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Torn Apart

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Roman is abruptly awoken from his seemingly brief amount of rest by a backhanded slap across the face by Wrath. Roman wincingly looks up at the side standing in front of him.

"Fell asleep already? Man, you're weaker than I thought." Normally, Roman would've taken offence to that. But right now, Roman's too tired and in too much pain to care.

"Now, what did I come in here for...Oh right!" Wrath bends down and picks up a glass of water from the floor, then holds it up to Roman's face.

"Here. It's what you're gonna get for the day." Roman turns his head away from the glass defiantly, however, Wrath tightly grips onto Roman's chin and whips his head around so It's facing back at him. Wrath forces Roman to drink the water, and Roman almost chokes.

Roman starts coughing and Wrath throws the glass onto the ground where Roman's broken sword is still laying. The glass shatters and lays in pieces in the same pile as the shards of Roman's sword.

"Those might come in handy tomorrow. Don't wanna be stuck with only dull pieces of that old blade for the entirety of your stay." Wrath says, grinning. Wrath turns away from Roman and walks out the door slamming It shut behind him, making Roman wince.

Roman sits in silence for a while, the pain in his throat thankfully letting up a bit, before realizing Wrath never got him any food. Then again, sides don't need food to survive, but it doesn't hurt to have some either. Which, now thinking about it, was probably why Wrath wasn't giving him any.

Roman sighs and leans back in his chair. It'll all be fine. The others would find out he's missing in no time and come to rescue him! He wouldn't have to go through this torture for too much longer right? Right.

Back with the other sides, the first pan of cookies Janus and Patton had been making had just been taken out of the oven. Virgil just so happened to be heading to the kitchen for a can of soda just as Patton was putting in the second pan.

"Ooh, those look good," Virgil comments, glancing over at the freshly baked pan of cookies before opening the fridge.

"Want one?" Patton asks.

"Sure, why the hell not." Virgil responds, taking out a can of soda and closing the fridge door. Patton beams and reaches for one of the cookies on the pan.

"Wait a second Patton-" Janus yanks Patton backwards a bit with his staff. "They're *definitely not* still hot." Janus says, reminding Patton.

"Oh right! Thanks Janus." Patton replies, walking over to the table and sitting down next to Virgil.

Logan opens the door to his room and walks out and over to the kitchen. "Patton, have you seen my Astronomy book?"

"Which one?" Patton asks.

"I only have one!" Logan responds.

"Haven't seen it, sorry Logan."

"I have!!" Remus calls from the couch.

"What did you do with it?" Logan asks.

"Nothing! It's right over there!" Remus says, pointing over to the coffee table in the middle of the mind palace living room.

"Oh. Thank you Remus." Logan responds, heading over to the coffee table and picking up the book.

"Hey Logan! Wanna come join us? Me and Janus made cookies!!" Patton says, beaming.

"Well, I suppose I don't see any reason why not to." Logan replies before walking over to the table Patton, Virgil, and Janus are at and sitting down.

"Wait for me!!!" Remus cries, jumping off the couch and running over the table.

A timer rings and Janus jumps up. "I *won't* go get those." He says, walking over to the counter. Janus hurredly turns off the timer before the noise starts getting tiresome. Then quickly puts on the oven mitts, opens up the oven, and takes out the fresh batch of cookies.

"Alright, I *definitely don't* think the first batch of cookies has cooled down enough to eat." Patton stands up from his chair.

"Perfect!" Patton heads over to the counter and starts putting all the cookies from the first pan onto a plate.

Logan opens up his astronomy book and starts silently reading it and Virgil starts scrolling through YouTube on his phone. Patton And Janus soon head over to the table again and Patton sets down the plate of cookies in the middle of the table. The two of them sit down and all of the sides there take a couple cookies from the plate and start eating them.

"Hey wait a minute, where's Roman?" Janus asks.

"Last time I checked he was working on a new story idea in his room." Logan responds before taking a bite of his cookie.

"Yeah, he was saying something like, 'It will be my most glorious creation yet!!'" Virgil says, imitating Roman. Remus cackles and Janus starts to get up.

"I'll go tell him that we made cookies."

"Hey Janus, let's not bother him right now." Patton interjects.

"Huh?" Janus questions, looking at Patton. "Why not?"

"Well, Roman tends to prefer when we don't bother him when he's in the middle of working on an idea. I just don't think he'd enjoy us bothering him."

Janus looks at the door to Roman's room and sighs. "Yeah, you're probably right." Janus sits back down. "I'll go bring him some cookies later." Patton smiles.

"Sounds like a great idea!"

Janus smiles back, and then takes a cookie from the plate. He just can't get rid of that feeling that Roman is in danger. However, he tries to ignore the feeling as he takes a bite of the cookie in his hand.

He's just being paranoid. Patton was right, Roman's just working on a new story idea and isn't in any kind of danger. He's perfectly fine!
Or at least, that's what Janus thought.