries for help?

The prince sighed, his breath shaky, and thankfully, fell asleep. And he stayed like that until the next morning.

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Roman woke up the next morning, but wanted to go back to sleep. He didn't want to go through Wrath's torture again.

Unfortunately for him, his throat was still in a horrible amount of pain, and that ended up keeping him from being able to fall back asleep. Oh yeah and his arms both still looked really bad from what happened the day before. They were probably broken at this point, or at the very least sprained.

However, Roman was extremely thankful that the lights were on. It was the only comforting thing about his situation.

He sighed as he looked at the door out of the room. Was he gonna be stuck like this forever?

No, of course not. Surely his friends would come save him. But, how long until then? How much longer would he have to go through this daily torture until he'd be freed? He didn't want to go through this for any longer. But sadly, There wasn't anything Roman could do about it.

Roman looked down at the ground as his eyes started to get wet with tears.

"Roman!" Roman quickly looked up. Janus was there.

"Janus?! Janus you came-?!"

"Shh!" Janus shushed him. "Quiet!" Janus whispered. "I'm gonna get you out of here."

Roman was so happy. He couldn't believe it! Janus was here! He was gonna be rescued!

Suddenly the door opened and Wrath walked into the room. "Good morning little prince." Wrath greets, grinning. "I've got a fun little surprise for you today.

Wrath walked through 'Janus''s form and the deceitful side fades away. Roman stares at where 'Janus' was just standing in horror. No side could do anything like that. But if that was the case, then that means...

Wrath waves a hand in front of Roman's face, gaining the princely side's attention.

"What're you looking at, little prince?" Roman looks down at the ground.

"Wait a minute, oh my god." Wrath starts laughing. "You're having hallucinations!! And this is only the third day since I took you here! Oh fuck that's pathetic." Wrath continues to laugh as Roman keeps staring at the ground, his eyes are getting wet, he doesn't want to cry.

"Oh, let me guess, one of your friends had come to save you?" Wrath laughs even harder. "Do you seriously still think they're gonna come rescue you? If they were coming they would've done it already."

"M-maybe they Don't know I'm missing yet?" Roman shakingly suggests.

"Or maybe they do know and they prefer it when you're not around." Wrath offers, smiling a wicked smile. Roman didn't want to believe that. His friends cared about him. They wouldn't just leave him to die. Right?

"Anyways, I told you I had a surprise." Wrath says, grabbing a shard of glass from the pile of shards and walking back over to Roman. He kneels down in front of him and starts cutting the rope. "You get to be free of your ropes for a little while."

Roman stares at Wrath. Part of him says that this is his chance to escape, and another part is telling him that he's in serious danger.

Wrath cuts off both of the ropes and Roman immediately jumps up and tries to run towards the exit, however, his legs are too tired and he falls over instead. Wrath smirks.

"Oh this'll be fun." Wrath walks over to Roman and lifts him up by his shirt. Wrath then punches Roman in the stomach and throws him at the back wall. Roman hits the wall hard enough to leave a small dent, and falls onto the ground with a thud.

He starts coughing and some blood comes out of his mouth. It hurts. Roman tries to stand up, but Wrath reaches him before he can. Wrath lifts the princely side up onto his feet and Roman wobbles a bit.

"Come on! Fight me!" Roman doesn't like what's going on and braces for impact. Wrath kicks Roman's legs back and Roman hits the wall again, this time landing on his arms. He screams.

Great. Now his whole body is in pain.

Wrath lunges at Roman and tackles him, pinning him down and pulling out a shard of glass from his pocket, cutting along Roman's neck. Roman screams from pain and tries to kick Wrath off of him, but unfortunately his legs still are unusable, and he can't do anything to the other side.

Wrath throws his shard to the side and lifts Roman off the ground before throwing him to the other side of the room, making Roman slam against another wall.

This continues for another full half hour until Wrath finally seems to be done. He sighs in content.

"Thank you Roman, that was amazing." Roman doesn't respond. His entire body is in pain, his muscles ache horribly, and if his arms weren't broken before, they definitely were now.

Wrath walks over to him and kneels down next to him.

"I'll be looking forward to when we do this again." Wrath says, pulling out a tranquilizer dart and poking it into Roman's throat, knocking the princely side out so Wrath can tie him back up to the chair.
This is the third day in a row that Roman hasn't been out of his room. Janus's worry had started to pick up again but nobody else seemed to feel the same way, which made Janus think that this was something Roman did often.

Janus kept having the feeling that Roman was in some kind of danger, but tried to shake it off with the reasoning that he's either in his room or in the imagination. And that in those two places he was perfectly safe. Besides, where else would he be anyway?

Janus sighed, before wincing and gripping his forehead. He was getting a migraine. Those were never fun. He flopped onto the couch and hid his face in a pillow.

Logan walked into the mind palace living room and saw Janus laying there on the couch.

"You ok?" Logan asks.

"I've got a Migraine." Janus says, his voice slightly muffled by the pillow.

"Oh, ouch." Logan says. "I'll go tell Thomas to go take some pain medication." Logan then sinks out.

Basically when something happens to Thomas like a migraine or hiccups, it also happens to one of the sides in the mind palace as well. Not all of them at a time though. Which, considering what's happening to Roman at the moment, is probably for the best.

Janus yells into his pillow as Logan rises up again.

"There you go. The medicine will probably start taking effect in about 10 minutes."

"Thanks." Janus says, voice still muffled from the pillow.

"Of course." Logan replies, heading back to his room.

Janus sighs and rolls off of the couch. He wants to take a nap. He stands up and walks over to the door to his room, looking over at the door to Roman's room before walking into his own.

Chapter Text

Roman stared at Wrath in pure terror. This was the 7th day since Roman had been abducted, and the other sides still hadn't come to save him. He'd had multiple hallucinations of his friends arriving and being there to save him, and at this point all of Roman's hopes for being rescued had gone away.

Roman braced for impact and Wrath brought down his bat on Roman's leg, making the princely side scream from pain. The spikes on the bat dug deep into the skin, and you could see the blood start seeping out through the fabric.

Roman started gasping, trying to hold in another scream. He was in a horrible amount of pain as it was, and didn't want to cause more pain for himself by losing his voice. Unfortunately he ended up screaming again anyway.

Wrath smiled in satisfaction. He'd already finished the rest of the torture he'd planned for the day, and that was just the finishing touch. Wrath threw the bat to the side and headed on out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Roman was still crying out from pain, but soon started having a coughing fit. He tried to scream again, but couldn't, his throat was in too much pain and his voice was too hoarse.

Tears started falling down his face, all he could do was cry. His leg continued to bleed and Roman sobbed.

