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Torn Apart

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Wrath gets up and growls. "No." And then, something happens.

He starts to glitch. In an eerily similar way that Patton did right before he turned into Lilypadton. The sides all take a step back, and Wrath changes.

His arms both become long, thin, and silver in color. His hands morph to having three long and clawed fingers. His legs get the same treatment, making Wrath much taller. His Face shifted to having metallic claw-like things sticking out from under his face in place of his mouth and jaw. He looks terrifying.

He raises his hand up and the ground grows up from the floor, blocking Janus and Roman from getting out. Roman stares at Wrath's new form in absolute horror.

Remus jumps up and hits Wrath in the face with his morning star, slightly knocking Wrath backwards a bit.

Wrath focuses his attention on Roman and Janus and throws a ball of energy at them. Janus jumps out of the way, still carrying Roman, and he starts running along the edge of the border of Wrath's part of the dark side corridor as Wrath continues to throw attacks at them.

Virgil is surrounded by purple light for a moment. The light disappears as quickly as it came and Virgil jumps up and attacks Wrath with four extra arms. Virgil shoots a purple flame from his hands and they hit Wrath directly in the face, causing him to be disoriented for a minute.

"Logan! Give me a boost!!" Patton yells, going behind Logan by a few feet, before running at him and jumping off of his shoulders. Patton throws a light blue shield at Wrath and it cuts into Wrath's shoulder, making the monstrous side take a step back before pulling the shield out and throwing it at the sides.

Remus uses his morning star like a baseball bat and hits the shield back at Wrath.

Logan takes out a bomb with the letter F painted on it, and starts the countdown. He then backs up a few steps and throws it at Wrath, the bomb clinging onto one of Wrath's arms before exploding and making the monster Wrath yell from pain. His voice now deeper and more terrifying than it originally was.

Wrath changes his focus from Roman and Janus and over to Logan. He shoots a beam of energy at Logan. Luckily Virgil tackles Logan to the side before he gets hit.

"You ok?" Virgil asks.

"I've been better." Logan responds. Wrath lets out a roar and Virgil and Logan shift their attention back over to him.

Wrath had refocused his attention back on Roman and Janus, and was currently shooting ball after ball of energy beams at them.

Thankfully, Remus and Patton weren't distracted by Wrath's change of focus and weren't letting up on their attacks one bit, the two of them soon being rejoined by Logan and Virgil. The four of them continue throwing weapon after weapon at the monster form of Wrath.

Janus and Roman are thankfully both still intact. Janus continuing to run from Wrath's constant energy blasts, and Roman gripping onto Janus's caplet like a lifeline.

Janus points his staff at Wrath while he runs and shoots a blast at the other side, hitting Wrath in the face and knocking him back.

Janus quickly kneels down for a quick breathing break while Wrath is stalled, before quickly running off again when Wrath regains his balance.

Roman hides his face in Janus's shoulder. He doesn't wanna watch what's going on. This, thing, that was his torturer had turned into some kind of terrifying monster, and now he was attacking Roman's friends. And Roman couldn't do anything to protect them.

The sides all continue to attack Wrath with all they've got. Logan using his F-bombs, Patton using his shield, Virgil using his powers and extra arms, and Remus using his morning star. And Janus uses his staff and shoots an attack at Wrath whenever he gets a chance.

Wrath lets out a much louder roar and knocks the sides back. Including Janus, who ends up dropping Roman accidentally.

The sides all start to get back up on their feet, but Wrath grabs each of them and grips onto them with an extremely tight grip.

"You should've listened to me." Wrath says, in his terrifying voice. "You can't defeat me."

Suddenly, one of Logan's F-Bombs hits Wrath's face and sticks onto it for a moment before exploding and giving Wrath the final blow. Wrath collapses, dropping the sides as he hits the ground. His body then disintegrates, disappearing completely.

The sides all look over in the direction that the bomb was thrown from, and see Roman standing there, shaking and wobbling.

The sides all stare at Roman for a moment, before the creative side collapses onto the ground, falling unconscious as he does so.