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Torn Apart

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After Roman went into a coma, Janus had decided he wasn't gonna leave Roman's side until he woke up. Logan was confused by this choice, but regardless went along with Janus's wish.

So that was pretty much what happened. Janus just stayed by Roman's side. He wanted to be right there when Roman woke up so Roman didn't wake up to an empty room and think everyone gave up on him.

At the moment, that's what Janus is currently still doing. It's been about a week since Roman went unconscious and the sides are planning on telling Thomas about what had happened today.
Patton, Logan, and Virgil all appear in Thomas's living room.

"Oh! Hey guys!" Thomas greets. "What's up?"

"We want to talk to you about something important." Logan says.

"Really? Okay then, what is it?" Thomas asks. "Also where's Roman?"

"Yeah about that-" Virgil starts.

"No worries, I'll just go ahead and summon him myself-" Thomas interjects, about to summon Roman.

"NO! NO! NO! NO!!" The other sides yell, stopping Thomas from summoning Roman.

"Huh? Why not? Also, what about Janus?" Thomas asks.

"NO NOT HIM EITHER!!" Virgil yells.

"What's going on you guys?" Thomas asks, very confused.

"It's a little hard to explain." Patton says.

"Agreed." Logan says. "Some stuff has happened recently that is...hard to talk about."

"How so?" Thomas asks.

"It's really complicated kiddo." Patton says.

Virgil sighs. "I can't believe I'm actually gonna do this." Virgil says.

"Do what?"

Virgil goes ahead and summons Remus, who pops up in Roman's spot.

"Oh! Hi guys!!" Remus says, cheerfully. "What's up?"

"Remus?!" Thomas exclaims. "Why him?!"

"Remus, you're the one without any real filter, could you, just please tell Thomas about what happened?" Virgil says.

"Oh! Well, I was talking with Patton and Janus the other day about putting poison in the cookies-" Remus starts.

"NO! About what happened with Roman!" Virgil says, seemingly getting a bit impatient.

"Oh! You mean how Roman got literally tortured for an entire month and we only saved him just last week?"

Thomas stares at Remus, pretty sure Remus was making this up.

"Yes, about that." Virgil says, sighing and rubbing his temples.

"Wait, wHAT?!" Thomas exclaims, obviously startled that that was something that had actually happened. "How the heck did that happen?!"

Remus pretty much just bluntly explains what happened to Roman and how they saved him to Thomas. As well as telling Thomas what's going on with Roman and Janus at the moment and why he shouldn't summon them.

After Remus finishes, Thomas stares at the sides in shock.

"Oh my gosh..." Thomas says. The sides and Thomas are all quiet for a minute.

"I guess that kinda explains my kind of lacking in the ideas department recently," Thomas says.

"Yes, I suppose that is a reasonable explanation." Logan replies.

"Well Thomas….Do you wanna go see Roman?" Virgil asks.

Thomas nods. "Sure." Thomas starts thinking about the things that make him feel creative, and he along with the other sides all sink out and then reappear in Roman's room.

Thomas looks around the room in awe, seeing as this is his first time ever being in Roman's room. Soon he spots Roman asleep in his bed, and Janus asleep as well, sitting next to the bed.

Logan walks over to Janus with Thomas close behind. Logan puts his hand on the deceitful side's shoulder and gently shakes him awake.

"Hm?" Janus opens his eyes and stretches a bit.

"Oh, hi Logan." Janus says, not noticing Thomas yet. Janus yawns. "What time is it?"

"About 10 in the morning." Logan replies.

"Right, I *definitely knew that already*." Janus says.

Janus notices that Thomas and the other sides are there.

"Oh, hi Thomas!" Janus greets.

"Hi." Thomas replies. Thomas looks over at the sleeping prince.

"How long do you think Roman's gonna be asleep for?" Thomas asks.

"We aren't sure." Logan replies. "Although my estimate is that he won't be asleep for an entire year."

"Well that doesn't exactly help narrow it down much." Virgil says.

Janus looks over at Roman.

"You guys should probably get going." Janus says.

Logan nods. "Thomas?"

Thomas sighs and sinks out, soon followed by the other sides, leaving Janus alone with Roman. The deceitful side sighs and pulls out a gold colored notebook out from under Roman's bed, along with a pencil and pen. He opens up the notebook to a random page and starts to draw something.