This was never gonna end. He was going to have to continue going through this every single day. He didn't want to. He didn't want this. He didn't. Roman continued to cry, he couldn't do anything about this. He couldn't-

Suddenly Roman blacked out. He passed out from pain and from stress. And unfortunetly for him, he'd wake up to another torture session with Wrath.
Meanwhile Janus and the other sides were listening to Logan read a book to them. Namely, Omega City.

While Logan was reading, each of the other sides were doing something quiet that they could do and still listen to the book. Patton and Virgil were taking turns painting each other's nails, Remus was eating some deodorant, and Janus was working on a puzzle.

Janus had suggested that they go ask Roman if he wanted to join them, but the other sides said that Roman didn't really enjoy the book that they were currently in the middle of, so he'd probably object anyway. So they didn't go to bother Roman.

They hadn't seen Roman for a week at this point and while the other sides didn't treat it as anything unusual, Janus was getting increasingly more anxious about Roman for every day he didn't show up.

He knew Roman was probably fine but that didn't ease his concerns. He was gonna go check on him one of these days. And then he'd find Roman perfectly fine and ok and he wouldn't feel so nervous about him hanging out in his room and working on an idea for weeks on end.

Janus sighed and fit in the last piece of the puzzle. He looked over his work and smiled as Logan finished reading.

Logan put a bookmark where they had stopped and closed the book as Janus snapped his fingers and made the puzzle disappear. Remus Desummoned his deodorant and Patton and Virgil finished painting each other's nails.

"That was lots of fun Logan!" Patton says, thanking the logical side.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it Patton." Logan replies before heading back into his room.

"I'm starving, what's for dinner?" Virgil asks, walking into the mind palace kitchen.

"I wasn't planning on making anything, so I guess whatever's in the fridge!" Patton replies standing up from his spot by the coffee table. Janus gets up from his spot and heads over to his room.

"I'm not hungry. See you guys later." Janus says before closing the door behind himself.

"Is Janus ok?" Virgil asks, rummaging around in the fridge.

"I think he's just not hungry, I mean we did have a big meal for lunch." Patton says, heading into the kitchen with Remus following close behind.

"You're probably right." Virgil says, agreeing with Patton. Remus jumps onto the table.

"I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!" Remus yells. Virgil takes a container of pasta out of the fridge and heads over to the counter while Patton goes ahead and decides on what he's gonna eat.

Chapter Text

It'd been about a month since Roman had started not coming out of his room. This was the point where the other sides had started to worry. Currently the sides are all in the mind palace living room, talking with each other. All except for Janus, who's currently sneaking into Roman's room.

"Someone needs to get Roman to come out of his room for fucks sake." Remus says.

"But what if he isn't even in his room? What if he's somewhere else entirely?!" Virgil says.

"...The imagination?" Patton suggests.

"...Yeah That's the only other place I can think of." Virgil replies.

"While I don't believe Roman is somewhere outside of his room or the imagination," Logan says. "I do have to agree it has been a worrying amount of time since he came out of there."

"Yeah no shit sherlock." Virgil says.
Janus quietly shuts the door behind him as he enters Roman's room and looks around. No Roman. Janus decides he's gonna go look for Roman in the imagination, and walks into the portal gateway that leads there.

Janus walks out the other side and looks around. The area around him is a grassy field, with a dark forest to the right and a town to the left. He's currently standing on a small hill, with the portal back to Roman's room right behind him.

Janus walks down to the bottom of the hill and starts heading towards the town. There was a cottage on the outskirts of the town, far enough away to not be really considered a part of the town itself. Janus glances over at the cottage and sees a long brown haired woman standing outside of the cottage, seemingly looking for something, or someone.

The woman spots Janus and starts yelling out to him. "HEY!!! OVER HERE!!!"

Janus looks over at the woman before heading over there to see what's going on.

"Hi there," Janus says. "Hey, have you seen-"

"Oh thank goodness someone came!" The woman says. "We've wanted to go looking for him for ages but we can't leave the imagination-"

"Wait wait wait." Janus interjects. "Who're you looking for? What's going on?"

"You haven't heard?" The woman questions. "Prince Roman's been kidnapped!"

Janus stares at the woman in shock. "Wait, wHAT?!"

"Yes! I wouldn't have believed it either, however, all the members of the kingdom get notified when something bad happens to Roman."

"Who kidnapped him?!" Janus asks, frantically. "Who kidnapped Roman?!"

The woman looks Janus dead in the eyes.

Janus stares at the woman In front of him in pure terror. "You're joking right?" The woman shakes her head no.

"I wish I was."

"But, but Wrath is the darkest side in the mind palace!! What the hell would he want with Roman?!" The woman sighs.

"I don't know. But what I do know is that Roman is in danger." Janus is silent for a moment.

"We need to go get him back."

"Well, you do." The woman interjects. "Nobody that lives in the imagination can leave. Only sides can. If we were able to leave we'd have already gotten Roman back by now."

"...How long has Roman been held hostage by Wrath?" Janus asks.

"For about a month." The woman replies.

Janus looks at the woman In horror. Roman's been held hostage by Wrath for an entire MONTH. AN ENTIRE MONTH. Who knows what kind of torture Roman's been put through in that amount of time!

"You need to go save him." The woman says. Janus snaps out of his thoughts and nods. He then turns away from the woman and books it back to the portal. He needs to go tell the others.
Janus jumps through the portal and lands back in Roman's room, before speeding on out and slamming the door open.

"GUYS!!!" Janus yells, startling the other sides and making Remus fall off the back of the couch.

"What is it Janus?" Logan calmly asks.

"I know where Roman is." Patton jumps up from the floor.

"That's amazing Janus! Where is he-?"

"Wrath kidnapped him."

The sides all stare at Janus in shock.

"I'm sorry Janus, for a second I thought you said-" Virgil started.

"Wrath kidnapped Roman." Janus repeated, slower this time. The sides continue to stare at Janus with terrified faces.

"How do you know this?" Logan asks.

"The Imagination is connected to Roman." Janus answers. "I went into the imagination and one of the people there told me."

The other sides try to take in this information.

"H-how long has Roman been kidnapped for?" Patton asks.

"He's been held hostage for an entire month." Janus says, looking the other sides dead in the eyes.

"But isn't that how long-"

"How long he's been 'staying in his room' for? Yes." The other sides sit in silence for a minute, trying to process this new information.

"We need to go get him out of there." Janus says.

"But we can't!!" Remus replies. "If we try to sneak in there and save him, we're all as good as dead!"

"So we do what, leave him there to die?" Janus interjects. "We can't just leave him there!"

"But what else can we do?!" Virgil says. "If we try to get him out we're toast."

Janus stares at the other sides with a look of shock and anger on his face.

"Well then. If you won't come with me, then I'll go by myself." Janus says before starting to walk towards the dark side corridor.

"No you can't!!" Patton says, grabbing Janus's arm.

"Oh and what, leave Roman there to die?" Janus says, jerking his arm away from Patton. "Sorry, but I'm not exactly fond of that idea."

