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Torn Apart

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Roman woke up the next morning, but wanted to go back to sleep. He didn't want to go through Wrath's torture again.

Unfortunately for him, his throat was still in a horrible amount of pain, and that ended up keeping him from being able to fall back asleep. Oh yeah and his arms both still looked really bad from what happened the day before. They were probably broken at this point, or at the very least sprained.

However, Roman was extremely thankful that the lights were on. It was the only comforting thing about his situation.

He sighed as he looked at the door out of the room. Was he gonna be stuck like this forever?

No, of course not. Surely his friends would come save him. But, how long until then? How much longer would he have to go through this daily torture until he'd be freed? He didn't want to go through this for any longer. But sadly, There wasn't anything Roman could do about it.

Roman looked down at the ground as his eyes started to get wet with tears.

"Roman!" Roman quickly looked up. Janus was there.

"Janus?! Janus you came-?!"

"Shh!" Janus shushed him. "Quiet!" Janus whispered. "I'm gonna get you out of here."

Roman was so happy. He couldn't believe it! Janus was here! He was gonna be rescued!

Suddenly the door opened and Wrath walked into the room. "Good morning little prince." Wrath greets, grinning. "I've got a fun little surprise for you today.

Wrath walked through 'Janus''s form and the deceitful side fades away. Roman stares at where 'Janus' was just standing in horror. No side could do anything like that. But if that was the case, then that means...

Wrath waves a hand in front of Roman's face, gaining the princely side's attention.

"What're you looking at, little prince?" Roman looks down at the ground.

"Wait a minute, oh my god." Wrath starts laughing. "You're having hallucinations!! And this is only the third day since I took you here! Oh fuck that's pathetic." Wrath continues to laugh as Roman keeps staring at the ground, his eyes are getting wet, he doesn't want to cry.

"Oh, let me guess, one of your friends had come to save you?" Wrath laughs even harder. "Do you seriously still think they're gonna come rescue you? If they were coming they would've done it already."

"M-maybe they Don't know I'm missing yet?" Roman shakingly suggests.

"Or maybe they do know and they prefer it when you're not around." Wrath offers, smiling a wicked smile. Roman didn't want to believe that. His friends cared about him. They wouldn't just leave him to die. Right?

"Anyways, I told you I had a surprise." Wrath says, grabbing a shard of glass from the pile of shards and walking back over to Roman. He kneels down in front of him and starts cutting the rope. "You get to be free of your ropes for a little while."

Roman stares at Wrath. Part of him says that this is his chance to escape, and another part is telling him that he's in serious danger.

Wrath cuts off both of the ropes and Roman immediately jumps up and tries to run towards the exit, however, his legs are too tired and he falls over instead. Wrath smirks.

"Oh this'll be fun." Wrath walks over to Roman and lifts him up by his shirt. Wrath then punches Roman in the stomach and throws him at the back wall. Roman hits the wall hard enough to leave a small dent, and falls onto the ground with a thud.

He starts coughing and some blood comes out of his mouth. It hurts. Roman tries to stand up, but Wrath reaches him before he can. Wrath lifts the princely side up onto his feet and Roman wobbles a bit.

"Come on! Fight me!" Roman doesn't like what's going on and braces for impact. Wrath kicks Roman's legs back and Roman hits the wall again, this time landing on his arms. He screams.

Great. Now his whole body is in pain.

Wrath lunges at Roman and tackles him, pinning him down and pulling out a shard of glass from his pocket, cutting along Roman's neck. Roman screams from pain and tries to kick Wrath off of him, but unfortunately his legs still are unusable, and he can't do anything to the other side.

Wrath throws his shard to the side and lifts Roman off the ground before throwing him to the other side of the room, making Roman slam against another wall.

This continues for another full half hour until Wrath finally seems to be done. He sighs in content.

"Thank you Roman, that was amazing." Roman doesn't respond. His entire body is in pain, his muscles ache horribly, and if his arms weren't broken before, they definitely were now.

Wrath walks over to him and kneels down next to him.

"I'll be looking forward to when we do this again." Wrath says, pulling out a tranquilizer dart and poking it into Roman's throat, knocking the princely side out so Wrath can tie him back up to the chair.
This is the third day in a row that Roman hasn't been out of his room. Janus's worry had started to pick up again but nobody else seemed to feel the same way, which made Janus think that this was something Roman did often.

Janus kept having the feeling that Roman was in some kind of danger, but tried to shake it off with the reasoning that he's either in his room or in the imagination. And that in those two places he was perfectly safe. Besides, where else would he be anyway?

Janus sighed, before wincing and gripping his forehead. He was getting a migraine. Those were never fun. He flopped onto the couch and hid his face in a pillow.

Logan walked into the mind palace living room and saw Janus laying there on the couch.

"You ok?" Logan asks.

"I've got a Migraine." Janus says, his voice slightly muffled by the pillow.

"Oh, ouch." Logan says. "I'll go tell Thomas to go take some pain medication." Logan then sinks out.

Basically when something happens to Thomas like a migraine or hiccups, it also happens to one of the sides in the mind palace as well. Not all of them at a time though. Which, considering what's happening to Roman at the moment, is probably for the best.

Janus yells into his pillow as Logan rises up again.

"There you go. The medicine will probably start taking effect in about 10 minutes."

"Thanks." Janus says, voice still muffled from the pillow.

"Of course." Logan replies, heading back to his room.

Janus sighs and rolls off of the couch. He wants to take a nap. He stands up and walks over to the door to his room, looking over at the door to Roman's room before walking into his own.