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Torn Apart

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It's the third week that Roman's been in a coma. Janus is still staying in Roman's room and waiting for the princely side to wake up.
Virgil sighs.

"He needs to come out of that room at some point." Virgil says, looking over at the door to Roman's room.

"Who?" Patton asks.


"You mean he hasn't left?" Patton asks, confused.

"Not that I know of." Virgil responds. "He's been in there for weeks now and hasn't come out even once." Patton thinks for a moment.

"You thinking of getting him out of there?" He asks.

"I feel like he needs to at some point." Virgil says. "He can't just stay in there for god knows how long until Roman wakes up and not take care of himself in the meantime. Frick, what happened to 'Self Care Is Important'?"

"I agree." Patton replies. "But how're you gonna get him out of there?"

"I have my ways." Virgil says.
Janus is currently sitting by Roman's bed and putting away his notebook back under Roman's bed, when Virgil busts in through the door.

"Janus!" Virgil says.

"Oh, hello Virgil. What do you need?"

"You need to come out of Roman's room."

"Wait, what?! Why!?" Janus asks, startled.

"You've been in here for weeks and haven't taken care of yourself since Roman went unconscious!! You're being self destructive and that's not a good thing." Virgil says.

"And after all, weren't you the one who told Thomas to take care of himself after Lee and Mary Lee's wedding?"

Janus looks down at the ground guiltily before glancing over at Roman.

"But I can't just leave him like this!"

"Janus." Janus looks over at Virgil. "Come on."

Janus glances back over at Roman before slowly standing up and heading towards the door. Virgil gets impatient and grabs Janus's wrist before pulling him out of the room.

"I got him out!" Virgil says, pulling Janus into the kitchen. Patton turns around and sees Virgil and Janus walking over to him and smiles.

"That's great kiddo! It's great to see you again, Janus." Janus gives a nervous laugh. One minute away from Roman's room and he was already getting nervous. So many things could go wrong and he wasn't there.

"Oh! By the way, I just finished making lunch!" Patton says, smiling. "Janus, wanna come join us?"

"S-sure!" Janus replies. Patton heads into the hallway with two pans in his hands. Virgil and Janus cover their ears just as Patton starts banging the pans together.

"LUNCH IS READY!!!" Patton yells, before scurrying back into the kitchen as Remus and Logan head out of their rooms and into the kitchen.

Patton puts away the pans and sits down at the table, the other sides soon joining him. Janus hesitantly walks over to the table and sits down. His mind is yelling at him to go back over to Roman's room, but he needs to be out here. He can't go back yet.

Remus runs over to the fridge and pulls out some hot sauce for his tacos.

"Oh no." Virgil says. Remus runs back over to the table and pours a huge amount of hot sauce all over his taco, making Virgil gag and Logan and Patton flinch a bit. Janus on the other hand isn't paying attention to Remus. He hesitantly takes a bite of his taco, to find it actually tastes good!

"This isn't too bad actually." Janus says before taking another bite.

"Oh thank goodness." Patton says, relieved.

"We still remember the taco incident of 2018 Patton." Virgil says before starting on his food.

"Gosh darn it!" Patton says.
After lunch, Remus decides to head back to his room, but Logan and the others all stay in the mind palace living room. Janus's nervousness from being away from Roman is still spiking out of control. He starts tapping his arm subconsciously, and Logan looks over at him.

"Are You ok?" Janus quickly nods and Logan goes back to what He's doing. Janus takes a deep breath and tries to calm himself down. It's fine. Nothing's gonna happen to Roman. Everything's okay.

Janus looks around. Logan is doing a crossword puzzle and Patton's chatting with Virgil while the anxious side touches up his eyeshadow.

Janus shakingly sighs. He could get through this. It's only been an hour since he left Roman's room. This shouldn't be so difficult to do. His thoughts start bombarding him with possible scenarios, things that could go wrong if he wasn't with Roman. What if Roman wakes up? What if Wrath is alive? What if Roman gets kidnapped again? What if-

Janus jumps up from the couch. "I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!!" Janus yells. Logan, Virgil, and Patton all stare at Janus before the deceitful side speeds off back into Roman's room.

"Oh for heck's sake." Virgil says, summoning away his eyeshadow palette and jumping up before running after Janus.

Janus quickly sits down by Roman’s bed, his previous nervousness still dissipating. Virgil skids to a stop in the doorway, and he leans against it with a pant. It's quiet for a long time, their quiet breathing barely making a sound.

Virgil looks between Roman, sleeping peacefully, and Janus, staring anxiously. He sighs and sits down next to the deceitful side. Janus doesn't glance at him, just stares at the prince with love hinting in his gaze.

“You’re really worried about him, aren't you?” Virgil asks, keening slightly to try and make eye-contact with the other.

Janus’ breath hitches, the noise seemingly louder than Virgil’s words. He shakily draws in a breath, and meets Virgil’s eyes. Gold meets purple.

“Very much,” Janus whispers, words wobbling and twisting until they met Virgil’s ears. Again, quiet fills the room. Their gazes broke clean when Janus looked at Roman again. Virgil stands, but Janus doesn't look at him.

“I’ll let you watch him, but you need to take care of yourself.” He says, words not quite whispery but quiet and subdued. Janus doesn't look at him, and Virgil didn’t really expect him to, but he nods subtly. Virgil turns, not another word said, and leaves the room with a tiny click that drowns Janus into silence.
Virgil walks out of Roman's room and sighs before heading back over to the mind palace living room.

"Where's Janus?" Patton asks as Virgil sits back down next to him.

"I let him stay in Roman's room." Virgil replies. "With the condition that he has to take care of himself while He's there."

Patton sighs. "He really does care about Roman, doesn't he."

Virgil nods. "He certainly does."
Janus continues to gaze at the sleeping prince, a look of caring on the deceitful side's face. He reaches his hand out and holds Roman's hand, rubbing circles into it with his thumb.

"Everything's gonna be okay." Janus says. "I promise."

Janus lays his head and other arm on the bed, still holding Roman's hand, and he soon falls asleep. Feeling secure again next to his prince.