Janus turns around and walks into the Dark side corridor with the other sides staring after him.

He was gonna save Roman. No matter what.

Chapter Text

Janus walked into the dark side corridor and marched forward. It had been a long time since he was last in this part of the mindscape, and he hadn't expected to be coming back. Yet here he was.

Janus trudged forward towards the end of the dark side corridor. At the very back was a closed off area that no side, light or dark, ever dared to enter. It was a building-like structure with a pathway leading to the door.

Janus stands right in front of the boundary separating the dark side corridor from where Wrath lives and takes a deep breath before heading in.

Janus quickly makes sure He's hidden from view so there's no chance he'll be spotted, and heads into the building doing the same.

As he looks for the room Roman's in, he spots Wrath in his kitchen, doing something while humming to himself. Janus shivers and quietly goes past him.

Janus reaches a hallway with wooden planked doors lining the walls. He scoots through the hallway, pressing his head against each door, listening for any kind of noise coming from inside.

Soon, Janus hears sniffling coming from inside one of the rooms and quietly sneaks inside. He shifts across the side of the room where the shadow is strongest and looks around.

He spots Roman tied to the chair in the middle of the room and sighs in relief. He found Roman.

He looks at Roman a bit more and immediately notices how battered up the princely side is. He's covered in dark purple bruises and loads of cuts. His arms are both very bloody and have large open cuts on each. One of his legs is soaked with blood and looks awful as well, And his neck also has some cuts on it. He looked exhausted.

Janus quietly walks over to Roman.

"Roman." Janus whispers. Roman looks up at him. He's been crying. That's for certain. Roman turns his head away from Janus.

"What did he do to you," Janus whispers, mostly to himself.

"Go away." Roman says, voice shaky. Janus looks at the creative side, startled.

"Roman..." Janus whispers, touching Roman's cheek with his hand. Roman slowly turns his head around, looking back at Janus in surprise.

"Y-you're real.."

At those two words, Janus holds in the urge to start crying. He nods before taking a small pocket knife and cutting the ropes holding Roman prisoner. As soon as he cuts off both of the ropes, Roman basically collapses into Janus's arms, hugging the other side and gripping onto him like a lifeline.

Janus looks at the chair that Roman had been chained to. He chokes a little, a sob trying to force its way out, and returns the embrace, his hands gripping onto Roman’s shirt so tightly his knuckles turn white.

Roman has been through so much and had been completely broken down by Wrath. So much so that Roman had even been having hallucinations. Not to mention the fact that Roman had such an extreme amount of injuries.

After a few minutes of hugging, Janus stands up and wipes his eyes.

"Alright then, do you think you can walk?" Janus quietly asks. Roman looks up at Janus.

"I-I'm not sure..." Roman slowly stands up from the chair, and immediately starts wobbling before falling forward onto Janus. Janus, luckily, is able to catch Roman before he crashes either of them to the floor.

"Alright then, That's a no." Janus quietly says.

"Okay, hold on..." Janus picks Roman up bridal style and holds him like that. "Does this work?" Janus quietly asks. Roman nods and starts holding onto Janus, gripping onto him like a lifeline.

"Alright then," Janus quietly says. "Let's go."
Janus silently opens the door out of the room and tiptoes on out, hiding by the sides of the walls where the shadows are the darkest. He shimmies along the wall and starts passing by where Wrath is, when he accidentally makes the floor creak. Wrath whips his head around in the direction of the sound and sees Janus booketing it with Roman down the hallway. Wrath immediately stops what he's doing and chases after them.

Roman sees Wrath chasing after them and hides his face in Janus's shoulder. Wrath summons a shuriken and throws it at them, Janus quickly dodging the weapon from experience with Remus.

Wrath continues to summon random objects and throw them at Janus and Roman, while Janus narrowly avoids them, and sometimes throws an attack of his own back at Wrath, though Wrath is able to dodge the attacks as well.

Janus and Roman quickly reach the outside of the building and Janus keeps running with Wrath following close behind. Wrath summons a candle and throws it at Janus, hitting the deceitful side in the back, making him fall forward and accidentally drop Roman, who falls a few feet ahead of Janus.

Wrath chuckles.

"Nice try Janus. I have to admit that that was exciting."

Janus lifts himself up and growls at Wrath.

"You're a feisty one, aren't cha?" Wrath says, grinning. "Tell you what, while I'd certainly hate to give up my little Torture Toy, I'd certainly be willing to give him up. In exchange for..."

"What." Janus says, glaring daggers at Wrath.

"I'll let Roman go, in exchange for you." Wrath says, letting out a maniacal smile.

Janus stares at Wrath in shock. "NO!!" Roman cries. "JANUS DON'T!!!" Janus looks back at the creative side, who's currently struggling to get up off of the ground. He looks back over at Wrath. Janus stands up and starts to walk over to Wrath.

"JANUS NO PLEASE!!!" Roman yells. If Janus agreed to this Roman would never see him again. He couldn't let that happen. He couldn't- tears started falling down Roman's cheeks.

Janus stood in front of Wrath. "Do we have a deal?" Wrath asks, holding out his hand for Janus to shake and grinning maliciously.

Janus looks down at Wrath's hand. And starts raising his own hand to shake it.

Suddenly, a purple blast hits Wrath in the face and sends him flying backwards. Janus flips his head around and sees Virgil and the other sides standing in front of Roman, all prepared for a fight.

"Back off from our friends." Virgil growls. Janus smiles in relief.

"You guys came!"

"Yeah, yeah, now's not the time for talking. We'll take care of Wrath. You go help Roman." Janus nods and quickly runs over behind the other sides and over to Roman.

He kneels down next to Roman and picks him up bridal style again, Roman gripping onto the other side tightly. Janus jumps up and starts running down the path and for the exit to Wrath's part of the dark side corridor.

Wrath gets up and growls. "No." And then, something happens.

Chapter Text

Wrath gets up and growls. "No." And then, something happens.

He starts to glitch. In an eerily similar way that Patton did right before he turned into Lilypadton. The sides all take a step back, and Wrath changes.

His arms both become long, thin, and silver in color. His hands morph to having three long and clawed fingers. His legs get the same treatment, making Wrath much taller. His Face shifted to having metallic claw-like things sticking out from under his face in place of his mouth and jaw. He looks terrifying.

He raises his hand up and the ground grows up from the floor, blocking Janus and Roman from getting out. Roman stares at Wrath's new form in absolute horror.

Remus jumps up and hits Wrath in the face with his morning star, slightly knocking Wrath backwards a bit.

Wrath focuses his attention on Roman and Janus and throws a ball of energy at them. Janus jumps out of the way, still carrying Roman, and he starts running along the edge of the border of Wrath's part of the dark side corridor as Wrath continues to throw attacks at them.

