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Torn Apart

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It'd been about a month since Roman had started not coming out of his room. This was the point where the other sides had started to worry. Currently the sides are all in the mind palace living room, talking with each other. All except for Janus, who's currently sneaking into Roman's room.

"Someone needs to get Roman to come out of his room for fucks sake." Remus says.

"But what if he isn't even in his room? What if he's somewhere else entirely?!" Virgil says.

"...The imagination?" Patton suggests.

"...Yeah That's the only other place I can think of." Virgil replies.

"While I don't believe Roman is somewhere outside of his room or the imagination," Logan says. "I do have to agree it has been a worrying amount of time since he came out of there."

"Yeah no shit sherlock." Virgil says.
Janus quietly shuts the door behind him as he enters Roman's room and looks around. No Roman. Janus decides he's gonna go look for Roman in the imagination, and walks into the portal gateway that leads there.

Janus walks out the other side and looks around. The area around him is a grassy field, with a dark forest to the right and a town to the left. He's currently standing on a small hill, with the portal back to Roman's room right behind him.

Janus walks down to the bottom of the hill and starts heading towards the town. There was a cottage on the outskirts of the town, far enough away to not be really considered a part of the town itself. Janus glances over at the cottage and sees a long brown haired woman standing outside of the cottage, seemingly looking for something, or someone.

The woman spots Janus and starts yelling out to him. "HEY!!! OVER HERE!!!"

Janus looks over at the woman before heading over there to see what's going on.

"Hi there," Janus says. "Hey, have you seen-"

"Oh thank goodness someone came!" The woman says. "We've wanted to go looking for him for ages but we can't leave the imagination-"

"Wait wait wait." Janus interjects. "Who're you looking for? What's going on?"

"You haven't heard?" The woman questions. "Prince Roman's been kidnapped!"

Janus stares at the woman in shock. "Wait, wHAT?!"

"Yes! I wouldn't have believed it either, however, all the members of the kingdom get notified when something bad happens to Roman."

"Who kidnapped him?!" Janus asks, frantically. "Who kidnapped Roman?!"

The woman looks Janus dead in the eyes.

Janus stares at the woman In front of him in pure terror. "You're joking right?" The woman shakes her head no.

"I wish I was."

"But, but Wrath is the darkest side in the mind palace!! What the hell would he want with Roman?!" The woman sighs.

"I don't know. But what I do know is that Roman is in danger." Janus is silent for a moment.

"We need to go get him back."

"Well, you do." The woman interjects. "Nobody that lives in the imagination can leave. Only sides can. If we were able to leave we'd have already gotten Roman back by now."

"...How long has Roman been held hostage by Wrath?" Janus asks.

"For about a month." The woman replies.

Janus looks at the woman In horror. Roman's been held hostage by Wrath for an entire MONTH. AN ENTIRE MONTH. Who knows what kind of torture Roman's been put through in that amount of time!

"You need to go save him." The woman says. Janus snaps out of his thoughts and nods. He then turns away from the woman and books it back to the portal. He needs to go tell the others.
Janus jumps through the portal and lands back in Roman's room, before speeding on out and slamming the door open.

"GUYS!!!" Janus yells, startling the other sides and making Remus fall off the back of the couch.

"What is it Janus?" Logan calmly asks.

"I know where Roman is." Patton jumps up from the floor.

"That's amazing Janus! Where is he-?"

"Wrath kidnapped him."

The sides all stare at Janus in shock.

"I'm sorry Janus, for a second I thought you said-" Virgil started.

"Wrath kidnapped Roman." Janus repeated, slower this time. The sides continue to stare at Janus with terrified faces.

"How do you know this?" Logan asks.

"The Imagination is connected to Roman." Janus answers. "I went into the imagination and one of the people there told me."

The other sides try to take in this information.

"H-how long has Roman been kidnapped for?" Patton asks.

"He's been held hostage for an entire month." Janus says, looking the other sides dead in the eyes.

"But isn't that how long-"

"How long he's been 'staying in his room' for? Yes." The other sides sit in silence for a minute, trying to process this new information.

"We need to go get him out of there." Janus says.

"But we can't!!" Remus replies. "If we try to sneak in there and save him, we're all as good as dead!"

"So we do what, leave him there to die?" Janus interjects. "We can't just leave him there!"

"But what else can we do?!" Virgil says. "If we try to get him out we're toast."

Janus stares at the other sides with a look of shock and anger on his face.

"Well then. If you won't come with me, then I'll go by myself." Janus says before starting to walk towards the dark side corridor.

"No you can't!!" Patton says, grabbing Janus's arm.

"Oh and what, leave Roman there to die?" Janus says, jerking his arm away from Patton. "Sorry, but I'm not exactly fond of that idea."

Janus turns around and walks into the Dark side corridor with the other sides staring after him.

He was gonna save Roman. No matter what.