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The Jig Is Up

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Keeley wandered around the corner from the darkness of the carpark to the expansive training pitch. The sun was almost completely down, the sky awash with pinks and oranges, stretching through fluffy clouds, blending out into a rich, deep blue where the stars had started to awaken.

She was looking for Roy.

All his text had said was that he was almost ready to leave, but he hadn’t been in his office - all the lights off and the locker room almost deathly quiet. It unnerved her, being in there with none of the boys, like the beating heart of the place was missing.

But his car was still there, in the car park, so he had to be there somewhere.

The pitch was lit with a few flood lights, casting shadows down the side of the building and it took her a moment to spot him, leaning with his elbows against the rail, his eyes cast out across the field.

“Hey, babe.” She smiled, wandering closer to him as he turned to greet her with a nod.

“Hey.” He answered, in a soft, almost whispered tone.

“What you doing out here?” She leaned into his side, wrapping her arm around his elbow and resting her chin on his shoulder, looking up at him.

“Just thinking.”

“Missing it?”

“No.” He grumbled, but his shoulders lifted with a deep sigh and she smiled wistfully when he changed his answer. “Yeah, a bit.”

“You’re glad you came back though, yeah?”

Roy glanced down at her, offering the barest hint of a smile, which for him, spoke volumes. “Oh yeah, they’d be fucked without me.”

Keeley chuckled. “I’ll tell Ted you said that.”

“He fuckin knows.”


“How is he, by the way? I haven’t seen him much lately.” She asked quietly, her eyes focussed on the field, tightening her hold around his arm.

Roy shrugged. “Dunno. Things are all a bit different since that little fucker jumped ship.”

“Nate’s got his demons, Roy, but-” He cut her off with a grumble low in his throat.

“He’s a fucker who betrayed his team.”

Quietly, Keeley just nodded. “Okay.”

“Yankee-Doodle’s been all quiet for weeks. I don’t know what’s goin’ on with him. He doesn’t seem upset, still makes his stupid jokes.” He shrugged again. “But he’s gotta be, right? I mean, we were all dodging Rebecca for a week after we got the play schedule and she saw we were playin’ away against West Ham.” He let out a long breath. “Won’t even get to beat the fucker on her own turf, that’s shit.”

By the inflection, Keeley knew the fucker in that scenario was no longer Nate.

“Yeah, she told me about that.”

Roy turned his head to meet her eye. “Is she okay?”

Keeley chuckled. “You see her more than me.”

“Seeing is different, you know that.”

She shrugged. “She’s okay. But she’s been cagey lately, not really talking about stuff. I’m a little worried about her.”

They stood there quietly, Keeley resting her head against his leather-clad shoulder as they looked out at the empty pitch. No doubt, Roy was running scenarios through his head, envisioning the players out on the grass, running drills, testing plays. Everything was quiet and the night was relatively warm. They were far enough back from the road they could barely hear cars and she was fairly certain any birds that would squark overhead had long gone to bed. It was peaceful and she didn’t feel in any particular rush to move along.

Roy was at peace, standing there, his shoulders relaxed and his hand resting over her’s in the crook of his arm. His happy place.

She blinked, startled, as she heard a gasp that sounded distinctly feminine.

Roy’s head snapped down to meet her eye and she blinked up at him. “Wasn’t me. But you heard that too?”

“Yeah.” He frowned in confusion.

They listened, almost holding their breath, as a moan echoed across the field. It was soft, barely there, like it was close but not so close.

Roy was smirking. “Thats,” Keeley smacked his arm, cutting him off.

“Where’s it coming from?” A high-pitched gasp followed and Keeley craned her neck back toward the building, trying to follow the sound. The stands were empty, the doors to the tunnel were closed, there was no sign of anyone else out there.

A louder, shaky, wanton moan revorated downward and her eyes snapped up.

“Holy fuck, Rebecca’s window is open.” Keeley whispered, gripping Roy’s elbow tightly and tugging on his arm, as though she was trying to get him to duck down. “Oh my god, look.” She pulled him over to the wall against the first row of seats in the stands, where they could still see Rebecca’s office but she felt they were potentially obscured by the railings.

Above them, Rebecca’s office was in relative darkness, but for the glow of what she could make out as a single lamp and they could see just the top of her blonde head above the low window-frame. She had to be on the couch.

She was facing the pitch, and the more Keeley squinted at the tinted glass of the lower half of the window, she could make out that Rebecca’s pristinely manicured hands were gripped against the back of the couch, her nails digging in, as she moved almost rhythmically, up and down.

“Holy fuck, she’s shagging someone in her office.” Keeley hissed in Roy’s ear, her grin broad, her eyes full to the brim with delight. “I wonder who it is.”

A pleasure-filled “Ah, yes, fuck, just like that.” reached them and Keeley giggled, smothering it with a hand over her mouth.

“We have to leave.” Roy muttered, giving her hand a tug.

“No, I wanna watch.”

“Keeley.” He grumbled and her shoulders slumped.

“Fine.” She whined, following behind him as he pulled on her hand, grinning when Rebecca let out a long, growling “Fuuuuuck.” that made Keeley’s toes curl in her boots. “Jesus fuck, she’s havin a good time.”

“I’m not listening.” Roy was walking briskly ahead of her with tight shoulders, his eyes almost pressed closed except for the need to see where he was going and Keeley could barely control her giggles.

“You’re bothered by this, aren’t you?” She grinned, coming to a stop in front of him when they reached the car park, no longer within earshot of Rebecca’s moans.

“I feel like I'm gonna be sick.”

