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Torn Apart

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It's been about an hour since Roman's abduction, and Wrath just finished what he had planned to do to Roman for the day. Namely whacking Roman with the handle of his now-broken sword, gripping him so hard it left a bruise to make sure Roman listened to his taunts, and using the pieces of the broken blade to cut Roman's arms and face. Unfortunately for Roman, this is only Wrath's first day of work. It's going to get much, much worse from here.

Wrath sighs in content and throws the shard of the sword he had been using back into the pile with all the other broken shards of Roman's blade.

"All in a day's work." Wrath says, content with himself.

Wrath walks over to the door that goes out of the room.

"Oh and, by the way. You'll receive your food in a few hours. Maybe that'll give you something to look forward to." Wrath laughs as he closes the door behind him, leaving Roman alone in that torture chamber.

Roman currently isn't doing so great. His arms were covered in bleeding cuts as well as a few bruises. His face and neck seemed to receive the same treatment. Right now, Roman is exhausted, and not only do his arms, neck, and face all hurt, but his throat had started to hurt from all the yelling he had been doing. Partially from the pain and partially trying to get someone's attention. Hoping someone, anyone could hear his cries other than the side hurting him.

Unfortunately though, his efforts were in vain, because none of the other sides were able to hear him.

He just wants this all to end. He wants to wake up and realize that this was all just a bad dream and that he's actually safe and with his friends. Unfortunately though, that isn't gonna happen. This is not a dream.

Roman is left extremely exhausted and tired. And because of this, he's finally able to fall asleep.
Meanwhile, Janus, Patton, and Remus were all in the mindscape living room. Janus and Patton were baking cookies and Remus was watching them from the couch and yelling out any random thought that came to mind.

Janus and Patton mostly ignored him.

"I'm glad you and Roman have been getting along better recently." Patton says as he cracks some eggs and puts them in the bowl.

"If you gave one of the other sides poison, would they die?"

"Yeah I am too." Janus says, responding to Patton. "Don't forget the vanilla."

"Oh, right. Thanks!" Patton says, grabbing the vanilla from the cupboard.

"Let's put some poison in the cookies!!!" Remus yells from the couch.

"No Remus," Janus yells back. "We're not gonna put poison in the cookies."

"Aw, come on!!" Remus groans, slumping down a bit.

Janus sighs and refocuses back on baking.

"You know, it's fun having someone else to bake with now other than Virgil." Patton says.

"Really? How so?" Janus asks.

"Well, don't get me wrong, baking with Virgil is fun and all, but It just tends to not ever happen." Patton pours in some vanilla. "He tends to stay in his room, and I don't wanna bother him, so I tend to end up baking on my own." Janus smiles a bit.

"Well hey, you've got me here as your baking buddy now!" Patton smiles.

"Yeah, thanks Janus."

"Anytime my friend."

"You two are boring!!!" Remus calls from the couch.

"Well if we're so boring, then why don't you go find someone else to pester?" Janus retorts.

"I can't pester anyone else!" Remus groans.

"Roman either doesn't pay any attention to me or just kicks me out of his room. Logan's too hyperfocused on his work, and if I go pester Virgil, he'll have a little freakout and kick me out as well!"

"Well darn, looks like you're stuck with the boring ones." Patton teases, grabbing the flour out of the cupboard.

"I know! It's awful!!" Remus responds. Janus chuckles as Patton pours 3 cups of flour into the bowl.
"Hey, Patton?"

"Hm?" Patton looks up from the bowl and over at Janus.

"Do you think Roman is doing ok?" Janus asks, starting to stir the batter. "I mean, he *definitely hasn't* been going through...a big change recently."

"Don't worry Janus!" Patton says as he grabs some chocolate chips. "I think he's doing much better than he was originally."

"What if we put concrete in the batter."

"I mean you two both made up, and everyone's been on pretty good terms with each other since!" Patton continues.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right." Janus says, handing Patton the bowl. "I've just got this sinking feeling that Roman's not feeling too great."

"If he was going through something, he would let us know." Patton says. Janus gives Patton a look.

"Ok fine, he didn't tell us last time, but things have changed! We're all on good terms and we've all agreed that if one of us isn't feeling too great about ourselves we can always tell the others how we're feeling!"

Janus sighs and nods. Patton was right. He was probably just overthinking things. I mean, it's not like Roman's getting hurt or something.