Virgil is surrounded by purple light for a moment. The light disappears as quickly as it came and Virgil jumps up and attacks Wrath with four extra arms. Virgil shoots a purple flame from his hands and they hit Wrath directly in the face, causing him to be disoriented for a minute.

"Logan! Give me a boost!!" Patton yells, going behind Logan by a few feet, before running at him and jumping off of his shoulders. Patton throws a light blue shield at Wrath and it cuts into Wrath's shoulder, making the monstrous side take a step back before pulling the shield out and throwing it at the sides.

Remus uses his morning star like a baseball bat and hits the shield back at Wrath.

Logan takes out a bomb with the letter F painted on it, and starts the countdown. He then backs up a few steps and throws it at Wrath, the bomb clinging onto one of Wrath's arms before exploding and making the monster Wrath yell from pain. His voice now deeper and more terrifying than it originally was.

Wrath changes his focus from Roman and Janus and over to Logan. He shoots a beam of energy at Logan. Luckily Virgil tackles Logan to the side before he gets hit.

"You ok?" Virgil asks.

"I've been better." Logan responds. Wrath lets out a roar and Virgil and Logan shift their attention back over to him.

Wrath had refocused his attention back on Roman and Janus, and was currently shooting ball after ball of energy beams at them.

Thankfully, Remus and Patton weren't distracted by Wrath's change of focus and weren't letting up on their attacks one bit, the two of them soon being rejoined by Logan and Virgil. The four of them continue throwing weapon after weapon at the monster form of Wrath.

Janus and Roman are thankfully both still intact. Janus continuing to run from Wrath's constant energy blasts, and Roman gripping onto Janus's caplet like a lifeline.

Janus points his staff at Wrath while he runs and shoots a blast at the other side, hitting Wrath in the face and knocking him back.

Janus quickly kneels down for a quick breathing break while Wrath is stalled, before quickly running off again when Wrath regains his balance.

Roman hides his face in Janus's shoulder. He doesn't wanna watch what's going on. This, thing, that was his torturer had turned into some kind of terrifying monster, and now he was attacking Roman's friends. And Roman couldn't do anything to protect them.

The sides all continue to attack Wrath with all they've got. Logan using his F-bombs, Patton using his shield, Virgil using his powers and extra arms, and Remus using his morning star. And Janus uses his staff and shoots an attack at Wrath whenever he gets a chance.

Wrath lets out a much louder roar and knocks the sides back. Including Janus, who ends up dropping Roman accidentally.

The sides all start to get back up on their feet, but Wrath grabs each of them and grips onto them with an extremely tight grip.

"You should've listened to me." Wrath says, in his terrifying voice. "You can't defeat me."

Suddenly, one of Logan's F-Bombs hits Wrath's face and sticks onto it for a moment before exploding and giving Wrath the final blow. Wrath collapses, dropping the sides as he hits the ground. His body then disintegrates, disappearing completely.

The sides all look over in the direction that the bomb was thrown from, and see Roman standing there, shaking and wobbling.

The sides all stare at Roman for a moment, before the creative side collapses onto the ground, falling unconscious as he does so.

Chapter Text

"ROMAN!!!" Janus cries, running over to the unconscious prince. The other sides quickly follow him.

"We should get him back to the light side corridor." Logan says. Janus nods and picks up Roman bridal style before running off in the direction of the light side corridor, the other sides running on after him.
Soon the sides all reach the light side corridor. Janus rushes into Roman's room and places him on his bed. The other sides walk in after him and Janus grabs Logan's shoulders. "Logan!! You've gotta help him! You've gotta do something!" Janus cries, obviously panicking.

Logan pushes past Janus and sits down by Roman's bed.

"I'm gonna need you all to leave."

"What?! Why??" Janus cries.

"I can't work while you're in here."


"Janus." Patton puts a hand on Janus's shoulder. "Let's go."

Janus takes a deep breath, then nods before following the other sides to the door. Janus takes one last longing and worried glance over at Roman before exiting the room, closing the door behind him.
After Janus shuts the door to Roman's room, he immediately walks into the mind palace living room and starts pacing back and forth from nervousness.

"Janus you need to relax!" Remus says, walking over to the deceitful side.

"Oh and what, accidentally leave him to die again? Yeah sorry not really feeling like doing that." Janus snaps.

"Janus. Roman's gonna be fine. Logan knows what he's doing." Patton says, trying to comfort the deceitful side.

"There are so many things that could go wrong that I'm not so sure he does." Janus says.

"Hey. Janus." Janus looks over at Virgil.

"Everything's gonna go fine. Don't worry so much about every little thing that could go wrong. That's my job." Virgil says, leaning back into the couch. Janus looks around at the other sides and sighs.

"I'll try." Patton smiles in relief.
About 20 minutes later, Logan comes out of Roman's room. Janus jumps up from where he was sitting and rushes over to Logan.

"Logan! Is Roman ok?" Janus questions, his nervousness starting to go back through the roof again.

"Well yes and no." Logan says. Janus pushes past Logan and speeds into Roman's room, finding Roman sitting up in bed, looking much better than before. Both his arms were in casts and most of his cuts and bruises that were previously scattered across his body had disappeared.

"Roman!!" Roman looks up.

"Janus!" Janus gives a relieved smile and rushes over to Roman, giving him a big hug.

"Oh thank god you're ok!" Roman returns the hug, suddenly realizing how touch starved he's become.

The other sides walk into Roman's room as Janus and Roman stop hugging.

"Janus." Janus looks up at Logan.


"I said earlier that Roman's currently a mix of both okay and not okay." Janus's expression shifts from relieved to nervousness.

"Well, what's wrong?" Janus asks, somewhat afraid of the answer.

Logan sighs. "As logic, my abilities were able to heal most of Roman's wounds. However, the problem is, Roman...will only be conscious for a little while right now."

"Well, That's ok, I mean he needs some sleep right?" Janus says, hoping that's what Logan is referring to.

"Janus, That's not what I meant and you know it."

"You're not suggesting Roman's gonna die or something, right?" Janus says, nervously.

"No, no, that's not what I meant either." Logan replies.

"Roman is gonna be stuck unconscious for a certain period of time."

"What he's trying to say is, Roman's basically gonna be in a coma." Virgil interjects.

"I was gonna use a different word." Logan says.

Janus stares at the other sides in horror. "Y-you're joking right?" Janus shakingly asks. Logan shakes his head.

"Knowing how emotional you all are, I've calculated that you've got enough time before Roman's inevitable coma to take turns talking to him one on one before he goes unconscious. So, assuming nobody has any objections, that's what we're gonna do. I've already had my one on one talk with him." Logan says, adjusting his tie. "So, how about we have Patton go first."

