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Little Guard

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It was up to them to keep watch over him, when he couldn't.


Times were simple when Cross was little. No matter the age, he had things pretty easy! He knew the other's would care for him, and make sure he was okay! Well, all was fine until one bright afternoon, he found himself teetering in and out of the headspace. Thankfully, it was still an age where Cross could do things on his own, but... It didn't excuse his need for protection. When he was a little, wearing a pull-up wasn't too bad, and truthfully he never paid much attention to it. However, when he wasn't in the mood, Cross was hyper aware of every little thing. Even so much as wearing a onesie out of the 'space' was considered embarrassing, and almost humiliating.

For the sake of the other's he respected their wishes in keeping him in protection no matter what, even if it kept him constantly worrying that something awful would happen.

Settled on the couch, Cross worked on a small word puzzle to busy himself, leaning against Dust. The other had been helping him with it so far, pointing out a word he missed, even congratulating him on finishing a page. Not that the other asked him to do so, but it clearly didn't seem to bother Cross. He liked the help. When he was all word puzzled out, he watched Dust play dumb little games on his phone, lightly conversing over what to do in the game as if Cross would ever get it himself. Chill days like these were always the best, in, or not in littlespace at all. However, Cross had teetered back and fourth between slipping, which led to the decision of him putting on a pull-up, which he had denied at first. With a little convincing, they had agreed in him wearing one for at least a while, and the suggestion was soon proving to be a good one. Sipping water from a cup, he snorted when Dust had died in his game, causing the other to roll his eye's.

"Yeah yeah whatever, I let them win out of pity." Dust nudged him with his shoulder, reaching out with his other hand to swipe the pacifier out from his mouth, grinning as Cross fought against him.

"Heyy- I don't take your shit from you, give it back you jer-" Cross was silenced as Dust shoved it back in, cheekbones a light purple. With a huff, he tucked his face lightly into the turtleneck he wore, masking the furious moving of the pacifier as he chewed on it. It was embarrassing to admit he depended on the damn thing a lot, even out of littlespace.

The two remained in their position, at least until Cross kept shifting around. Dust thought nothing of it, other than telling him to stop moving or else he'd leave. It seemed to work for a while, but the peace wasn't forever. Cross dug his hand into his leg, abruptly jolting as if he remembered something. Oh shoot-Cross had ignored his own signs again! He doubted he even had the chance at making it, but he did not want to admit to Dust he needed pull-ups now. Biting the odds Cross-

Sat there. Oh how he was going to ask, but he froze up in shame, glancing away at the now sodden pull-up. Tears pricked his eye's, but he refused to allow himself to cry in front of Dust for an accident, so he did the next best option. Hide in Dust. Cross instantly buried his face into his shoulder, as if that'd make him the least suspicious ever.

"Cross- what the hell are you doing? I'm not in the mood to cuddle so if you can just-" Dust made the mistake of peeling him off, and instantly was met with frantic apologies. It didn't take him long to find the source, Dust sighing as he let Cross weep into his shoulder. Helping him onto his feet after another small apology session, he scoffed. "Cross, I told you that you needed the damn things and I was right, better be thanking me instead." Taking his hand, Dust led Cross to his room, pausing by the bathroom once. "And you're sure your-"

It had become a thing now to ask if he was done, Dust being met with frantic nods. He'd take his word on it.

One change later, and Dust had turned his back to put everything away, barely a minute or so after changing Cross and-

"Cross- I thought you were done?!'