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Little Guard

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It'll take a bit of working to get used to it, but it's been a joy.

A fun secret to keep from the world.

Subtle music played from the Tv, some recent new hit cartoon show about dogs. Cross was seated on the floor, blanket hanging low on his shoulders. It was one of those chilly days in the castle that made you shiver, or want to put on a pair of fuzzy socks and stay in bed. Of course, staying in bed was never an option for the gang, especially not Cross. His adamancy on doing things seemed to carry with him, no mater what age or headspace he was. Even if catching up on the latest cartoons wasn't progressive, it was better than being glued to the bed all day. A fine day for relaxing however! Things were finally settling down in the castle again, allowing some much needed stress relief for them all.

He reached out for the juice-box nearby, needing his quarterly fill of no good sugars and preservatives. Pausing, he shook the box in dismay, as if not believing it could already be empty. Great, just what he needed. With a grumble, Cross stood up and smoothed out his pajamas, dragging the blanket behind him to the kitchen. Perfect! Horror was still in there deciding what to eat. Jabbing the juice-box into the larger monster's side, he looked up at him expectantly, as if another would magically drop into his hands a second later.

"Er- Sorry bud, no can do. Saw yer' other one in tha trash, I think a third would be a bit overkill." Horror stifled a laugh, plucking the empty box and tossing it away, patting the guard on the head. He paid attention to the finer details, and wasn't as unhinged as one would expect. Hey, he's gotten better over the months! Had he not seen the previous in there, he would have no problem handing over another. But, with someone like Cross, it was clear he didn't stop at one, or two. If he could get away with it, he'd have five before regretting his choices. Horror was not about to deal with a tummy ache, or an alternative problem. They've been trying to tackle his issues when it comes to the bathroom for a while. They've been in the clear for almost a week now! It'd be a shame to break the streak now.

"It's only one more! I've been really good today, it won't hurt to have it." Cross pleaded. In any normal circumstance, he would've gotten it himself. But the gang has learned to not trust Cross unless they were completely sure he was not going to slip, which was his downfall.

"Hm, you have me there, but no more juice. Were trying to make it last one week this time." Horror shut the cabinet and fetched a Sippy cup for the skeleton to drink from. He still couldn't believe the same guy who stayed on a strict diet when normal, was a completely different person when it came to this. Seriously, like this he only lives off of funny shaped macaroni, small circle pizzas, and the occasional fancy dinosaur nugget. A sip of water now would not kill him. Filling up the cup, he screwed the lid on and sent Cross off with the water.

Which you can guess, was not very happy to only return with water, but it would make do for now. Settling back down into his spot, Cross set the cup aside and resumed his cartoons. Why was Horror so adamant on this? It's not like anything could happen. Sure the pit feeling he had told him otherwise, but it's not the end of the world! Or so he thought.


After a bit, Horror came into the Livingroom to check on Cross, having finally deciding on a sandwich to soothe his hunger. He hasn't heard anything from him in a while, not even the sound of him rummaging through the overfilled toybox. He was relieved to find him still in the same spot, now leaning back on a beanbag wrapped in the blanket, idly biting down on the nozzle of the sippy cup. Ah, no wonder they start leaking after a bit.

"Hey squirt, still watching your show huh? Thought to check in on ya since it's been a moment since I've seen ya come around." Horror said, sitting next to Cross to reach over and pull the cup from his mouth. Shouldn't be chewing on it in the first place, but it was a habit Cross had, even out of headspace. The amount of bent pens in his room was astounding.

Cross gave a slow nod to Horror, the midday sleepiness seeming to catch up to him. Managing to pull himself up, he cringed at the sluggy feeling that clung on him like glue. He had to squeeze in every second of cartoon time he could before a nap was due, even if it called for drastic measures. Shifting onto his knees, he could tell all the liquids were finally catching up to him but- this was a new episode, he couldn't get up and leave now! He didn't even have to look at Horror to know the gaze he was giving.

They weren't supposed to be helping Cross out with this as much, they've moved past that stage a while ago. Though it never hurt to give a helpful push in the right direction.

"You haven't forgotten anythin, have ya? Y'know, it's okay to admit that you have." Horror hinted, swishing the water remaining in the cup.

"I-," Unfortunately, the bathroom was always a touchy subject with Cross. It was more embarrassing to admit he had been neglecting his need again. His face tinted purple at the thought. He thought to reach for the pacifier that was clipped to his shirt to avoid the subject, but that would make him seem guilty. He tore his look away from the Tv for a brief moment to think of a lie. "I went during a commercial break. " A bold attempt.

Horror kept silent. Surely he would break? He wasn't known to lie twice. His silence remained.. and nothing. Heaving a sigh, Horror pushed himself off the ground, groaning once he was on his feet. "Alright, I believe ya. Good job squirt. "

Horror left and Cross felt guilty. He wanted to get up and follow after--but one familiar voice from the Tv said otherwise. He could always go after.


Cross was bound to be dozing off by now, or so Horror thought. He was greeted with the exact opposite once entering the room. He couldn't even get a word out before Cross had burst into tears, sobbing into the blanket he wore earlier. Instead of being angry, he bent down to console Cross. It was partially his fault after all, he had a gut feeling something was not right the moment he left him be. Scooping Cross into his lap, he pat the sobbing soldiers back.

"Aw geez, no need to spring the waterworks. I know ya didn't mean for it to happen. "

Well. He supposed he never could be too helpful.