Janus stares at the other sides before walking out of Roman's room, shocked and upset. Virgil, Remus, and Logan follow Janus out of the room and leave Patton and Roman alone.
The sides alternate on getting to talk with Roman. Each side talking to Roman and telling him how much they care about him.

First up was Patton, he sat down beside Roman's bed and told Roman how much he cares about him and how he's thankful to have such a great friend.

Next up was Virgil. He sat down on Roman's bed and told Roman how awesome it is to have a friend like him. Someone who he can hang out with in the middle of the night when neither of them can sleep and do stuff with.

Next was Remus. He skipped over to Roman and sat down by the bed. Roman was expecting Remus to tell him a few gross ideas and then leave, but instead he got something, surprisingly sweet.

Remus said thank you. He talked about how much fun he had whenever the two of them ever hung out together, and how great it was having a brother like him. And then he gave Roman a hug before leaving.

And lastly, was Janus.
Janus walks into Roman's room, Remus closing the door behind himself as he leaves, and over to Roman's bed before sitting down next to it. He looks like he'd been crying a bit, and Roman knows why.

Janus looks over at the princely side, tears looking like they're gonna start falling down his cheeks any minute now, and hugs him tightly. And Janus starts to cry.

"I-I Don't want you to go away. You're my friend I care about you, and we literally just got you back, and I don't-"

That's when Roman starts to feel his consciousness start to slip away. He doesn't have much time left before he loses consciousness entirely.

"Hey." Roman says. Janus and Roman pull away from the hug.

"Sorry about that." Janus says, wiping his eyes.

"Janus." Janus looks up at Roman. "I Don't have much time left. And unfortunately that means I can't tell you everything I want you to know." Roman puts his hand on Janus's cheek. "But I hope that this, will tell you all you need to know until my inevitable return."

Roman and Janus stare at each other for a moment, Roman starts to lean in...
And he kisses Janus.

Janus is startled for a moment but soon returns the kiss, time seeming to slow down for a brief moment.

Roman feels his consciousness slipping away and takes in every last second of this last moment.

The two of them pull away, and That's when Roman falls unconscious.
"R-Roman? ROMAN!!" Janus cries, jumping up from where he was sitting.

"Nonononono Roman come on," The other sides run into the room due to the yelling and see Janus trying to wake Roman up and failing.

"Roman come on, please, please just wake up!! Please-" Virgil puts a hand on Janus's shoulder, making the deceitful side flip around. The other sides see Janus is very obviously crying. Tears are flowing down his face and he looks desperate to wake Roman up.

"Janus, it's time."

Janus looks at the other sides in pure agony before falling onto his knees and crying, hiding his face in the covers of Roman's bed.

Patton walks over to Janus and sits down next to him, holding out his arms. Janus hugs Patton and cries into his shoulder.

The other sides one by one join in on the hug, trying to comfort the deceitful side.

"I...didn't even get to say goodbye..."

Chapter Text

After a little while Janus is able to control his emotions again, and he and the other sides part from the group hug. Janus wipes the tears from his eyes.

"Sorry about that." Janus says, giving a sad chuckle. "That was stupid of me to do."

"Hey, don't worry about it." Virgil says. "You were the one who got to talk with Roman the least out of all of us after all." Janus smiles a bit.

Logan stands up. "We'd better get going, Thomas has a get together with his friends today."

Patton jumps up. "Good idea Logan."

Logan starts heading out of Roman's room with Patton close behind.

"Hey wait for me!!!" Remus cries, jumping up and then running after the other two sides. Virgil sighs and stands up.

"I should probably go make sure they don't go do anything stupid. You coming?"

Janus looks longingly over at Roman. "I think I'll stay here."

Virgil subtly nods before walking over to the door. He takes one last look back over at Janus and Roman and sees Janus pulling the covers over the princely side.

Virgil looks downwards sadly and then walks out, closing the door behind him.
Janus pulls the covers on the bed over Roman and sits back down next to the bed.

"You went through so much, didn't you..." Janus whispers, gazing at the sleeping prince. "But you made it through, and here you are." Janus smiles.

"I love you too princey." Janus kisses Roman's cheek and then lays his head and arms on the bed, falling asleep soon after.
Patton, Logan, and Virgil all rise up in Thomas's living room. Thomas is currently on his laptop, already in the middle of the video call with his friends. Logan, Patton, and Virgil all walk over to the couch and sit down around Thomas.

The three of them sometimes pitch in a word or two while Thomas is in the video call, but for the most part they all stayed quiet, mainly thinking about what happened with Roman.

Once the video call finishes, Thomas closes his laptop and looks around at the sides sitting next to him.

"You guys ok? You all look a bit upset."

"Oh, don't worry kiddo!" Patton says.

"We're all just really tired. You know, after you stayed up all night watching Parks and Recreation." Logan includes. Thomas seems to buy the story and chuckles a bit.

"Yeah, I really need to work on that."

"Well, this seems to have been a rather productive day. Hopefully you will take our advice and GO TO SLEEP." Logan says as he sinks out.

"Sure thing Lo." Thomas says, smiling.

"Alright then kiddo, sleep well!" Patton cheerfully says before sinking out.

"Night Patton!" Thomas replies.

Virgil is still sitting on the couch, seemingly spacing out.

"Virge?" That seems to snap Virgil out of it. Virgil turns over to Thomas.


"You ok? You looked like you were spacing out."

"Oh." Virgil says. "Don't worry about it, I'm just tired. I'll probably feel better in the morning. That is if you ACTUALLY GO TO SLEEP ON TIME."

"OKAY I GET IT!!!" Thomas says. "Sleep well Virgil." Virgil gives a small smile before sinking out and reappearing in his room.

He sighs. They weren't ready to tell Thomas about what had happened yet. But at some point, they will.

Chapter Text

After Roman went into a coma, Janus had decided he wasn't gonna leave Roman's side until he woke up. Logan was confused by this choice, but regardless went along with Janus's wish.

So that was pretty much what happened. Janus just stayed by Roman's side. He wanted to be right there when Roman woke up so Roman didn't wake up to an empty room and think everyone gave up on him.

At the moment, that's what Janus is currently still doing. It's been about a week since Roman went unconscious and the sides are planning on telling Thomas about what had happened today.
Patton, Logan, and Virgil all appear in Thomas's living room.

"Oh! Hey guys!" Thomas greets. "What's up?"

"We want to talk to you about something important." Logan says.

"Really? Okay then, what is it?" Thomas asks. "Also where's Roman?"

"Yeah about that-" Virgil starts.

"No worries, I'll just go ahead and summon him myself-" Thomas interjects, about to summon Roman.

"NO! NO! NO! NO!!" The other sides yell, stopping Thomas from summoning Roman.

"Huh? Why not? Also, what about Janus?" Thomas asks.

"NO NOT HIM EITHER!!" Virgil yells.

"What's going on you guys?" Thomas asks, very confused.

"It's a little hard to explain." Patton says.

