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Blue Smoke

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Use this and wherever you are, I will come find you


The words were still clear in her head after all these years. 


She heard it in the same voice as well. 


The voice that pretended to care


The voice that loved you. 


She tapped her boot to a rhythm only in her head, to drive away the voices.


It wont work, still here One taunted. 


The other said nothing, but she could still hear him.  


The heavily tattooed woman holding a needle over her arm looked up at her. "Stay still" she said simply. 


Jinx continued to tap her foot, mind a thousand miles away. 


The tattooist shrugged, dipped the needle into blue paint and pierced the girl's pale skin. 


The pain made the voices go away.

She stood on top of The Last Drop, looking out over the Lanes. 


It had changed over the years. 


Everything had changed.


She had changed. 


Will you still come for me if I use this? She thought, holding the brass smoke flare in one hand, the other feeling the cord coming out of the bottom of the handle. 


One tug was all it would take. 


“She hasn't been spotted since that night'' Silco said to her, a rare ounce of empathy in his still human eye. He could tell she cared. 


She wanted. 


She craved. 


But he saw it was unnecessary pain. “ Let it go, Jinx. She’s...gone”  


Oh how he hated seeing her suffer. 


He thinks your weak Mylo chimed in Pining for a sister that won't ever come back.


It’s okay Jinx Claggor added You can paint a mural for her!


But there was a third voice. Always that third voice. 


Use this and wherever you are, I will come find you


She wound up in the tattooist later, just to get that needle in her skin, to get another blue cloud and to get them all to just. Shut. up. 


Can you find me now? 





Aaaand cut! Claggor cracked a clapperboard


The empty, abandoned theater clapped. 


Colorful faces laughed and cheered, caricatures with wild hair, wild eyes and wild grins cackling with the swaying of the only light. 


Jinx received their applause with delight, clapping to herself and laughing in glee as she waved the brass smoke flare acting as her microphone at them. 


Someone clapped with her. 


She froze, eyes shooting open as she zipped to her gun and pointed it at the dusty theater seats. 


The figures drawn on it looked on in shock, caricatures with wild hair, wild eyes and wide open mouths. 


A woman with pink hair clapped and smiled at her. 


Use this and wherever you are, I will come find you


Jinx unloaded a full burst and the shadow vanished. 


Ha, really showed them! Mylo laughed Yeah go on, shoot a dead woman!


I think she would have liked the song! Claggor chimed in. 


Jinx panted, body shaking as she looked at an empty and abandoned theater with faces painted on the seats. 


Caricatures with wild hair, wild eyes and grinning open mouths. 


She visited the tattooist later that day and the woman didn't even tell her to hold still this time. 


The new cloud tattoo was the worst one, jagged and uneven. 


It looked wild. 


She stood on that spot that she once did so long ago, with her .


Out of the Undercity, on the surface but across the river from Piltover proper. 


Atop an abandoned building that had yet to collapse or be demolished, a structure that held on even though no one seemingly gave it any care. 


She could see the entire city, or two cities. Silco’s Zaun and Piltover across those nightmarish bridges.


She remembered with absolute clarity sitting on this rooftop with her standing tall. She remembered looking at her like she knew all the answers and she would make it all better. 


Im proud of you, Powder. 


I love you, Powder. 


Alone, on top of an abandoned building hanging on despite no one to care for it, Powder cried hot tears in the cold night. 


“IM HERE!” she screamed, waving her pale arms marked with blue smoke clouds “IM HERE!” she screamed again  “COME FIND ME!” 


Her shouts echoed in the night and were replied to by the barking of dogs and hissing of cats. 


Powder panted, chest wound tight and aching as she sobbed. 


“Where are you?” She cried softly “Why won't you come find me?” 


She sat down on the edge, like she did that night so long ago. 


Something clanged on the ground as she did so. 


Powder looked at the brass smoke flare attached to her belt.


Use this and wherever you are, I will come find you


With a swift movement she tore it from her belt and held it high, the other hand gripping the cord coming out of the bottom of the handle. 


Powder held her breath, sucking in her sobs. 


She didn't pull it. 


She couldn't. 


The dead cant see, idiot Milo scoffed at her 


It’s okay Claggor assured her You can meet her again when you die!  


Use this another voice whispered to her and wherever you are, I will come find you


Jinx screamed into the night, anguished. 


She dragged herself to the tattooist later for the final cloud to be stabbed into her skin. 



She’s alive.


It was the only thought in her mind that night. 


Sevika was a bitch, a brute and a bitch again but the battered, smug face that she hated didn't look like she was lying when she questioned it. 


Sevika was too self assured to lie, too confident in herself. 


Plus, her face had been hammered in and that beautiful sight was a rare thing to see nowadays. 


She’s alive.  


Surprisingly, it was her own thoughts in her mind for once. 


The voices were quiet. 


Perhaps, they were in shock. 


That was sign enough for her.


She chose the clear and open platform because, well, it was clear and open. The wind was weak and so it would be the updraft that would carry the smoke upwards. 


But as she stood there and gripped the brass smoke flare, Jinx hesitated. 


Use this and wherever you are, I will come find you she heard again. 


Time had worn away the voice. 


That terrified her. 


This was the last chance. She felt it


There would be no more after this. No more hoping, no more wondering, no more questioning. 


If Vi didnt come, she was gone. 


The worn, wooden handle felt familiar in her hand, a faint feeling of comfort and assurance. 


The cord coming out of the bottom was tattered and shortened. 


There would only be one chance. 


Jinx closed her eyes and pulled. 


She felt Mylo and Claggor on her back, their dead weight bearing her down but she stood. 


Come find me She thought. 




A short story prompted by a reddit thread where the OP noticed the connection between Jinx’s tattoos and the blue flare. 


Makes me wonder if this was an amazing coincidence or if Jinx’s backstory was planned well ahead in advance to be adapted to Arcane later. 


Or perhaps Fortiche simply saw her design and were inspired.