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Torn Apart

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Roman stared at Wrath in pure terror. This was the 7th day since Roman had been abducted, and the other sides still hadn't come to save him. He'd had multiple hallucinations of his friends arriving and being there to save him, and at this point all of Roman's hopes for being rescued had gone away.

Roman braced for impact and Wrath brought down his bat on Roman's leg, making the princely side scream from pain. The spikes on the bat dug deep into the skin, and you could see the blood start seeping out through the fabric.

Roman started gasping, trying to hold in another scream. He was in a horrible amount of pain as it was, and didn't want to cause more pain for himself by losing his voice. Unfortunately he ended up screaming again anyway.

Wrath smiled in satisfaction. He'd already finished the rest of the torture he'd planned for the day, and that was just the finishing touch. Wrath threw the bat to the side and headed on out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Roman was still crying out from pain, but soon started having a coughing fit. He tried to scream again, but couldn't, his throat was in too much pain and his voice was too hoarse.

Tears started falling down his face, all he could do was cry. His leg continued to bleed and Roman sobbed.

This was never gonna end. He was going to have to continue going through this every single day. He didn't want to. He didn't want this. He didn't. Roman continued to cry, he couldn't do anything about this. He couldn't-

Suddenly Roman blacked out. He passed out from pain and from stress. And unfortunetly for him, he'd wake up to another torture session with Wrath.
Meanwhile Janus and the other sides were listening to Logan read a book to them. Namely, Omega City.

While Logan was reading, each of the other sides were doing something quiet that they could do and still listen to the book. Patton and Virgil were taking turns painting each other's nails, Remus was eating some deodorant, and Janus was working on a puzzle.

Janus had suggested that they go ask Roman if he wanted to join them, but the other sides said that Roman didn't really enjoy the book that they were currently in the middle of, so he'd probably object anyway. So they didn't go to bother Roman.

They hadn't seen Roman for a week at this point and while the other sides didn't treat it as anything unusual, Janus was getting increasingly more anxious about Roman for every day he didn't show up.

He knew Roman was probably fine but that didn't ease his concerns. He was gonna go check on him one of these days. And then he'd find Roman perfectly fine and ok and he wouldn't feel so nervous about him hanging out in his room and working on an idea for weeks on end.

Janus sighed and fit in the last piece of the puzzle. He looked over his work and smiled as Logan finished reading.

Logan put a bookmark where they had stopped and closed the book as Janus snapped his fingers and made the puzzle disappear. Remus Desummoned his deodorant and Patton and Virgil finished painting each other's nails.

"That was lots of fun Logan!" Patton says, thanking the logical side.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it Patton." Logan replies before heading back into his room.

"I'm starving, what's for dinner?" Virgil asks, walking into the mind palace kitchen.

"I wasn't planning on making anything, so I guess whatever's in the fridge!" Patton replies standing up from his spot by the coffee table. Janus gets up from his spot and heads over to his room.

"I'm not hungry. See you guys later." Janus says before closing the door behind himself.

"Is Janus ok?" Virgil asks, rummaging around in the fridge.

"I think he's just not hungry, I mean we did have a big meal for lunch." Patton says, heading into the kitchen with Remus following close behind.

"You're probably right." Virgil says, agreeing with Patton. Remus jumps onto the table.

"I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!" Remus yells. Virgil takes a container of pasta out of the fridge and heads over to the counter while Patton goes ahead and decides on what he's gonna eat.