"Agreed." Logan says. "Some stuff has happened recently that is...hard to talk about."

"How so?" Thomas asks.

"It's really complicated kiddo." Patton says.

Virgil sighs. "I can't believe I'm actually gonna do this." Virgil says.

"Do what?"

Virgil goes ahead and summons Remus, who pops up in Roman's spot.

"Oh! Hi guys!!" Remus says, cheerfully. "What's up?"

"Remus?!" Thomas exclaims. "Why him?!"

"Remus, you're the one without any real filter, could you, just please tell Thomas about what happened?" Virgil says.

"Oh! Well, I was talking with Patton and Janus the other day about putting poison in the cookies-" Remus starts.

"NO! About what happened with Roman!" Virgil says, seemingly getting a bit impatient.

"Oh! You mean how Roman got literally tortured for an entire month and we only saved him just last week?"

Thomas stares at Remus, pretty sure Remus was making this up.

"Yes, about that." Virgil says, sighing and rubbing his temples.

"Wait, wHAT?!" Thomas exclaims, obviously startled that that was something that had actually happened. "How the heck did that happen?!"

Remus pretty much just bluntly explains what happened to Roman and how they saved him to Thomas. As well as telling Thomas what's going on with Roman and Janus at the moment and why he shouldn't summon them.

After Remus finishes, Thomas stares at the sides in shock.

"Oh my gosh..." Thomas says. The sides and Thomas are all quiet for a minute.

"I guess that kinda explains my kind of lacking in the ideas department recently," Thomas says.

"Yes, I suppose that is a reasonable explanation." Logan replies.

"Well Thomas….Do you wanna go see Roman?" Virgil asks.

Thomas nods. "Sure." Thomas starts thinking about the things that make him feel creative, and he along with the other sides all sink out and then reappear in Roman's room.

Thomas looks around the room in awe, seeing as this is his first time ever being in Roman's room. Soon he spots Roman asleep in his bed, and Janus asleep as well, sitting next to the bed.

Logan walks over to Janus with Thomas close behind. Logan puts his hand on the deceitful side's shoulder and gently shakes him awake.

"Hm?" Janus opens his eyes and stretches a bit.

"Oh, hi Logan." Janus says, not noticing Thomas yet. Janus yawns. "What time is it?"

"About 10 in the morning." Logan replies.

"Right, I *definitely knew that already*." Janus says.

Janus notices that Thomas and the other sides are there.

"Oh, hi Thomas!" Janus greets.

"Hi." Thomas replies. Thomas looks over at the sleeping prince.

"How long do you think Roman's gonna be asleep for?" Thomas asks.

"We aren't sure." Logan replies. "Although my estimate is that he won't be asleep for an entire year."

"Well that doesn't exactly help narrow it down much." Virgil says.

Janus looks over at Roman.

"You guys should probably get going." Janus says.

Logan nods. "Thomas?"

Thomas sighs and sinks out, soon followed by the other sides, leaving Janus alone with Roman. The deceitful side sighs and pulls out a gold colored notebook out from under Roman's bed, along with a pencil and pen. He opens up the notebook to a random page and starts to draw something.

Chapter Text

It's the third week that Roman's been in a coma. Janus is still staying in Roman's room and waiting for the princely side to wake up.
Virgil sighs.

"He needs to come out of that room at some point." Virgil says, looking over at the door to Roman's room.

"Who?" Patton asks.


"You mean he hasn't left?" Patton asks, confused.

"Not that I know of." Virgil responds. "He's been in there for weeks now and hasn't come out even once." Patton thinks for a moment.

"You thinking of getting him out of there?" He asks.

"I feel like he needs to at some point." Virgil says. "He can't just stay in there for god knows how long until Roman wakes up and not take care of himself in the meantime. Frick, what happened to 'Self Care Is Important'?"

"I agree." Patton replies. "But how're you gonna get him out of there?"

"I have my ways." Virgil says.
Janus is currently sitting by Roman's bed and putting away his notebook back under Roman's bed, when Virgil busts in through the door.

"Janus!" Virgil says.

"Oh, hello Virgil. What do you need?"

"You need to come out of Roman's room."

"Wait, what?! Why!?" Janus asks, startled.

"You've been in here for weeks and haven't taken care of yourself since Roman went unconscious!! You're being self destructive and that's not a good thing." Virgil says.

"And after all, weren't you the one who told Thomas to take care of himself after Lee and Mary Lee's wedding?"

Janus looks down at the ground guiltily before glancing over at Roman.

"But I can't just leave him like this!"

"Janus." Janus looks over at Virgil. "Come on."

Janus glances back over at Roman before slowly standing up and heading towards the door. Virgil gets impatient and grabs Janus's wrist before pulling him out of the room.

"I got him out!" Virgil says, pulling Janus into the kitchen. Patton turns around and sees Virgil and Janus walking over to him and smiles.

"That's great kiddo! It's great to see you again, Janus." Janus gives a nervous laugh. One minute away from Roman's room and he was already getting nervous. So many things could go wrong and he wasn't there.

"Oh! By the way, I just finished making lunch!" Patton says, smiling. "Janus, wanna come join us?"

"S-sure!" Janus replies. Patton heads into the hallway with two pans in his hands. Virgil and Janus cover their ears just as Patton starts banging the pans together.

"LUNCH IS READY!!!" Patton yells, before scurrying back into the kitchen as Remus and Logan head out of their rooms and into the kitchen.

Patton puts away the pans and sits down at the table, the other sides soon joining him. Janus hesitantly walks over to the table and sits down. His mind is yelling at him to go back over to Roman's room, but he needs to be out here. He can't go back yet.

Remus runs over to the fridge and pulls out some hot sauce for his tacos.

"Oh no." Virgil says. Remus runs back over to the table and pours a huge amount of hot sauce all over his taco, making Virgil gag and Logan and Patton flinch a bit. Janus on the other hand isn't paying attention to Remus. He hesitantly takes a bite of his taco, to find it actually tastes good!

"This isn't too bad actually." Janus says before taking another bite.

"Oh thank goodness." Patton says, relieved.

"We still remember the taco incident of 2018 Patton." Virgil says before starting on his food.

"Gosh darn it!" Patton says.
After lunch, Remus decides to head back to his room, but Logan and the others all stay in the mind palace living room. Janus's nervousness from being away from Roman is still spiking out of control. He starts tapping his arm subconsciously, and Logan looks over at him.

"Are You ok?" Janus quickly nods and Logan goes back to what He's doing. Janus takes a deep breath and tries to calm himself down. It's fine. Nothing's gonna happen to Roman. Everything's okay.

Janus looks around. Logan is doing a crossword puzzle and Patton's chatting with Virgil while the anxious side touches up his eyeshadow.

