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Little Guard

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They thought he was kept secret well, but it seems like an old friend picked up on something.


Nightmare sat at his office table, typing away at the large computer in front of him. He's been in there for a while, barely acknowledging when someone came in to drop him off another coffee, or something to eat. He's been cooped up in his office for a while, not that he noticed, at first. Even if you were an old king, it still seems like one has to do a few things to keep stuff running. When the door opened, then shut a second later, he paid no mind. Perhaps another coffee delivery, he was running low on his current one anyways. His brow furrowed as he finally tore his attention away from his screen, not seeing anyone from the position he was in. He felt something brush up against his leg, and sighed. Oh, now he understood. Nightmare scooted back his chair, spotting Cross under the table, smiling up at him.

"What are you doing here? Thought I told the others to watch you." Nightmare said, motioning for Cross to come forward to pull him out from under the table. Couldn't risk him bumping his head. Apparently he must've thought it was an invitation to sit on his lap, as the guard now sat comfortably in his lap, the blanket plush in his hand. "Cross, I'm very busy right now, I have things to do."

"Well- I was playing hide-n-seek, but I got bored...Then I wanted to see you, so I did! I brought you a snack too!" Cross produced a small bag of goldfish from underneath the small blanket toy, looking up at him waiting for approval.

Another sigh, followed by Nightmare taking the baggie and setting it on the table. Well, it would be rude to refuse something like that from Cross, even if it wasn't something he'd ever consider eating. He patted his head, swiveling to the side to scoot Cross off to send him back out. Once again, he didn't get the message. Of course.

"What are you doing? Can I help? Horror said I was a good helper! We can play afterwards together! Or- or read a book! Maybe-" Cross was met with a pacifier to the mouth. He had a tendency to ramble, not that he noticed much.

Nightmare opened his mouth to ask the other to leave, but he knew the other just wanted to spend time with him. Dammit. Had he become soft? He usually wouldn't permit the rest staying in, but somehow when it came to Cross, he seemed to just get lucky. Rolling his eye, he scooted back into the table, settling Cross on one knee. This was fine, surely the other understood the importance of his work. Which, for the record was putting too much into Cross. When the smaller reached out to press the keys, Nightmare redirected his hands back to his lap. "Ah ah, no touching. If you want to help, why don't you.." He scanned the desktop, taking a small notepad and pencil, handing it to Cross. "Draw me something nice while I work, that'll help me."

Perfect, silence from him was always nice. This let Nightmare get back to work. What he failed to notice was the amount the sticky-notes now stuck on his desk.

"Can I have something bigger?" Cross asked, twirling the pencil in his hand as he looked at all the doodled notes he had. It seemed to barely spike a reaction out of Nightmare as a notepad was dropped in his lap. Oh! Finally something he can show his masterpiece on. He went back to scribbling, happily kicking his legs as he worked on his best art yet. With Nightmare distracted, he carefully leaned over and opened one of the drawers, reaching for pens that were in different colors. His work needed a bit of finesse after all! "Do you like red or blue?"

"Red." Nightmare replied briefly, grumbling quietly. This damn website was taking forever to load, it's not like he had all day here.

It was a while before anything happened between the two of them. Cross would occasionally ask for something, or sneakily get it himself. When his fine work was completed, he slid the paper onto the computer keyboard, looking up at Nightmare in approval.

Nightmare sighed, about to brush the paper off the keyboard, though he knew better to at least spare a glance for his sake. It got a smile out of him, which was quite rare. It was a decent enough drawing of the two playing together. For once he actually looked at the time...then the mess on the table. Nightmare shut the computer, picking up each individual sticky-note to look at them. Well, he sure had been here long enough.

"Did I help? Are you done now?" Cross asked.

"Yeah, all done. No more work." Nightmare could always finish it later. Setting the drawing on top of the closed laptop, standing up with Cross in his arms. About to leave, the door swung in, and came in three frantic skeletons.

"Boss- we lost the-," The trio fell silent upon seeing Cross in Nightmare's hold.

"No need, he's been with me the entire time. But, since you all came together, I suppose you wouldn't mind playing with us yes? I was thinking about a better game of hide-n-seek. Cross and I will search for you, and you better pray I 'lose' you too." He couldn't excuse their mistake of even losing Cross for a few minutes, but over an hour? They better be glad Cross was here.

"Y-....yes boss." Said the three, looking away in a mix of fear, and shame. They were in for it.