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Little Guard

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So, it happened.

Everything that lead up to this moment was confusing, tiring, and tear-filled. That's not to say it wasn't worth it.

"Cross," Called out a familiar voice for the tenth time from the kitchen, dishes and pots clattering about. Nightmare had been washing the dishes after the gang's recent lunch, feeling charitable enough to not stick the job onto one of the other's as they all scampered out to not be pinned with such task. He slipped off the floral dish gloves, raising a brow when he heard no response from the guard in question. It wasn't like him to not answer, even if he were engrossed in a show or some toy. With a sigh, he undid the apron he wore, not that it had much need from a guy like him. Setting it aside, Nightmare walked to the Livingroom, scanning the room to find the monochrome guard in question. They had some unsaid rule where he had to stay within the large rug on the floor, especially when he was like this.

So when Nightmare found the toybox toppled over, and Cross not in sight, he knew he was up to no good. Just about to leave the room, he heard a soft clicking noise, one you'd hear when winding up a toy car to send it racing across the room. Of course, they never worked on carpet. Checking behind the couch, he heaved a sigh once he found the skeleton hunched over on the floor, blocks and cars surrounding him like some ritual. He must've been there for a while, with how many cars toppled over in a pile on the wall in front of him. Clearly he's been letting them hit the wall freely, not that he minded. Nightmare cleared his throat to get his attention. " You know you aren't supposed to be over here young man. What have I told you about disappearing without telling someone? Not to mention, I've been calling you for a while. "

Cross gave a sigh, barely looking back at Nightmare as he released the two cars in his hand, watching them crash into each other, then reaching for more. " So? You know where I'm at. It's not like I left the Livingroom. " Someone has clearly picked up an attitude after lunch. It was bound to happen, after all those greens the they made him eat, it was just a reason for him to let out his frustration. He only picked a fight as a tentacle scooped him off the ground, dropping him onto the couch he'd been hiding behind. It was fair to mention he was a little too close to the hall, but if Cross had it his way, he would be racing cars down the full length of it, like he has before.

Oh the times Nightmare has stepped on a car or two, or heard swearing from the other's because they slipped and fell. A cheeky grin from Cross then told them enough, he's done it on purpose. "You know better than to talk to me like that. You act like it's going to kill you because you ate some. Now pick up your things and-"


Oooof course. Well, they couldn't go a week without getting a fight out of him, big or small. Nightmare slung him over his shoulder, letting his tendrils pick up the many hazardous cars Cross had strewn about, the guard thrashing on his shoulder, kicking and squirming as if that would get him anywhere. Spoiler, it does, but not to a place he'd expect. "I'm not playing games Cross. Either you calm down and pick your things up, or I do and you get something else in return. Must you make a big deal out of this? " Nightmare was a fair guy, at least in some places. He set Cross down and gave him a chance to fix his act.

Cross, being the pesky little brat he was, did the opposite. " I don't want to- I'm not gonna! " He yelled, kicking at the toys on the floor, sending them across the room. That was something he quickly came to regret. Nightmare wasn't like Horror, who would sit him down and talk, or like Dust who would find a way around his bad tempers. Nightmare was...Well, as bad as you could expect him to be. His tantrum was quickly put to a blazing stop when he was pulled over his knee.

" I gave you a warning. "