Janus shakingly sighs. He could get through this. It's only been an hour since he left Roman's room. This shouldn't be so difficult to do. His thoughts start bombarding him with possible scenarios, things that could go wrong if he wasn't with Roman. What if Roman wakes up? What if Wrath is alive? What if Roman gets kidnapped again? What if-

Janus jumps up from the couch. "I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!!" Janus yells. Logan, Virgil, and Patton all stare at Janus before the deceitful side speeds off back into Roman's room.

"Oh for heck's sake." Virgil says, summoning away his eyeshadow palette and jumping up before running after Janus.

Janus quickly sits down by Roman’s bed, his previous nervousness still dissipating. Virgil skids to a stop in the doorway, and he leans against it with a pant. It's quiet for a long time, their quiet breathing barely making a sound.

Virgil looks between Roman, sleeping peacefully, and Janus, staring anxiously. He sighs and sits down next to the deceitful side. Janus doesn't glance at him, just stares at the prince with love hinting in his gaze.

“You’re really worried about him, aren't you?” Virgil asks, keening slightly to try and make eye-contact with the other.

Janus’ breath hitches, the noise seemingly louder than Virgil’s words. He shakily draws in a breath, and meets Virgil’s eyes. Gold meets purple.

“Very much,” Janus whispers, words wobbling and twisting until they met Virgil’s ears. Again, quiet fills the room. Their gazes broke clean when Janus looked at Roman again. Virgil stands, but Janus doesn't look at him.

“I’ll let you watch him, but you need to take care of yourself.” He says, words not quite whispery but quiet and subdued. Janus doesn't look at him, and Virgil didn’t really expect him to, but he nods subtly. Virgil turns, not another word said, and leaves the room with a tiny click that drowns Janus into silence.
Virgil walks out of Roman's room and sighs before heading back over to the mind palace living room.

"Where's Janus?" Patton asks as Virgil sits back down next to him.

"I let him stay in Roman's room." Virgil replies. "With the condition that he has to take care of himself while He's there."

Patton sighs. "He really does care about Roman, doesn't he."

Virgil nods. "He certainly does."
Janus continues to gaze at the sleeping prince, a look of caring on the deceitful side's face. He reaches his hand out and holds Roman's hand, rubbing circles into it with his thumb.

"Everything's gonna be okay." Janus says. "I promise."

Janus lays his head and other arm on the bed, still holding Roman's hand, and he soon falls asleep. Feeling secure again next to his prince.

Chapter Text

Roman slowly opens his eyes. He's awake! He's back! Roman tries to jolt himself up but stops halfway and gasps from pain. Ah right, he forgot his broken arms and all his other little injuries from what happened.

He slowly sits up and looks around, quickly noticing the side sleeping next to the bed and holding his hand. Roman smiles.

"Hey, Janus." Roman quietly says.

"Mmph, just a few more minutes..." Janus mumbles, very much still half asleep.

"Janus." Roman says, a bit louder this time. Janus yawns and sits up.

"Alright, Alright what do you wa-" Janus rubs his eyes and takes a look over at Roman as he talks, soon stopping mid sentence as he sees Roman sitting up and awake.

"Hey sleepyhead." Roman says, smiling. "How're you doing?"

Janus stares at Roman in shock. Roman's awake. He's finally awake. Tears start to sting his eyes.

"Hey, are you ok-" Roman starts, but is cut off by Janus jumping onto the bed and tackle hugging him.

"YOU'RE AWAKE!!" Janus happily cries, hugging the creative side. Roman and Janus laugh, and tears start falling down Janus's cheeks. However they're not tears of sadness, but rather tears of joy. Roman was ok, and that's all that matters right now.

Roman and Janus part from the hug, Janus smiles before going ahead and kissing Roman. Roman soon returns the gesture and time seems to slow down as the two of them stay like that.

What was actually a minute seemed like an hour, and the two of them parted, smiling and happy to be together again.
The two of them stay like that for a few more minutes before Janus goes ahead and gets off of Roman's bed and stands up.

"We need to show the others that you're awake again!!" Janus says, smiling. Roman nods, before getting out of bed and trying to stand up, but failing miserably. Janus catches Roman before he crashes back into his bed.

"Here, wrap your arm around my shoulders." Janus says. Roman does just that and just grips onto Janus as the deceitful side helps him over to the door.

Janus opens up the door out and the other sides look over there in surprise, not seeing Roman yet and not expecting Janus to be out and about again so soon.

"Oh, hi Janus! Back so soon?" Janus seems to be paying no attention to what the sides are saying as he helps Roman out the door. The sides see Roman awake and stare at him in shock, Logan dropping his book from surprise.

"Hi guys!" Roman greets.

Patton jumps up from the floor and dashes over to Roman, giving him a big hug and almost knocking him over.

"You're awake!!!" Patton happily cries. Remus walks out of his room.

"What the fuck is going on in here-" Remus sees Roman's awake and runs over to him and joins in on the hug, soon followed by Logan and Virgil.
The group of them eventually part from the hug and Roman grips back onto Janus to keep himself from losing his balance.

"Thank goodness you're awake! We've been worried sick about you!!" Patton says. Roman smiles before almost falling over again.

"I think it'd be for the best if you rested for a bit longer." Logan says. Roman nods and Janus, instead of trying to walk Roman back to his bed, picks the prince up bridal style and carries him back into his room, Virgil and Patton following close behind.

Janus sets Roman down on his bed and the princely side sits up against the back of it.

"Alright then. So, what'd I miss?" Roman asks, grinning.

"Oh, not much-" Janus starts.

"After you went unconscious Janus decided he wasn't gonna leave your side until you woke up. So that's what he did. He also didn't take care of himself the entire time, Until just about 2 hours ago, where I was able to get him out of your room for an hour before he dashed back in here." Virgil says.

Roman looks over at Janus, who gives a nervous laugh.


"Listen, what else was I gonna do?! There were so many possible bad scenarios that could've happened if I wasn't here, and I didn't want to risk any of them happening!" Roman sighs.

"I can understand that, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of yourself in the process."

"I know..." Janus replies. "But hey, I guess we've got all the time in the world now to fix that, right?" Roman smiles.

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

Janus smiles and jumps up onto the bed, sitting down next to the princely side before hugging him.

"I've missed you." Roman returns the hug.

"I've missed you too." Virgil stands up.

"I think they need a moment." Virgil says, talking to Patton. Patton nods and gets up as well.

"We'll bring you guys some dinner when It's ready." Patton says. Janus nods in response as Patton and Virgil leave the room and close the door behind them.

"You know It's funny..." Janus says. "A part of me said that you weren't ever gonna wake up. That I'd just be sitting here beside you, until Thomas died." Janus choked back the urge to start crying at the thought of that happening.

