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Little Guard

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That's not the last time you'll see him.


The kitchen was bustling. Seems as if everyone had decided to eat lunch at the same time, which left the place a little cluttered, food and items left all over the counter. Yet- nobody was paying attention to Cross sat in the highchair, who was less interested in his food, and that lovely pudding he was promised. Oh, what a terrible day for his clothes.

Spread across his tray were various amounts of finger foods. As a game, he would try and flick little goldfish across the kitchen, even aiming for anyone passing by until he got a verbal warning by Nightmare. With his fun interrupted, he looked to the remaining foods. A half eaten sandwich with the crusts off, a handful of goldfish, and fruit. Sure, it would've been eaten normally, but his mind was clearly more interested in the chocolate pudding. Who wouldn't be desperate for a prize like that? Looking around the room, he abandoned all forms of cleanliness, mushing the food together into a horrible slimy abomination. Great! Now- where's he going to put it? Cupping his hand over the mush ball, he glanced around the limited space, before settling on his diaper. Perfect! Or- so he thought.

It sounded oh so lovely in his head, but when put into action, was a lot grosser than he thought. Deposited into the back of his diaper, Cross shook his head in disgust. Regrettable, but anything for his pudding. Rubbing his sticky hands together, he kicked his legs in his spot, waiting for someone to notice him, before deciding to call out on his own. "I'm dooone! I want my pudding now."

"Geez, you finished a bit fast." Killer said, squinting at the other suspiciously. When he landed on the gross mess of his hands, Killer cringed. "Yeah, before you get that, let's clean your hands-and that tray. Can't be any messier huh?" Grabbing wipes from a nearby drawer, he attacked the other's hands relentlessly, then his face. All traces of suspicion were gone one he was clean. Soon, he came over with a pudding cup, and a small spoon. His sippy-cup was returned with water. "Try and get most of it in your mouth this time." He said, turning to get his toast out of the toaster before its stolen by Dust. Fucker always takes his food if he leaves it unattended.

Bingo! Cross immediately dug into it with the spoon, eventually using his fingers, then tongue to fully clean the cup. Eagerly licking away at any remaining bits, Cross was pleased with his success. By now, the kitchen had cleared up, them either eating at the table or Livingroom. This time, Dust came over, freeing him from the highchair, and setting him onto his feet. "Go, don't want you playing around the kitchen." One affectionate pat the the diaper alarmed Dust quickly of his dirty little deed. "Agh- gross why didn't you-" One flip up of the shirt made Dust go silent.

Cross only cringed, then froze in his spot. Seems like his plan was not completely perfect. When he was lifted up by the arms, he couldn't even look at Dust, cheekbones dusting purple. "I-uhm- I can explain." No he couldn't.

"Uh huh. That's gross, and a waste of damn food." Dust scolded lightly, sighing at the other as he set him back down, and had him do an awkward shuffle of shame to get himself changed. Leave it up to Cross to figure out how to misbehave in a new way. "Tch- you ruined the back of your shirt too. You know what that means. Bad boys get 'it.'"

Cross sat up from his spot, or at least tried to. Dust had pushed him back down pretty quick. No- he couldn't mean that dreaded outfit. "No- please I didn't think-I- Dust please!" He pleaded, shaking his head at the other. He'd do anything to not be put in that thing! When Dust pulled away, he tried to make a run for it, not getting very far before Dust caught him, with that dreaded bunny outfit in his hand. It was pink, fuzzy, and horrid. Came with a stupid hood with stupid fat bunny ears on them.

. . .

And he had to wear it.

When the two came back, chuckles broke out in the Livingroom.

Cross angrily sat on the floor, facing away from everyone, with his arms folded over each other. Not a happy baby, not one bit. Naughty boys get the bunny outfit.

"D'aw," Horror had at least felt a little bad for him, only a little. Picking up the grumpy fuzzy guard, he sat him down on his lap on the couch, flipping up the hood. "I think yer very cute, too cute to eat." With a chuckle, he reached down and flicked the large pompom tail it came with, patting his back lightly as he huffed and puffed. "Think we got a grumpy bunny."

Oh that's it! Cross bit him, as if that'd make up for his horrible one star experience in the worst outfit ever. And well, he immediately regret it.

"Oh we bitin now huh? Think this little bun just got himself a good ole spankin, and a nice timeout."

Ah shit.