“Oh don’t be so dramatic, Roy. Rebecca’s fit, and that was really hot, I wish we could have stayed for the big finish.”

“Fuck you, fuck that, fuck no.” He pressed his eyes closed then, lifting his hands up to cover his ears, making Keeley’s whole body shake with laughter. “It was like listening to my sister.” He winced. “Fuck.” He made a dramatic gagging gesture and Keeley snorted a laugh.

“Oh my god.” Keeley slapped at his arm, pulling him up against the side of his car when she spotted the headlights coming around the corner and Roy followed her gaze to see Rebecca’s car pulling into its usual space. “She’s leaving. Holy shit, if we wait, we’ll see who it was.”

“No!” Roy barked, fishing in his pocket for his keys.

“Please, Roy?” Keeley pouted and it took barely half a second for him to give into her, slumping with his back against the car.

“You owe me.”

Keeley winked at him. “I don’t think that’ll be a problem.”

“Ugh.” Roy rolled his eyes, his nose turned up at the implication that the sound of Rebecca’s moans and cries out the window had gotten Keeley hot. She just giggled, turning her eyes toward the door to the training centre as the Rolls Royce engine switched off and the lights dimmed.

They stood there for a long moment, Keeley leaning against Roy’s front, her arms wrapped around his waist against the side of his car. It felt like ages before footsteps could be heard on the other side of the door, but they weren’t high heels. The door swung inwards and within a second, Keeley’s whole face was beaming and Roy had turned a rather interesting shade of green.

“Oh fuck no.”

Keeley bounced on the spot, her hands clapping.

“What the fuck?

“Oh, howdy Roy, hey Keeley. What are you doin’ here so late?” Ted beamed at them, seemingly unconcerned with Roy’s repeated ‘fucks’ and practically skipping over in his Nikes, gripping the straps of his backpack against his shoulders. The only outward sign; proof of his participation in what they’d just witnessed while out on the pitch, was a slightly disheveled patch of hair at his left temple.

“I just came to meet Roy so we could head home together.”

“Oh well that’s real sweet. I thought everyone had left.” Ted grinned, gesturing over his shoulder toward the darkened building. “I was just finishing up some scouting reports,” He glanced at them both in kind, nodding. “You know how it is.”

“Yeah.” Roy’s voice came out strained, like there was someone gripping his throat and he was staring at a spot a good few inches left of Ted’s actual face.

“Y’alright, Roy?”

“Oh he’s fine.” Keeley grinned, waving him off, ignoring that Roy’s cheeks had pinked a bit and the vein on his forehead was suddenly just a little more prominent. Keeley was about to open her mouth, her eyes alight with excitement, when the door to the training centre opened again and the distinct clacking of Louboutins on pavement echoed around them.

Rebecca’s poker face was undoubtedly and considerably more shit than Ted’s. Her eyes went wide when she spotted the group huddled next to Roy’s car, just a few spaces down from hers, clustered together and all having turned to see her come out of the building.

“Oh,” She blinked, looking at each of them in turn, frozen in her place for a moment. “I thought everyone had left.”

“Well hey there Boss, fancy seein’ you here so late.”

Roy and Keeley couldn’t see Ted’s face, considering he’d turned on the spot to speak to Rebecca, but her eyes did enough talking for the both of them, and the awkward set of her shoulders screamed that she knew something was up. The shit-eating grin on Keeley’s face was a dead giveaway.

The vein becoming more and more prominent on Roy’s forehead wasn’t helping things either.

“Oh, shit, how?” Rebecca’s whole body slumped and she continued her path towards them, rolling her eyes. Keeley gleefully bounced on the spot and Roy looked like if he didn’t take a breath soon, he was likely to pass out.

“How what, Boss?” Ted frowned, looking at each of the others in turn.

“The jig is up, Ted.” Rebecca moaned.

“The what is what?” He blinked, leaning towards her, perplexed.

“Might want to think about keeping the windows shut, babe.” Keeley chuckled, all but ignoring Ted’s confusion and Rebecca blanched.

“Fucking hell,” She turned. “Okay, Ted, let's go.”

Ted froze, his eyes like a rabbit in the headlights as he glanced at Roy and Keeley then back to Rebecca. “What, I,”

“It’s alright, Ted,” Rebecca gestured to Roy and Keeley with the hand that didn’t have her designer handbag dangling from her elbow. “They know.”

“They know?”

He turned to Keeley. “We know.” She winked, then he turned to Roy and took an involuntary step back. The only sound that came from Roy was a low, deep groan that made Rebecca’s eyes widen just a little in surprise, and made Ted turn white as a sheet.

“Okay, come on.” Rebecca grabbed Ted by the back of his collar and tugged, heading for her car. “Good night Keeley,” She faltered for a second, looking into Roy’s eyes. “Good night, Roy.”

“Night.” He almost barked but Keeley’s fingers linking with his at his side seemed to calm his nerves, just a little, the both of them watching as Rebecca ushered Ted into the back of the Rolls and demurely stepped in to follow.

“I’ll kill him.” Roy muttered as they watched the car pull away and Keeley snorted.

“No you fuckin won’t.”

“He won’t even see it comin’.”

“Do you want me to drive until you can calm the fuck down?” Keeley laughed, opening the passenger door and climbing into the car as he rounded to the driver’s side and did the same.

“Gosh, if you’re like this when she’s sleeping with Ted, I'd hate to have seen you when she slept with Sam.”

“She fuckin what?


Roy looked straight ahead, his hands white-knuckling the steering wheel as his jaw clenched.

“I’ll fuckin kill him.”

The End.