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Little Guard

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Maybe in the end, things would've stayed the same.

If they didn't stop him though...who knows what could've happened.


After a nap, Cross always had a need to get up and burn energy. While it may be very cute, trying to catch him is a different subject, especially when he was only half dressed! Killer had turned away for one second to put away changing supplies, and Cross had seemingly vanished in thin air. That's just great. With maybe half a sock on, and a half bunched up onesie that sat at his stomach, Killer has some work to do in dressing the little monster. Grumbling, he took the other sock and fetched a stuffed animal. A small, worn dinosaur plush that had a rattle inside. Dinoman, as Cross called it, would be a great lure to catch a speeding skeleton on the loose.

Walking out of the room, Killer held up the toy and gave it a light shake. "Ohh Cross, I got something you might want! You better come quick before I take it for myself! " He teased, listening out for any sound indicating he was around.



"Oh man, I guess he isn't around. Sure is a shame! I guess I can take Dinoman back to my room to show him around the place. I bet he'd love my bed. " Being a trained huntsman was one thing. Sound meant anything, it was funny to know he still needed to use his keen skills in these situations. He listened out again, turning to pinpoint where Cross was. When he went to look for the guard, he got charged at, hands trying to grab at the plush in his hand.

"Give 'm back! He's mine! " Fussed Cross through his pacifier, jumping to reach his friend that Killer kept high out of his reach. His escape plan suddenly turned into a rescue mission, which evolved back into an escape mission the second Killer pulled him up into his arms. Cross was able to snag his beloved toy, holding it close to his chest with a huff. "You meanie! He's gonna be wiff me forevow!"

"Uh huh, but first were getting you fully dressed you rascal. Now stop squirming, promised the boss I'd have you in the Livingroom by now. I was gonna get you one of those gummy snacks you like, buuut...since you don't want to co-operate.." And now blissful silence. Killer chuckled quietly as he carried Cross back to his room. Sure, it was borderline manipulative, but Cross had his ways in getting back at them. He couldn't count how many times they've been fooled by his fake tears trick. The brat would suck up to Nightmare so quick and complain, just to get them in hot water. Cross was equally, if not worse than him.

Buttoning up the onesie, and putting on the other sock, he pulled the small soldier back into his arms. Sure, he could let him run off, but that defeated the whole purpose. With a pause on his potty-training, Cross really put a dent in his streak, Nightmare wanted to finally put the playpen into use. At least then it kept Cross from running out on them. As promised, he hit the kitchen first and got the needy bastard his gummies, who took no time in eating all of them in one go. He was never one for enjoying his snacks. Walking to the Livingroom, he presented Cross to Nightmare, who had just finished setting up the pen. "Got him in one piece boss, just like you asked."

"Took you long enough, now put him in there. I want to make sure I baby proofed this thing, he's like a mouse, one little hole and he's free." Said Nightmare, opening the small door that let them enter the playpen. It locked from the outside, and was babyproofed so Cross couldn't try and unlocking it himself. Watching Killer plop Cross in, he waited. "Go nuts."

Freedom! Or, so he thought. It looked so easy to get out of, clearly. He first tried stepping over. Thank god for all the pillows and blankets, he kept tumbling over, he even lost his footing at some point. Okay... Maybe pushing it. A shove here, a push there, no budge. Perhaps the old stacking toys trick? None of his little masterplans worked! Frustrated, Cross sat in the middle of the pen, facing away from the two with his arms folded. This wasn't fair! "I want out."

"Perfect, it works. I'll leave him to you. I'm sure you know how to handle it from here." A grin spread on Nightmare's face. Finally, something Cross hasn't busted out in.

With Nightmare leaving, Cross instantly looked to Killer, pleading on his knees with his best puppy eyes. He couldn't do this in front of Nightmare after all, he'd just tell him to not let him out! All the toys in his room seemed super interesting to play with in the halls! Or maybe running through the halls with a pinwheel, or running his corn-popper down the halls and making all the noise he could. Phase one, grabby hands.

Killer frowned. "Cross, you haven't even been in there for a minute. Why don't you go play with your toys or something?"

Cross shook his head and bounced in his spot, reaching out for Killer like his life depended on it. Okay. Maybe this wasn't working.

Phase two, the ole fake tears.

"Out, pease! Peeaaase!!" He whined, faking a small sniffle. "Play on couch wiff Killer? An'' Tv!" For extra effect, he grabbed his beloved toy, and held it out. "I eben let you play wiff him!"

What a good deal-if he would actually stick to his word. "I'm not falling for it Cross, give it up. Nothing you do is going to let you out of there anytime soon." Sure, he was playing a hard bargain, but Killer wasn't going to fall for his cheap tactics yet. Yet.

Cross instantly sank into his spot, producing a small amount of sniffles as he looked down into his lap. "You don't wanna play wiff me..?" He asked, in a small, overly pathetic voice.

Fuck. That deceptive little shit. Biting his odds, Killer stood up, leaning over into the pen. "Fine fine- I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I'll let you out, only if you promise to stay on the couch. That's the only place your allowed to be, got it? "

"Mmhm mhm! I pomise!" Fingers twisted behind his back, he reached out for Killer excitedly, kicking out his legs in joy. Freedom! He could taste it! Planted on the couch, he waited for Killer to settle down, and get comfortable. Maybe a nuzzle into his side, and a happy little babble before he 'dropped' Dinoman onto the floor. With fake surprise, he slipped off the couch, grabbed the plush and- bolted.

"Son of a- I'm never trusting you again you little rascal. When I get my hands on you I swear, I'm gonna tape you onto my body so you never get away again!" Yelled Killer, as he took off after Cross. Damn kid could run!

Suppose things would never change, not that he minded. Things being normal would take the fun out of it.

Or, at least that's how Killer saw it. He wouldn't mind chasing Cross around all day, just as long as he got the see the little buttface happy.