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A new cast

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Saiki really needs to find a new cafe that does coffee jelly, because even with his powers, every where he goes his 'friends' will be there. At this point he had given up and spent the afternoon sitting around his friends while they talked at him. That was until the place started to get more crowed.


Including Saiki, there were ten people in his group, 








Chiyo and Kuboyasu, but that didn't stop side charaters from coming into the store. He sighed, the store was mostly full with girls and although they weren't as obvious as the boys when they pointed and blushed at Teruhashi's greatness.


Now Teruhashi may be the prettiest girl alive but she did not have the power to change people, but she didn't know this which is why she was so shocked when someone (who wasn't Saiki) didn't say,

"Oh wow" as soon as their eyes made contact with even the firgure of Teruhashi.

Let me explain, the group had started of with Saiki, then that turned into 


Nendo and Saiki, then that turned into 




Nendo and Saiki and then; well you get the point, anyway the group of ten were looking for some more tablea across the cafe that they could steal some chairs from, and their happened to be one, two tables over from them, the table closest to the door of the shop to be exact, that happened to have a bunch of spare chairs they weren't using.


Teruhashi sent herself over to the table only to come back looking like she was on the verge of tears to everyone except Saiki who already knew the situation yet was still slightly puzzled on how a regular guy could turn her down.




*3 minutes prior*

"This will be easy all I have to get is four chairs, or I could get three chairs and then Saiki and I could share!!" She daydreamt away until her feet stopped graciously at the lonely table of two people who seemed to just be hogging it for shits and giggles at rush time.


"Excuse me I was just wondering if I could borrow some chairs, it looks like you guys aren't using them?" Her sweet voice fell upon the two, most likely high school students.


"" Teruhashi was about to thank the boy when her brain actually just processed what she had heard. She was used to people, especially boys, bending over backwards just for a small smirk from her.


"Oh I only want-" 

"I said no. We're waiting for friends and we were here first so maybe you should go to somewhere with more chairs next time." His tone wasn't as rude as his words, it was as if he was just stating facts. While the boy backchatted to Teruhashi the other seemed to still be unbothered by her presence.


Teruhashi felt extremely disheartened and wandered back to her table with slightly less grace.




*Meanwhile with Nozaki*


Nozaki only looked up when Teruhashi had started to walk back to her table.

"That was a bit harsh Mayu." 

"We have 6 friends and 6 chairs left, if they wanted more chairs they could've just gotten here earlier." His montone voice was more quiet now as he pulled something out of his bag and looking at its size it was probably the only thing in Mayu's bag and that was his pillow.

"Wake me up when Mikoshiba gets here." Nozaki nodded as he watch his brother lay his pillow on the table.


The reason Teruhashi's beauty didn't do anything to Mayu is because Mayu simply has no interest in women, but Saiki can only scan his mind, not know everything about him. Where as Nozaki is simply in his own little world more than half the time and even if he did see Teruhashi he would've just ask for a picture so he could draw a reference for a new charater.




*With Saiki*


While Saiki tried to think of some reasoning for the boy to turn Teruhashi down, suddenly the thoughts around him became awfully quiet, except for the bell that jingled when someone walked in. 

Two extremely attractive men walked into the shop, it went from the minds of people whisper to not break the beauty, to the mouths of people being loud and chatty, talking over each to say which one was hotter, heck it was even happening to the people at Saiki's table.

The two men walked over to Mayu and Nozaki and they greeted each other, except for Mayu who was sleeping on the table. 


"Mayu." Nozaki said but no response was given from the one whose name he was calling.

"Mayu!" This time one of the attractive boys who had just walked in started to talk at him.

"Oh. Mikoshiba. You can sit here." Mayu pulled a chair out next to him and the red head sat down after a bit of protesting.


Of course the same quietness had happened when Teruhashi had walked in, but the fact that there was someone who could even be considered the same being as Kokomi was baffling to half of Saiki's table.


"Kokomi maybe if we went together we could ask for a chair or two cause there are no other tables, I looked around the whole cafe!" Yumehara said, she was a very sweet girl but her intentions weren't to simply get chairs she wanted to check out the hot, mysterious, men as much as the next person.


"Uh sure!" Teruhashi seemed much more determined now, not only had she been turned down but now there was another blue haired person who caught everyone's eye, it was the most infuriated she had ever been, but given she is a gift from God, her fury was only enough to maybe kill a mosquito.


"Hey, could we maybe borrow a chair or two from you guys?" Yumehara was the one who spoke but Teruhashi's aura was just blinding compared to her insignificant words. 


The blue haired man seemed to forget about life itself when looking at Kokomi, the red head also staring but still being casual about it.

"Only if I can have the pleasure of knowing your names my darlings." The dark, blue haired man rose from his chair and stated as if Teruhashi and Yumehara didn't have a choice.


"I'm Kokomi Teruhashi. But I'm not here to flirt, I would just like a chair please." Kokomi said it in the same way the blue haired man had said it before, a statement not a question.


