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Little Guard

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Would the future be different if they hadn't done this?

Would they choose the same route if they knew?


The smell of bacon on a pan wafted through the air, sizzling and popping as it cooked. On the spot next to it, lay some pancakes, that were almost fully cooked and ready to plate on the side. Horror had gotten up to make breakfast for everyone, feeling as if it would be a good reward for this past weeks mission. It was a pain to get through, but it had been worth it in the end. Now everyone was just looking to unwind. Flipping the pancakes twice, he plopped them onto a plate, humming in success at the size of them. Lightly browned, fat, and fluffy! Pouring new batter, he waited for one end to cook slowly, as he switched off the heater cooking the bacon. The smell brought a hungry appetite, just fresh out of bed.

Cross slugged in, still bundled up in a blanket, eyes half-lidded.

His use of his pacifier, even out of headspace became a common sight in the castle. He never gave them a straight reason as to why, other than the sense of comfort it brought. Maybe a tease here and there, but they never questioned the guard, not after that day. Nowadays, they always had one or two around just incase one were to go missing. They sure learned the hard way the first time he lost a pacifier, his only and favorite. It was never found again, but Cross eventually moved on to a new one, which glowed in the dark! How cool is that?

"Nice to see your awake, no accidents during the night? Ya know how you are after missions." Horror said, not tearing his attention away from the stove. He couldn't let these pancakes burn. It'd only slow down the process, and Cross wasn't the only cranky one in the morning. Simple questions were always asked in the morning to gauge where Cross stood, even if they were a bit shameful.

Cross gave a light blush and plopped down at the table, resting his head in his arms. Shrugging, as if Horror would see, he paused to stretch out, his body still waking up from the clutches of slumber. "Maybe, I don't know. The other's weren't awake so.. " He trailed off as he rubbed his neck, watching Horror serve the final pancakes. Two plates full of them! With how much the other's ate, it only made sense. Maybe he made chocolate-chip? Cross wasn't able to sneak a glance when he walked by, but he could only hope!

"Yeah? I'll make sure to deal with it when I'm done picking up. Didn't even make it to the bed last night, had to carry ya to the room, out like a light. Lucky too, missed the boss ramblin about somethin 'important.' Hope ya didn't mind that I changed you into somethin comfy." They all were pretty tired last night, thankfully Horror had taken the chance to help Cross out. The second he had sat down on the couch, he fell asleep. Horror changed him into a onesie, and one of his thicker brand of diapers just incase. He turned into quite the heavy sleeper after missions.

"Oh- well thanks. I wasn't sure who had, but it was really nice." Cross appreciated the little gestures they did for him, even if it was something as small as looking out for him at night. He was thankful to not wake up to wet sheets after all. Kicking his legs, he stuck the pacifier back into his mouth, shutting his eyes for the time being. It was only when Horror had surprised him with the sudden pick-up, did he open his eyes.

"Whoops, didn't notice ya nodded off there. Said I was gonna help you out when I finished up. Try to wake up, 'kay? Don't need you face planting into breakfast now." Picking up Cross was a piece of cake, especially when he was like this. Supporting a hand under his butt, Horror let Cross get comfy in his hold, letting him tuck his head into the crook of his neck. A short trip to his room, and Cross was laid down for a quick change. One look told him they were not getting any potty-training in today, so Horror stuck to a reliable padding that was fit to keep him safe from any leakage. "Alright bud, you're all ready to go. We stayin with the regular chair today?"

Cross's meek glance away told it all. Sure, he was big, but it was hard to resist not wanting to sit in it! It was comfy, gave him his own spot at the table that nobody could steal, and was really good for making messes with food on. Who could ask for more? "I- think you already know.."

Of course. Tossing away the used diaper, Horror scooped up Cross into his arms, patting his back lightly as they walked back into the kitchen.

Seems as if someone else had risen from the dead to grab food to eat. Dust was seated at the table, coffee in hand as he munched on a piece of bacon. Nothing better than not having to make breakfast yourself! "Oh, I didn't know you were up. Having 'mama' change you?" Dust flashed a devilish smile.

Horror flushed a pale red. Oh boy, he did not need to be reminded of that day. He sat a now squirmy Cross in the highchair, locking him in just incase he had a thought to try and jump out.

"It was one time! I-I- you know I didn't mean too!" Argued an embarrassed Cross. He has not dropped the mommy word ever since that day, Cross couldn't believe he was still bringing that up! He was about to argue some more before food was shoved into his mouth.

"Why don't ya shut it you two, you'll spoil the food with the bickerin." Horror said, pulling the empty fork from Cross's mouth. That day was sure something. While it wasn't a painful memory, it was a touchy subject for Cross. "Besides, I heard you two in the room the other day, wanna explain what you were yellin about? Never seen ya burst outta there so quick. Where were ya headin? The kitchen?"

"I'm not explaining shit."

"That's what I thought, now open up ya damn Oreo. You got two chocolate-chip pancakes callin yer name over here. "