"Hey, hey, It's alright." Roman says, running circles into the deceitful side's back. "I'm right here, I'm awake, everything's gonna be just fine." Janus shakingly sighs and nods. Roman lets go of Janus for a moment to get into a more comfortable position, namely laying down. Janus does the same, and the two of them look at each other for a few moments before hugging again.

Both of them need this, to hug the other, to feel like everything is gonna be okay...

The two of them soon fall asleep like that, hugging the other and feeling the most secure they ever have in ages.
Virgil quietly opens the door and the sides all look inside. They see Janus and Roman both asleep in each others arms and smile.

Patton lets out a quiet "Aw" right before he gets shushed by the other sides. Virgil walks over to the bed and stands beside it, looking down at the two sides sleeping.

"Let's let them rest." Logan whispers. "They look like they could use it." Remus and Patton nod, taking one glance over at Janus and Roman before going back into the mind palace living room.

Virgil looks at Roman and Janus for a minute before pulling up the covers on the bed over the two sleeping sides. He smiles and heads over to where Logan is standing at the door and heads out of the room with him, leaving the door open just a crack.

Janus and Roman are left there, sleeping soundly together as if it would last forever. And even if it didn't, they would wake up knowing that even though the next day would bring upon challenges, they'd get through it together, because they have each other.

And that's all that matters in the end.

Chapter Text

Roman opens his eyes and looks around himself in horror.

"No. Nononononono. It can't be."

Roman is sitting in the chair again. Tied up and in the room he'd been trapped in for an entire month. The door opens and Roman stares at the side standing in the doorway in terror.

Standing there is Wrath, Perfectly fine and alive, holding his spiked bat over his shoulder and grinning a dark smile.

"Good morning little prince." Roman doesn't respond. He looks down at his arms and sees his injuries haven't been treated.

"No. No this can't be. You're supposed to be dead!!" Roman cries. Wrath walks over to the princely side.

"Dead? Ha! What would ever make you think that!"

"Janus...Janus and the others saved me. We-We killed you. How are you still alive?!" Wrath laughs.

"Oh foolish, foolish little princey." Wrath says. "Nothing like that ever happened."

Roman stares at Wrath in horror.

"Y-you're lying."

"Sorry little prince, but It's the truth." Wrath says, grinning. "And besides, what makes you think that anything would be able to kill me? I will always be here. Watching you and waiting for the right moment to strike."

Roman can feel tears come to his eyes.

" no no..."

Wrath laughs. "Now. Shall we begin?" Wrath lifts the baseball bat over his head and smashes it down on Roman's arm.

Roman screams and tears fall down his cheeks. It couldn't be. It couldn't. It couldn't have been just a dream. Wrath lifts up the bat and smashes it down on Roman's other arm. Roman feels like he's gonna pass out. No. No no nonononono.

Wrath smashes Roman again, and again, and again, and again, and agai-
Roman screams and suddenly feels hands gripping his arms.

"Roman. Roman wake up, It's just a dream. Wake up." Roman opens his eyes and sees Janus there.

"Roman. Roman what happened are you okay-" Janus starts. Roman bolts up and bear hugs the deceitful side, crying into his shoulder. Janus freezes for a moment before returning the hug, rubbing circles into the princely side's back.

"He was there..." Roman whimpers. "Wrath was there. And it was like nothing had ever happened to him. It was like none of this ever happened. He just hurt me again, and again, and again and again..." Roman hides his face in Janus's shoulder and Janus holds in the urge to cry as well. The deceitful side quietly shushes the princely side as Roman cries into his shoulder.

"Everything's okay Roman..." Janus quietly says. "I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere."
After a few minutes, Roman somewhat calms down. He's still obviously upset, but he's calmed down enough to be able to stop crying.

"You wanna go eat something?" Janus asks. Roman nods and Janus gets out of bed. He stands up and picks up Roman bridal style, and carries him out of his room into the kitchen.

It's the middle of the night, so none of the other sides are awake. Janus sets Roman down so he's sitting on the counter and then opens the fridge, rummaging around inside.

"You craving anything in particular?" Janus asks.

"Um...Not really. What'd Patton make for dinner?" Roman responds.

"Looks like It's Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole." Janus says.

"Oh my god, my favorite." Roman says.

"So, you want some of that?" Janus asks. Roman nods and Janus takes the casserole out of the fridge and sets it on the counter beside him.

Janus closes the fridge door and takes a couple plates out of the cupboard. He scoops some of the food onto the plates and puts one of them into the microwave, setting the time for about a minute.

"Sorry for waking you up so late." Roman says.

"It's fine." Janus says. "Seeing that you're awake at all makes it worth it." Roman smiles a bit at that.

"Well, Sorry for putting you through all that trauma."

"Trauma?!" Janus looks over at the princely side. "What trauma?! If anyone's gone through trauma It's you. You're the one who was literally tortured for an entire month."

"I guess so..." Roman says. "I don't know, I just kinda feel like apologizing right now."

"Hey, you don't need to apologize for anything." Janus says, taking out the plate of casserole that was in the microwave and handing it to Roman before putting in the other plate. "You're the one who was suffering, not us."

Roman looks down at the floor and Janus jumps up onto the counter to sit next to the princely side. Roman takes a bite of the casserole and smiles.

"I haven't eaten in ages. This is absolutely amazing."
"Your nightmare." Janus says. "What exactly happened in it?" Roman stops eating and looks over at the deceitful side.

"You don't need to tell me if you don't want to. In fact, just forget I said anything-"

"I was back in the room where you found me." Janus looks over at Roman. "I was tied up to the chair again and all the injuries I had before Logan healed me were there. Wrath came into the room, perfectly fine and alive, and acted as if nothing had ever happened. It was like...I never got saved in the first place..."

Janus puts a hand on Romans shoulder and Roman looks over at him.

"Roman. Everything's gonna be okay." Janus says. "This is real. You're right here. With me. And Wrath is not coming back for you. I'll make sure of it." Roman smiles and moves his plate off of his lap and on the counter beside him. He then looks over at the deceitful side.

"You promise?"

"I promise." Janus says.

Roman and Janus are quiet for a moment.

"We should probably get back to bed." Janus says.

"Right..." Roman replies. Janus gets off of the counter and looks back over at the princely side.

"You need anything else before we head back?" Roman thinks for a moment.

"Could we...stay in the living room instead?" Roman asks. "My room...doesn't exactly feel safe at the moment. You know after the whole 'being kidnapped thing."

Janus nods and picks up Roman bridal style before carrying him over to the couch and laying him down on it. Janus lays down next to him and summons a blanket for the two of them. Roman smiles.


"Of course." Janus replies. "It's the least I could do." Roman sighs and snuggles up to the deceitful side.

"Goodnight then..." Roman mumbles, starting to fall asleep.

"You too, my prince..." Janus replies.

The two of them soon fall asleep again, Roman not having any more night terrors for the rest of the night, and both of them feeling safe and secure with each other.