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Little Guard

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-. . . ! Well, shit.


Things were going to plan, invade an AU, cause a ruckus, confront the Star Sanses. A week, he had a full week without one slip, that was far good enough for the gang to allow him to tag along. Having the extra hands on board was great, more so since nobody had to stay behind to watch Cross. It was normal, as normal as one could get destroying something of course, but then things went south.

The Star Sanses came quickly, almost too quick, had this been an ambush? It was far too late to round everyone back up, the gang spread across the place to cover ground. It'd be hard to spread the message they were here. Alone, Cross charged forward in the snowy forests, making sure to keep aware of his surroundings. He had lost Horror, as they had been traveling together up until now. He took another step forward and slipped, the soft snow giving out from under him as he sled down the hill. So much for paying attention. His weapons had been dropped in the process, so Cross had to sift through the snow to find them. Spotting something black poking out from the snow, he assumed it to be his trusty weapon, but he was deceived the moment he picked it up.

A black and white pacifier. With his track record of a week not reacting differently to such things, it would be a first thought that Cross would simply assume he had left it in this jacket, and go on his merry way to meet up with the gang. Except, that's not what happened. A quick twirl of the object in his hand gave him a slight flush to the cheekbones. Now was not the time to be putting your mouth on things! Fumbling, he shoved it back into his pocket, and located his weapons. He clearly must've taken too long, as a branch from above cracked, signaling that he had been caught. Mind still fresh on the thought of his pacifier, Cross barely had the time to react to a few bones sent his way, landing on a nearby tree. At least now he knew who it was. Swap, that skeleton from Underswap.

"Whew-! I've been trying to catch up to you for ages!" The skeleton shouted, landing by Cross, who was instantly in a defensive position. They were awfully far from the true heat of the battle happening in Snowdin, Dream and Ink fending well against the rest, helping the monsters escape to safety. Only he had spotted Cross and Horror separate, and went after the two. The trees provided a lot of hiding ground, though it was quite dangerous to be out here. A storm could kick up out of nowhere. "Where's your other friend? Horror, was it?" Swap asked, distancing himself from the other.

Usually so locked up tight, Cross blurted out. "I don't know, I lost him." Before looking away. What the hell was he doing? He shouldn't have told Swap that, it gave away the chance that the other assumed Horror would be near. He had to get his mind straight.

Swap seemed to stare for a moment, squinting lightly. No. He shouldn't get that idea, it had to be some mistake, or a lie. "Right, right! Thanks for letting me know, I'll keep an eye out!" A perfect time to strike! Swap lunged forward, summoning two bones in his hand to defend against Cross's knives, those things sure left a mark. They were back and forward for a while, before Swap had landed a successful hit against Cross, sending him back into a tree. Sure, it had been a while, but Cross wouldn't have left his guard open for such an easy blow.

Swap approached him, bone pointed down at his body. "Are you taking it-"

"WAIT-!" Interrupted Cross, awkwardly shuffling forward in the snow on his knees. He had lost it. He knew it had fallen out during the battle. "Don't-don't take another step-" He pleaded, eyeing the prized possession under the other's foot.

Swap froze in place, watching his odd display. What was he so worried about? Cross had never acted like this around him in battle before! Not ever since- Swap had lifted his foot, picking up the item in question. Oh. Oh no- he hadn't been- Swap sputtered. "Oh my gosh- I'm-I'm so sorry I had no idea you-well, you know! I would've stopped if I knew! Here let me help you up!"

It all made sense now! Swap pulled the other up, rushing to hand over the pacifier and standing back. Well, at least it was not like the first time. That was one awful interaction they vowed to never speak about. Swap hadn't even told the other's which worries him if they'd try and find him. "Oh- I hurt you! Stars- why aren't you back erm- home?" Swap asked, rushing to take off his scarf and wrap up Cross's arm. Seems like another hit had landed on him without any knowing.

Swap knew a lot more, though it was an accident on his behalf, quite literally. When it first happened on a mission, Cross ended up blurting everything through a fit of tears. The two had almost gotten caught because of it. Wincing as Swap touched at the small wound, he shrugged lightly. "I wasn't aware of it. None of them were. I didn't think it'd happen now! I just wanted to help out instead of staying home and-"

Swap pulled away after covering the wound, knowing he was getting in a sour mood quick. Not that he blamed Cross, after finding out, all previous thoughts on fighting were gone. Just stalling for time until he knew one of them was around. "Maybe this isn't the best of times to talk about's not much but, sure were supposed to be enemies and all but, maybe we could bend the rules a little? Mweh- maybe you can come over to my place, and we can talk this out? I'm sure you know where."

Branches cracked and rustled from afar. Swap watched as Cross pulled his hood up, sitting down with his back against a tree to calm down. At some point, the pacifier found its way in his mouth, and with the noises getting closer, Swap knew it was his time to leave. Now's not the time to get caught with Cross, not like this. "Think about it, okay?" He said, waving off to the other and leaving. Now to find Dream and Ink, he was sure by now everything had to be calming down.

With Swap gone, Horror tore through the trees with his axe, spotting Cross against the tree. One look to the blue colored scarf on his arm, and the footsteps in the snow leading away, Horror knew automatically.

"C'mon, yer gonna catch a cold sittin in the snow like that."