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Torn Apart

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Janus walked into the dark side corridor and marched forward. It had been a long time since he was last in this part of the mindscape, and he hadn't expected to be coming back. Yet here he was.

Janus trudged forward towards the end of the dark side corridor. At the very back was a closed off area that no side, light or dark, ever dared to enter. It was a building-like structure with a pathway leading to the door.

Janus stands right in front of the boundary separating the dark side corridor from where Wrath lives and takes a deep breath before heading in.

Janus quickly makes sure He's hidden from view so there's no chance he'll be spotted, and heads into the building doing the same.

As he looks for the room Roman's in, he spots Wrath in his kitchen, doing something while humming to himself. Janus shivers and quietly goes past him.

Janus reaches a hallway with wooden planked doors lining the walls. He scoots through the hallway, pressing his head against each door, listening for any kind of noise coming from inside.

Soon, Janus hears sniffling coming from inside one of the rooms and quietly sneaks inside. He shifts across the side of the room where the shadow is strongest and looks around.

He spots Roman tied to the chair in the middle of the room and sighs in relief. He found Roman.

He looks at Roman a bit more and immediately notices how battered up the princely side is. He's covered in dark purple bruises and loads of cuts. His arms are both very bloody and have large open cuts on each. One of his legs is soaked with blood and looks awful as well, And his neck also has some cuts on it. He looked exhausted.

Janus quietly walks over to Roman.

"Roman." Janus whispers. Roman looks up at him. He's been crying. That's for certain. Roman turns his head away from Janus.

"What did he do to you," Janus whispers, mostly to himself.

"Go away." Roman says, voice shaky. Janus looks at the creative side, startled.

"Roman..." Janus whispers, touching Roman's cheek with his hand. Roman slowly turns his head around, looking back at Janus in surprise.

"Y-you're real.."

At those two words, Janus holds in the urge to start crying. He nods before taking a small pocket knife and cutting the ropes holding Roman prisoner. As soon as he cuts off both of the ropes, Roman basically collapses into Janus's arms, hugging the other side and gripping onto him like a lifeline.

Janus looks at the chair that Roman had been chained to. He chokes a little, a sob trying to force its way out, and returns the embrace, his hands gripping onto Roman’s shirt so tightly his knuckles turn white.

Roman has been through so much and had been completely broken down by Wrath. So much so that Roman had even been having hallucinations. Not to mention the fact that Roman had such an extreme amount of injuries.

After a few minutes of hugging, Janus stands up and wipes his eyes.

"Alright then, do you think you can walk?" Janus quietly asks. Roman looks up at Janus.

"I-I'm not sure..." Roman slowly stands up from the chair, and immediately starts wobbling before falling forward onto Janus. Janus, luckily, is able to catch Roman before he crashes either of them to the floor.

"Alright then, That's a no." Janus quietly says.

"Okay, hold on..." Janus picks Roman up bridal style and holds him like that. "Does this work?" Janus quietly asks. Roman nods and starts holding onto Janus, gripping onto him like a lifeline.

"Alright then," Janus quietly says. "Let's go."
Janus silently opens the door out of the room and tiptoes on out, hiding by the sides of the walls where the shadows are the darkest. He shimmies along the wall and starts passing by where Wrath is, when he accidentally makes the floor creak. Wrath whips his head around in the direction of the sound and sees Janus booketing it with Roman down the hallway. Wrath immediately stops what he's doing and chases after them.

Roman sees Wrath chasing after them and hides his face in Janus's shoulder. Wrath summons a shuriken and throws it at them, Janus quickly dodging the weapon from experience with Remus.

Wrath continues to summon random objects and throw them at Janus and Roman, while Janus narrowly avoids them, and sometimes throws an attack of his own back at Wrath, though Wrath is able to dodge the attacks as well.

Janus and Roman quickly reach the outside of the building and Janus keeps running with Wrath following close behind. Wrath summons a candle and throws it at Janus, hitting the deceitful side in the back, making him fall forward and accidentally drop Roman, who falls a few feet ahead of Janus.

Wrath chuckles.

"Nice try Janus. I have to admit that that was exciting."

Janus lifts himself up and growls at Wrath.

"You're a feisty one, aren't cha?" Wrath says, grinning. "Tell you what, while I'd certainly hate to give up my little Torture Toy, I'd certainly be willing to give him up. In exchange for..."

"What." Janus says, glaring daggers at Wrath.

"I'll let Roman go, in exchange for you." Wrath says, letting out a maniacal smile.

Janus stares at Wrath in shock. "NO!!" Roman cries. "JANUS DON'T!!!" Janus looks back at the creative side, who's currently struggling to get up off of the ground. He looks back over at Wrath. Janus stands up and starts to walk over to Wrath.

"JANUS NO PLEASE!!!" Roman yells. If Janus agreed to this Roman would never see him again. He couldn't let that happen. He couldn't- tears started falling down Roman's cheeks.

Janus stood in front of Wrath. "Do we have a deal?" Wrath asks, holding out his hand for Janus to shake and grinning maliciously.

Janus looks down at Wrath's hand. And starts raising his own hand to shake it.

Suddenly, a purple blast hits Wrath in the face and sends him flying backwards. Janus flips his head around and sees Virgil and the other sides standing in front of Roman, all prepared for a fight.

"Back off from our friends." Virgil growls. Janus smiles in relief.

"You guys came!"

"Yeah, yeah, now's not the time for talking. We'll take care of Wrath. You go help Roman." Janus nods and quickly runs over behind the other sides and over to Roman.

He kneels down next to Roman and picks him up bridal style again, Roman gripping onto the other side tightly. Janus jumps up and starts running down the path and for the exit to Wrath's part of the dark side corridor.

Wrath gets up and growls. "No." And then, something happens.