The air had gotten tense as soon as Yumehara realised she didn't need to say her name because everyone was always only all over Teruhashi for anyone to really care about her name. 


".....What about you gorgeous?" He smiled through his teeth ignoring Kokomi's question, making that be the second time she was ignored just today!


"Uh-h CHIYO YUMEHARA!" She stated loudly, that's when the mood completely changed.


"OH! I have a friend named Chiyo I have a feeling you two would be awesome friends! :)" A real but cheesy smile spread across the tall handsome man's face.


"I'm Kashima Yuu, but you can call me the Prince of the highschool!" He said proudly and definitely overdramatic. 

"You know Kashima just because someone has the same name doesn't mean they are gonna be friends." The red pointed out.

"Oh! You are so right Mikoshiba! Maybe in the story Mamiko meets another Mamiko but they are total opposites!" Nozaki began to write down several notes, while also smiling and the fact that he doesn't have to come up with a name for the new charater.


"Annnnnd the new Mamiko can look! Uuuh Chiyo right?" Nozaki began scribbling a simple sktech while Yumehara drowned in the amount of attention she was being given at that moment, but after a couple of seconds in the spotlight she realised that this definitely wasn't what she wanted and ran back to Saiki's table were it was safe. Nozaki was confused when he looked up and saw another beautiful yet different girl.


"You wanted chairs right?" He said plainly but analysed her entire figure ready to take several mental screenshots for outift ideas as well as backstories, but Kokomi was just happy about the spotlight being back in her.


"Oh! Yes I would just like 3 if you could spare some." She smiled widely as Nozaki counted the chairs, but as soon as he had started he stopped. When they heard the jangle of the cafe bell again as if expecting someone, and expecting he was, yet not the one loud and the one quiet duo he has tried so desparetly not to matchmake, but ending up playing cupid again.


"AHAHAHAHA!" Seo's evil laugh ecoed throughout the full shop which in itself is a surprising feet that should be worthy of praise, but Wakamatsu's cries for help were much louder.


"NOZAKI HELP ME!!!!!!!" Even if he were speaking another language Nozaki new exactly what Wakamatsu was saying and didn't want to know what horrible fact Seo had told him.


"Umm so the chairs-" Teruhashi was interrupted once again by the scratching of a old fucked up chair legs on the tiles, and that happened to be the chair Seo was pulling out, it also didn't help that now she was in front of five guys and one girl that she could already tell was judging her.


"Sorry lady, but we still have friends coming meaning whatever you want with these chairs is gonna have to wait until we leave." The one named Seo said.


The whole table nodded along to what Seo said without wanting to outwardly saying it to the poor girl. Teruhashi once again walked back not even a broken chair in hand. At this point it didn't matter since rush hour was pretty much over, but it wasn't about the chairs and it never was, it was about how Kokomi could use her beauty to get whatever she wanted for herself and her friends and in her eyes she had failed her friends and failed Saiki. What would he think of her now that she couldn't pull any person she wanted to. Truth be told Saiki couldn't give a single shit about her problems but was intrigued by the interesting set of people that Yumehara and Teruhashi had incountered.


"Oi Saiki? What you got a thing for that blue guy too?" Nendo asked and even if he was dumb Saiki couldn't help but beg that he was being sarcastic. He was not.


Nendo got up and without Saiki being able to use his psychic abilities and read his mind he had no idea what he was thinking when walking over there or saying to them, but he knew it was bad as soon as the blue haired guy or Kashima, The Crowned Prince Of The High School looked at him.

He sat down and for once tried to have a conversation in order try and avoid the two men at all costs. 


"Hey I got that chick you were looking at! >:)" He seemed so proud of himself, but everyone at the table looked at him shocked as if he just called a whole ass man a 'Chick' but Kashima looked unfased which was probably even weirder.


"NENDO! I'm so sorry about him, he isn't very smart or-" Kaido explained trying to make up for Nendo's 'inexcusable' behaviour but was interrupted.


"What? :D" Kashima gave Kaido a dumb look as if he didn't just get violently misgendered.


"......ooooooooohhhhh. You think I'm a guy right? And you think he misgendered me by saying 'chick' right?" Everyone kinda said something along the lines of yes.

"Don't worry I technically a girl anyway." They said smiling at everyone then just up and walked away as if they forgot why they were there.

It was true Kashima was in fact a biological girl, yet had no care for how they were perceived by others. They ended up coming back to the table as if they finally remembered why they went there.


"Oh! Um pink hair dude! You're just adorable! I bet that coffee jelly taste as good as you look! ;)" The way they said the cheesy line was much too confusing for anyone to answer before Kashima casually walked away.


"There ya go, I asked if you were their type but she said that they already a "love interest' as they said. Now I don't what that is but they said they would flirt with you, so I hope you're happy buddy!" Saiki sighed in aroace as he felt with the shocked looks from mostly the girls at the table +Kaido.